Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


11. Meet Lyra

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo Reach Arc

Chapter 11: Meet Lyra

Year 2545

During the Spartan-II class two program, Gold misses his mother in his room remembering that how life used to be. He tried to run away, but they always caught him doing that. His training is nothing new that they are being trained like ODSTs, Marine, and Army troopers which life for him is very harsh.

He grew tired from doing very repetitive things like exercise, eat same food, and wake up in the early morning. The idea itself is getting insanity for him and don't want to endure it. But that wasn't the case since he's very flirt towards other female even female Spartan within contract that earns him a slap or punch to his body part.

When year of 2545 came, he was twelve years old and not ready for the procedures for him to become a spartan. His other colleagues were older and more experienced become Spartan-II soldiers. He was being watched by Catherine Halsey who found Gold to be a unique case.

Halsey introduced Master Chief to the new Spartan-II candidate that she hopes that he will need a break from the missions, but need him for missions against the Covenant. Gold heard about Master Chief in reports, but never met him in person. Halsey place Master Chief in charge of Gold's training. Master Chief now trains Gold to be a super soldier, but it won't be long until he's ready for the biological procedures.

"Come on, it's not hard to climb 10,000 feet Mountain." Master Chief retort as he grabs the ledge to climb up while Gold is struggling to catch up. Chief knew that Gold is very young and often unruly, but he couldn't help or feel bad for the young trainee.

"I can't!" Gold moan as he climbs up while he puts his hand on the ledge and another hand on a rock. They reach the top which Gold able to reach on the top where Master Chief is.

"Gold-721, are you alright?" Master Chief said.

"Yeah, I am." Gold shrugged off as he got on in his feet. Master Chief pats Gold on the shoulder.

"You did a good job." Master Chief said which surprises Gold.

"Why? Most everyone beat me to the mountain." Gold wondered that he is very athletic, but wasn't brightest and best students in the Spartan-II project class II. He was often lag by everyone else as if he was held back.

"No, I understand about your scores. But I do understand that you never give up. It seems that you have a strong will. I understand why Halsey chose you. She sees you more than just physical strength or intellectual." Master Chief said as Gold angers when he hears the name Halsey.

"What she has to with me? She took my away from home. From my mother? Why?" Gold asked to know why he's being picked for the project in the first place.

"Gold, I do miss my family. But…." Master Chief said until Gold climbs down the mountain.

"This is going to be a long training." Master Chief sigh as he climbs down. They return to base by 1500 hours. Gold went back to his room and lay on his bed.

"I hate this life. Why I must endure this?" Gold thought as he thinks very hard. Meanwhile in the same complex, Catherine Halsey is talking with two UNSC professor Oak and Elm.

"Oak, I do assume you that this Spartan is very…stubborn, reckless, and not very bright. But I do find this Spartan is unique and very interesting." Halsey said as she gives the file to Oak.

"I never met the boy myself." Professor Oak said as he heard about the Spartan-II project, but never met the Spartan he was assign. What he heard that this Spartan-721 is most difficult one to trained with.

"Don't need of that, Oak. I do find this Spartan is from Earth." Halsey pointed out which the file has Gold's name in it.

"Earth? I thought all Spartans were from other colonies. John -117 is from Eridanus II." Elm asked to know why this subject was from Earth.

"Most of the Spartan-II was from the colonies, but this one is very different. I know his father was a Spartan-I which information I know. The Orion project was the ancestor project to the Spartan-II as you were aware of that." Halsey answered Elm's question.

"What's the subject's name?" nice female tone asked to Halsey which they turn to face Crystal.

"Ah, yes. Halsey, meet Crystal. My AI assistant has helped work on several projects. The one you approved." Oak answered before Halsey was going to ask.

"What a remarkable avatar she has. His name is Gold-721. So, tell me Crystal. Why you interested in the Spartan?" Halsey asks to Crystal.

"Oh, I wanted to help the Professor, Halsey." Crystal answered to her question.

"Good answer. I may return to my lab to research on certain artifacts. I give you the data by tonight. That will be all." Halsey said as she left the office. Elm left the office as well leaving Oak and Crystal behind. Before she left, she turns on the picture shows Gold. Crystal looks at Gold's picture with puzzle look.

"He tried to escape from this base many times, but they always get him." Oak said which he yawns.

"Professor, do you need some sleep?" Crystal asked.

"Yeah, I have been up all night to solve this "covenant species weakness" which it has taken toll on me." Oak sighed as he is getting very sleepy.

"Leave him to me. I can watch over him. So, take the night off." Crystal said because she knew that Oak needs that rest to help him.

"Thank you, Crystal. I hope you have good night." Professor Oak Said as he walks out of the room. The doors closed. Crystal looks over the database. Given the permission to do the task by Professor Oak, she oversees a Spartan named Gold-721 in the file.

"Hmmm, 12 years old to be training to be a Spartan?" Crystal mummers as she scans the file regarding Gold's location and birthplace. She turns off the file and thinks about it. She was stopped when a warning detection. She opens the video cam showing a golden-suit trainee escaping the training area. He is digging under the fence to get out.

"Oh, no you don't! Where are you going?" Crystal yells as one the spy cam drones followed the trainee. Gold is attempting to escape and She has the drones following him. Outside of the complex, Gold runs with his life as he narrowly hidden from the drones.

"Phew, that gotten rid of them. Now, get out of this planet and go home." Gold muses as he stands up to walk down the forest area, but unaware that a simple drone shadowing him. He continues to be walking down at the forest with much amaze that no one noticed his escape. Odd, normally they will notice his escape already. He got a weird feeling about it.

While in the room, Crystal is keep watching Gold with cold intention to bring him back. But somehow, she just let him wonder outside with interest in her mind. Why she is letting him wonder for? Was it to test him or something? She fixes on the spy cam drone before she is thinking to raise the alarm to prevent a leak.

Gold turns around to see who is following him, but it was nothing to see as the drone hide the brushes. Gold took a step back until he fall down. Crystal was shocked to see Gold is falling as she ordered the drone to follow him. Gold just fall a few feet and stumbled upon something.

He sees red shoes right front of him and look up to see…..a girl? He sees a young girl around his same age, but she has brunette hair, brown eyes, and her pigtails are curved. What's interesting that she is more a civilian? She approaches Gold nervously and Gold looks at her with shock and awe.

"Are you okay?" the young girl asked as she helps him up. Gold dusts his uniform while the drone looks at him and the girl unnoticed. Crystal sees this girl kind of looked like her, but different. She is very curious to know human interaction as he watches them.

"Hi! What's your name?" Gold asked the girl as she looks up to Gold while staring into his golden eyes. Then she smiled to him which surprised Gold.

"Hello, my name is Kotone. But my other friends refer me by English name, Lyra. What's yours?" Lyra said as Gold amazed to hear.

"Gōrudo Hibiki. But they call me, Gold." Gold answered while Lyra checking on Gold's uniform.

"You're a Spartan, aren't you?" Lyra wondered that she notices the uniform.

"Who me? Yeah, I am. I am one of super soldiers to defend our mother Earth." Gold said with pride which made Lyra giggled.

"You're funny." Lyra laughed with cheery joy.

"That's they say about me." Gold said as she looks at the trees.

"Reach is very beautiful. Isn't it?" Lyra asked to Gold. Gold turned to Lyra as he smiled to her.

"Yeah, it is. Like Earth." Gold replied with memories on his time on Earth.

"Earth? You mean…" Lyra said as to wonder why Gold said that.

"Yes, I'm from Earth. I miss my home and mother." Gold said while Lyra pats him in the shoulder. Crystal overheard this as she scans the classified information about him. She sees the information why Gold is picked for the project. She turns back to the screen to see Gold with notion she felt bad for him.

"Want to see the landscape?" Gold said as in exchange grabs Lyra to the tallest tree they can get to see the vast beautifulness of Reach.

"Wow! I never seen like this before." Lyra said with happiness.

"It appears so. I bet it's even prettier in space as well." Gold wondering if that was true or not.

"I bet so…." Lyra was about to finished until a loud shouting that was her parents who started to go home.

"I have fun, Gold." Lyra said as Gold put her down in the ground.

"Wait, will I see you again?" Gold wondered.

"Of course, I live nearby the base where you are." Lyra winks at Gold and runs to get home. Gold stared at her and got a weird feeling. He made a friend outside of base. What about his escape? If he left the planet, he never seen Lyra again. If he didn't, then maybe he can found happiness. He remembers from training with Master Chief.

"Gold-721, fighting for something you believe will make you stronger." Master Chief's voice echoed. He decided to stay on Reach with Lyra. He returns to the complex whom Crystal was very surprise. Normally, a Spartan will escape from the project like the Daisy incident, but this was different. Crystal decided to shut the cameras down and the security postponed until he gone back to his room.

"Gold-721…you could just have left, but why? I never am going to understand his choice. The girl looks like me?" Crystal puzzled which to not understanding his choice. Soon, Gold return to his room without trouble as if God was in his side. He lies down in the bed to see the ceiling. He sees Lyra's face beaming in his head. He smiles and lies to sleep. Crystal looks at Gold in the camera screen.

She shuts it off and resumes other project Oak was working on. She felt something strange on her that her only human memory was being romantic and live a good life. This was getting stronger when she sees Gold and Lyra together. Then she gets the idea, she wanted them to be together in order to motivated him.

"I hope this will improve you, Gold." Crystal said with hint of happiness. The following days passed by, Gold continued his training with Master Chief while both Elm and Oak are checking the reports of his training.

"It seems that Spartan-721 is doing very well." Elm asked to Oak which to wonder that they were reported he came back from his little escape to wonder why.

"Elm, I won't say that this Spartan is different unlike those who bought back. I know a group of Spartans run away. Two committed suicide upon seeing their clones. It's tragic to know the accord." Oak muses that seeing a document of the incident.

"Yeah, but most of the battle-ready Spartans right now are being sent to the front lines. If he reaches to the age for his procedures, I think that young man will be sent out to fight against the Covenant." Elm worried as he sees Gold doing his exercises with greater effort.

"Let's hope that it will never happen. If it does happen, will be a price to pay?" Oak said as he gathers his papers.

"Oak, is it true that his clone died?" Elm wondered that all flash clones died upon matter of months or few years upon made.

"Yes. It happened a year ago. The mother didn't take it very well." Oak said to Elm as he was surprised to hear since Halsey's ethics are questions, but it is only way to gather soldiers.

"Crystal?" Oak said as he turns on the terminal.

"Yes, Professor Oak?" Crystal asked as she appears before them.

"Crystal, can you tell us about Spartan-721's progress?" Oak asked as Crystal gathers the data in matter of a second. She can process much faster than a human being can be.

"It seems he's doing very well so far. Reckless, but he's trying without giving up." Crystal answered to Oak which he was surprised to see the data Crystal gathered.

"Thank you, you may resume." Oak said as Crystal went back to the system. Crystal watches Gold doing his training with interest in her eyes. While she was watching Gold a pop up appears about the young girl Gold met. The data show the girl in a Reach education system. The very trainer is the one training Gold. This gives Crystal an idea.

She could make up a secret experiment for Spartan-II would do if they came back from service. This would exchange for Gold to meet the girl. It will take skill and time to do this due of the ONI online security system can detect within matter of 5 minutes. But she has no other choice that to motivate Gold, that she believes he needed human contract and human behavior to fight better.

At the next day, Gold woke up with sleepy face after the bugle call woke up him. He felt tired and exhausted wanted to take a day off, but couldn't ask for it. If he did, they will say it's lazy and not military lifestyle. He sees the window to see the beauty of Reach and sees imagine of Lyra smiling. He smiles hoping that he can see her again. He could escape to see her, but how? He doesn't know where she is except she said she lives near the training complex.

He goes to his daily breakfast that all Spartan-II eat the requirement food to make them strong and healthy. His plate is nothing new since all the food looked the same. He finished his meal quickly than usual, but it wasn't enough. This meal was so meager that couldn't satisfy his stomach. Suddenly, a UNSC officer came to Gold with a letter. Wait, a letter? When he opens the letter, he was to report to his training officer for "Special assignment".

"Special Assignment? What kind of Special Assignment?" Gold said in confused look as he opens it. It stated he has something to do with something. He reported to his training officer right after he throws away his plate. He salutes to the Officer, but the officer gives him at ease.

"Sir, is this special kind of training or punishment that is totally a lie." Gold remarked that he pranks on the trainees that was priceless.

"Spartan-721, I was recently told that by Catherine Halsey that you are given a task. A task I'm forced to give this assignment as part of your training." Training Officer said as Gold was very confused why Halsey giving him an assignment.

"The assignment is: you are to protect my daughter." Training Officer said grimly.

"Who's your daughter, sir?" Gold asked to know who he is going to protect. Why his daughter that he wanted to know.

"My daughter's name is Lyra." Training Officer said when Gold is shocked. Then, Lyra appeared whom she recognized Gold.

"I hope you do a good job protecting her, but I swear to…." Training Officer threatened Gold until he was hold back by Lyra.

"Dad, I can take care myself. Don't worry." Lyra said as she looks at Gold with serious, yet cheery tone. Training Officer sighed as he saluted to Gold while he gives Gold details of his assignment. The assignment has Gold to protect Lyra from going to school, going places, and other things. Soon, both Gold and Lyra are walking together to Lyra's school.

"So, Lyra. Your dad is my training instructor?" Gold asked if the instructor who give him the assignment must be Lyra's father.

"Yeah, he joined the Marine Corps after graduated from Corbulo Academy. He met my mother a few years before I was born." Lyra said with notion Gold was very interested in it.

"Did he ever consider you to send to the academy? I mean he's a tough instructor." Gold joking.

"Are you saying I'm weak?" Lyra offended as she glares at him.

"Well, I didn't say you were weak. I was wondering that he didn't send you to the academy?" Gold paraphrase his question as he is intending to calm her down.

"My mother opposed it. She's a medical doctor and didn't believe violence solve anything. But my dad taught me some." Lyra answered to his question.

"Oh, what can you do?" Gold curiously asked what his instructor taught her.

"You want to know?" Lyra said as she put down her bag.

"Ok, I'm going to go easy on you because you're…Whoa! " Gold shout as lands on the ground as Lyra pin him down on the ground. She gives a sly grin to Gold who was in shock. A Spartan-II trainee was beaten by simple civilian.

"Just because you're a Spartan doesn't mean you're invincible." Lyra pointed out.

"I did let you win this time." Gold bragged as his finger rubs his nose.

"Liar." Lyra thought as she picks her bags. They resume back to walking to her school.

"We're here. I enjoy your company, Gold." Lyra said when she entered to her school.

"Hey." Gold asked.

"Yes?" Lyra wondered why Gold stopped her.

"What time I get you?" Gold asking that he has to protect her since Lyra is his assignment.

"Oh, I come out in 3:30. Be here when it's time." Lyra smiled and enters the school. Now, Gold goes back to the training complex. It wasn't long for Gold to go back to get Lyra in 3:30 since his assignment allowed him to leave training sessions and even leave the complex. He never felt so free in his life and thanked Halsey for that. While he leaves the center, he was followed by drone. Crystal sees Gold leaving the compound which seeing by video cam of the drone.

"Yes, my plan is working." Crystal cheered. Don't only that, she hopes that his assignment she made could make Gold to train better. But she has kept an eye on her. It wasn't long for Gold to arrive at Lyra's school as Lyra came out to see Gold. She says good bye to her friends and approach to Gold.

"So, how was it?" Gold asked.

"Nothing new, just lessons we learn." Lyra pouted.

"Well, compared training you got it easy." Gold muses.

"What do you mean?" Lyra wondered why Gold said that.

"Oh, we have to do many exercises that I know. It's tiresome. I ate the same food for breakfast and lunch." Gold said as he remembered what was his training.

"You got it easy compared to me." Lyra counter argue as she was tired from the nonsense from class.

"Why is that?" Gold wondering why she meant by that.

"We have to sit down all day to listen to boring lessons." Lyra complained which her classes are nothing new.

"Oh, that must be very boring that makes mine enjoyable at least." Gold said as he grateful that he's being trained by humanity's greatest hero.

"It could be worse. I wish I was a Spartan." Lyra complained that Gold is lucky to be one.

"It's easy to say than done. We have to wake up early mornings, eat the same food every day, and doing pointless exercises." Gold sighed knowing that he was taken away from home. He looks away from Lyra for a bit. She looks at him realizes that she's was bit jealous of his life style, but he's being trained to fight a war it may come.

"Gold, I pray that will never happen to you." Lyra said as she comforts Gold.

"Yeah, I hope so. I wish I was normal and live a normal life." Gold sadly replied. Lyra looks at Gold with pity feeling. While the Drone following them, Crystal sees this somehow understanding Gold more than usual. She gets unusual feelings that she feels bad for him, but at the same time she is serious to get him motivated and help him to become a Spartan-II. She never felt like this before. After shaking her head which had gotten her back on track to look after Gold. After following them, they are heading to apartment complex.

"Is this where you live?" Gold wondering as he looks at the apartment complex where she lives in.

"Yep, my mom lives here. My dad does come here, but he's in the project compounds. You know his job required him there." Lyra said as she goes to the door.

"It's something you don't see every day." Gold said knowing that he's being trained with Master Chief now.

"I see you later. Good night, Gold." Lyra said as she waved at Gold while Gold does the same thing.

"Yeah, I will." Gold said while Lyra enters the apartments. He goes back to the compound wondering why he's feeling different inside him. That didn't matter to him since it's very hard to understand why. Gold went back to the compound as he lay down in his bunk feeling alive around with Lyra. But he felt something that he has an angel watching over him or something that cause this to happen. He went to sleep to dream about Lyra while at the computer screen where Crystal sees Gold sleeping as she touches the screen with great feeling that she wondered that did a right thing or something else.

"Gold…" Crystal closes her eyes as she sighed.

"Crystal, what are you doing?" a serious female voice that surprised Crystal. It was Cortana, Halsey's AI appeared with disappointed look towards her.

"Um, nothing." Crystal said as she turns off the screen behind her. "What brings you here, Cortana?" Crystal wondered why Cortana is in the system in the first place.

"I noticed unauthorized assignment was made not by Halsey. But it's well done and I manage to trace the source from you. Why is that?" Cortana asked with questions why and how Crystal could do that.

"Well…." Crystal tried to answer to her question. Cortana quickly turn on the screen which she turned off earlier.

"Crystal, you do know the rules." Cortana said.

"I know, but…." Crystal saying to explain herself about Gold with surprise how Cortana noticed her activity.

"Are you going rampancy?" Cortana worried asking Crystal since she came to the world recently.

"No, it's just…I want to help him." Crystal explaining brief as she wanted to help Gold out. Then Cortana pat her shoulder with reassurance smile.

"Just be careful. I hope what you're doing. "Cortana said when she was about to leave.

"Wait!" Crystal stopped Cortana before she left the system.

"Is it possible for a…program like me to have feelings? Like our creators?" Crystal wondered that something is wrong with her.

"Crystal, it's natural for you to feel different. But we are program to help. If you mean "Love" is a difficult answer even for AI to understand. Oh, I get it. The Spartan you were looking at, you're taking liking to him." Cortana said which made Crystal blushing.

"No, he's too young and so immature." Crystal retorted with huff.

"What if he gets older?" Cortana replied with notion that he will be good looking.

"As If, Cortana. I read his report. He's no good trouble maker with nothing to do pranking and disobeying orders." Crystal said that she heard about him.

"What about the girl he was with?" Cortana asked which Crystal hesitative about it.

"Well…I…" Crystal shuddered while Cortana laughed.

"Don't worry about it, Crystal. I think it will not affect you. I mean no AI has ever fall in love with a human before. I think you will be fine." Cortana said right before she left the system leaving Crystal to turn to see the screen. She sees Gold with odd feeling.

"What I'm going to do with you?" Crystal sighed as she touches the screen. She turns off the screen as she gathers data for Professor Oak. Then she just wondered something which made to shake her head to focus on hand. It's going to be a long day for Crystal to handle Gold's training and his assignment to protect Lyra while helping the Professor out. The feeling for Gold is not like she felt it before. She sees life in him and humanity which Halsey is trying to make them become.

What comes to her thoughts while working is Gold is in her process thoughts? It's becoming a habit for her while working with Oak and Elm. If Oak or Elm asked what's wrong with her, she will say it's nothing wrong with her just process too fast that let "frozen" occurs. While she was done with her work, she turns on the screen to see Gold and Lyra are having fun together. Gold was wearing his training suit while Lyra wearing her usual outfit when he met her. They are hanging out in New Alexandria, a city in Reach far from the compound, but Master Chief was sent on a mission to deal with Covenant forces until he gets back.

"Gold, what did Earth look like?" Lyra asked which Gold thought for a moment.

"Earth is…beautiful. Where I was from, I was born in a small town in Kansai region in Japan. I remember me and my mom enjoy the autumn season to see the leaves falling from the trees and the spring of the cherry blossoms. My mom used to tell me that Life is very precious and live out your life you want." Gold remembered as he and his mother go on the parks.

"I would like to see Earth one day." Lyra said which surprises Gold.

"But due of the war, all of Reach's citizens can't go to Earth even for vacation. It's only business and military related matters" Lyra sadly muses.

"Don't worry, the war will be over and I would gladly take you there." Gold said with cheery notion. Lyra smiled at Gold.

"Thanks, Gold." Lyra smiled as they continued to walk down. But they are being followed by a group of youth gang who are 13 composed of 4 girls and their boyfriends led by female leader. They stopped them at an alley.

"Well, it isn't Lyra? Who's your boyfriend?" One of the girls said.

"What you want, Akino?" Lyra shouted with defensive tone.

"Lyra, who these guys?" Gold asked to Lyra as he maintains discipline.

"It's Akino and her gang. They are bullies in my school. They pick on me ever since the day." Lyra answered to his question.

"What happen?" Gold wondered what did happen.

"I tell you what happen. She beat me in Reach 8th Martial Artist Championship. She humiliated me front of the crowd. She cheated my victory." Akino said as she gets close to Lyra and Gold.

"So, That's it. All because you lost a match? Big Deal, I don't see the point in that." Gold retorted.

"Charming your boyfriend he is." Akino wondering of the amber eyes with an exercise tights he has.

"He's not my boyfriend!" Lyra shouted in denial because she just met him for some time.

"Whatever, I'm going to make you pay for bring me dishonor! Now give us the bitch!" Akino swore as she pointed to Gold.

"No." Gold respond as he didn't want them to take Lyra so they can beat her up.

"If that's you want. Girls, unleash your guys." Akino ordered her female members to tell their guys to attack Gold. Then at a swift motion, Gold knock out them easily. They were shocked and awe at the sight.

"Sending your guys to do your dirty work is not the best idea against a Spartan-II." Gold muses softly.

"Don't matter, I beat you anyways." Akino said with sharp tone as she pops her knuckles.

"Gold, she's very good at hand to hand." Lyra warned as she faced her before in the Martial arts tournament.

"Don't worry, I faced far worse than facing training officers in these exercises." Gold confidently said as he and her come to begin their fight. To Gold's surprise, she's good except his real advantage was being trained by Master Chief.

"Hold still you!" Akino angrily said as she misses her kick to Gold.

"You know, maybe it's not a good time for you." Gold said as he dodges her punch.

"What are you, a freak? Stop being a pussy and fight like a man." Akino said as she did a roundhouse kick.

"I don't think you should do that." Gold said as he dodges her strikes and blocks her punches as well.

"Eh?" Akino said as Gold knock her out cold.

"Maybe you should take a chill pill once and awhile." Gold said as he turns to the rest of the group.

"Don't bother us ever again." Gold threaten them as they pick up their leader and their boyfriends. They left them alone as they retreat from Gold and Lyra.

"Well, I hope they don't bother us ever again." Gold boosted knowing they will not bother them ever again.

"Gold, how did you do that?" Lyra shocked and confused of what happen.

"Do what?" Gold replied.

"I mean how you achieved inhuman speed. I never seen Akino missed so many times before?" Lyra wondering as how Gold was achieved this. The last time she fought with Akino, she barely won against her overwhelming force and relies on cheap tricks to trip her off.

"I was being trained by best Spartan-II soldier ever existed." Gold jokily as Lyra sweatdrop at his remark while she sighed at the same time she is glad he gotten rid of them. They head out of the alley to the streets of New Alexandria. It was a start of a beautiful friendship. A friendship between a civilian and a Spartan-II has begun.

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