Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


12. Mein Kleines Herz

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo Reach Arc

Chapter 12: Mein Kleines Herz

Things are calm in the wind in the Planet of Reach. In the network of ONI, Crystal is helping Professor Oak to gather data from his previous work before. Crystal only knew what she can for the professor. It's just for her, everything is being restricted to her and wanting to be free and enjoy life. She's a computer program, a man-made thing, with ability that beyond the human mind for a year now.

She was very strict to her work and the work only, but everything she sees Gold with Lyra despite only human contracts she knows is Oak, Elm, and other ONI officials. She felt as if like a prisoner with limited lifespan. She risked her life to let Gold have this lifetime assignment to protect Lyra from a fake order. Crystal watches the videos between Lyra and Gold in her spare time after her long hours of work.

True, she can't sleep or gets tired from working long hours. She feels that Gold is sometimes a jerk, a perv, and an idiot. There are times that Gold is a pretty nice guy who misses home hides this feeling by acting as a jerkass. But when he's around with Lyra, he feels different with her. There's a reason behind this as if he was in love.

"Crystal." Oak said to snap her out of her trance.

"Sorry Professor, I was distracted for a moment." Crystal said as she turns to Professor Oak.

"Funny, you never daydream during work." Oak wondered that he notices this pattern for about several months. She often dazes off once and awhile during their work times where she's often busy at the moment.

"It's just I…overload sometimes that takes time to ease it off." Crystal said hoping Oak doesn't find out.

"Okay, let's continue our work about these covenant species." Oak said while Crystal complied as she helps him along the work. Oak was getting there to find the understanding covenant species relations with each other. He hopes their interspecies relations can provide the key to end the war once and for all. He also heard that the UNSC are beginning to draft from ages of 15-40 to fight off against the Covenant to realize it is a losing war.

Humanity is desperate to survive against the onslaught of the alien alliance. Oak knew that knowledge will help Humanity to win the losing war, but time is running out. Oak did find that the Covenant does has social caste system and learn certain weakness that the chain of command can be broken by killing or capture high Prophet

In the other hand, Oak is checking on Gold's progress which despite his performance is better than it was months ago. In fact, he did found him a little reckless despite of his combat adeptness often began to match with Master Chief's combat ability. Another thing was that he has assignment to protect a girl same age as him who somehow looks like Crystal. Oak wondering that Crystal has something with the assignment comes from Halsey or could it be possible for her to do that? No, it's absurd that Crystal is too serious and too focused on her work to think about the Spartan.

Later on, he goes out to see with other scientists at a gathering to discuss about the Covenant species along with Crystal that Oak lectured about his theory that capturing one of their leaders that might bring the end of the war. The entire scientific community applauded for his theory. Soon, the scientists are hanging out in the ball room.

"Professor Oak?" Birch said as he comes up to him.

"Birch, how nice to see you." Oak said as they shook hands.

"What is like to work with Laszlo Sorvad in his research?" Oak drank his wine. It will be the last time that wine will be rationed before UNSC can issue the order for total mobilization

"We are getting close to something big, Oak. I mean Juniper and I am getting there to these aliens who are very religious objects could prove your theory." Birch said as he shows the pictures of the Covenant religious artifacts.

"It seems we all been to University of Edinburgh, have we?" Elm intruded the group.

"Elm, it seems that your theory on the grunts was proving correct on battle reports from UNSC forces. But your theories on other species are different it appears." Birch said as he points out the data file from Elm's to Oak's research methods.

"Yes, it seems that understanding them is a lot harder unlike comparing them to other species in other worlds." Elm sigh knowing the limited data they had based on the Covenant caste system.

"Don't worry, it seems that your work will help the war effort." Birch said knowing that will help out against the Covenant.

"Where's Rowan?" Elm wondering of their colleague is.

"Oh, he has things to do. But I did see him over the booth over there. Why you asked?" Birch said while they grab some little sandwiches.

"It just I found how Elites are like humans in a different unlike those of lizards. This subject is very important to discuss…" Elm said until they cut him off.

"I don't think we need a lecture right now." Birch sweated knowing that Elm can go on full lecture.

"It seems you known each other." Halsey said as she barges into the group.

"Ah, Catherine. What a surprise? What brings you here?" Elm said as they are greeted by Catherine Halsey, the head of ONI.

"I need to speak with Oak for a moment." Halsey said as the two scientists left leaving Catherine and Oak to talk about something.

"So, what do we need to speak about?" Oak asking why Catherine needs to speak with Oak.

"How's the progress with the Spartan?" Halsey asking about the young spartan that Master Chief has been training him before the augmentation procedures can begin.

"Oh, he's doing fine. He's doing very well and much better than expected." Oak said because the report stated.

"And the girl." Halsey said which made Oak shocked to hear that from her.

"What do you mean?" Oak asking that she is aware of the assignment that Halsey may know.

"The Spartan is on protection assignment which I didn't authorize. It seems that the assignment was made by your AI. Oak, the program was supposed to keep in secret and your AI has nearly expose the Spartan-II program which the Innies can know and hurt the war effort. Professor, I have bad news to say. They will send him to the front lines by his 14th birthday." Halsey said knowing that he has one more year to go before augmentation procedures

"No, they can't. He's not ready." Oak objected that they can't do that to him. He knew the risk to sent a young teen into combat.

"Oak, I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do except to accept it." Halsey sadly said knowing that it was the same with her spartan-II on that same age even Master Chief.

"What about his assignment?" Oak asking knowing it will end soon.

"It will end by the time he's deployed." Halsey said while they are talking with each other, Crystal hears this. She is much shocked to hear that sending Gold that young is insane and will get him killed by sure. She tries to access ONI, but they cut her off that required unbreakable password.

She should accept the fact that Gold is going to war and she didn't want that to happen. Things have indeed gone out of hand. But what will happen to him when he's fifteen? Day after the night, Crystal finishes her work as to wonder what is Gold is up to. She decided to send a spy done to go after him since she already saw Gold left the complex to meet up with Lyra at the beach.

She watches them while they are enjoying their selves on the beach. Gold and Lyra are splashing water against each other, swim races, and finding animal life in the beach. The sun was about to set which they rest for a moment.

"Gold, I have needed tell you something." Lyra said which Gold comes to her.

"What is it?" Gold wondering what she needs to tell him. She looks flustered what she's about to say to him

"I know you for a year. I have this strange feeling that I wasn't able to tell." Lyra said while looking at the setting sun.

"What you mean?" Gold asked as the silence came in for a moment.

"I…like you." Lyra whispering to his ear, but he wasn't to catch that.

"What? Can you speak up? I was able to barely…" Gold said until Lyra stood up and face him.

"I SAID I LIKE YOU!" Lyra fumed as she blushed which surprises Gold whom he never knew that.

"Since then, we have this connection. It seems that I feel that you are different from all the boys I knew. You are different from them. You're so reckless, idiot, and hot-blooded. But I found you a gentle, caring, and…" Lyra said as she gets closer to Gold whom he's blushing.

"Lyra, you don't mean…" Gold said as he grabs her hand in a gentle way.

"I liked you when the day we met." Lyra said while looking in his eyes.

"Me too." Gold said as he looks into her eyes.

"Gold…" Lyra said as they are few inches each other.

"Please Lyra, you are the one for me. All that flirting, it was an all act to get your attention." Gold said confesses that despite all the flirting was trying to get her attention.

"Gold. You Idiot!" Lyra said as they both kissed. They broke off the kiss to only stare at each other for about 5 minutes.

"Gold, promise me something." Lyra said as Gold perks up to listen to her.

"What is it?" Gold wondering what she wants to promise with.

"Don't let anything to us. I know that they will send you off to fight the aliens, but promise me that you don't die." Lyra said with sad tone knowing that they will send him to war.

"Lyra, I can't keep that promise unless I promise you that I won't let anything hurt you. A true promise I can keep." Gold said as he hugs her in a romantic matter where she has tears in her eyes.

"Gold…." Lyra sighed as she looks at Gold's eyes which it is brightened by the sun.

"Lyra." Gold sighed as they continued to watch the setting sun.

"How about we promise each that we don't die together? And get married to raise a family?" Lyra said which made Gold smiled to hear that.

"Yeah. It's a promise that I can keep." Gold said as the sun sets and it's time for them to go. Meanwhile, Crystal sees this which a tear came out her digital eyes. A tear from an AI is very unusual for her. He has time for her for a year which she hopes that things can go alright. Maybe it will be a bright future for them.

She hopes the war will end so they can resume their lives as normal people rather facing extinction. While during the two years, Gold and Lyra are dating as if they are enjoying their last moments. One day, Lyra took Gold to a shopping district for new clothes that she gotten tired of Gold wearing his training outfit. When Gold reveals his new outfit consists of baseball shorts, red jacket with unique hoodie and a cap has red and golden colors. They went to see the film named Finding Nemo which it was a 540th Anniversary of 3D release. As Gold will eat whole popcorn leaving Lyra nothing to eat while he insisted to get refills for her.

Next, they head to Reach's Disney Galaxy where they found them enjoyed of the Disney Theme park rides. They head to Earth World in Reach Epcot as they explore in the Japan sector where Gold remembered his native land. They head to the Bijutsu-kan gallery where they see the history of Japanese Art.

"Hey, Gold?" Lyra asking while she looks at the art gallery where Japanese culture is alive and well.

"Yeah?" Gold answered while Lyra look at the picture where monsters coming out of the objects from their masters as the comparison show to more advanced form of art where it's the same, but different.

"I wonder what if they do exist in another planet. Like the creatures in the pictures?" Lyra wondering what's like for seeing such species in an unknown planet.

"If that happen, it will kick ass by the way. I bet there are devices to hold them in your pocket." Gold said as he points that he wished the object was smaller and rounder.

"Come on, Gold. What kind of device to hold a creature in?" Lyra wondered why to hold a creature large and small that fits into your pocket.

"A capsule ball that transform from ping pong balls to baseballs." Gold said theorize what it could be, but Lyra laughs at the theory.

"Gold, that's nonsense." Lyra said believing it's never going to catch on.

"Well, not to that picture it seems." Gold said as he begs to differ that it can work in near future.

"It appears so." Lyra said as they both stared at the picture. They head out to a Japanese restaurant where they ate some of the best yeppanyaki the chefs made. They talk about their daily lives going such as Lyra's daily life and school as Gold mocks about it.

The next day, they head out to Reach Universal Theme park which they entered many rides. One was Jurassic Park river ride as they enjoyed it. They enjoyed the theme park rides as many they can. It was worlds they wish to live in, a world only belongs to them. After the day, they head back to Lyra's home.

"Um, Gold." Lyra said as she stops in her tracks.

"Yeah?" Gold wondering what she's about to say.

"Will you go to the dance with me?" Lyra said with a blush in her face.

"Eh?" Gold wondering if that's a good idea.

"It's just a school dance and I…might need a date." Lyra said as Gold smiled and kissed her.

"Of course, I come." Gold answered to her question. She hugs him which made Gold blush.

"Thank you. Gold, why you are being so nice to me?" Lyra wondered why Gold is being nice to her. It's been like since her confession towards Gold and his confession towards Lyra.

"Well, because I love you that's why." Gold said as Lyra chuckled of that remark.

"Pick me up at 6. Don't be late." Lyra said as she comes to the apartment.

"I will be here in a fashionable late." Gold shouted in return she called him an idiot. Gold returns to the training center. He sees his training officer waiting as if he was coming.

"Sir?" Gold salutes, but the Officer comes to Gold with papers and then left him as he opens the papers. The paper dropped while Gold dropped to his knees.

"Why?" Gold said as the paper said, "Spartan-721, by order of UNSC ONI and Catherine Halsey that you will receive augmentation procedures. You will be sent to the front lines in 2 weeks. Your assignment ends in the day after tomorrow. –Signed: Catherine Halsey of UNSC ONI."

Crystal overheard what he read and felt bad for him as his assignment ends meant he's combat ready, but how war will affect him. It seems it has never gotten her to mind that situation, but his last day was with Lyra before he's go to…war. She has few tricks up in her sleeves as she ordered a tux for Gold to wear for the dance whom Lyra asked him. She was planning to witness them before their last meeting and the last date. She hopes they can enjoy their last moments.

"I hope you're happy, Gold." Crystal muses. After placing the order, she resumes back to work for Professor Oak. But she has a nagging feeling that Lyra is part of Gold's life and wanted to meet Gold for the first time. She's always a witness to see them together as they are meant to be with each other. Soon, the day of the dance Gold picked up Lyra in a fine tux. But Lyra was wearing a fine blue grown that even entrances Gold.

"You look…pretty." Gold said as he blushes.

"Thanks, you look like a gentleman even you are rude and pervert. But I love you." Lyra said as she kissed in the cheek. she hooks her arm to his while they head out to their date. They head to dance hall where a live orchestra playing Brahms music. But the orchestra was for the slow dances and the traditional Hungarian dances.

Reach's tradition of the Hungarian settlers before complete terraforming Reach into livable planet. But they have pop culture and rock music playing mostly for the younger crowd. It wasn't big for Reach to be like Earth in terms how similar human cultures can be. Lyra and Gold find a seat among her friends who were surprised to see her boyfriend for the first time.

It was getting interesting for them, but Gold in the back of his mind debating that he should tell Lyra that he's being shipped to war tomorrow. He tried to tell her, but something has to stop him from telling her. He has patience to get his chance to tell her. Soon, it was a slow dance with Brahm's Hungarian Dance No. 5 where Lyra grabs Gold to the dance floor where she teaches Gold how to dance.

He does it very clumsy at first until he got the hang of it. He is now a good dance now as he and Lyra are becoming as one unit. This has left impression with other dancers to see the young couple to match up with the Orchestra's tempo. It has becoming a dream of wonders for the atmosphere for Gold and Lyra to be right now.

The music is ending as the couple does something remarkable as they done to fit the end of the music where they meet applauding from the on looking crowd. Now the Orchestra plays the Brahms' waltz, which it is much slower for calm relaxing feeling which Gold and Lyra can relax for now.

"Lyra, I got something to tell you something." Gold said in a sad tone as Lyra knew what he has to say.

"Hmmm?" Lyra wondering what he has to say, but this wasn't going to be easy for him to say.

"I'm…being shipped out tomorrow." Gold said sadly which Lyra looks down knew that the day will come.

"Gold. Why they are doing this? You're too young to be sent off." Lyra said as they continue to dance slowly while the other couples are dancing as well.

"They say that I got impressive record, but they need all soldiers they can get to the front lines to stop them." Gold said knew that he will receive augmentation procedures.

"I knew this day will come." Lyra teary said, but Gold puts her chin up for her to look Gold in the eyes.

"Hey! Don't get too sad. I will make it. I got a promise remember." Gold reminded her on the beach on years ago.

"Yeah, I remembered." Lyra said knowing that was true that they did made the promise. It is a promise she can't break at all.

"I will make it out alive. Just wait for me." Gold said as they continue in the dance floor where time for them is slow down while a cam drone oversees this. After the dance, they teary said good bye to each other. Crystal shed tears for the first time in her short life as emotion for AI is unheard that not even Cortana has unless she has one Spartan she knows that Crystal already knew because Cortana is Halsey.

"I will miss you Gold." Crystal said as she knew because the next day, Gold is called for his augmentation procedures. His armor to be ready for deployment as he steps forward to see his armor is made of gold. They put the armor on Gold, he's no longer Gold. He is Spartan-721, Spartan-II warrior at age of 14 ready for deployment to the war against the Covenant. He felt different as they put on the armor which he felt trapped as a prisoner to mobile prison. That is not the case for Gold, the armor already enhances his already powerful strength, stamina, and endurance.

"I will miss you, Lyra." Gold thought as he steps aboard on the UNSC ship in the year of 2547. This will change Gold's life forever as the events followed. It will not be the same for him. However, three years was passed that Lyra was with her friends are at club to chill, but she constantly worrying about Gold whom sent to the frontlines against the Covenant

"Hey, Lyra. You should sing this song!" One of her friends suggests in a sing a lot song they picked. Lyra protest, but she decides to give in and looks at the lyrics is German. However, she did take German classes and takes a take breath to think about Gold whom in war zone.

Meanwhile at the mission where Gold-721 follows with Blue team with Master Chief to launch assault on Covenant stronghold in the inner colonies. Gold can remember of Lyra by looking at a holo picture on his spare time. They about to meet contract while Lyra takes up the mic to sing the lyrics of the song.

Mein kleines Herz
schlägt nur für dich,
zählt die Stunden bis du wiederkehrst, dann umarmst du mich.

The Spartan-IIs cut down the Uggroy in en masse while Gold takes his shot wisely along with Master Chief. Chief threw a grenade at the group of Uggroy as the blue blood is spread across the room while they encountered Sangheili warriors on their path.

Mein kleines Herz
träumt schon vom Glück.
In der Heimat wartet es auf dich
und weiß du kehrst bald zurück.
Liebevoll schaust
du mich dann an,
unsere Lippen finden sich ganz sanft und ich weiß du bist mein Mann.

Lyra continues to sing with tears in her closed eyes knowing that the images with her and Gold imprinted in her memory as she cannot forget those moments. Gold-721 was about to get hit, but Kelly-087 and Fred-104 managed to save him from two hunters. Gold-721 gets up and they are about to hit by Kig yar snipers as he hits them with a battle rifle.

Mein kleines Herz
kommt nicht zur Ruh.
Es hält mich wach die ganze Nacht, und klopft immer, tuck, tuck.

Gold-721 takes cover from incoming needlers while Master Chief fires his assault rifle and urges to press on. Lyra continues without fail on the lyrics while the rest of the audience are moved with her singing of the song. Gold-721 punches Kig yar in the face while he fires SMG at it.

Mein kleines Herz
sehnt sich nach dir,
kennt die Antwort wenn du mich dann fragst:
Ja, ich gehöre zu dir.
Ja, ich gehöre zu dir.

Lyra finishes the song until the audience claps at her knowing it was a good show that she put up. She cannot feel ok as she takes a look at the lights while Gold-721 kept going with the rest of Blue Team. He feels that Lyra is there waiting for him while Lyra feels the same for Gold as well. Love was short-lived, but destiny will bring them back.

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