Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


4. Getting started

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo 1 arc

Chapter 4: Getting started

Outskirts of pillar of autumn after avoiding and killing the Flood, Gold made it at last. It was long and difficult drive for him and to endure worse of the worse. A way about Crystal knew that Gold would make it. She has faith in him to press on despite the chances to survive were slim to none.

"We're here at last. Finally, after a long drive. It took me hours to get there." Gold cheered after exhausted from his violent trip leaving behind piles of corpses of the flood and covenant units behind him.

"It can be worse from here." Crystal mentions they go to through to get to the ship. It was countless enemies they never had to endure.

"Well, there are aliens are trying to kill us, but there are zombies doing the same thing. How about we escape from this dumb ring and go home?" Gold said as he walks near the opening holes of the Pillar of Autumn.

"The ship is still intact. Let's find a craft to get us out of here." Crystal said as Gold understood while looking for entrance, but they found a hole in the hull of the ship.

"So, let's get moving." Gold said as they get inside of ship and find the craft. Gold gets lost in the ship again. Unknown to him, Master Chief got inside Pillar of Autumn as to set up detonate the ship self-destruction. They were in a mission to grab Captain Keyes' neural implants in order to blow up the engines to cause a chain reaction will destroy the ring.

"Great, where's the hanger bay? I keep forgetting where I'm going." Gold complained wondering he forgot where to go to. Sudden alarms and the red lights are blinking that give Gold a scared.

"What the? Alarms? We're not in space! Unless…" Gold panicked to know what is going on with the ship is trying to blow up.

"NO, this ship is about to explode!" Crystal said as Gold runs for his life to find an air craft.

"WHAT?" Gold shouts as he run in the hallways.

"Don't worry about this. We have enough time to get there." Crystal tries to calm him down, but he had to ask.

"How long I want to know?" Gold wondering what sort of time they had before it happens and he doesn't want to witness it in first hand.

"About 3 minutes and the hanger is about 500 yards ahead." Crystal stated as they kept moving as things are tearing apart.

"Fuck! We have no time for this. Let's go! " Gold cursed out as explosions are occurring everywhere. After getting to the hanger to see the last broadsword fighter, Gold sees Master Chief running to the last fighter. The Flood appeared which made Gold to run with his life even more.

"Wait for me!" Gold shouts as it gotten Master Chief's attention.

"Chief!" Cortana shouts as Master Chief turns around to see his fellow spartan running for his life.

"Help me!" Gold said as Master Chief grabs his hand to get Gold inside the fighter.

"They are coming close!" Cortana said as the explosion rock the fighter, but the two spartans take their seats.

"Here we go." Master Chief said as they strapped in and the fighter got out in the nick of time. Gold made it and the only survivors are the Spartans and other marines who made it out of ring world. They seen the ring exploded in the distance and fled via by Pelicans. They did made contract with Master Chief once they were in range.

"Man, I'm so alive." Gold sighed as he sat down on the floor. He can relax for now and relief can take over from the sheer crazy events they gone through.

"Yeah, but I don't this is over." Crystal remarked as the fighter has stopped for everyone to witness destruction of the Halo ring.

"What you think that?" Gold wondered what she meant by that, but Chief comes to Gold.

"Because I think it's only the beginning." Chief remarked as how the events will unfold, but he doesn't how it will turn out to be.

"Aw, great. Something is telling me about this isn't over yet." Gold whined which the war is not over for him.

" Gold-721, how did your events transpire to here?" Master Chief surprised to see Gold, another Spartan.

"Well, Chief. Thanks to Cortana, we managed to flee back to the Pillar of Autumn to get out of the ring world." Gold sighs as he had to recalled everything he done to get out plus with countless flood combat forms.

"What brought you here?" Master Chief was wondering what Gold has been up to.

"I got this A.I which she has information. But she's a super serious gal as well." Gold said which Crystal nearly gets upset when he called her that again.

"Oh." Master Chief said while Gold relaxed as he sits down.

"Gold, can you plug me in that terminal?" Crystal asked as Gold complies to do it.

"Chief, pull me that terminal too." Cortana asked to Master Chief puts her there as Gold puts Crystal in the terminal too.

"So, Cortana, what we do now?" Crystal asked.

"We find a way to go back to Earth." Master Chief pointed out their solution.

"Earth? That's where I was born." Gold shocked to hear that. He was born in Earth, but like all Spartans brought to Reach.

"I never heard a Spartan was born there before." Cortana amazed that to hear that other Spartans were from other colonies as well.

"Well, born in Japan of course." Gold answered that he is a Japanese Origin, but he has a Kansai accent compared to those born in the Kanto area.

"What's Earth looks like? I see pictures and the heard about it?" Crystal asked Gold wondering what Earth look like.

"Well…we'll see it when we get there." Gold nervously answers to her question.

"We have to report our mission to Admiral Hood about this." Master Chief mentions of their superiors to know about. The UNSC needs to know about the Halo rings as it seems a very critical data for vital information to use against the Covenant.

"Correct. We have report this." Cortana agreed with Master Chief as he sat down in the pilot's seat.

"OK, how long that the Covenant find out about Earth?" Gold asks Cortana knowing that bring doom to his home world. That he knows that Humanity is losing the war, but still hold on to prevent the Covenant to know about Earth as Gold worrying about it since it's his home.

"That, I don't know." Cortana answered with much relief to Gold.

"Wait, how we have to get to Earth?" Gold asked again hoping he doesn't want to stay in the ship for too long. He wants to go home after all.

"Like a week or so." Master Chief answered which surprises Gold.

"A week?" Gold said with much dismay. Staying on a fighter will cause him bored to death as the same for anyone if they fit into his shoes.

"Based on slip space on this fighter craft size. Yeah, a week would do." Cortana telling Master Chief and Gold

"Swell." Gold complain as how slip space works, but he never paid attention in his classes after all.

"So, how are they going to survive without food and water?" Crystal wondered.

"Relax, don't worry about it, our suits will last us enough for about a month." Master Chief pointed out.

"I didn't know that." Crystal amazed to hear that.

"Yes, I already knew that. I did remember you when you were a trainee." Master Chief patting Gold's shoulder.

"I was living in the moment. Besides I already knew that." Gold smirking on his comment.

"Liar" everyone said when Gold said that.

"I think we should save the power and besides we have a week to get to Earth." Cortana told the Spartans and Crystal.

"Yeah, you're right." Crystal said as Gold sits down in the co-pilot seat.

"Let's go to sleep." Master Chief said as he removes his helmet.

"Yeah, I think you're right." Gold does the same as well. He can get some shut eye as well.

"I will shut the main power and leave some for slip space traveling." Cortana prepares the power to lower to travel to Earth.

"Ok! Eh, Gold?" Crystal asks Gold as he prepares to go to sleep.

"What?" Gold replied wondering what Crystal must say.

"Did you need anything?" Crystal wondered that Gold needs anything that could he requires.

"Well, no thank you. I can just sleep here. So, I would have a good night sleep." Gold respond that he didn't anything at all, but worried that why Crystal ask him for. After all, he has completed his mission to prevent the covenant to take her.

"You know it's not nighttime. Space is always night. Also, there's no time in space." Crystal sarcastic said because they are in space. That there's no time unlike on the planet to tell what date it is.

"I knew that." Gold pouted out as he relaxes himself to more comfort place to sleep in.

"What kind of A.I unit knows everything when she went self-aware? I mean she's just a program, or is she?" Gold thought as he closes his eyes.

"I'm just going to shut down for save power. Aren't you going to sleep mode?" Cortana asked Crystal wondering that she will shut down as well.

"No, I will watch things from here. I will just sleep in a moment." Crystal tells Cortana if that something bad will happen. She couldn't take the risk for covenant patrol is ambush them.

"I see. Wake us up if we got something. I set up a beacon for any UNSC ship to get us," Cortana tell Crystal in that would not worry and expected for Crystal to go into sleep mode after she set up a beacon.

"OK." Crystal said as Cortana shuts down and Crystal looks at Gold with curiosity. She wondered what events on the Halo have bought them a bond like no other. She doubted things before, but somehow something is affecting her system. She's getting upset and flustered by his antics, not to mention blushing.

She wondered an A.I. unit cannot be blushing; it's more a human condition. Crystal known human are nothing new that has chemical reactions when come to the opposite sexes, but that seems for her to know things called, "Emotions." She by Professor Oak that she was from the Professor's late wife that she didn't know about.

She keeps no memory of that earlier life except for that she remembered that Oak was the only man of his wife. She knows that another A.I. unit, Serina had retained a memory of the previous owner that she remembered kissing a boy. How could A.I. like her were once human beings could remember human things and do wonderful things except them are nothing but a system, program, and a machine?

But to Gold didn't regard her as a thing, more like a human being? A Spartan she understands, but she couldn't understand that human use A.I. to work and that wasn't the case. Gold didn't rely on her except she had to give him advice as he complains in all situations. She looks at Gold with a concern look as he sleeps so peacefully.

"Gold, I hope you have sweet dreams. I wish I can dream. I could dream about us." Crystal said as she looks after the ship.

"Where am I?" Gold said weakly to see a city. It's Shizuoka, where he was born before taken by the UNSC Spartan program. He sees people are shopping, playing, conversations, eating, and couples are dating. He stands around the crowd as to see the awe of the futuristic how it got, but Japanese culture is still in the air.

"Am I? Home?" Gold surprised when a ship appears and then explosions appeared as buildings are getting destroyed.

"What's going on?" Gold said as he holds on until the ship disappears as the city too. Something takes him to a strange building like the one in ring world he was in. It was empty for one without any covenant units in there.

"What is this strange place?" Gold asked himself as he walks down until he sees a door that opens to see a room that has data and strange chamber. Gold is curious as he walks towards the chamber to see large boxes. It was a odd as the control panel is blinking.

"What is this?" Gold wondered as he comes near the control panel. He checks the buttons that he knew what Crystal said, its forerunner. He taps it until….

"Gold…." Gentle voice whispering to him while he follows the voice.

"Who said that?" Gold shouted as he turns around to see Crystal as a girl with blue hair, her anti-gravity pigtails, gym shorts, and red shirt as well. She is smiling towards him and it starting to freak him out that he's aware. It is not normally real, but got a bad feeling about it.

"Gold…" Crystal said which Gold frighten by the sight of it.

"Super Serious Gal? Crys? Aren't you an A.I unit? What's going on?" Gold asked to wonder what is going on. He looks at Crystal who is in fact a living human being. She in a human form, a real life. She can spoke very softly.

"Gold…." Crystal said as she walks back away from Gold.

"Crystal, what are you going? Crystal, Come Back!" Gold shouted as he chases Crystal until she disappears as Monster took her away which looks an evil version of a Venus flytrap monster about 300 feet tall laughing evil. Then the flood overwhelming Gold until he woke up screaming.

"No!" Gold shouted in terror and he looks around to see Master Chief and Cortana sleeping. He turns to the Panel noticed that Crystal went to shut down mode. He blinks for a moment and puts his hand on his head.

"Oh, what a nightmare. I hope Crys is ok." Gold relieved as he sees the terminal with blinking which means Cortana and Crystal are in the terminal. They are both AI, right? It can't mean they can dream, but Crystal wishes to become a real girl. He shook the thought.

"Crys. Oh, that was a close one. What are those images? Is Earth is going be attack by Covenant? After events of Halo Ring, I somehow feel attached to Crystal? Or is it? Nah, how can a man fell in love with A.I unit? Could be? No, what after I failed at Reach. I had to finish the mission. Maybe I can do something to repay her or…." Gold breathes himself which he comes up to the terminal to pull Crystal up into his helmet.

"Huh? This isn't the terminal? This is more like?" Crystal panicked.

"In my mind." Gold retorted to her surprise.

"Gold? Why did you do that? Aren't you supposed to be tired?" Crystal confusing why he took her out from the terminal.

"Well, I didn't feel sleepy anymore." Gold answers her question that in fact he is worrying about her.

"Why is that?" Crystal wanted to know why he took her out from the console.

"I did have a bad nightmare, you see." Gold said which Crystal felt that he wasn't feeling too good. So, she decides to ask him a question rather to continue the conversation about his nightmare.

"Can I ask you, something?" Crystal asks Gold which he perks up and listens to her.

"What is it?" Gold answered with a question.

"What is like to dream?" Crystal mentions that humans dream when they go to sleep.

"It's pretty cool, I guess. Then again, it can strange or out of the reality as well. Why you ask me that?" Gold explains in a short statement on what he thinks about dreams.

"Oh, just asking. I wanted to know what's like to dream. It just I spend 6 years of being A.I as when all A.I only have 1 more year to live. I end up being a wasted unit." Crystal wonder what's like to know to dream which A.I.s cannot dream.

"Oh. That's tough and not fair. I mean they should give you more years." Gold suggested that they could fix her to extended her lifespan.

"Maybe, but I just envy all girls who are real. I want to know as a human. I want to do things like human girls always do except for some cases." Crystal said as the information where she read about human girls did and what they do.

"What you mean? You're pretty cute to me." Gold remarks which that cheer Crystal up from his words that comfort her.

"Oh, really?" Crystal blushed when he said that because it felt strange for him to tell that to her.

"Of course, I am being to understand why they put you in the storage. And they put me in charge to take care of you. Besides you have this spiky and crazy hair format, not to mention a bossy Personality. For a computer, I mean." Gold corrects himself, but he had place his blunt manners.

"Gold, you…" Crystal said when she was about say something until there is flashing lights in Space.

"This UNSC, Redoubtable. We have your homing beacon. Prepare for board." UNSC officer said over the intercom. The ship comes close to the fighter.

"Crystal, looks like we're going home at last." Gold cheered as they about to enter the docks of the Redoubtable. They are so glad to see the UNSC.

"At last, we have contract at last." Crystal relived of this as the Longsword fighter comes to dock. They get out of the ship. The officers of ONI approached them with paper clipboards. They are somehow docile to know what happen to them.

"Sirs, come this way. We will back to Earth in a few days. Lord Hood wants to know you report." One of the Officers asked Master Chief to report the file about the grave news what happened in Reach and the Pillar of Autumn of Captain Keyes.

"Understand." Master Chief said as the Redoubtable goes to slipspace to arrive at MAC station, Cairo in couple days. Gold looks at the window to see his birth planet, Earth. Humanity's last bastion and home world of humanity. It is the capital world of UEG as UNSC made sure the Covenant forces will never find it.

"I'm home! I was gone for 11 years and still look the same." Gold said for he is joyful to see his planet is still intact, but it was a bittersweet reunion knowing the conflict is not over yet. He hasn't been home since he was out in Reach and other battle zones he was in for the last two years.

"Why is that?" Crystal wondered why Earth is important to him, but while she wanted to know about the planet as it seems for humanity came from.

"You see, Earth is a beautiful place to live. I feared it will be discovered soon." Gold said as he looks at it.

"Oh, how is like in Earth?" Crystal wondering what his thoughts on earth.

"Well…I can't wait for billiards and the girls on the surface. Not to mention gambling as well." Gold exclaims as Crystal sighs while the UNSC ship docks with Cairo.

"Spartan-117, you are to report to Lord Hood. And Spatarn-721, reported to one of our chief scientists in level 3." One of the Marines with a clipboard telling the Spartan where to go as for each Spartan tasked to.

"Understood. Gold, good luck" Master Chief comply the order as they go their ways. Gold enters the room where he finds several scientists. They all look at him as he enters the room.

"What is that place?" Gold asked to see old man around his 50s wearing a lab coat. He is holding an electrical panel on his hands.

"It has been a long time. Is it? Spartan-721? I remembered you in your training." Professor Oak said which Gold surprised to see him.

"You're…Do I know you?" Gold asked to Crystal and Professor Oak shocked that as if Gold didn't know about Professor Oak at all.

"I'm the one of the chief scientists of ONI, Professor Oak. I remember your case during the program. Do you have the A.I unit with you?" Professor Oak asks Gold that Crystal is on his helmet.

"Yes, I do." Gold answered to his question.

"Plug her in the terminal." Professor Oak tells Gold as he plugs Crystal out. He looks at the chip with worried look. But he complies his order as he puts Crystal into the Terminal.

"Crystal, are you fine?" Professor Oak asks Crystal after the ordeal of the events of the ring world.

"It was horrible that I know of. But it could have been worse." Crystal said as she provides the data to him along with the forerunner symbols they saw at the ruins.

"Ok, then. How's your trip from Reach?" Oak wondering that he did saw her from Reach before he had to leave.

"Terrible, but we landed on strange ring called Halo." Crystal reported to Oak's surprise to see so much needed data would help humanity to use the covenant's blind faith of the forerunners.

"I see. Anything you learn about the ring?" Oak wondering about the information where she gotten from.

"It's a forerunner. There are many things about it. I managed to save some of the data I gotten from Cortana." Crystal reported as she and Cortana had shared data, but it was need for Oak to study it.

"Hey Old man, is there anything I can do?" Gold asking Professor Oak, but Oak shrugs Gold off.

"No, that will be all." Professor Oak said to Gold as he about to walk to the door, but he stops for a moment. He turns back to Oak.

"Oh. Request to speak to Crystal for a moment?" Gold asking to Oak to speak with Crystal before he moves out.

"Why you ask, Spartan?" Oak wondering why he wants to speak with Crystal, but Gold has more to say.

"Well, she is just was my mission to bring her here. And want to say good-bye to her. That means I complete my mission, right?" Gold explaining that he done his job to protect where their adventures on the Halo ring world.

"Very well, you may speak to her. You got 5 minutes." Professor Oak warns as Gold walks to Crystal.

"Crystal, I wanted to say is." Gold nervously while he shyly about to ask her.

"Yes?" Crystal tries to him to ask the question.

"I…want to thank you for we have been through." Gold said as he wanted to say that before he must go.

"Oh, don't mention the time we have together." Crystal reassurances that she had a great time together on the Halo ring.

"Now, I have to go and get debrief or whatever they do on me. Like missions that will lead me to my demise." Gold mildly disappointed that he has to do his duty to save humanity from total extinction.

"OK." Crystal respond as Gold walks to the door.

"Gold!" Crystal shouted as Gold stops to turn to face Crystal.

"What is it?" Gold said as he stops at the door.

"I want to say…Good bye and be careful." Crystal said which at a sadly tone.

"Bye." Gold said as he waves at her and then leaves the room. After he closes the door only to stops for moment as it seems that he completed his mission, but somehow felt detached from Crystal. But he did what he had to do since she is an A.I. and he is a Spartan. That didn't mean anything for bond between them.

Gold felt attachment to her while walking down only to see the station Cairo is just one of the UNSC defense platform, MAC gun station to defend Earth from any invasion. Unware to him, the events are about to unfold that Covenant found the ring and this time, he has a feeling that the war is coming at the late stages.

End of Halo 1 arc

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