Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


10. Overture

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo 2 arc and Halo Reach Arc

Chapter 10: Overture

The forerunner moves out of High Charity where the outside of the city planet is a major space battle between Sangheili controlled-ships against Brute Controlled ships. It is a sight where Covenant has been tearing apart by Truth's designs. That is not the only case since the war against humanity continues.

As the forerunner ship containing Truth is going to slipspace where Master Chief and Gold are stowaways as the Prophet of Truth, unaware of their presence, is heading to one location, Earth. Master Chief and Gold are checking around if the Covenant found them, but the coast is clear. Gold halts for a minute until something flashes to him.

He did remember what happen when he was a small child to become a full-fledged spartan and how the events transpire him to lead him to the forerunner ship with Master Chief. He remembers his mother and how she was sad that he recalls his father was before he was killed in combat against the Covenant.

Earth- Shizuoka, Japan 19 years ago

Year 2533

Suburban small town near Nara around 5000 people are going to their daily lives as the news portraying the human-covenant war. The town is very patriotic, but there are issues that many of its youth are being sent to the front lines to halt the Covenant. Many don't return which frighten many elders are worried that they killed and not seen again.

A hospital where nurses and a doctor is helping a young woman in her 20s is giving birth. The pain is too much for her to bear. But at the waiting room, a Marine comes to the counter. He was given a month off duty. His main reason is to see his wife giving birth to their own child considering that he didn't want to miss it.

"Where's my wife?" Marine asked until after explaining his wife's name and heads to the room where she is. He runs to the room until he heard something…a baby's cry. He rushes to the room to see his wife holding their child as the doctor and the nurses left to leave them alone. He is glad that she's doing alright, but she is exhausted from the hours of giving birth of their child.

"How's our child? Is it ok?" Marine asking of his wife who is relieve from the pain she was under in. He could understand the child's gender, it's a boy. He thought that his son would turn out to great with the ladies in town.

"He's ok." His wife responds with hint of happiness that he returned from the front lines. But suddenly, the boy opens his eyes for the first time that to their surprise the eyes are amber-gold. The father picks up the boy to see him more clearly which he's glad to have a son.

"What should we call him?" his wife asked. He looks at his son. It was a wonderful moment in their lives where it's a blessing. He knew he has little time left before they can call him back earlier to the outer colonies to fight against the Covenant forces.

"His name will be…..Gold." Marine said. He gives Gold back to her. The marine was part of the Spartan-I, a secret project that designed to build super soldiers. He was one of them which he was given special treatment to have a civilian life except he has to recall to the front lines to against the Covenant. But the covenant war came which they called him to be sent in the front lines, so he and his wife were married young around 18 years old. Soon, a week later he was being recalled due of troop storages to hold against the covenant advance.

Earth, Shizuoka, Japan 15 years ago

Year 2537

The bad news happens when 4 years later that he died from wounds. He and his squad were ambushed in Battle of New Constantinople when Sangheili Zealot impaled him with energy sword. When a group of officers told about his death, his wife stumbled to the floor sobbing about his death which Gold tries to comfort his mother at the same time, he lost his father with sadness.

After 5 weeks has passed, Gold was playing in a park by himself while his mother is still depressed about her husband's death. She is currently unaware that a group of black suit men are coming towards Gold. Gold looks up until they did something to him and drag him away. Gold tries to scream, but it was too late since they silence him in textbook style.

Gold was only four years old that black suit men took him where the was last time he saw his mother was sad about the death of her husband and his father. The pelican carrying Gold heading to a UNSC frigate. They head to another planet which considered the Fortress of the stars, Reach.

Reach is a military hub of the UNSC and the second largest Military complex after the Sol System. They landed the planet as they introduce Gold to a UNSC scientist goes by the name: Dr. Emily Ford, head of the Spartan-II Class two program. It was design after the Spartan-II program to resume and Gold was happened to be the youngest member of the program. He was among the fifty-six "potential SPARTANs" due to the candidacy of superior physical, biological, and mental attributes.

Reach, 7 years ago

Year 2545

Gold was left behind by his peers, but he did receive training from Sgt. Major Nolan Byrne to know about military history, tactics, and art of war. However, due to being youngest and runt of the Spartan-II class two program. There was a special guest during the training of Gold was no other than Catherine Halsey, founder of the Spartan-II program.

She notices something about Gold, taken note that he has amber-golden eyes. She knew that only certain individuals are born with these golden eyes and decided she will put him as quality with her original Spartan-II soldiers to train him. He was given training by no other than Master Chief for two years until he's ready for biological augmentation procedures.

At High Charity, present time

Crystal working with Cortana in order that Halo attempted to fire they must blow up In Amber Clad. But she stops for a moment to realize that she remembers in fact long ago. Something flashes into her eyes.

Earth, seven years ago

Year 2545

Seven years ago at Earth, the door burst as Professor Oak running to the door to see his ailing wife is dying from stronger-form of breast cancer. Green Oak, his grandson is watching along with his parents that Professor Oak has lost the love of his life. Before the funeral began, Oak took his wife's brain which he could hide it from his family.


In a computer lab in a UNSC military complex building, a 50s years old scientist is working a critical data for the UNSC. He has a picture of his grandson and his late wife who looked like the older version of Crystal. Suddenly, his assistant comes in with paper work.

"Professor Oak, are you're sure about the A.I program?" Assistant asking him what he's been working on.

"Yes, I am. It will keep data I gathered about UNSC including Earth. I intend to keep the work as well. Not only that, an AI assistant as well." Professor Oak said as he's finishing the last touches on the data he will insert into his AI program.

"I thought you created a unit by now. Now, you suggest switching from your mind from your late wife's mind?" Assistant beg to ask why he wants to bring back his dead wife from the grave. He knows that "smart" AIs were from the brains of their donors, but not like this.

"I know, but something it just…pop out of my mind recently. Something out a dream or that I knew about in the past before. I want to create an AI based on her. For her." Professor Oak said with sadness that he wants to see her again just this last time. He did remember who she looked before when they were together.

"I see. I will start the program soon as possible." Assistant said as he was about to leave the room except he was stopped by Professor Oak.

"Make sure it goes fine. Contract Halsey to get the permission to allow it." Professor Oak stands up. In a UNSC office, a scientist comes to Dr. Halsey, head of the Spartan Program and the AI program. He comes in with the paper regarded to Professor Oak's ask.

"Dr. Halsey, Professor Oak has requested to create A.I unit." Assistant told Halsey, the senior official of ONI and creator of the Spartan-II program.

"He may do it ahead. " Halsey said whom she is a kind women, but she has ruthless steak in her only when it is needed. She adored of her spartan-IIs. She did approve of the class 2 Spartan II, but had taken notes on spartan in the case file called 721.

"He had switch from his mind to his late wife's mind." Assistant mentions of Oak's changing of the donor and the details who is the donor is.

"Mrs. Oak. I do remember her. She was a good fine of mine. We were roommates back in Collage. It is tragic to hear that she passed away so soon." Halsey said with a sadness in her to feel that her old colleague passed away.

"Are you sure that you want him to do that?" Assistant said as he knew that will be questionable once it happens. There has been ethics on regarding on the use of AIs in the field as Oak is aware that he could be in a lot of trouble with the UNSC, but things are dire due the resources are needed due the Covenant war.

"I cannot say it's unorthodox, but it's up to him." Halsey said as she gives permission to Oak to do so.

"Yes, ma'am" Assistant said as he goes back to Professor Oak. After a long walk, back to Professor Oak who can prepare the Ai creation program to start. Oak looks at his Assistant whom knowing that he got the message that he can do it.

"You may do." Assistant said as Oak starts the program knowing that it must work.

"I hope so. It just…the idea has come out of nowhere." Professor Oak commented as they start construction the A.I based on professor Oak's idea to give birth of "Crystal". When Oak return back to his lab, he took out his wife's brain and begins the Cognitive Impression Modeling. The process was long, but Oak waited for the AI from his decreased wife.

Soon, the AI came into its form. It's a young teenage girl with crystal eyes, two anti-gravity ponytails, lab coat, and blue hair. The color of her avatar is pure crystal blue. Thus begins "Crystal" to become AI assistant to Professor Oak. The AI wakes up to as it opens her eyes and takes a look around the room until a full sight appears.

"Where I am?" Crystal weakly asked as she gets up to see two human beings looking at her.

"Welcome, Crystal." Professor Oak greets the AI unit.

"Who am I?" Crystal wondered as she looks at her hands and to Oak.

"You're Crystal. You're an AI unit." Professor Oak stated which Crystal looks at her hands to see so many codes going through her.

"A.I. unit?" Crystal asked the Professor Oak with curiosity.

"A computer program or normally called artificial intelligence. A computer program to hold valuable data, but you would help me in my works. You are made for vital information and based on my late wife." Professor Oak explains to her of her purpose and reason where she comes from.

"It seems so. What's my purpose? What I should do?" Crystal asked. They began to explain to Crystal as they upload the results to Crystal. They began to work with each other as Crystal became Professor Oak's assistant.

Delta Halo, Present time

The Delta Halo as Dexholder Squad fighting the Loyalist Covenant units alongside with Arbiter and Sil Ver. Each member as Sil Ver halt for a moment as each has remembered. This flashes them into the past they know. The story as they were in one battle of the entire war, Fall of Reach.

Many years ago, Sanghelios

In the system of Sanghelios where among the many of the Sangheli young are training to use energy swords. They are from Aristocrat class where many of the sons don't know their fathers. Among the Sangheili has silver eyes and is quick to learn in the arts of warfare.

"You are the newly younglings of Sakaki. Discipline is your ally. Once more practice!" Sil Ver's instructor said as they resume back to practice. The Instructor looks at Sil Ver where he has seen his progress very fast. Soon, they prepare to have a test.

"Sil Ver!" Instructor said as Sil Ver got up and comes up to him. They bow and prepare to take the test. He did in amazing and shunned the students with amazing results that provided his skill.

"Good. You done well, Sil Ver." Instructor said as he goes back to his seat. It seems that Sil Ver passed with honor and joins the Convent and prepares to receive his military training whom he meets a fellow Sangheili named, Lan Ce. He trained very rapidly and receives as a rank of Minor which he taken part of several campaigns and finally he reached to a rank of Major to serve in Thel Vadamee's fleet of Particular Justice.

Delta Halo, Present time

Both Ruby and Sapphire takes their time to aid their new ally out to defeat the Brutes along the way to reach to the main tower will activate the ring that will kill everyone in the radius. They did remember back when they were 5 years old. They were both born during the duration of the way.

13 years ago, Kholo system

Thirteen years ago, a boy and a girl are playing each other in the planet of Kholo. They are playing hide and sneak in the woods. The girl finds the boy's hiding spot and it was his turn. He counts down to 100. The girl tries to find a hiding spot until stumbled something. The figure turned to be a Zealot Sangheili, separated his patrol. The girl screamed alerted the boy to come to her aid, but the Zealot held his energy sword to be hit by rocks.

"Leave her alone, you monster!" the boy said, but the Zealot Sangheili took this as a weak challenge only to knock the boy out and turn to the girl who trembling in fear.

"Humans. Pathetic weaklings. A mere child of humans can endanger the Great Journey. I must do what I must." Zealot Elite said in his native language. She steps back further until hit to a rocky corner tapped her. The zealot elite gets closer to her with the energy sword ready to strike her until something hit the zealot in the leg.

It reveals the boy carrying a log he can barely hold. The Zealot turn around to slash him near his skull. Blood has been spread to the girl as the scene frightens her as the blood touches her face and her dress. She felt fear and can't move as the Sangheili throws the boy to the side hoping it will kill him.

"YOU FOOL!" Zealot said as he turns to the young girl readied for the kill until bullets hit his shields. Norman with his fellow ODSTs arrive on the scene to save the boy and the girl along with Professor Birch. His main concern that his daughter is alright from the Sangheili zealot.

"Don't let it hurt my daughter!" Birch requested. However, Sangheili holds the young girl hostage to flee from the humans.

"Do you value your pitiful weakling child?" Sangheili said in english to the ODST squad while Birch can only freeze. The Zealot retreats slowly as Norman and the other ODST chase him, but cannot kill him because he's holding her as a hostage. The young boy woke up to see that Sangheili Zealot holding her as a hostage.

He sees Plasma rifle near him as he grabs it and goes behind the Sangheili whom not aware of him. He fires the Plasma rifle at Sangheili as it let go the girl in more violent way. He turns to face the young boy, but his shields are down led its death. The boy comes near to the girl as he has a scar. The scare was deep and bloodied which frightens her and tears are forming in her eyes.

"Don't worry, my dad came to save us." The boy said, but that didn't matter for the fact that the sight of blood made the girl cried. It was the one event that changed their young lives forever as they both live during the war for survival of humanity.

Later events led him during the war, he has proved himself in battle. Meanwhile, there will be certain characters in Earth where their lives will be changed for every. What it seems for the tale of the two has come with realizing that the story is unravel that affects all in the one events lead to one battle that will be as Fall of Reach? How it came for Gold to be like this? Why Crystal knew Gold before, but they never meet each other on Reach? The story is yet to be told.

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