Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


14. Goodbye Earth

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Chapter 14: Goodbye Earth


Year 2550

Tokyo University, where a group of students are taking their lunch break as where a blond color girl, Brunette girl, black hair guy, and the stern brunette guy who were all friends since elementary school. But for them, life was uneasy for them because they are bored with college life.

They have a desire for adventure like they always had in summer days when they were in elementary to High school years. But it seems for them when they heard that the UNSC is calling all those fit to fight. Apparently, that education exemption has cancelled and giving professors to give their students passing scores. The group sees the list where they selected those to send the Marine Corps.

"Well, I got my studies to do." Green said as he walks away until he was dragged away by Brunette. Her name was no other than Blue, that she has plans for Green whom didn't like where it's going with.

"Oh, Greeny. Your name is on the list." Blue said as she points the list to Green whom takes the list from her.

"What?" Green said shock to see the name in the list. He knew that Blue had something to do with it.

"What did you do?" Green asked to Blue with a anger tone in his face.

"Oh, I hacked into their network and add your name. So we wouldn't be separate, don't we?" Blue said as she does her puppy eyes.

"Pesky girl." Green mutters until he was tapped by shoulder by his fellow friend, Red.

"Hey, at least we are all together." Red said knowing that they are going to be together in this one.

Meanwhile at Satsuma Prefecture, a group of 2nd year students were reading the list that they are all drafted to Marine Corps. The brunette girl glees in joy to be called for service, but the dark hair boy doesn't like the call for service.

"Screw this! I don't want to go!" Ruby said until he was punched in the face.

"Will you shaddup and be a man!" Sapphire shouted as she cracks her knuckles.

"But I don't want to." Ruby said until she punches Ruby to pulp. The short blond one was staring at the arguing couple.

"Man, at least we are all together." Emerald said as he sees the draft papers. At America where located in New York City another group of American students are been called to service to be drafted in the UNSC marine corps.

"YEAH! WE GOING TO WAR!" Black shouted which many can hear him, but it is too close that their ear drums are ringing.

"Not so loud, Black!" Cheren said as he picks his ear knowing that his ear drums are damage by his excessive screaming.

"What's so exciting about it?" Bianca said with a worrying tone as their names are in the list.

"Don't go overboard about it. I think this might be fun." White said as they group hug. Another group was looking at the list whom happens to be freshmen students. One is them is Blake, other is a girl named Whitey, and Hugh.

"Hey, we got our names in the list." Blake said as he looks at his friends, Whitey and Hugh. They knew each other since elementary and middle school. Hugh and Blake are best friends whom they had hardships over their lives. Whitey came in Middle School whom is the affections of Blake.

He is very persistent towards Whitey and managed to get her heart in the end. However, in Paris where young students look at the list of the names are drafted for service for the UNSC. Dark-hair male and blonde-hair female looks at the list with their friends they knew since childhood.

"It seems we are in it, together?" Yvonne said to Xavier as he knew that the day will come that call for service. They both look at their friends as their names weren't in the list. Yvonne's mother was in UNSC army as a pilot, but things wasn't so easy to hear the constant TV images as Covenant forces are coming.

Their parents know what has happen. All of them cried that they heard that Marines who were sent to the front lines never came back. Red comforts his mother who cried about this and worrying he will never make it. Xavier's parents whom had ancestors fought in WWI and WWI knew that he was picked for a reason and urges him to do his patriot duty.

Yellow told her Uncle about that as Yellow cried that she will never see him again which her uncle comfort her. Blue's parents were shocked that they drafted Blue to the UNSC Marine Corps. After much heated debated, they accept the fact that Blue will return in one piece and alive.

Green's parents were not happy despite what Green told them it was Blue's fault, but tradition demanded Green to serve the UNSC. Ruby was not so lucky, Norman of ODST was proud that they drafted Ruby to shape up his life. Sapphire's father, Professor Birch was happy, but sad that he feared that he will lose his only daughter. She reassures him that she will come back alive.

Emerald was already orphan that they understand the UNSC need of man power in the times of danger. Black's parents were proud of military heritage has realize Black's draft which they hope he will come back. The same reaction with White, Blake, Hugh, and Whitey as was like Black.

It was so much different with Cheren and Bianca. The parents of Cheren and Bianca sued the UNSC, but the USNC claim its total war where everyone must fight for survival of humanity as they grudge accept the fact. All the Draftees are going to face the change of the life.

Soon, the day arrive for the draftees to come the training base in Paris Island for their training. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Xavier, Yvonne, White, Black, Cheren, Bianca, Blake, Whitey, Hugh, and another who got drafted was Wally. A typical exam that lasted 30 minutes.

They all passed as they are deemed to fit for training except for Emerald whom is a short height except they let it go due to his endurance. That wasn't the part where one thing for every marine to experience, a haircut. For Red, his wild hair was shaved clean after cutting it for at least hour along with Green.

Both Yellow and Blue received a shorter hair in a form as a buzz cut which Yellow cried for least 5 minutes after received her first haircut. Those were a kicking and screaming was Ruby who dreaded his fears that his loss of his precious hair as the barbers struggled with him while Sapphire took it to her hair too short without complaining. Emerald didn't matter as they cut his hair without problem despite it took them 10 minutes to cut his crazy hair.

The French draftees didn't much complain as Xavier sit there as he took the haircut without a problem same with Yvonne. Their American friends were much different. Bianca cried while they are cutting her hair while Cheren was stone cold as they crop his hair off. The others didn't complain much though as to say at least. After they cut their hair, they are sent off to their drill sergeant. It was just the beginning of their service that is meant for two years or longer if needed.

"Listen up, Maggots! We are at war. A war with those nasty alien bastards with intentions to wipe out humanity. I don't care if you're some foreign country. You are all equals under my training. You will be referred by your English names unless you got a good excuse to keep your name on the line." Drill sergeant said as he walks pass by them. They all stood there as they listen to the Drill sergeant whom from Russia rants about the Covenant for the pass hour. Then, he spots Black who was smiling compared to others.

"Got something to say, boy?" Drill Sergeant said as he comes to him. He doesn't like anyone not taking the matter serious like UNSC against the Covenant.

"No, sir." Black said as he looks at the Drill Sergeant who continues to glare at him.

"Then what are you smiling for?" Drill Sergeant asking to know why Black won't stop smiling as if he was unattended child.

"Just glad to be here, sir." Black answered to his question, but Drill Sergeant punches him in the gut. Black gets up as he got rid of the smile realize that this is a whole different field where he's going with.

"Glad to be here? Boy, war is not a kid's play thing. War is life and death. Sun Tzu knew that war is vital importance to all of us to survival against the covenant bastards! If you think war is just a game, then you're dead wrong. Now, show me a war face!" Drill Sergeant said as Black tries his best to show it, but failed.

"Again!" Drill Sergeant said as Black shouted again. This impressed the Drill Sergeant that he can prove his worthy for the Marine Corps.

"Good, but I reckon you that if you going to survive this. Then, you better watch your ass out of the field. We are marines! Proud infantry of the UNSC! But I don't care how you do your training; we need every man in the field to deal with those bastards." Drill Sergeant said as he stared at the draftees with ill intentions. This is going to be their worse 6 months of training for them and things are going to be hard on them. Around 5 a.m. in the morning, they hear the bugle call as the Drill Sergeant bangs the trash can to wake them up.

"Argh. What now?" Blue drowsy as she wakes up. She expected longer sleep, but waking up so early has ruined her beauty sleep.

"Wake up! You should wake up in case of those alien bastards get you!" Drill Sergeant shouted. Soon, they get ready for their morning jog. They prepare for their 5 miles run to improve their stamina.

"Man, I hope this isn't going to be a long one." Ruby said as he tucks his shirt.

"I can't wait like we did in P.E." Sapphire cheered while Ruby and Emerald dread as they heard that.

"I hate P.E." Emerald mutters because he has a height disadvantage and not a good stamina person. How did he passed physical exams or the UNSC was desperate to allow him in.

"Hey, cheer up. I hope the drill sergeant is not that bad." Red said as he and the others come to Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald.

"Hi, I'm Red from Kanto Province. This is Green, Blue, and Yellow." Red introduces the group as they greeted them in various ways. "What's yours?" Red asked.

"I'm Sapphire, this is Ruby the prissy boy, and the runt here is Emerald." Sapphire said. They greet them in a polite way as they done the same thing.

"We are from Satsuma Province." Ruby said to add the information.

"Satsuma? That's far south." Yellow said until the whistle is blown.

"All right you worthless maggots! Start Jogging! Any of you gets left behind; you are on your own! Get ready in 3…2…1! GO!" Drill Sergeant shouted as they start jogging. The Satsuma and the Kanto groups are next to other. The French draftees are next to them as Xavier and Yvonne did their stretches before the jogging.

When they reach a mile, they are tired as their legs cannot carry them on, but they must reach the next 4 miles. The Drill Sergeant kept a clear eye on them as they continue to jog their way in their morning rush. He speaks to them in English, but when he sings his country's national anthem in his native language as to motivate them.

At the third mile, they are breaking point to pass out. They continue pressed on by Drill Sergeant who promise them an hour break if they make it and curses them in Russian if they attempted to take a break too early as he whacks them with a stick to get moving. With enough strength to reach the five-mile marker, they earn their break.

"Good. Very good, you're very strong to withstand the 5-mile marker. Now, after your break we will start marching formation. You should catch your breath before that." Drill Sergeant said as he left them to get their breather.

"I can't handle this. I was meant for college, not for this!" Green said as he takes his breath slowly to get his breath back.

"But you…*pant* got*pant* me." Blue said as Green shrug her off.

"*pant* Pesky *pant* girl." Green said as they are exhausted.

"At least *pant* can't get any worse from this." Red said as they managed to recover from their exhaustion. He looks at Blue whom she has a shorter hair, but looks at Yellow with her short hair makes her look like a boy. He was glad to meet Yellow because Blue was the one who got them together.

Blue in other hand looks at Red with a smile look realize that her matchmaking with Red and Yellow is still success, but has a strange feeling when looking at Red. She has Green, but something was way off in her part. Green isn't boyfriend material when they got together in High School. However, she wants Red and Yellow to be happy together.

After their hour break, they head on to the obstacle course which for Yellow and Emerald had trouble to climbing and deal with the obstacles. It is tough for them to get over the wall, but Red appear to Yellow as he helps Emerald as well to get up to the top. Both struggled as they continue to climb to the top.

"Come on, Yellow you can do it." Red said as he's at the top of the obstacle ladder.

"I'm trying." Yellow whined as she struggles on. The Drill Sergeant looks at her with pity. Not only he was mean and strict, but he warms up to these draftees compose of seven Americans, eight Japanese, and two French. They continue their 5 miles runs and obstacle courses over 2 weeks to increase stamina and endurance even to his surprise that most draftees don't survive that long.

They got 4 more weeks of training that they reach to marching training week as they must learn how to march for parades. He cursed at the American draftees due of their lack of effort to it and at the Japanese who whined too much. In the 3rd week, they are shaped up to goose step and march in a tempo.

"Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, and halt!" Drill sergeant commanded them as they halt as he goes around checking their stature. He fixes Sapphire's back to straighter; Tilts Blue's head to eye level, and fixed others as he goes around them. He continues to fix the postures of the entire group.

"I don't like this training uniform" Ruby complains that brought attention of the Drill Sergeant.

"Got something to say?" Drill Sergeant glared at Ruby.

"Yes, sir. I mean, why we are getting our uniforms dirty?" Ruby said. Soon, the follow day that Ruby is ordered to clean all uniforms of the squad while the others are cleaning the barracks.

"That prissy boy gets all cloth duty and we stuck here doing janitor's job?" Sapphire complained as she scrubs the floor with a toothbrush.

"How long you known each other?" Yellow asking to know the nature of their relationship.

"Oh, we met in middle school ever since." Sapphire answering that how she recalled how he was back in Middle School. He often uses her as a guinea pig for the dress which annoy her to no end.

"Like how?" Blue asked which Green snort at the mention that Blue is still in her old tricks.

"He bumped into me and comment my uniform "being dirty and barbarian" So I beat him up to pup. That's he never leaves me alone with his persistence to make me wear his stupid dress designs! " Sapphire said as she scrubs the floor real hard. Yvonne and Xavier looks at her with smile on their faces.

"What if he likes you?" Whitey said while working with Blake on the beds.

"No way, a prissy boy like him. Please, I bet he will cower in the heat of battle if that's going to happen." Sapphire said as she finishes her last touches on the floor she was assigned.

"Maybe it's you who like him." Blue said which earn Sapphire death glare.

"Over my dead body!" Sapphire said as she goes to another floor with the tooth brush who blushed after saying that.

"Jeune amour" Yvonne said as Xavier nodded with her comment knowing that Sapphire does like Ruby in a certain degree.

Meanwhile at the restroom where the Red, Black, and Cheren are working is talking what they are going to do if the war was over. Red wished to become a sports coach, Black tells his dream to be a career soldier, and Cheren wanted to be a researcher with UNSC. They become good friends.

Now, they reach to firearms training where the Drill Sergeant educated the names and the technical specs of the firearms they will be using. He showed them the MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System, M6 pistol, Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matériel, BR55 Battle Rifle, M7/Caseless Submachine Gun, M739 Light Machine Gun, and the M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon in which how to work and operate in battle.

During the firing range course, Xavier made impressive shots on targets far away which earn him the sniper rifle. Black and White exceed accuracy which the Drill Sergeant was amazed that he gave them a battle rifle. Kanto Group armed with battle rifles except Yellow who got received special training to become medical squad member armed only with submachine gun.

Satsuma group that only Sapphire tried the machine gun which surprises the Drill Sergeant that she can hold the recoil and the weight of the light machine gun and the rest only assault rifles, and the rest of the group received either battle rifles or assault rifles depending on their precision and accuracy. Sapphire as a heavy weapons specialist received a rocket launcher as secondary weapon to deal with armor units and everyone received the pistol as a side arm.

But the Drill Sergeant has told them that their own squad by UNSC demands to get fresh squads in the field. He needed to find a squad leader for a test they must conduct against another squad to see what they can do in the field. When he asked, who wants to be squad leader, no one volunteers except for one.

Red volunteered to lead them as Drill Sergeant tells everyone what they must do. It's a simple war game with one rule: Capture the Flag. They gear up for the test and head out to the field. In the viewing room where a holographic field where the squad is. His superior comes to him.

"Are you sure, these kids are ready enough to lead a squad into action?" High Ranking officer said knew that drafting children is very low, but they had no other chance to get many to the frontlines quickly as possible.

"I do believe they can. It's a shame to waste youth like this. But I do believe that even against all odds that they can make the impossible possible." Drill Sergeant said as he believes they have something in command that might make them into an effective squad.

"Then why you didn't pick one of them to be squad leader?" High Ranking Officer said as he picks up the file on Red.

"I think he has a special talent to lead. He helped two comrades the blond ones in the obstacle, help them to march properly, how to use a firearm, and…willing to get them to shape and catch up with the others." Drill Sergeant said as he comments on what he seen on their basic training.

"I hope you're right about that." High Ranking officer said as they look at the battle simulation. At the field, they move out as they halt when Green and Blue come to Red.

"What's your plan?" Green said as Blue looks at Red with concern as they are taking the risk to defeat the other team.

"I'm thinking!" Red said as he is aware of the test could result another 2 weeks to get another one or kept failing to send them home in disgrace. An idea has struck him.

"I got idea. Xavier!" Red said as Xavier comes to Red.

"Oui?" Xavier complied to Red.

"Can you scout the area? You can use your sniper rifle to spot how many?" Red asked.

"Oui, Monsieur " Xavier said before he can look at Yvonne who knew that Xavier can handle it on his own.

"Good, don't open fire when we reach there." Red said as Xavier left the area to scout ahead

"Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Wally." Red said as he gets the Satsuma group.

"Yeah" They all said as they appear before Red.

"You need to stay and defend the flag." Red said as he heard groaning.

"Oh, come on. Can you leave those sissies to guard the flag?" Sapphire whined wanted to take the offense.

"No, I need Black, White Cheren, Bianca, Whitey, Blake, and Hugh to create a distraction while I, Green, Blue, and Yellow can get the flag. Understood?" Red said. They nodded their heads until Xavier came back.

"I think there's three groups of four are heading this way." Xavier said in English to give out the information about the other team.

"Good, Group 1: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Wally defend the flag. Group 2: Xavier, get to a sniper position. Yvonne, protect Xavier's flanks. Group 3: Black, White, Bianca, Cheren, Whitey, Blake, and Hugh get many of them to your attention allow us Group 4: Me, Green, Blue, and Yellow to get the flag. Understood the plan?" Red said whom they complied the order as they scatter for their plan to get the flag.

The groups of another squad are closing in to the squad's flag until they were attacked by group 3 in the side until they were sniped by Group 2. One of the groups managed to get away to reach the flag until ambushed by Group 1. Soon, Group 4 manages to sneak around them and grab the flag as the announcer said, "Red Flag taken." Soon, the rest of the Red squad notices this as they fall back only to find group 1 only to trap them despite they lost members taken out of the game.

"Shouldn't see this coming!" Red said as the paint hit the rock. They are trapped behind enemy lines until Blue got up.

"I lure those guys so you can get to safety." Blue said as she got up.

"Hey, come and get me!" Blue said as she runs that they missed their shots towards her and give a chase that right pass by them.

"Ok, let's go!" Red said, but didn't notice Green is gone. Meanwhile Blue was far away from the group only to find being surround by another squad.

"Give the flag to us." The Red team leader said as they come closer to her until 3 team members are hit and the rest are hit when she fired her paintball battle rifle. The team leader who was hit aimed his paintball side arm which she turned only for team leader to be hit by no other: Green.

"Pesky girl. Brave, but stupid." Green said as comes to Blue.

"I know, but we managed to achieve our goal. If I didn't lure them out, then we could fail the test." Blue retorted that she provided a distraction for their group to get their flag.

"Let's go back to the others." Green said as he guides her out.

"Thank you, Greenie." Blue said knowing that her nickname for Green is very annoying.

"Don't call me that!" Green growl while Blue laughed about it. At the holographic room, the officers were impressed about it.

"That squad did pretty well." High Ranking officer said as he gives them high marks on their combat performance.

"I did notice that, Colonel. I see how they work as they were a unit unlike most squads." Drill Sergeant said as he smiled for them to pass the test. Soon, they are ready for combat which said on paper. They have one more week on training.

The young worthless draftees are trained Marines of the UNSC. Red rose in the rank to become corporal and chosen to be squad leader of the newly graduated marines. Soon, they all get ready for the graduation where their parents are watching them as they are marching in the parade as they match the tempo of Prussian Military marching music.

After the graduation, the Drill Sergeant has news for them that they are sending to one planet where it has served reputation as human fortress of the stars: Reach. This shocked everyone to be sent to a planet where they never gone before. The following next day, they got aboard in the UNSC frigate as they go into slip-space. This is going be a long travel for the newly marines in the year of 2551 as the squad were fit and ready to go.

"I can't wait for battle." Black cheer as Chern gotten annoyed with Black's excessive screaming.

"Black, why you so happy about it?" Cheren said as they entered inside the ship.

"Well, we have trained over a year, right? I mean they trained us to death." Black said mentioning how difficult for them to endure.

"I rather failed than send us to a pointless battle." Cheren retort that he rather doesn't get a pointless death in a pointless battle.

"Oh, do come now. I could learn experience what's beyond our blue planet." White said as they continue to walk inside of the ship.

"How bad could be?" Bianca said as she sighs on the certain events that lays before them.

"Well, at least we can't die right now." Green said as the Kanto group comes in.

"We are all together, right Greenie." Blue hugs Green's arms.

"Will you stop that? You cause me to be suck with you! I could be on Harvard instead!" Green shouted that he could avoid this and become more helpful to the UNSC than wasting his time in the front lines.

"You're so mean; I just want us to be together forever and ever." Blue said as she laughed.

"Pesky girl." Green mutters whom Blue laughs knowing he likes saying that.

"Come on, Green. How bad it will be? I heard the Covenant cannot find Reach." Red said whom knows that Covenant cannot find Earth at all thanks to Cole Protocol they heard.

"Easy for you to say, but don't count that. I have a bad feeling that once Reach falls, Earth is expose and our life we know will be gone." Green worried that if that happens, humanity has matter of time to run away from the Covenant.

"Don't worry, we are in it together." Black said as they join with the Kanto group.

"Yeah, no matter what." Blake said as Whitey and Hugh joins with them.

"How you all known each other?" Red said as they began to talk about their lives. It was a started to whom lead them to question.

"What we call ourselves since we are a squad?" Blake wondered as the French pair kept walking alongside with them.

"I don't know." Yellow said. They have a long silence to think what they should call themselves should be.

"I know this is going to sound stupid, but how about we called ourselves as the Dexholders?" Red suggested which they debated as how they wonder that Dexholders will hold up or they like it due how they felt that made them connection as it was meant to be. After much debate, they finally agreed to call themselves, The Dexholder Sqaud.

"Xavier, Sivous pensez que nous allons bien?" Yvonne asks to Xavier who turns to her with a smile that she's worrying about the events could turn out bad, but he knows that won't happen.

"Tout va bien se terminer, Yvonne." Xavier said to Yvonne whom she's glad that Xavier is with her. They continue to enter their barracks in the warship. Their destination is heading for planet called Reach. It is the planet where things are about to change for them as the players of their fate decides for them.

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