Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


1. Meeting Super Serious AI and the Spartan

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Humanity has reached to the stars and start colonizing in the planets under one banner. They live in peace despite of rebellions occurred over the years. That was about to change. A powerful Alien civilization religious collective group called the Covenant contracted humanity, but peaceful intentions was not among them.

The war began in the year of 2525 CE as the first covenant forces attack outer colony, Harvest. It was pyrrhic victory for the Covenant forces to find that UNSC, humanity's military was stronger than it looks. Although inferior in numbers and technology, UNSC had gifted military talent along with AIs to counter the Covenant forces where they go to.

Many UNSC forces died finally retaken Harvest with very costly victories. One UNSC admiral named Preston Cole realized the threat was too much to ignore created the Cole Protocol before his death. It meant to destroy all UNSC files of regards that spell doom on humanity including Earth.

As the war dragged on, more colonies being destroyed by Covenant forces and reaching to the inner colonial worlds. The Covenant are facing difficulty in terms of logistics despite superior advantages. It wasn't until the last years of the war, but humanity wasn't done yet had cling to thread of hope.

Humanity's last hope are the Spartan-IIs, a group of super soldiers designed against rebellions, began to fight back against the Covenant. Many covenant warriors found Spartan-II soldiers deadly. The Spartans were too few to turn the tide of the war as losses keep climbing for UNSC forces.

The year 2552 saw the largest battle of the war was Reach, the second-largest military industrial complex and the training of the Spartan program. As that day came when massive Covenant Armada came to destroy UNSC forces as they glass the planet. Only some UNSC forces survived and fled everywhere, but one ship where all Covenant ship gave chase.

In the deep reaches of space, a lone ship named Pillar of Autumn, escaped from battlefields of Reach led by Captain Keyes of UNSC navy were caught unaware that the covenant got there first. Lay ahead of them was a massive circular ring to unravel the events came to it.

Halo 1 arc

Chapter 1: Meeting Super Serious AI and the Spartan

While Covenant forces are attacking Pillar Autumn, Cortana and Keyes alert the crew in the cyo-tube chamber in order to wake up two Spartans. Spartan-117 and Spartan-721 as famous Spartan-II hero named Master Chief woke up. The other Spartan-II, still sleeping, 18 years old is named Gold-721.

Gold is Japanese origin, messy black hair with a bang over his eye without his helmet, and the most unique aspect of him is his eyes were in fact gold colored amber. Not an average Spartan warrior by terms of height, but somehow unique to the head of the program. He stands next to Master Chief, his idol as they were put in Cyro-tubes together after events in Reach.

However, he remains asleep in his cyo-tube in a lazy fashion. Master Chief woke up and steps out of the cyo-tube for the crew to test his conditions. After running a series of tests, Master Chief is good and ready for combat service. They overhear the intercom by Captain Keyes to get the Spartans to the deck.

"OK, the captain needs you two at the bridge now!" one of the crewmen shouted until a banging on the door. It wasn't a pleasant sound as the noise gets louder and louder as crew member stands his ground in fear. It reveals the threat soon as the door was forcibly open before the crew member.

"Oh, god. They are breaking the door! Security!" One of the crew witness Sangheili breaks the down and kills him. The weaponry burns him slowly as the Sangheili killed him without mercy. Sangheili left the room, but it was a matter of time that more will come.

"We got to get out of here! You try to get other one to wake up." One of the Crew urges to Master Chief. One of the crew member comes to the cyro-tube to wake Gold up. They are more important and not risk to lose them at a time like this where they had lost many Spartan-IIs in the war.

"Understood." Chief said, he went off to see Captain Keyes. The other crewman tries to wake Spartan-721 up while the firefight rages on. Gold felt weak as he gets up and lights hit his eyes where his helmet's HUD has been activated showing his status on health, weaponry, and radar.

"What happen? Are we home?" Gold wondered why being awoken for. He got up on his two feet, but after he wobbled for a bit since he was in the tube for certain time. He heard of the explosions going on the ship made him wide awake of his surroundings. Gold was reminded why he was picked up in Reach.

"The captain needs you on the deck." A crewman tells him as they got into the hallways where Gold meets Master Chief along the way. Master Chief was his mentor at Reach even trained him for certain time including set of skills he picked up. Chief looks at Gold as they ran in the hallways only to encounter firefights between UNSC marines and Covenant forces.

"Let's go!" Master Chief tells the young Spartan as they turned to another hallway.

"As you say, Chief." Gold said as he follows Master Chief closely to the bridge. They avoid Covenant forces in the ship. During their way, explosion separates them which made things much difficult to get to the bridge. Master Chief turn around to see the rubble while Gold tries to get the rubble out, but it's took thick to remove.

"The rubble is too thick. You have to find a way to Keyes." Master Chief said to Gold.

"How?" Gold wondered as he tries to pull the rubble out. The rubble where parts of the ship is made of titanium, stronger than steel. The pile made the metal too strong to pick up that not even Gold can do it.

"Don't worry. There's always way out. Trust yourself! We will meet again soon." Master Chief suggest to Gold as he continues to press on. This left Gold in a pickle, but Master Chief trusts him to find the right path to the bridge.

"Damnit! Where I supposed to go?" Gold said as he took different paths that literally got lost in the ship. He stops and thinks where to go which thinking took time for time to process.

"Where's the bridge, again?" Gold muses when he turned the wrong way as he sees marines battling aliens. The Sangheili shoots at the young Spartan as he runs for his life while the other marines saved him from his death.

"Oh, you got kidding me." Gold moaned as more fighting continues as he continues to duck. Along the way, he sees a safe zone where wounded marines are being treated by combat medics. But something triggered him as brief flash in his eyes before him until it stops.

He evaded all Covenant units that nearly gotten killed him by needlers, plasma pistols, and plasma rifles. None had hit him, but he did recalled something back on Reach that he could explain, but doesn't want to tell to anyone. He enters the bridge tiresome as the crews are trying their best while the space battle rages on despite losing.

"Ok, now I'm here at last." Gold wheezes to see Captain Keyes, who is manually controlling the ship. Earlier before Gold arrived, Master Chief came and took Cortana to get her out of the ship due how important to the UNSC or even to humanity. Now, they are in the hallways attempting to leave the ship with escape pod.

"Good to see you Gold. I got an assignment for you. We don't have a lot of time." Keyes is glad before the ship is going down as they lost their main cannon earlier. He has a special plan for Gold. Gold didn't like the sound of that which raises his eyebrow even though you cannot see his face due of his helmet.

"IS that involving me killed?" Gold wondered as Keyes grabs a data chip next to the AI console where Cortana was.

"Maybe, it's just simple mission. Just protect the A.I unit that I will handle you over. Put it in your helmet." Keyes hands out to Gold which he grabs it from Keyes.

"What A.I unit?" Gold asked to wonder why. He places the AI data chip in his helmet where it's located on his back of helmet where he can see recording and other data.

"Trust me. I just to put this in my helmet and." As Gold inserts into his helmet with a slight pinch which it didn't matter to him.

"Crystal?" Keyes ordered as light beeps in Gold's hand. Gold is shock to see a beautiful female A.I unit appeared before his eyes. She has two pig tails with bended end and her eyes were crystal blue. As a A.I unit, her color is Crystal color. Strangely enough, this A.I. has a physical appearance of a 18 year old girl. But she wears a lab coat with a skirt, pink shirt, and bike shorts underneath the skirt.

"Huh? What's this? It's oddly different about this place? Where I am? And who is this guy?" Crystal wondering as she boot up only to see upon Spartan-II looking at her. Gold looks at her which something seems look familiar to him. To someone he knew in the past back on Reach.

"So, I'm going to protect…her?" Gold wondered as he continues to look at her with awe and confusion.

"You are. Also she's different from any A.I units. Anyways, your mission is simple. Just keep her away from the Convent they will know everything including Earth. Good Luck" Keyes said as he salutes to him. After they left the room, Crystal enters the Gold's helmet operating system to guide him.

"Strange, your mind is a lot different from others." Crystal wondered to see a mind of a Spartan soldier. In fact she sees software that she fixed and upgrade to the current version. She happens to be very tidy person herself which Gold hopes that it will not kill him.

"Just don't play around my mind. So, let's go! But where to?" Gold told the Crystal which kind of weird for him to have a gal inside his head. He hopes that she can help him to fight in battles.

"Based on records, you are Gold-721. But do you prefer be called by?" the Crystal asked to the Spartan as Gold avoids the firefight. He spots assault rifle dropped in the firefights.

"Um, I prefer to be called Gold. I don't like to be called by serial numbers. Do they call you Crystal all the time?" Gold replied as he grabs an assault rifle to fight the Covenant forces head on. He taken down covenant soldiers along the way as things are looking dire.

"You could call me Crys." Crystal greets herself, but Gold uninterested in the moment.

"Where's the escape pods? I need to get out of here." Gold worried that the ship will explode at any moment.

"Are you listening at all? Are you bit worried that safety of me? For Humanity at all? If you going to survive at all, at least listen to me for advice at all" Crystal sighed as it ticks off Gold to hear from a A.I. giving him a lecture on what to do. Ever since his training, he hates lectures like always.

"Don't tell me you're like those super serious Gals who are always serious and proper!" Gold tells her as he fires his assault rifle against a group of grunts who gotten killed in a matter of seconds. Gold continues on as he goes deeper into the ship as his comment on her didn't go on unnoticed.

"What's worse being serious?" Crystal asked to Gold which goes out as he finds the battle wages on. He ducks and dodges the plasma fire from the Elites whom are very difficult for Gold to beat. Several plasma shots hit him which his shields protect him from getting killed.

"Hey, keep your head down. There are two of us in here. At least don't get shot in the head." Crystal shouted which Gold countered more grunts and their Elite officers.

"What you want me to do then?" Gold asked Crystal since she's the "Expert". He continues to fire back as he threw a grenade to a group of grunt killed by the blast.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. My plans always work." Gold prideful said as Crystal pouted to say.

"Liar." Crystal sighed as Gold continues to fight the Covenant forces which he has gotten lost in the ship again. Gold heads to a dead-end which things are not looking good on his part.

"Damn it!" Gold cursed to see another dead end. The hallways can be confusing for him as he never been around with the ship that long.

"I told you." Crystal tells Gold as comment made him mad.

"So, where are the pods?" Gold demanded as they kept going.

"It's where all the marines are going to." Crystal explains in a short sentence since he hates lectures.

"Thank you, Captain obvious." Gold sarcastically as he went with the Marines in the pods. They go around the ship to find, but found one pod with no crew thus beginning of a long mission into the ring. Gold going to get nagged by super serious A.I. and Crystal going with one reckless Spartan-II Warrior.

They were heading to a strange world where our two beings in one body are about to enter an adventure. They watched Pillar of Autumn crashes down into the massive ring world, the escape pod containing Gold and Crystal has landed to crash violently in the surface. The impact forced the pod to open that left Gold unconscious in the ground.

Gold's helmet boots up with information processing as Crystal woke up as she gathers information. Due that she is AI gives her advantage to process faster than normal human being. She checks the software and data information in his body armor system.

"Everything looks fine. The armor system is ok. Any part of the body damaged? There's none. Checking on the state of mind?" Crystal checks the status of her host. She gets a message stated: Spartan-721 is unconscious.

"That figures. Wake up!" Crystal shouted woken the Spartan up surprised. He puts his hand over his helmet only to see the night sky of the Halo ring. The environment looks like similar environment on Earth. This was a sight to see, but something was off in this place.

"OW, where are we, right now?" Gold complained as he scans the area. Gold looks around at what they crash into. Gold grabs the assault rifle nearby and loads a magazine into the weapon.

"Looks like we are in some alien planet ring or something?" Crystal points out as she sees this though his helmet. She scans in his helmet that detects no wild life and just only trees, rocks, and rivers.

"Hey, I thought you're the expert at this?" Gold mentions to her as he walks into the area where the place was something. It has the night sky as he would assume they are on space assume it's always night time all the time.

"Have you ever learned anything in basic training at all?" Crystal asks a serious question, but this made Gold not going to response except for a long pause.

"Uh…." Gold pauses while kept walking in the ring world as he carries Assault rifle. He stops for a moment to sit down on a rock. He sighed as he looks in the sky until he can finally process his response to the question.

"Nope, they didn't teach us that. What was the point of it?" Gold remarked as he sees the ring world in its wonders.

"According to records, we must reach to another…." Crystal lectured to Gold until he cut her off. He knew that she was about to give him another lecture that he doesn't want to hear.

"Please for the love of God, just stop being so serious. Can you ever stop being so serious and loosen up?" Gold angrily remarked of how he despised being lectured. And it's not only that, she is in his helmet constant being told by her what to do and doesn't like the feeling of that. It's like basic training all over again and he hated it very much.

"What's wrong being serious!?" Crystal angrily responded to the Spartan. They continue to bicker as they stumbled upon an abandon old building. It appears that no one was home which Gold is curious about that building that no covenant origin.

"Looks like a strange building with freak symbols on them. What could it be?" Gold asked to Crystal as she monitors it from Gold's helmet. She analyzes very quick and bought up results.

"Looks like the building was 100,000 years ago or more at least?" Crystal said as she scans the building. This annoyed Gold to extent he didn't want to know and stops by the door.

"Yeah, you can tell by age of that building. Besides nobody lives in this…." Gold said when he opens the door to reveal a group of Covenant grunts doing the usual business like playing cards and smoking methane out a bong. That stopped them to turned around to see Gold.

"How I shut this door?" Gold panicked as the Grunts continue to stare at him with their little eyes with hostile look. He stood frozen as it drags on.

"You are reckless idiot!" Crystal remarked with such disappointing tone.

"Kill him!" grunt said as the entire Grunt squad has their guns point at him which Gold run away and found a rock to take cover. They have bought Sangheili with them to fight against him. It's not going to be easy.

"Wah! I don't want to die!" Gold complained as he shoots back. He starts fighting the covenant which he manages to kill 8 grunts in the process.

"Demon?! Pull back! Call for reinforcements!" One of the sangheilis said as Gold peeks out of the rock to see them retreating. He fires his assault rifle as it hit the grunts with great precision and accuracy.

"Yes, sir! We will get him, but we must retire! Fall back!" Elite ordered the squad to fall back. He comes out of his cover which covered by needles and laser burns, but didn't know what they are up to.

"They're pulling back." Gold wondering until more Covenant forces came in by drop ships. This surprises Gold along with shocked Crystal despite his helmet should warn him what was coming.

"Damnit! Fuck me in the ass!" Gold cursed as Jackals, Elites, and Grunts come out to fight Gold. The one leading them was an Sangheili Major named, Sil Veree steps out of the drop ship. This Sangheili was different, he had silver eyes with red armor demonstrating his rank.

He comes down from the drop ship as one of the Sangheili comes to him.

"What's the report?" Sil Veree asked one of the sangheili minors. More grunts and jackals appear to aid the fight against the demon whom is Gold.

"There's a demon out there." Sangheili minor said to him which Sil Veree is aware that he had encountered demons before. This is not the first he met such warriors in combat.

"Is he armed with primitive weapon?" Sil Veree wondering knowing that human weaponry is very outdated, but useful due how it was designed and more practical than their energy weapons to kill flesh.

"Primitive weapons, but powerful despite of that." Sangheili minor did recalled how human weaponry can pack a punch against Sangheili even sniper bullet from human sniper can hit them at far. It surpasses than the jackals as snipers.

"He's outnumbered, frontal assault. Make sure he doesn't come out alive." Sil Veree ordered as the entire battalion attack Gold with pure sheer numbers. In theory, that might work against outnumbered foe.

"Damnit, out of ammo. This will do!" Gold cursed out and sees a needler and uses it to take out Covenant soldiers. He grabs the needler ammo to fight on. He can use the covenant weaponry without issue at all.

"There are Jackals on your left flank." Crystal tells Gold as he aims his shots very well without complications. He had occasions that he misses very badly, but he got his aiming set right after correcting them.

"Got bright ideas?" Gold asked to Crystal as he continues to take cover from incoming fire from Covenant lancer units.

"I'm thinking." Crystal answered to Gold as she is very critical thinking moment how to get out. More and more covenant soldiers are getting here which making Gold getting nervous and angry while Crystal's thinking had enough of him.

"That's it, I'm doing it!" Gold gets up and runs towards the entire Covenant battalion which surprises the grunts and jackals.

"What are you doing!?" Crystal yelled at Gold. Gold beats up the Grunts and the Jackals while he fires the needler at the Elites as able to kill them. Over the hill, Sil Veree witness his battalion is getting killed. Then he sees the Spartan and recognized who he is.

"Tell our units to pull back." Sil Veree orders the Sangheili minor, but minor is shocked mostly due to his order to retreat.

"But…honor demand that you…"

"I rather lose my head than risk my entire battalion wipe out by this inferior fiend." Sil Veree said as he signals the retreat. The Battalion retreats which left many dead to the hands of Gold, as he finally did it.

"Here, I did it." Gold sighed as he takes his breath to relieve from the madness against such numbers. This doesn't seem to make Crystal happy about it.

"You…. are…a…. stupid…. reckless…Idiotic…. SPARTAN!" Crystal yelled madly at him which made his eardrums broken would cause him to become deaf.

"Hey, at least we come out ok." Gold mentions, but this doesn't deter Crystal's reason to be upset.

"You could think before you act." Crystal said as Gold kept walking into the hills. He felt unappreciated what she's saying to him. They were coming in large numbers and had to react by acting offensive against them. At least, that what he thought in the heat of combat.

"What about those things coming closer while you think will get us killed someday?" Gold argues which didn't faze Crystal at all.

"At least I know how to think unlike you." Crystal pointed out that he was reckless in his part that knowing that his reckless would get him killed than thinking straight. It was only dumb luck was involved.

"Are you implying that I don't know how to fight?" Gold accusing Crystal that he's unfit for combat effectiveness. He got the job done, but this arrogance makes Crystal very uncomfortable.

"Why I gotten chosen to the likes of you, a brainless idiot? You're nothing special as a Spartan." Crystal said which Gold snapped what she said to him.

"Hey! I didn't want to become a Spartan first; I blame the UNSC ONI for kidnapping me. If I wasn't here, you couldn't end up being captured by the Covenant." Gold said which made Crystal flinched. He climbs up into the hill as he sits down to nearby rock.

He takes off his helmet as he doesn't want to hear her nagging again. He begins to think about something about he remembers on his days on reach. He looks at the helmet with a frown look on his face. It was very odd that having AI would be great, but something was nagging him.

"Why did AI look her? I saw her died in Reach…" Gold sighs as he felt bad to snap at her. He did endure the worse training, but he didn't have the right to yell at her. He takes the helmet back on and hoping he can make amends to her.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Crystal asking why Gold put back the helmet on. Gold sighs as he considers looking at the stars

"Oh, nothing. How did you…." Gold was about to asked to know why Crystal could know what he was thinking.

"I'm a program. What were you thinking?" Crystal asking again to know why Gold is acting strange out of nowhere. Considering what he didn't meant it, she understood that Gold has the right to be upset.

"Nothing. It's just nothing. I'm just sorry for out bursting at you." Gold apologizes to her. He hopes that she can forgive him for his outburst.

"Apology accepted. Don't worry it's normal for human being mad." Crystal said as he takes a moment to relax.

"I wanted to ask you something. How and where you came from?" Gold wondered that to know something.

"I'm a special case." Crystal answered to his question. That gotten Gold's attention to ask her more about herself. Before him was a long road ahead of them, but he has time to hear what she has to say. That wasn't to say that Crystal to mention what she meant.

"Special Case?" Gold curiously asking why she's a special case. For AI, that is not the case regarding how much information they process and how they think. For her to be self-aware is something else.

"It's a long story." Crystal said hoping that he might not want to know about the details. Gold picks up the weapons along with the needlers and assault rifle. Needler ammo is enough, but low in assault rifle ammo. He has to preserve what he got at the moment.

"I got time." Gold wanted to her to tell him the story. He begins to listen to her story as they move out into the unknown world before them. It was a start for them to get to know each other.

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