Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


9. Punishment

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo 2 Arc

Chapter 9: Punishment

In the Halo Ring after drop off by Gravemind, Arbiter and Sil Veree gather nearby weapons. They overhear in the next ridge near them, but it wasn't the sight they didn't want to see. They face bodies of…sangheili. Corpses of their kind murdered in cold blood with no honor in there. Tartartus mentioned Truth ordered death of the arbiter and mention rest of their race. Why their kind? What's going on? Then Sil Veree spotted someone is alive. It is his father, but it was at a critical injury.

"No! Father? What has happened?" Sil Veree called out as he comes to Gio Vanniee. His father lays in the field with his large pool of blood.

"It was Truth. He betrayed us." Gio Vanniee cough blood out his mouth while Sil Veree holds his father while Arbiter checks other sangheili council members whom were murdered in cold blood.

"NO, why he would do that?" Sil Veree wondering why they are targeted for such cruel matter.

"He always favors the brutes and…order our executions." Gio Vannie points out the corpses of Ko Gee and Sur Gee. Pry Cee is killed as well which his body was twisted in a gruesome way.

"The Brutes? That explains the changing of the guard?" Arbiter said as he recalls how the guard was changed before his way to the prophets. This event makes sense as why Tartarus would follow the orders of the Prophets without question.

"Son, promise me this." Gio Vanniee said as Sil Veree hold tightly to his father. Gio Vanniee wanted to see his son to take up the mantle as he was the ruler of his own domain back in Sanghelios.

"You must avenge our honor and live your life you want to be. I didn't want anything of this for you. I'm sorry " Gio Vanniee said until he spits out blood and gave out his last breath. Tears are forming in Sil Veree's eyes as he holds of his father. Gio Vanniee, his father lays death in the Sacred ring as their entire lives was devoted to the faith, but betrayed by the prophets.

"No. No…..No!" Sil Veree screamed in pain. He shed his tears that in fact he never cried before. He lost his true father, noble sangheili who died for nothing. Arbiter witness this as he steps away without a word. That's when the Brutes come in and spotted them before Sil Veree spots them.

"Kill the Elites! We will be reward for our services to the Great Journey." One of the Brutes said until Sil Veree cut him off with his energy and proceeds to stab another one. He didn't stop there until he slashes cuts, stabs the brute to death and continued.

"Sil Veree, stop!" Arbiter called out. This stops Sil Veree what he was doing. He turns to the Arbiter as his tears were from his eyes. He knew that name is a shameful and dishonorable as he thought that name is no longer needed for his services for the Covenant.

"My name shouldn't be Sil Veree. My real should be...Sil ver. I will regain that honor back by all means necessary." Sil ver said as he rose up and turn to face the Arbiter.

"Even at cost of your life?" Arbiter asking why he's dropping the ee in his name.

"Even at a high price that I am willing to make." Silver pointed out. They both left the area as they continue face many Covenant loyalists and found many sangheili survived with units under their command. Meanwhile, the Dexholder squad came to the area where they were supposed to go.

"They must be here." Red asked himself to know if it's the right place.

"After fighting those zombies?" Emerald asking as they nearly face with a flood along the way.

"They were nasty things." Bianca said in much of terror she seen. She couldn't like the sight of them while they are coming at them.

"I know I don't many shotgun rounds I fired." Yvonne said as she counts the shotgun rounds. Xavier checks his pistol rounds just in case if any flood comes him and her.

"Tell me about it." Black said which he checks his SMG clips.

"Guys, look!" Yellow points out as the squad come to see all Sangheili councilors dead. It appears they got there too late. The bodies were mutilated and defiled in more disrespectful way that they shouldn't deserve that way.

"What the?" Cheren said in shocked to see the sight of many Sangheili corpses laying in the ground.

"Somebody beat us to that." Sapphire complained that she wanted piece of the action.

"No, if it's from other squads we know by now. This is plasma wound. Look." Blue said as she points the plasma wound.

"Looks like he was betrayed by someone?" Red said as they look over the bodies of the Sangheili Councilors.

"Who'll do a thing like that? That doesn't make any sense." Yellow wondering why they were killed by whom.

"Hush! I hear something coming." Cheren said as they hide in the brushes until Brutes appear.

"I hope those Elites are dead." Brute minor said as they kick the sangheili corpse.

"Yeah, We brutes are going to take over." Another Brute minor said as he looks and takes Sangheili Councilor's hat.

"Cool, you think I wear his hat." Brute Minor suggests as he claims to look good on him, but he was hit by his fellow clanmate.

"No Stupid! After we kill all Elites, we're going kill all the humans. We won and start the Great Journey and we become gods." Brute minor said as they continue to move on to the next area.

"Oh. Cool" Brute said as Energy sword being draw out is heard as the two brutes are killed by Arbiter and Sil Ver.

"It's an elite! Kill him." Black said as he aims his battle rifle.

"Wait!" Yellow said as she stops Black. Black wanted to know why she stops him in the first place, but Red steps up to get the answer.

"What is it?" Red asked why Yellow stopped him.

"Looks like he's… Crying. After witnessing his dead comrades." Blue said as he points out that she sees tears from the Sil Ver. She feels pity and sorrow from the look from the Sangheili as another join in where it has silver armor.

"Guys! Did you forget? They killed and glassed people to death." Sapphire argued they are the enemy to her point of view. They had been the ones who glassed planets and kill billions of people for their religion.

"If they did that, then why those Brutes killed the Elites for? There has to be a logical reason." Ruby pointed out that maybe that they were following orders before the betrayal from their fellow members of their organization.

"Good question." Red said as something was not right in their eyes. Blue thought to herself where she can come up to him and ask, but she thought the risk that she can be killed because she's human and they are enemies. But she decides to give a shot and takes up.

"We could go ask him." Blue said as she comes to Sil Ver and appear out outside of their hiding spot.

"Blue! Wait!" Red said as he's concern of her safety, but he orders the squad to be in position just in case if it happens.

"Who's there?" Arbiter said as their guns crock while Blue looks at Red to lower the weapons. Red looks at Blue that she means it that she wants to speak with them. Red understands as he orders the squad to stand down.

"Guys! Stop this! We just want to talk." Blue said as she lowers her weapon and walks towards Sil Ver. He looks at her with mixture of anger and sadness while she looks at him with pity. She comes to him slowly, but Sil Ver looks at her that she means no harm. He puts away his sword meaning he will speak with her.

"I'm sorry." Blue said as she speaks to him. Then Arbiter, Sil Ver, and the squad see a wraith tank coming. They brace for it until a hatch was open to reveal sangheili no other than Rita Vadumee.

"Arbiter? You're alive? The councilors?" Rita Vadumee said to see the Arbiter well and alive. Behind the Wraith was Lan Cee who is glad to see Sil Ver alive and well.

"Murdered, my friend. They are killed by Brutes." Arbiter put it mildy what he has seen of the situation.

"We should know that Truth has betrayed us. " Ria Vadumee said as they see a two Phantoms going to the control room until Blue spoke up. They all look at Blue as rest of the squad appear before them. They see that the humans are young and not experienced.

"We can help!" Blue suggests as she comes to the Arbiter.

"Blue? If you are going there, I'm going." Red asked as he grabs Blue by shoulders. Both Yellow and Green join in as they nod with good intentions to work together against a common enemy.

"Moi aussi." Both Xavier and Yvonne said as they join the group to work with the sangheili. Black, White, Cheren, Bianca, and Emerald as they join in whom they are willing to work with them.

"As I." Ruby said which left Sapphire to wonder why? Why they are joining with a species that is trying to wipe out humanity at all. Even if they work with them, they are going to betray them anyways. But there's not much if a choice in that matter to join with her squad and hope for the best.

"We will assist you." Sapphire sigh much to her dismay. Ruby hears her voice as it sounds in a defeatist matter. Ruby knows that she was always like this when sangheili are around, but working with them might cause friction between them and their new allies. Ruby has to keep an eye on her in just case.

"Thank you, I think we can get there before they can start the ring." Arbiter said which Sil Ver comes up to the squad. He looks at them with ill-feeling that he felt that he cannot earn their trust that fast.

"I will do whatever I can. You have released the prisoners hold by brutes." Sil Ver told the squad. It is only way to boost their combat effectiveness against the Brutes. Many of their warriors would been executed once the ring will be fired.

"Understand! Our first orders are to release the prisoner from those nasty Brutes!" Red said as the squad cheered. Soon, they all left to free Sil Veree and Arbiter's comrades from being murdered by the Brutes.

"Sapphire, wait!" Ruby said as he stops Sapphire in her tracks. Sapphire turns around to face Ruby.

"What now?" Sapphire said to know why Ruby stopped her.

"Why you hate them? Why did you still hate them despite they are betrayed?" Ruby wondered to know why. Sapphire looked away as she frowns at the question which she might not able to answer. She has her own reasons why she doesn't like the Sangheili.

"I met a boy once and…something bad happen." Sapphire said in sadness. She felt doesn't want to talk about it.

"When was this?" Ruby wondering why she doesn't like to talk about it. Sapphire didn't expect for him to question where She hopes that he will understand.

"13 years ago." Sapphire said which Ruby remembers that similar event happened to him before as well

"Oh….13 years ago I met a girl before that I change my ways for her." Ruby said as they continue to move on. Sapphire looks at Ruby in the eye as something did remind her of someone she knew before.

"So, did I…" Sapphire was about to explain until they were met by Yvonne. She looks upset as they look at her with a concern look.

"Come on, let's go!" Yvonne tells the two to keep moving. They have a mission to achieve their objectives and prevent the Covenant to fire the ring that will end all life in the galaxy. They have to work with the Sangheili, their former enemies to stop the madness.

In the High Charity, Mercy is about to get killed by Flood on his neck. He was left behind by Truth whom entrusted Tartarus to activate the ring for the sake of the Great Journey. Both Gold and Master Chief came to see Mercy is on the ground with the flood inflection form on him.

"Your pal. Where's he's going?" Master Chief asked to see Prophet of Mercy in pain.

"Earth! But you will never escape here, demon. We will finish what we started." Prophet of Mercy said as he knew that humanity is doomed and nothing will stand in their way to complete their religious mission.

"Man, how many of those things are? And where are they going? Anyways, what now?" Gold wondered that the entire place is full of Covenant forces and the Flood. Cortana looks at the massive structure in the middle of the city.

"That's a forerunner. That ship." Cortana pointed out to see the ship is no other than forerunner ship. She explains the details that they have to get back to Earth to stop Truth.

"That ship is strange looking. What it is: a tack?" Gold claimed which made Crystal upset due of his idiocy.

"Because it's a forerunner ship, you idiot. You should…" Crystal shouted at his ear.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Please, don't lecture me." Gold whine as he scans the area for any enemies coming at them

"Chief, if we going to blow up Halo like last time, I have to overload the ship's engine." Cortana tells Master Chief like the one they done at first Halo. The ship was crashed near them, In Amber Clad is the only option to repeat the same event as before.

"Wait, you're the one that nearly got us killed in the last ring." Gold remembered the entire ordeal. He realizes that Cortana made the mess in the first place, but then it again the flood was on their tail and needed to destroy the ring.

"Yes, that was me." Cortana sighed until Master Chief tries to pull Cortana out of the system.

"No, I have risk this. I don't work if we did remote it." Cortana said as Master Chief looks at her.

"Good, I heard that all day long. Come on Crystal, let's go!" Gold gladly to hear that as he try to pull out the chip out to get Crystal out of the terminal. But she appears in the terminal only to reveal her intentions before Gold.

"No, I stay put." Crystal protested as Gold flinch of her response was.

"What?" Gold said as he looks at Crystal with a worried look within his helmet.

"I'm going stay with Cortana to help her." Crystal said as she looks at Gold with a serious look on her face, but this time she meant it.

"You can't be serious?" Gold said as he tries to put the chip in the terminal, but she rejects it as the chip is taken out.

"I am." Crystal said as Gold didn't understand why. Gold made a promise to the Professor that she will come back alive.

"No, I need you. Earth needs you." Gold demanded for her to come with him from the madness of the place and continue to fight on to end the war.

"No, Gold. It's you. The reason UNSC have Spartan program, to protect Earth from any danger. I have to stay here to defend Earth for all means the cost." Crystal sighed as she turns her back to Gold.

"No, I can't let you." Gold complained as he tries to insert the chip again, but it was rejected again. He couldn't believe what she was thinking and he can't risk losing her to the flood especially gravemind.

"Gold, the flood is here. We don't have enough time for this. We have to go now!" Master Chief shouted as he fired his weapon against the Flood. They are coming in large numbers and coming close to them. Master Chief holds his best to repel them while Gold is not budging a inch because he's not leaving Crystal behind.

"No, Crystal. I'm not leaving without you!" Gold said knowing that he can't move on.

"I have to. It's only way." Crystal sadly said as Cortana appear before her.

"Crystal, you don't have to do this!" Cortana asked to know why.

"No, what if something happens to you. I mean what if something goes wrong?" Crystal points out that the potential danger for Cortana not able to withstand dangers could risk Cortana.

"It could. But you're right; I could use your help." Cortana agreed with hesitance.

"Gold, I must ask you something." Crystal stated as she turns around to Gold to ask him.

"What?" Gold responds to her with a sad tone in his voice.

"You never answer my question on Cairo which I didn't ask. Why did you save me?" Crystal said as he takes his time to answer her question, but time was running out that he must answer right away.

"That? I…I…pick you because….I was afraid I will lose you. If I didn't, I can't live with myself with that guilt. Because…I lost someone very special to me during the battle of Reach. She reminded me of you in a way." Gold said as he looks at her very closely.

"Gold…." Crystal said as tears were forming in her eyes. Master Chief grabs Gold to get out of the area before more Flood appears.

"Gold, we must go now!" Master Chief shouts to get Gold out of there. They have to leave now and it must be now or never.

"Good bye. Gold-721." Crystal cried as she goes to the system.

"NO! Super Serious Gal? Crys? Crystal! You can't do this to me!" Gold shouts as Master Chief holds him back. The mission was more important and needs to be focus on hand.

"WE have no time for this!" Master Chief said as he drags Gold to the next platform and inserts the chip inside his helmet.

"There is time to get her! Please!" Gold demands to go back to get her from the system, but it was too late.

"NO! She made her choice! Just let go! We have to stay strong." Master Chief reassures that Crystal is making the right choice to help Cortana out in order to prevent the Halo ring to fire. Gold says nothing during their way to reach to the Forerunner ship where encountering a lot of resistance along the way.

"Let's go!" Master Chief said as they fight their way in High Charity which they combat the flood. They entered where the entrance of the Forerunner ship is located inside.

"Crystal, why didn't come with him? Why you didn't?" Cortana asking to Crystal who wants to know why that she's taking a big risk to help Cortana out.

"Because….I love him. Besides you need my help in case something bad happens. This is best way to live another day to see him again. I never felt anything before in my short life." Crystal said as she cries while Cortana conform her.

"It's ok. I know you made the right choice. But it's going very hard for him too." Cortana said as she comforts Crystal who sobbing with tears. Master Chief and Gold enter the ship at the very last second. Master Chief tells Cortana on the radio that he will come back for her, but he turns to see Gold not feeling himself.

"Crystal." Gold whisper as Master Chief gets down in order to talk with Gold.

"What's wrong?" Master Chief wondering why he said Crystal's name.

"Chief, you're only real person I can tell you my secret. I…love her. But I'm too afraid it to say to her. I already lost Lyra on Reach and I can't bear to losing Crystal. I been so much of the loss, suffering, and the death." Gold teary cries as he speaks out of his thoughts to Master Chief. Master Chief pat Gold on the shoulder as the ship exits High Charity.

"Bye, Gold. I will…..always love you no matter what even you're rude and perverted, but a very kind person you are." Crystal said as she views the ship goes out to Earth. She returns back to the system to help Cortana to deal with High Charity. It was only the start for the beginning of the end.

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