Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


7. Regret

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo 2 arc

Chapter 7: Regret


Age of Reclamation

Threshold system

At High Charity, Sil Veree was promoted to Special Operations division by recommendation by Gio Vanniee, his father who held power in the military chain of command. It was out of his generosity of him to give such worthy position in the Special forces of the Covenant. After all, he had provided himself to against the Flood where many of comrades had fallen to. Sil Veree's new commander is Rita Varamee whom an old friend to his former commander while he goes to the debriefing room with his new custom spec ops red armor.

"Elites, we have new task. This heretic intending to endanger to the Great Journey. Our orders: Kill him and take down his entire organization in order to protect the sacred ideas of the Covenant. We are sweeping this under the rug." Rita Varamee tells the group. He turns on the map of the gas station. It was in the gas giant planet where sacred ring was once located before the demon has destroyed it.

"The heretic is located in this platform of the gas station. Originally, he was on recon and scan for sacred objects until he went rogue after he turned off communications with the fleet. The arbiter will assist us to kill this heretic. But the heretic has secured the station and has guarded the place. So we have to go in quiet and swift. Understood?" Ria Varamee explains the orders as there are no questions to be asked.

"Good, prepare your equipment and head to the phantoms." Rita Varamee said in order as the meeting is over. Sil Veree was stopped his mentor, La Ncee. He was once his trainer during his youth and often regarded as one of best sangheili warriors he was ever lived.

"First mission, I presume?" La Ncee asks the young sangheili as he loads his weapon for the upcoming mission.

"Does it? My former commander is now the arbiter?" Sil Veree said as he received the mission among the Spec Ops sangheili that Thel Vadamee was supposed to be hang with his entails, but the High Prophets consider him as a candidate for Vadamee to regain his honor by death as Will of the Prophets.

"He has shame himself for failure on the Halo ring." La Ncee aware that the trial of Vadamee's failure to protect the ring was his own fault despite his efforts to contain the flood.

"Can I say that he did what is right? It was the demon's fault to destroy the ring?" Sil Veree pointed out. But there was another one that he met on Reach. It would the last of that Spartan which he nearly defeated him in Reach, but he returns alive on the sacred Ring. He did swore to kill him and be worthy of his skills in combat.

"Hmmm, if that was the case to protect and did what he has to do? But he has failed to defend." La Ncee reply as they head to the Phantom dropships.

"What doesn't matter? I encountered one before." Sil Veree pointed out that there was more as La Ncee notices what he meant by that.

"What? There was another?" La Ncee begs to know why he meant there was one he encounter a demon before.

"A gold one if I recalled. I met him once. Reckless I must say except he was willing to save an A.I." Sil Veree explains shortly as La Ncee takes note of the demon he describes to be.

"This "demon" skills are?" La Ncee wondering what of his combat affects in the battlefield.

"This one was different from the demon that blown up the ring. He was more…pragmatic you say." Sil Veree sigh as he closes his eyes knowing that the golden spartan was a lot different than the Master Chief demon.

"All demons are." La Ncee reassurances that they are the same and can be defeated easily if to consider how dangerous they are.

"Like how?" Another Sangheilie voice said as another Special Ops Sangheili named, Sur Gee came bumping in the conservation.

"Those demons never fight for honor." Sur Gee said with disdain of the mentions of the demon since they have known to wipe out entire Covenant division in one battle.

"It is true to say, but they fight for the humans without regard of their lives." La Ncee argued that why would Spartans continue to fight despite they are fighting a losing war.

"Yeah, with inferior technology they pick up a good fight." Sur Gee responds as he loves to fight humans since he still considers the humans to be inferior to Sangheili. The the Phantoms to start their mission as their spec ops leader is giving a speech. Sil Veree checks his weapons compose of carbine and an energy sword. La Ncee comes to Sil Veree.

"I know your record, Sil Veree. It seems why you would nearly dishonor yourself to save your battalion?" Sur Gee mentions the failure to kill one that he considers on Sil Veree's report in the Sacred Ring.

"The demon I told you, that's why I ordered them to retreat to save them." Sil Veree defends his choice that capturing the Spartan with AI was a big priority to end the war swiftly.

"Noble, but you were expected to die." Sur Gee said as he comes to his face to bring the honor concept to him.

"To die for pointless way, I risk my life to save my men than losing a battalion to a demon." Sil Veree said as Lan Cee somehow admired of his cunning ability. He knew that Sil Veree has impressive record that can turn the tide in battle. He knew that Sil Veree should deserve the military rank to lead the fleet to victory, but despite of that only the members of the powerful clans can take the positions.

As the Phantoms are coming to the station, a storm is coming heading to them didn't matter to them. The Phantoms deployed for combat which Sil Veree was once an officer commanding a regular unit is now a Special Operations soldier sees the Arbiter, once his military commander unleashes his energy sword and heads out. He follows with Sur Gee and Lan Cee as they head to position as they cloak in which as the Arbiter is cloak in as he takes out many enemies he can.

They continue to go in as Arbiter open fire as the firefight begins. Sil Veree takes down a grunt. Sur Gee does enjoying the killing despite to his dismay. The heretics fought hard as they have support of the robots. Wait, robots of the oracle? Why the servants of the Oracle are helping the heretics? Something is not right here. But that didn't matter due that has a mission to accomplish.

He continues along to clear out of heretics. As not only that, Sil Veree somehow knew that would they are sent to wipe them out in the first place while the heretic leader mentions that he has protect the Oracle? The Oracles considered to be sacred to the Covenant as the Prophets are tasked to study them to know what happen to the Forerunners and how to become gods once the sacred rings are found.

"It seems more heretics than it seems?" Lan Cee said as they go to the phantom as they go search for the Heretic leader. They are at the phantom while Sil Veree takes the position of the gunner to take many of the heretic banshees as possible. He saves his former commander, the Arbiter from a banshee who was about to take him out.

Soon, Arbiter clear the area as the Special Operations Elites along with Sur Gee and La Ncee. But Rita Vamasee noticed something that gave Sil veree chills that the scent did happen to his unit that the Flood did happen on the Ring. They follow the Arbiter into a room until one of grunts fired at hologram, it is the heretic leader. The Flood came out which Sil Veree knew how to fight against them.

"Is this the flood that he mentioned before?" Lan Cee said as he fires his plasmas rifle against a flood combat form. It drops dead front of him while more coming in where many others are fighting against such monsters

"I am starting to believe him." Sur gee said as he fires at the infection forms. As they continue to fight their way as more flood came along the way. They fought against the flood in the elevator with the Arbiter, Sur Gee, Rita Varmee, and Lan Cee that Sil Veree knew that the killing the flood was more important than the heretic leader himself.

They head to a room where the heretics are fighting against the flood which why he would matter to him. That didn't stop the Arbiter from doing his mission as they continue to press on to face more of the flood and the heretics. More flood combat forms appear before Sil veree unleashes his energy sword against the flood combat flood along with the Arbiter. Sil Veree was indeed a good sword fighter that once that he slaughtered a human battalion in matter of minutes.

After it was over, he can be relieved that they are going through to find the heretic leader, but the flood is spreading too fast. They know they needed to find him or risk losing their troops to the flood. They go the fasting as they can to find more heretics and flood combat forms.

They found him, but it is too late as he locks himself in where a force field in the door that no amount of firepower can break it. The Arbiter decided to leave the heretic leader to him with a plan. He orders everyone back to the ships. Sil Veree sees the Arbiter to fight on his own. He holds dear respect to his commander. He does go head to the phantom with Sur Gee and Lan Cee.

After they went back to the phantom, Sil Veree witness the Arbiter to cut the cables as the station went down.

"I hope the Arbiter is ok." Sil Veree wondering that his former commander will make it out alive from the madness.

"Don't about it. I hope he knows what's best." La Ncee said as he knows that Arbiter will make it to fulfill the mission for the Prophets.

"It seems so that I do worry that Heretic if the arbiter failed would do to the Covenant?" Sur Gee said as he thinks that the Arbiter will die before they can see the chance to see his body parade in the streets. He did bring a good point that if heretic will do after he survives.

"Chaos and disorder will cause to bring." Sil veree points out the danger to tear the Covenant apart with his words.

"What seems that why the servants of the Oracle would protect the heretics?" La Ncee notices the servants of the Oracle are doing in the first place, attacking them if they were the enemy.

"I don't know. Whatever it is, I don't like it." Sil Veree said with a discomfort look to mention as how the mission turns out to be.

"Why?" La Ncee wondering why he meant by that. They should complete their mission by now if Arbiter did kill the leader on time. The storm will arrive about any moment, but hoping is one of those chances.

"Something is not at all as I fought against the heretics?" Sil Veree said until they overheard that the Arbiter has taken the heretic leader. Tartarus, the leader of the brute has picked up the Arbiter. Now, their mission is completed at least. Sil Veree is relieved of the news that his former commander is alive and well.

"But it's not over yet. There are more missions yet to come." Sur Gee mentions they are not done yet with their war against the humans. The phantoms have return to High Charity as Lan Cee and Sil Veree came out of the Phantom first before Sur Gee did.

"It seems the job is done." Another sangheili Spec ops appear before him which Sil Veree recongies who is. Sur Gee knows the Sangheili before him with a greeting.

"Oh, Ko Gaee, how nice to see you?" Sur Gee greeted to his comrade in arms.

"The mission was a success?" Ko Gaee said as he turn to see Sil Veree.

"Ah, the esteem son of Gio Vanniee? I'm part of the member of the high Council, remember?" Ko Gaee mentions that he was overseeing the trial of Sil Veree's former commander. He is aware that Thel Vadamee is the Arbiter and he will serve well for the Prophets.

"I do, my father do talk about the politics of the covenant." Sil Veree answered that he knew about Ko Gaee was with his father when they fought together and led armies in the early stages of the Human-Covenant war. They began talking with each as until they heard that the High Charity and the rest of the Covenant fleets are moving out to their next destination, the Delta Halo ring.

UNSC IN Amber Clad

Year 2552

Substance system

As soon after the Prophet of Reget went slipspace unknowing that an UNSC light figate, In the Amber Clad, followed him stumbled into another Halo ring. Inside of In Amber Clad, our bands of misfits are preparing their weapons. The pilots are talking about the events are followed.

"Man, I hope this adventure never ends." Diamond said as he looks at Pearl with a daze look.

"Hey, why you join the UNSC for?" Pearl asked to Diamond as Diamond holds a cookie in his mouth.

"Well, I wanted to join the adventure and need the tuition for cooking school." Diamond said until he was smack in the head by Pearl.

"Why you want to go to cooking school after the war?" Pearl shout at Diamond

And what about you, Missy why you're here?" Diamond wondering why Platinum is here as an officer of the UNSC navy.

"Oh, I just to explore that. I read about military strategy and warfare, but never experienced it. Commanding a unit will not be that hard to say." Platinum wondered as for 15 year old to never understand. She heard that the UNSC has begun drafting 14-50 years old due of the massive losses of the war. She accepted the rank of Lt due to her high scores in the VMI., but she won't expect to experience combat.

"It's been long we have been in a Military Academy." Pearl pointed out as he checks the Pelican's engines.

"It has been a year since. Entered to a young age due to many Academies are lowering the age." Platinum said.

"At least we are still alive." Diamond said as he eats the cookie. The cookie is mostly rations he has left, but he has store a lot of cookies just in case he runs out of them.

"True…but I don't want to die in space or some planet. I could just do something out of my life." Pearl sighing as he thinks that what if humanity is extinct thus his future career is at stake.

"There There. No matter what, we are getting out." Platinum mentions despite they are at a losing war. The Dexholder squad is checking on the status of their team, but they are mostly talking about situation at hand.

"This will never end." Red stated which he and his squad fought a few battles, but yet to endured some horrors of the war. Green patted Red.

"Yeah, it looks like it. But we cannot give up hope." Green said as it comfort Red.

"I only sign up for the boys." Blue stating her "reasons" to get drafted to see the guys, but she's trying to get Green's attention.

"Pesky girl." Green said in annoyance while she laughs as both Red and Yellow sigh at the sight of the two. Somewhere in the ship as Gold thinks about the nightmare that occurred before return to Earth. It has been weeks that he has keep having the same nightmare over and over again. It's tormenting him that unbearable to him.

"Gold, what's wrong?" Crystal asked to wonder why Gold is worrying about.

"This war is going wrong for humanity." Gold answered to her question, but it wasn't a good answer he stated.

"You can't give up hope." Crystal said trying to cheer him up. But it wasn't not working on her as he endured the suffering and the pain he encountered.

"Yeah. That's right." Gold ponders why she sticks with him that she was safer with the professor.

"But I want to ask you something." Crystal responds with a question hoping what he should say. Gold looks at Crystal as she reveals in his hand while she looks at him with a concern look.

"Why didn't let me join the professor?" Crystal asking why he wants her in his mission in the war.

"Well, I….I..I….I." Gold shuttered until the intercommon interrupted Gold.

"We have reached another Halo ring." Intercom announces that seems that given Gold to avoid the subject, but shock to hear another Halo ring.

"Another one?!" Gold shouted that seems since that the incident on the first Halo ring. There must be more than one Halo ring. Something is not right about this as he thought there was only ring in the galaxy. Apparently, there's more out there and could be a risk for the galaxy.

"I thought Master Chief destroyed it?" Crystal stated the fact it was true that Master Chief did destroyed the ring.

"Something telling me it's noting going to be good. We have met up with the squad." Gold said as he runs to the main hanger where the rest of the squad are located.

"Gold, what you were about to say?" Crystal asked to know why that Gold picks Crystal in the first place.

"Super Serious Gal, Let's not talk about it now! Right now, we got to meet up with the squad." Gold said as he evades the question while running down in the hallways to reach to the hanger on time.

"Gold!" Crystal said angrily until Gold goes to the hanger bay to meet up with the Dexholder Squad, the squad are talking about the Halo ring.

"Hey, Sarge. What's the op?" Xavier spoke up while joining with Yvonne to know the details of the mission. Green steps to reveal the hologram of the Halo Ring and the maps detailing of the area should be.

"Our commander has to retrieve the "key." But our mission is simple, to keep the covenant off her back." Green said as he gathered data from the first Halo ring.

"A key, huh?" Blue wondered that hoping to lead to treasure or something of value.

"ODSTs are away." Intercom announces which Master Chief was among the ODSTs as the pods drop to the Halo surface.

"So, the building called the "Library" has this key." Ruby said as they look at the map.

"That's right. The Spartan knew about this ring before he came back from another one." Red responded as Gold appeared.

"Yeah, I have been there. Believe me, you don't want to experience there. Unless you wish to know." Gold said due of his experience.

"There is more than one?" Sapphire asking the Spartan to know about his experiences in the ring.

"What its function? It's a Fortress from an invasion?" Emerald deduce on what it is and it's purpose to be.

"No, they are WMDs and they can kill all species in a galactic scale." Crystal answered the questions they ask.

"Scary! We could all die with one blow." Yellow sadly said that the Halo rings can destroy life in the galaxy.

"I wanted assist Commander Keyes, but you're all coming with me for secret mission. Crystal, Tell us about the ring." Platinum said.

"The ring is like our world, but little different. But there is a bigger danger than the Covenant." Crystal said which that how the Halo ring has dark secrets.

"Like what?" Yellow wondered.

"The Flood." Crystal said as she reveals the images of Gold's experiences of the monstrous creatures.

"No, they are more like zombies, but uglier." Gold points it out as he knew how dangerous the encounter was. The whole squad felt disgust on the details that the pictures are providing.

"Ewww!" Ruby whined not want to know what they look like.

"Zombies?" Black asking to know what they are..

"Will our weapons work on them?" Cheren wondering that their weapons will kill the Flood.

"It works. Except Sniper rifles." Gold answered which everyone looks at Xavier with a sweatdrop.

"quoi?" Xavier said as he takes out his pistol that he's not entirely defenseless without his pistol.

"Oh, I hope that we can't be killed by them." Bianca said, but Gold scoffs on the comment.

"They can infect anyone." Gold remarked as he remembers how the flood works. It was a long nasty process that anyone can be infected by it.

"Anyone?" Red asked to know that infect anyone at all.

"Yep. Ladies, can I get a kiss from each of you just in case before you die?" Gold said as he goes to Blue, Yvonne, and Bianca. The girls except Sapphire look at each other until they knock him out as he flies out of the hanger into the ring.

"Why does this happen to me?" Gold wondering while he is falling into the Ring.

"Because you're terrible picking up girls." Crystal point out that his pickup lines are among worse lines that any girl ever heard of.

"Oh, shaddup!" Gold shouts as he falls into the ground. At the hanger, the boys are wondering why the girls did that.

Why did you do that?" Emerald wondering why they do that to their Spartan comrade despite he was meant to save Humanity along with Master Chief.

"He's short. I was expecting for someone taller." Blue explained that she expect thated Spartans are tall, but not short like Gold. The guys' just sweatdrop to the remarks of Blue. As Gold landed on the Ring, but hit on the ground. Nearby was no other than Master Chief who is on the mission to kill Regret.

"Huh? What was that?" Master Chief wondered who it was as he goes to the impact area where he was hoping that they send someone to help him.

"I dunno, chief. Let's go check it out." Cortana wondering until they stumble upon Gold stands up from his impact. It wasn't hard, but it was a mark that he had to land on his back. Luckily the armor did prevent a death from falling.

"Ow!" Gold whine in pain as he stands up to turn around to see Master Chief appear before him.

"I am beginning to understand why they pick you." Crystal wondering why he was picked to be a Spartan-II warrior in the first place.

"I'm lucky or bad luck I guess." Gold tries to explain to Crystal, but she looks at Master Chief knowing that Cortana is there as well.

"Cortana, long time no see." Crystal greet to Cortana.

"Crystal, it's good to see you. We need to kill Prophet of regret before the any happens to us." Cortana briefs them as they must do to stop the Covenant.

"Like what? "Oh that. We need go right now." Gold asked until massive Covenant appears with High Charity.

"Heard that." Master Chief said as they go on until they meet Regret at the temple where he's about to speak with Truth about the situation.

"Truth, I have found something on Earth which it will enable to help the Great Journey." Regret tells the Truth on the hologram.

"What is?" Truth demands the information he needed for his sermon to achieve the Great Journey.

"It just…." Regret said until something bang as he overhead of the voice of someone he shouldn't meet. He turns to see two spartans standing above him. Green one and the golden one are aiming at him.

"The Party's over." Master Chief announces which Regret turns the hologram off.

"Guards! Kill the Demons!" Regret shouted as the Sangheili guards came to his side. Other guards come to protect Regret from the Spartan-II warriors to kill their prophet.

"Demon? You mean Oni in my language." Gold remarked to wonder why Regret call Master Chief and Gold as demons.

"Gold, what is…an Oni?" Crystal wondering what he meant Oni in a term of a demon.

"I don't have time to explain for that!" Gold said as the Sangheili Guards attack Master Chief and Gold in a struggle to complete the mission. Gold manages defeat them and Master Chief goes ahead to kill Regret.

"NOOOO!" Regret screams as he dies under Master Chief's hands. It was over as Gold comes to Master Chief.

"This is their leader?" Gold said to hope that the war will be over.

"Technically, no. We have to capture or kill more prophets which they are two of them." Cortana pointed out that only Mercy and Truth are only ones left.

"Danmit! Fucking Shit! I thought it was over by now!" Gold cursed wanting to end the war soon as possible. He punches the wall in frustration knowning that the war will continue as long the leadership exists in the Covenant.

"You thought the war will be over in a matter of second." Crystal remarked with hint of sadness that she wanted to end the war too.

"Yeah, but there are two of them? Can this war be over by now?" Gold wondering that is their main mission in hope to end the war right now.

"Afraid not." Master Chief said as they both look up to see a Covenant warship over them.

"But I think I overheard, they had order the phantoms to return and they about to glass us." Cortana said that shock Gold.

"Glassed?" Gold and Crystal shouted at the same time. They knew that glassing is not a good sigh and they have to get out of the area to prevent getting killed.

"That's why we have to get out of here!" Cortana shouted as they run to the edge to avoid getting glassed and dive into the lake until they were grabbing by something.

"I got a bad feeling about this." Gold said as he has bad feeling that a tentacle takes him to the depths of the Halo ring. It was a long dark slumber that he feels that he will not wake up this time.

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