Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


5. Heretic

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo 2 arc

Chapter 5: Heretic

Covenant High Charity

Night Age of Reclamation

In the ruins of the Halo Array, a covenant ship passes as more ships forming around a massive space station named High Charity. It was the entire Covenant where amassing where once the Halo ring was once before. Having numbers to crush the human forces at its path, but things are what they appear to be.

The station lies within where a Trial of the Supreme Commander of Fleet of Particular Justice named, Thel Vadamee, whom supposed to protect the Halo Ring. The trial proceeds on the verdicts and, in the background, lies a group of Prophets where there was a female prophet grinning evilly. She chuckles at the sight was somehow amusing her.

"It seems that he failed to protect the ring, I hope this goes well." the female prophet said as she thought, but mistress to Prophet of Truth whom presides the trial. She held great political power in the Covenant and overseeing the religious aspects of the covenant. In the seats of the Councilors were the Elites, who presides one of them was an Elite named Gio Vanniee.

Gio Vanniee is one of the most respect member in the High Council. His service was noted with his skills in combat. He sees the case with evidence as how this commander followed the human ship that evaded his ships and landed on the Halo ring. Thel 'Vadmee stated his case to the Prophets, but faced by the council members. The mention of the flood bought to the issue as the members debated one another.

"Thel Vadamee had to contain the parasite to preserve the Covenant." Gio Vanniee argued. Despite of Thel Vadamee's effort to contain the monsters along with Sangheili, but San Shyuum beg to differ as they knew a destroyed ring brought shame to the beliefs of the Covenant. It seems that the trial is to be against the former commander.

"Surely, Vanni there must be a reason for this." La Ncee counter argued to Gio Vanni as he turns to another Sangheili.

"The commander has his reasons." La Ncee stated as he was there during the events on the Halo ring.

"Agreed!" Pry cee, an elder Elite pointed out. Pry Cee may be older, but he's one of the members of the High Council. He respected that commander may did what he had to do.

"That destroyed Halo Ring that ruins our chance to begin the Great Journey." San Syuum member pointed out that the demon had destroyed the ring. The Prophets stopped their bickering. Truth appeared to understand the Commander's case which he mentions the demon.

They argue over the case. Among the Brutes beside Tartartus is his loyal guard, Orm, chuckles with him. After the Prophets has issued the case to brand him with the Mark of Shame, Tartartus ordered his brutes to take him away. After the case was over, Gio Vanniee goes to his barrack along with the others.

"How was the trial go, father?" Sil veree asked, moving out of the shadows.

"To say the least, your commander deserves the Mark of Shame." Gio Vanniee replying to his son was like all Sangheili, born from their fathers, but raised by their uncles. It wasn't until he found out that Sil Veree was his son before he gave them an officer rank in the army.

"You must understand what we did was what we had to. The flood…." Sil Veree reasoned. He comes near to his father much to say that in fact the prisoner is his former commander. He knew that his commander did what he had to do. He faced the flood at cost of his battalion. He narrowly survived from Halo's destruction and recovered by Thel Vadamee's ship.

"My son, the Great Journey allows no mistakes and no heresy." Gio Vanniee emphasized. Sil Veree leaves the room, disdained. He knew what he saw at the Ring and the loss of his battalion affected him. He knew the case's punishment is unfair. All he can do is to join his father to witness of the branding.

Earth defense platform, Cairo

October 20, 2552

Meanwhile on Earth, Cairo MAC station, in Gold's barracks, Gold is moving around in his sleep as if someone was torturing him. He is whimpering as he slept. He tossed, turning, and felt that he couldn't escape from his nightmare. It was a unpleasant kind with sweat as he cannot endure what he is seeing.

"No. No." Gold moans as his eyes twitches even though they are closed. It was the same dream before which it is a blank and emptiness.

"Super Serious Gal? What are you doing here, aren't you an A.I. unit?" Gold tries to come close to her until he noticed she was wearing the same clothes as before. Why does she keep wearing the same clothes as before? Something was way off track to begin with and he had yet to understand why.

"Oh, come on. Why you trying to…?" Gold surprised to see someone else. It's not girl has brown hair and her pigtails are more curved than Crystal's usual anti-gravity hair. And her eyes weren't blue, more like brown. This frightens Gold more than ever whom he did recalled this girl before in reach

"No, no, No. You're not real. You…" Gold panicked and ran for his life until the outside world interrupted his nightmare.

"Spartan-117 and Spartan-721, report to the tech center, immediately!" Intercom announced as Gold open his eyes and stood up from his bed. He wipes the sands in his eyes away. He was glad to hear such good news coming up and hoping to get an armor upgrade to get better protection than the Mark V armor.

"Man, I need stop getting that dream. Oh well, that's my golden ticket!" Gold remarked and worried at the same time about the dream. He keeps dreaming about Crystal, but "she" keeps popping out in his dreams for several months already after the incident on the Halo Ring.

He just didn't know what to think of it, all he knows is fighting which he loves to do. Soon, he goes to tech center along with Master Chief. Chief was away in missions with his team called Blue team. It was high secret that only ONI members can be known.

"Chief, how you been?" Gold tries to get Master Chief to a conservation. Chief looks at Gold and is glad to see Gold is alive and well.

"Nothing much. Armor upgrade." Master Chief answers to his question while they continue walking down in the hallways.

"Yeah, besides I hate this armor. I don't get babes out of this Mark V." Gold complaining, but he tries to flirt with the female marines. He didn't manage to get any dates from them despite no matter how hard he tries.

"The armor is Mark VI." Master Chief gives the information to Gold which the armor will be the updated version from Mark V.

"Mark VI? Can they come up with better name like…Babe Magnet or something cooler to pick up the babes?" Gold said as he hopes that any ladies would like for a guy like him to spent time with.

"Let's stay focus on hand." Master Chief reminds Gold that they have a war to be fought and they had to protect humanity from extinct.

"You're no fun. You need to lighten up. Like a Super Serious Gal I know." Gold complained as they entered the room. The Marine Tech tells them to put on the armor. Gold is curious about that armor he is seeing.

"Ok, this is the new set of armor, the Mark VI. The best armor we have ever created and it's more flexible than the Mark V. Go try it on." Marine Tech tells Gold and Master Chief. It took them at least half an hour to assemble it due to the multiple parts. The Marine technical looks over their old armor as he inspects them.

"Optics, totally fried? Let's not talk about the power supply. Don't you know how expensive this gear is, son?" Marine tech guy told to them as they put on their helmets.

"Tell that to the covenant." Master Chief boldly tells the Technician as he puts on the helmet.

"Could this armor be much cheaper? I mean this armor is for free, right? Wow, this armor rocks, I hope I can get some babes." Gold remarked how his armored looked cool on him.

"Yeah, you think we give this armor doesn't mean it's for free. Every Taxpayer hates war you know, even if we are trying to save all humanity. Ironic, no? War isn't cheap you know." Marine technician pointed out known that resources are not easy to come by.

"I know that. If I have money, I brought this armor for free." Gold said as he puts the helmet on where he sees the new features such as the HUD.

"Whatever, man. Laugh it up. Laugh it." Marine Technical sarcastically said as he tells them to do some tests. It wasn't bad for them, even if Gold complained a little.

"Spartan-117 and Spartan-721, report to MAC command center with Admiral Hood." Intercom announced. Sergeant Johnson comes to the room to get Master Chief and Gold.

"Chief and you… Spartan, come with me to the Command center for a medal award." Johnson said as they left the room as they head to the awarding ceremony where Admiral Hood is present. Master Chief and Johnson argue about cameras and wearing something nice. Johnson said something that Gold overhears what he has to say to Master Chief.

"Folks need heroes, Chief. To give them hope. So, smile will ya? At least something to smile about." Johnson said as they entered the room. Gold wanted to be a hero, but to whom, he asked. He fought in this war for least four years now, but the war is still not over. The war had been going on for 27 years; It started 8 years before he was born. He indeed misses his mother, but doesn't want to upset the UNSC by showing it because he knew what he had to do.

Meanwhile, back at High Charity, as they are dragging the Commander to the scaffold, Sil Veree and his father are observing the Mark of Shame. They are among the species of the Covenant as the Grunts and Jackals shouting the words, "Heretic". It was a massive crowd to witness for former Sangheili commander to be branded as a failure.

"This will make him realize that failure to uphold the values of the Covenant will lead to severe punishment." Gio Vanniee stated as they continue to watch the crowd roars as they place Thel Vadamee locked in place.

"What values? Lack of reason, I presume?" Pry Cee said as he joins with Gio Vanniee.

"I won't speak of that, Sil Veree unless you want to get marked as well?" Lan Cee said as he stood behind Veree. Lan Cee was his mentor when he joined the Covenant Armed forces. He fought alongside Lan Cee during the 27 long years of war.

"It seems so, La Ncee." Sil Veree responds, as he witnesses his own supreme Commander receive punishment in pain. He knew what pain felt, but not like this. Soon after the marking, the condemned was taken down for something else. Everyone else left, except Sil Veree who somehow felt that punishment was unnecessary for rational choices.

Earth, Cairo MAC station

October 15, 2552

Gold and Master Chief reached to the Command center as Lord Hood awards to Master Chief and Johnson. Hood presents the award to Johnson for his bravery in battle and awards to Master Chief, but that award is going quickly which Cortana remind Admiral Hood about detecting nearby. He grabs the medal to pass to daughter of Captain Keyes, Miranda Keyes

"Miranda Keyes, I would present this award to you based on your father's actions. The Navy has lost of its best. And Spartan-721?" Admiral Hood turns to Gold whom waiting for his honors to come in.

"Yes, sir." Gold saluted to Admiral Hood hoping to get his medal.

"You get to…award of an honor to have a handshake." Admiral Hood deadpan as he holds out his hand.

"Ok, say what? A handshake? That's it? That's all I get for this service? Am I good enough to be a hero?" Gold complaining that after all he done was a handshake from Admiral Hood.

"We don't have enough time. And besides this is the greatest honor for you." Admiral Hood said as Gold mutters as he began his handshakes with Lord Hood. This didn't help Gold for getting achievement or recognition for his bravery in battle or heroism. He wanted to be a hero like Master Chief, but unrecognized in the public eye.

Meanwhile at Hanger bay 2 during the commemorative medal ceremony was going on. There was a unit that dubbed the "Dexholders". They are newly-unit that already been in a few combat missions which notable in battle of Reach. They are all too young as they are around 21-16 due of the manpower issues.

They are not the only ones being drafted to fight the Covenant since many of them in their age around Earth drafted to fight for very survival of humanity. Their squad was fresh 15 members since they first started, but decreased to 13 since they lost two squad mates at Reach. It is composed of 3 fireteams with members high as four to five members.

Their sergeant and squad leader is Reddo Isamu Akai, but everyone calls him, Red. Red is 21 years old, athletic, and a natural leader. He was made sergeant and leading member of Dexholder squad. He and his fellow Kanto fireteam were at collage in Tokyo University had been together since they were in elementary school.

Along with him was Professor Oak's grandson, Ōkido Gurīn whom he is refered as Green. He and Red were rivals since Elementary school, but they are friendly terms. Green happens to be one of the bright members of the Kanto fireteam where he specialized in computers and equipment. He often checks every squad member's ammo count since they have to make each shot counts.

Burū Fuguri or refered as Blue whom she is a sneaky and cunning known to persuade Covenant units into a trap. Not to mention, she is very stunning of her beauty back in their middle to collage days. She's very romantic at heart as she and Green are together since High School despite of Green's annoyance.

Their combat medic named Ierō de Tokiwa Gurōbu nicknamed Yellow. She happens to be the youngest member of Kanto fireteam. Yellow was often timid during their years together and had a crush on Red since Elementary days. When Blue bought Red and Yellow together as a couple, they are very lovely couple.

In the hallways comes a group of three Marines, a younger 18-years has Rubī, nicknamed, Ruby, a prissy marine didn't want to get drafted which his father happens to be ODST. Ruby was accompanied by fellow marine as well named, Odamaki Safaia or nicknamed Sapphire which she is a tomboy and is not afraid to die unlike Ruby.

Sapphire is a heavy weapons specialist in the squad. Often hotblooded in the heat of battle, where she can go little overboard with the light machine gun or she calls it the SapSAW. Not to mention her ungodly strength as reported can punch a brute without breaking her hands which impressed other Marines.

The last marine of the squad, Emerarudo nicknamed Emerald, who lost his parents during Covenant glassing campaign join the UNSC marines to avenge his parents' deaths. He was young enough to join the UNSC marine corps since he was legally 17 years old. They joined up with their fireteam members in Fireteam Omega.

The two other members is Yvonne Gabena and Xavier, French UNSC Marines whom were with Fireteam Omega since they were drafted into service. Yvonne Gabena is hot-blooded as Sapphire, but she's more a leader of the fireteam Omega due to her decisive actions. Yvonne still had to remind her teammates to call her, Y.

Xavier, whom Yvonne knew from childhood is more silent takes sniper role due to his coldness and often doesn't take part of heavy fighting unless needed to be. He named his sniper rifle, Kanga and his pistol as Li'l Kanga just in case he had to kill any covenant gets close to him. He's quite good with his accuracy and takes his time to take down enemies quickly.

An all-American fireteam named Fireteam Liberty had members. They have two marksmen squad members named White and Black whom been coworkers in a television production in High School. When they got drafted by the UNSC due of manpower issues accompanied by Cheren and Bianca.

Cheren and Bianca are Black's friends as Bianca is not happy to fight a war let alone because she hates weapons and fighting. Bianca is friends with Ruby which to Sapphire's dismay and Cheren's as well while they focus and talk about clothing and outfits. However, the war did place a toll on them in Reach as it was one of humanity's greatest defeat in the war.

"Are we having a staff meeting or what?" Green complain because they got a staff meeting to begin.

"I see. Where's our fireteam Omega? It just I got important news. Also we got ourselves new pilots including our new commanding officer." Red remarked until three teens came in.

"Present! Sorry we were late." Yvonne said to Red as she salutes to her, but she has a Parisian accent whom Xavier share the same accent, but deeper in tone.

"It just someone has stopped out to do a sissy stuff." Sapphire commented as she glares at Ruby.

"I was checking the sizes of these uniforms. I don't like the style of these uniforms. It's too dull." Ruby argued too much annoyance to Sapphire and Emerald. Until appeared, a female officer escorted with two pilots came to the squad.

"Attention, Squad!" Red shouted in order as the female officer stops. She is too young to be a UNSC officer around age of 15 as her appearance surprises the squad. The oldest was Red with Green, Blue are 21 years old and Yellow is 20 years old. Sapphire and Ruby are 18 years old. Black, White, Cheren, and Bianca are 17 years old while Emerald is 17 years old. Both Yvonne and Xavier are same as Sapphire and Ruby's ages.

It is unheard for UNSC officer to be that young to command a platoon on their own. But the UNSC is desperate need of officers to lead the war effort even if it was a losing war. She has pure black hair that looks nearly blue and dark blue eyes as she looks at the squad as they are standing in attention.

"As you were. Let me introduce myself, my name is Purachina Berurittsu or by English, lady Platinum Berlitz. We have two pilots here are named, Pāru and Daiyamondo. But they will be called Diamond and Pearl for now. You will address me as Lt. Berlitz. We have good news, men and ladies. Our platoon gets a new special member in this squad." Platinum said to the members who are shocked to hear such news.

"What do you mean special member?" Red asked to wonder why that she announced for the meeting.

"That we been chosen to have a Spartan in our platoon." Platinum said as this information surprises the squad and the pilots as well.

"A Spartan? You mean…" Sapphire bluntly asked whom she heard about them in the war.

"Spartan? Are those guys are stuff of legends? I hear they manage to wipe out legions of covenant troopers in a single battle." Emerald said in amazement as he always wanted to meet one and admired them as well. His greatest hero is Master Chief whom he heard accounts of his victories and won against all odds.

"Wow, I hear that they are unstoppable and can't be killed. They are also packed with the state of the art weapons system." Green said in shocked to hear a Spartan out of all squads to get one.

"The member will come in around 1500 hours. I hope you can greet Spartan-721. For now, I must attend the back to the ship." Lt. Berlitz said with much amazement. Then, she and her two pilots leave the squad to think about their newest member coming.

"I hope the Spartan is so dreamy. I hear that the male Spartans are sexy. Ooh, I can't wait to meet him and…" Blue chided as she hear rumors about the Spartans.

"Pesky Woman. They just super soldiers, only focus on the battlefield, not foolish thing like love you believe. They are trained to fight, not love. I except nothing short for Spartan to arrive here." Green pointed out of Blue's nonsense.

"At least they got the balls unlike you, Ruby." Sapphire shouts at Ruby's ears.

"Hey, they get cool designs. Look at our uniform, it's ugly and hideous. I hope that….." Ruby was about to explained until Sapphire punched him in the face to shut him up.

"Well, I hope he can do fine in our squad. It just there had been many Spartans listed MIA. I do worry about that if the war will end." Red worried when he heard about reports about missing Spartans.

"Come on, let's not give up hope. As we have each other, we are going to be all right. It can't be that bad since the Covenant don't know where Earth is." Yellow cheers the squad. They cheered until the alarms is heard! At the command center, Lord Hood gives orders to everyone and looks at Gold.

"I have bad news to tell you." Admiral Hood comes to Gold which Gold was well-prepared to hear what Admiral Hood has to say.

"Yeah? What about it?" Gold wondering what Admiral Hood is proposing of order he must undertake

"I hope you deal this before. Another escort mission." Admiral Hood bluntly put it in as Gold knew this was coming.

"Yeah, I did. And what about the chief scientist, old man, Oak?" Gold asking to Hood as he knew that Crystal is still inside in the station, but working tirelessly with Professor Oak.

"I ordered him to leave the Cairo, but I insisted that you escort him to Hanger 2 to leave the station." Hood answered to his question, but Gold seems reluctant that the mission will not be due to the Covenant boarding parties.

"I got no other choice, then." Gold agrees as he knew that protecting Crystal would meant to protect Professor Oak.

"Get the Professor out. After that, defend this station with your life." Admiral Hood said as he goes to the console board as he issues orders to his forces.

"Got it." Gold comply the order and goes into Professor Oak's lab. He sees Oak is getting all the data he can. Gold enters the room as Oak rushes as he can to gather all data and documents that could save humanity from extinction.

"Need help, old man?" Gold said as he turns in order that if any covenant forces are heading to their way, but Master Chief is assisting other marines in the station.

"Yes, Gold. I need you to grab Crystal from the terminal." Professor Oak explained as he points out where Crystal is. Gold comes to the terminal, but stops to see images in his head flashing about his nightmare with Crystal. He focused again to pull the chip out and gives to Oak.

"Thank you, we must go. They are coming here at any moment." Oak said as he takes the chip away from Gold's hands. Gold and Oak move in the hallways to reach Hanger 2, but unaware to them that hanger bay 2 is under attack by Covenant forces.

"All marines! Defend the station at all cost!" Intercom announces as our Dexholder squad prepares to defend the station from the Covenant forces. They about to face the Covenant invaders at hand which much to their surprise that they found Earth, but how they found out since Cole Protocol was able to avoid Earth to be destroyed by Covenant or something else.

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