Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


6. New Mombasa

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Chapter 6: New Mombasa

A small covenant fleet led by Prophet of Regret, one of the Covenant leaders heading to Earth. Cairo station is under attack as Elites and Grunt are pouring out of the boarding crafts. They are attacking the marine units in the station as three covenant lances are about to attack the hanger. The Dexholder squad defending the hanger as they prepare for it. They take their positions to give them a tactical advantage over the Covenant lances.

"This is where they die!" Red shouted as they hold their ground as the explosion broke the door as grunts appears. They open fire in various weapons such as plasma Pistol, needlers, and other covenant weaponry.

"Attack! Kill the disease!" Sangheili minor yelled at the Uggoy as they charge towards the Dexholders. The Dexholders open fire as they cut them down, but the Sangheili are hard to kill due of their personal shields. However, that wasn't the case as Xavier aims down in his scope to snipe the Sangheili

"Kill!" an Uggoy said as he aims his pistol at one of the Dexholder squad member, but he was shot down quickly by battle rifle round from Black.

"Fuck those Aliens!" Black shouted as he fires his battle rifle at the Covenant Lances. He turned to the Sangheili minor whom gotten his attention from Black's bravery. White shoots with her battle rifle at the Sangheili minor who was about to shoot at Black. It was close on Black's account while

"They just keep coming! Those grunts are led by the elites. Only if we kill their squad leader…" Cheren pointed that Sangheili leading the Uggoy and Kig-Yar into battle. The Kig-Yar are carrying shields that blocks ammo rounds from their weapons, but can be overwhelmed and can be outflank.

"They will be worthless. But we knew about it." Red exclaimed to the idea.

"Right" Cheren corrected himself when they are aware of it.

"I will provide you cover fire." Sapphire tells her fellow squad members.

"Got it!" Black volunteered as he takes White's hand.

"Come on!" Black said as they run towards the Sangheili who are command of the Uggoy.

"Take this!" White shouts as she fires her battle rifle which kills the Sangheili at a close range. They look at Black and White with fear in their eyes.

"Eek! The leader is dead! RUN!" One of The Grunts as they ran away from the squad which they are unfazed about their reactions until they wonder it's over.

"They are running away?" Red asked until more Covenant units appear. They come back with greater numbers. They face newer problems at hand, this time Kig-Yar and Yanme'e came in. More Sangheili came that had different ranks such as minors to Majors with better armor and shields.

"Oh, great? You have to say it." Green said to Red as they return fire to the Covenant units.

"That was the first wave? Tres bien. Tu me gonfles" Yvonne curses as she takes out her shotgun to blow several Uggoy away.

"Can we have suppression fire?" Blue asking since they are coming in larger numbers.

"I can." Sapphire shouted as she raises the light machine gun towards the Covenant units. Sapphire is carrying a machine gun by her two hands which manage to kill large numbers of the covenant soldiers. Not even the Elites cannot stop her as they got killed by her seeming unlimited ammo.

"Retreat!" one of the Kig-Yar shouted as they retreated away as the elites are dead.

"Run back, where you come back from!" Sapphire shouted as the Jackals retreat until third wave came in, but this time is pair of Mgalekgolo. They fired the laser cannons that hit the crates. It throws them off while dodging their blasts that could kill them.

"But that's so barbaric." Ruby whined earn Sapphire, a headache from his whining and drops the machine gun. She is about to beat up Ruby.

"No, stop! We can talk about this." Ruby said until a plasma explodes near them.

"Incoming!" Emerald said as the Hunter fires the giant laser cannon towards the Dexholders. It hits the ground as objects flied around. It was getting hard for them that it was getting tough to hit them due to their strong armor.

"Crap? Against armor that thick? How we can beat them?" Red asked wondering as they have an answer.

"If only we have rockets or something to beat them." Sapphire complained as more covenant units are coming with aid by the Hunters. In the hallways as Gold protects Professor Oak as he is carrying data and information. They running to reach to the hanger where Oak is getting to his transport.

"Come on, old man." Gold yelling at Oak. They to get out of the station quickly as possible where they overheard that Malta and Athens are destroyed by a Covenant bomb. Gold hears the radio that Chief is on the case with the bomb.

"I'm going fastest I can. Don't rush me!" Oak tells Gold until an explosion that shook the station as Oak drops the papers and the chip that contains Crystal. Professor Oak and Gold picks up the papers while Gold picks up the chip as he stares at it. Various images flashing to his head from his nightmares.

"Stop staring it and let's go!" Oak said as he grabs the chip from Gold. They continue to run until they faced to see a covenant lace. They spot them and open fire upon them. This is a bad spot where they are.

"Get down!" Gold ordered Oak to take cover until Oak trip as the chip slip out of his hands. It was placed near the middle of the ground. The Covenant troops are getting near while Gold sees the chip as he attempts to get it. He runs as he fired his weapon at the Covenant. He had a difficult choice, but he must do that as he goes for it.

"NO, wait!" Oak shouted as Gold fires his battle rifle towards the Covenant lance. He reaches the chip and inserts it in his helmet. It was only way to carry Crystal from the battlefield. He was hoping that it will be over.

"Where am I? What new software? Gold, is that you?" Crystal said as she boots up. It was a new software and realize the user of the helmet is no other than Gold himself. It's was a surprise for her to realize that Gold must take the clip to save her.

"Sup, Super Serious Gal. Have a nice day?" Gold asked as he retreats to Oak. They are being hit by plasma and needlers. Some Carbines rounds hit the crates as well while they take cover from the madness of the firefights.

"What happen to the Professor?" Crystal is wondering that Professor Oak is doing alright.

"He's right here." Gold pointed to Oak where Crystal is relief that Oak seems relieved, but he has a feeling that Gold would been better to protect her and get her into hanger.

"Crystal, are you alright?" Professor Oak asking while Gold fires the battle rifle with accuracy and threw some grenades.

"I'm fine, sir. Nothing to worry about." Crystal sigh much of Oak's relief. Oak has been overprotective of her ever since she came to existence.

"You are reckless idiot! Are you trying get yourself killed?" Professor Oak yell at Gold that he could risk losing Crystal.

"Well, did you want to lose your chip?" Gold remarked as Oak flinch based on the remark. If Oak had hold on the chip and got killed, it could be worse. Oak in his mind that Gold is not trustworthy to carry Crystal in his head.

"Professor, I'm fine. Gold, what's with the new system? I can access outside of the suit." Crystal asked which wondering to know why Gold has a new helmet. She takes a while to adjust to understand the software coding.

"You could say, armor upgrade. Or you want to see something more?" Gold smirked as Crystal rolls her eyes. They go out to the hanger until Gold stops Oak at his tracks to point out the two hunters. Gold sees a squad of young marines is holding out against the Hunters.

"Guys, those aliens are protecting the incoming fourth wave." Yellow shouted as he spotted the fourth wave contains 4 lances of uggoy with two minor Sangheili and Major Sangheili.

"Man, those aliens don't give up ever." Cheren said as he opens fire at the Uggoy with his battlerifle.

"Yeah, even the red one has better shields than the blue ones." Emerald said as he fired his SMG that took down a grunt.

"Don't give up! We got a homeland to save." Red called out as they battle the fourth wave until Major Sangheili is knock out in the back.

"Huh?" Green said as the rest of the squad took down the sangheili and the uggoy with ease. Suddenly, Gold appears in his Mark VI holding a battle rifle along with Professor Oak.

"So, this I am report to before?" Gold said as he looks at the squad no more than 13 soldiers. He counts 7 males and 6 female marines. His height was a big impact to the squad, but they are relieved to see a Spartan joining their ranks.

"You're the Spartan?" Red asked as Gold comes up to Red.

"You save us?" Black said as Red and Black saluted to Gold.

"Thank you to save our lives." They both said as they look up only to him that he is shorter than the rest of the Spartans.

"That's the Spartan they sent us?" Red asked to Black who is confused in a way.

"Hey, Gramps." Green greets his grandfather as Professor Oak was surprise to see Green in UNSC Marine corps outfit.

"Green! I didn't you join the UNSC marines? I thought you going to do your studies." Oak asked why Green is on the UNSC Marine Corps.

"A certain someone dragged me to this mess. Always, is this the Spartan you talked about before? Is he too short to be a Spartan?" Green wondering due his research on Spartan-II due to the upgrades and other things to make them too tall.

"Hey!" Gold shouted while the rest of the squad beginning to doubt due of his height.

"II est stupide." Yvonne said as Xavier nodded in agreement.

"D'accord" Xavier said as he checks his sniper rounds and making sure that his weapon is in top condition. However, Gold is aware what they said since he has translation software that was designed against human insurgents in colonial worlds.

"I was expecting he is taller." Blue remarking as he should be much taller than she was expecting him to be.

"It's not easy to expect." Crystal said which everyone except for Oak and Gold surprised that someone is also here, but cannot find where the voice is come from.

"Who said that?" Emerald ask first to know the voice is coming from.

"Crystal did." Gold answering to his question.

"What you mean, Spartan?" Red asked until Oak came to the group to explain.

"She's an "Smart" A.I unit in Gold's helmet. She has access to the comms. I have noticed that she is helping him to conduct himself in battle." Professor Oak explains to the squad whom didn't know what he meant by "Smart" AI, but know what AI really meant.

"That's correct." Crystal chirped as she appeared in Gold's hands as he opens his hand. This surprise the entire squad.

"It's cool to have gal in my head except she can be very bossy sometimes." Gold smirked which earn Crystal's glare.

"Oh, do you like her?" Blue asking as both Gold and Crystal blushing once she asks the question to them.

"Please, she's a computer! I'm not that desperate for a girlfriend, but you in the other hand." Gold said as he grabs her hand.

"Would like to date a Spartan?" Gold asked to Blue that earns Green's glare as he reloads his battle rifle. Red is very discomforted when Gold does that, but Yellow tries to lower the tension in the room.

"How about….no?" Blue said as she gets away from his hands.

"I should get going. It was nice meeting to all of you. Oh, Green. Be careful of there. May blessing upon you. Coming Crystal?" Oak asked to Crystal. Crystal looks at Gold and Crystal.

"Um…..can Gold pick this time?" Crystal asked which made Oak shocked to hear that Crystal wanted Gold to decide what she should do..

"Ok. Gold? Crystal is asked me that you pick for her best to go with safety to me or to help you since I am very aware I can trust you on this based on your Halo ring incident. What you say?"" Professor Oak asks the young Spartan as he pauses for a moment, but Gold is worrying that whether choice he makes would affect the outcome he would make. "Crystal, I want you…" Gold pauses which Crystal braces herself for his answer.

"Come with me." Gold sigh which Oak nodded in agreement and he touches Gold's shoulder.

"Good luck, Gold." Professor Oak said as he believes that Crystal was meant for Gold for the war for survival of humanity.

"Dexholder squad, report to In Amber clad, right now!" Intercom announce as a pelican driven by Diamond and Pearl.

"You heard them. Let's go!" Platinum shouted as everyone comes in except for Oak has reach a civilian transport to go back home in Tokyo. As the Dexholders reach In Amber Clad, they unloaded their equipment and supplies. They are relieved until they overheard that Master Chief managed to remove the bomb and give back to the Covenant by dropping a bomb in their ship.

The ship blows up and heads to the In Amber Clad. Everyone heard it and Master Chief entered in which the Dexholder squad see the legendary Spartan himself. He was very huge as not even Red, whom tallest member of the squad can reach. Gold comes up to Master Chief to know what he been up to.

"Chief! What you been doing?" Gold greeting Master Chief while The Dexholder Squad was amazed that Gold knew Master Chief. They are among few spartans left, but countless Spartans are missing in action. They knew that Spartans will save humanity from total extinction and drive out of the covenant.

"I gave back their bomb." Chief response as he goes into the hallways. They did overhear the explosion after they got inside of the ship. The ship commander is no other than Mirandra Keyes, daughter of Jacob Keyes. After getting to planet side on the ship, Dexholder squad are preparing and waiting for orders.

"We made it. So, where are we going?" Diamond asked as he radioed in. The squad including Gold enters the Pelican as well. They are heading to Africa where one Covenant ship was heading to.

"Once Miranda Keyes gets Master Chief, we are heading to the surface." One of the Marine officers tell the pilots.

"Where to?" Pearl asking to know where the location is.

"New Mombasa." One of the Marine officers tell the pilots. They stare at other for a moment until Platinum came in.

"What for, Marine?" Platinum asked to wonder why they are going there.

"Those alien bastards have landed there." One of the marines respond as they show hologram of the ship landed.

"They landed on the surface?" Pearl said much to his dismay.

"We can't let them filth the Earth." Platinum said to her disbelief.

"Indeed." Diamond said as they head to New Mombasa Africa as Three Pelicans carrying three squads carrying the Dexholder Squad. They overheard of Johnson's decision to enter to combat despite the risks they are taking. They continue to move until they face the Scarab, one of the covenant's weapons that tore UNSC armored units. It fires at the pelicans which all were hit as the Dexholder pelicans were going down.

After they crash into the ground; the pilots, Platinum, Gold, and the Dexholders were miraculous survived the crash.

"Are you, alright?" Yvonne said as she tries to wake up the Spartan. Xavier is in position with his sniper rifle.

"Yvonne, est-ce que l'ok spartiate?" Xavier asks to Yvonne with a concern look on his face despite maintaining his cold appearance.

"Ow?" Gold said as he stood out of the wreckage. He is helped by Yvonne to get up on his feet.

"Tres bien, Xavier. Concentrer!" Yvonne said to Xavier as he took out of the Kig-Yar by headshot.

"You know…You sound sexier in French." Gold said as he looks at Yvonne, but Xavier didn't like what he hears since Yvonne has always been hit by other male marines.

"Va te faire enculer" Yvonne said to Gold who didn't fazed at all of her comment towards him.

"Is everyone ok?" Red asked which Yellow was with him is checking on everyone.

"I'm ok." Platinum, Pearl, and Diamond answered they came out of the pelican. They gather everyone to get moving out of the crash site as they encounter by covenant infantry units. They face more Sangheili, Jig-yar, Unggoy, Mgalekgolo, and Yanme.

"More Motherfuckers? Good!" Sapphire called out as she fires her machine gun to Ruby's dismay.

"Here we go." Ruby complained as everyone began to fight back against the Covenant units. Gold notices something about a golden armored sangheili, Zealot, is commanding the unit and heading towards the Dexholders.

"FUCK! Zealot!" Gold shouted which Sapphire was the first to react.

"What?" Sapphire said shocking as she sees the Sangheili, but the energy sword was she was eyeing at.

"Kill them!" Zealot Sangheili said drew out his Energy sword made Sapphire petrified upon the sight of the energy sword. The Sangheili lunges at Sapphire stands there in fear.

"Sapphire!" Red shouted while the Elite is about to slash her until it was taken down by someone. The Elite's body stops right front of her as Sapphire turned around like everyone else to see Ruby with his battle rifle. Ruby notices this.

"What? He was destroying a precious clothing store?" Ruby pointed to a clothing store where sapphire is standing nearby fashion store. This made sapphire upset that Ruby wasn't appreciated that he was saving her life.

"Really? You just wanted to save the fashion store than my life? You are really a dumbass. You know that, Ruby?" Sapphire said with anger mark as she about to beat up Ruby. Later on, They move out as they counter more covenant troopers in the streets of New Mombasa until they counter Master Chief with few Marines.

"What happen?" Red asking as they went to the Marines to know what has happen to the recent UNSC forces in the area.

"That scarab blew right at us and broke our line." Female Marine answering which none are to Red's comfort.

"Chief, how you been man?" Gold greets Master Chief as he joins him in his side where they see the Scarab traveling along the road.

"Nothing much. Killing more Covenant." Master Chief said until Sargent Johnson comes in with Tank. Johnson comes up to them as he is considered one of UNSC's greatest hero ever lived. He was at the start of the war to this very day.

"What happen to the rest of your platoon?" Johnson ask to one of the marines.

"Wasted, sarge" female marine said.

"Not mine, Sergeant." Platinum said as Johnson saluted to her.

"We too if we don't get the hell out of here!" male marine whined as he was about to leave.

"You hit, marine?" Johnson asked.

"No, sir" Marine respond.

"Listen up…When I joined the Corps, we didn't have any fancy-schmanzy tanks. We had Sticks! Two sticks, and a rock for the Whole platoon- and we had to share the rock! Buck-up, Boy. You are one very lucky Marine! Even those kids are not afraid that thing." Johnson said which the DexHolders sweat beat when Johnson mentioned that they didn't have kind of problem during training.

"What about that Scarab?" Female Marine asked.

"We've all run the simulations- they're tough, but they ain't invincible. Stay with the Master Chief. He know what to do." Johnson said as he goes back to the pelican.

"Yes, sir. Sergeant." Female Marine said.

"Thanks for the Tank. He never gets me anything." Cortana said which again surprises the Dexholder squad.

"What was that?" Red wondered as Gold step up.

"That's Cortana. Chief's AI." Gold answering to his question where more "Smart" AIs do exist.

"Let's say me and Cortana known each other." Crystal said as to give out details that they know each other for a long time. Master Chief drives to catch up with the Scarab until Master Chief blew it up. The Dexholder squad with Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl cheered for the Scarab's destruction until Red has to break the news.

"Squad! We are order to join the In Amber Clad." Red announced as they entered the pelican. The pelican entered the In Amber Clad.

"Something telling me, I got a bad feeling." Gold remarked once they heard the news that Prophet of Regret is going to slip space to the unknown. That's just another start of another mission in this terrible war.

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