Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


2. Enter Sil Veree

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo 1 arc

Chapter 2: Enter Sil Veree

After walking for miles, Gold sits in the setting sun while listening to Crystal's story which to wonder why she came from. It wasn't long as she describes to be, but he can understand why she comes from. However, behind in her origin story has more behind it what he imagined to be like.

"So, you were from a scientist's wife, right?" Gold doubted where she came from. He only heard it from his basic training about dumb and smart AIs. Dumb AIs are more city administers and workers to help humans while Smart AIs are more designed to withstand more than Dumb AI.

"Yeah, I did. I was given the task to help humans." Crystal pointed out.

"Anyways, what they do to you? And why you were in the Pillar of Autumn at the first place?" Gold wondered why she was placed in the war ship at the first place.

"It's complicated. More like I was highly important to UNSC. Not only that…" Crystal sighed which Gold wanted to know why.

"Why they put you in the storage?" Gold asking wishing to know her situation.

"I figured that after my self-awareness of the files until reach a life expectancy is almost coming to me. No one knows why it happen, I grew more intelligent as I gathered more data. It's been like this recently for past 6 months." Crystal explains to Gold while he checks the ammo rounds of the weapons he was carrying.

"Wait, what? What made you to go self-awareness?" Gold wanting to know why she went self-aware of herself in what regard.

"I just…I wanted to become a normal girl after all. But that's not going to happen. It may never happen" Crystal said as Gold continues walking in the heart of the ring world they are in.

"I see, then. Well, they could build you a body? That would give you the chance to be a normal girl." Gold mentions as he aims his weapon at any possible danger might come to them.

"They could, but that's impossible since we don't have that technology. That's far ahead of us. If it does exist." Crystal sadly said which made Gold wondered, but it was a shocking feeling as she described it.

"Oh…I bet there's a machine can transform you into a real gal. But don't worry, things do happen. Sooner or later." Gold tries to keep her hopes up.

"Do you always talk to people like that?" Crystal wondering if he ever does that to anyone.

"It depends. You are a very bossy. Sometimes." Gold pouted out which she is very bossy in his own point of view like last time. He halts and takes a break from walking.

"It's not my fault. I am a critical thinker in times like this. We should analyze things before doing it." Crystal said as Gold looks at the tree lines where he's under the shade.

"I save your life." Gold pointed out as his action did save their lives.

"Like what? by risking your life in the line? You got to think before you act!" Crystal yell at Gold whom she should remind him. However, that didn't mean for Crystal appreciated it.

"Not so loud. I mean you're one tough computer super serious gal." Gold commented as Crystal huffs at the comment.

"Stop calling me that. I don't like the sound of it." Crystal said angrily.

"Oh, come on it fits you." Gold remarked that made Crystal blushing. Wait, she notices something is wrong with her.

"What's wrong?" Gold wondering of the short silence she has right now.

"Ah, nothing. Just nothing is wrong." Crystal said while Gold stands up and checks his assault rifle ammo count.

"Ever wonder what's like being human?" Crystal asked as Gold reacts to her question.

"Well, I'm no man-made. I think I feel….." Gold wondered since why he is human.

"I just know humans are just full of chemicals and fluids. It's just what's like to have human emotions?" Crystal said which is basic common knowledge on human biology.

"I don't know. I don't have all the answers to everything. "Well, let's get out of here before any of them come." Gold said as only to see the sun setting before them. They must have been walking around for a long time. They are nowhere near UNSC forces, but there has been covenant forces lurking around in the area. This time, Gold takes Crystal's words for it unlike the last time.

"Let's go…. that way." Crystal said as she directs Gold's helmet which shows the arrow marker to go.

"Are you telling my helmet to go?" Gold whine while moving to the heavy jungle area.

"Yep!" Crystal said in a cheery tone.

"Ok then. I begin to understand why you are a special case." Gold sarcastic said that to know why she is a critical thinker in the first place.

"It just I am unique." Crystal answers to his question while they walk into the mud

"Of course, you are." Gold sarcastically as he walk sin the Halo ring with no one at sight until nightfall came in which Gold found a cave to sleep in.

"I'm getting sleepy. Goodnight." Gold closes his eyes to dream while Crystal goes to sleep mode. They are going to sleep in the deep of the night. That is where the dreams of Gold came in. It was nothing as he opens his eyes and takes his step. He wasn't wearing his outfit. He was wearing his Spartan-II training outfit.

Gold is walk to wandering around in a blank state until he sees Crystal. It was a glowing blue just like her avatar, but appear small in the distance. He runs to her as he wishes to know what's going on. It was getting dark as well while trying to get closer to her.

"Hey, Super Serious Gal?" Gold asking as she turns around to see Gold, but it's not the same Crystal. She is wearing biker shorts, pink shirt, and a jacket. Also she was real person as well to his reaction.

"Wait! Wait up, Super Serious Gal? When did you get those clothing?" Gold asked again, but she didn't move or say anything. Suddenly, she moves back away from Gold.

"Hey, where are you going?" Gold worried as he chased after her. Then she stops only to turn around to a cliff.

"Come on, I want to ask you something." Gold asked as suddenly, her appearance changes as her clothes into blue overalls, red shirt, puffy hat, brown hair, brown eyes, and her hair is more curve than blend. Gold trembles upon the sight and begins to run away.

"No. It can't be…No! I saw you died!" Gold whimper in fear until the alarm in his helmet woke him up. Morning came; Gold steps on the puddle as he scans the area which it was nothing there to begin with. Gold sighed as he continues to walk as vines hit him while mud covered his golden reddish-colored armor suit.

"Where am I, so far?" Gold questions of his route he's taking.

"The jungle, duh! Have you ever checked the maps?" Crystal wondered why he didn't follow the map at all.

"No, but great we stuck in middle of nowhere. I could be going around in circles." Gold complained that he is beginning to thinking that he is walking around or going nowhere.

"I think there is a building nearby." Crystal stated as she given him directions where it takes them to the ruins of a temple.

"In that creep-looking temple, seems reasonable enough." Gold said as he enters the building which as alerted as he readies his assault rifle. This time, everything is clear as Gold relax himself knowing covenant units are not here to bother him.

"I hope what could happen to the others." Crystal wondering about the rest of the UNSC forces who fled from the covenant in the Pillar of Autumn.

"I hope nothing bad happens to me." Gold told himself which made Crystal irritated.

"Like what?" Crystal sighed to wonder why that Gold said that. Gold is walking deeper into the building as he scans the symbols with curiosity to know what they are and what they do.

"What are they?" Gold wondering about the symbols that he saw before. Crystal makes a scanning to the symbols. Due to her memory storage is vast, she takes a moment to think.

"I believe its forerunner." Crystal guessing, but she was right that the symbols that she looked at.

"How you know?" Gold asking of her knowledge of them.

"I have data that not even Cortana ever had." Crystal said as Gold dumb fold when she said it.

"I thought she was…better than you." Gold thought that Cortana was different from her.

"What are you implying?" Crystal asking Gold with a question look.

"Um, nothing. It's just a statement." Gold said as he goes into the stairs. He looks around until he halts for a moment. It seems that Gold wonder about the building has something that is lurking in the ruins.

"Hey, Crys." Gold asking as he's alert full time.

"Uh? What you mean Crys?" Crystal wondering that why Gold calling her by shorted name.

"What you want me to call you? Super serious gal or Crys?" Gold asked to Crystal whom halt for a moment. To her, Crys sounds much better than being called Super Serious girl.

"I think Crys is more right enough for me." Crystal said with soft tone that made Gold smile due to her choice. Gold continues to walk around as both Gold and Crystal are talking to each about the Forerunner symbols that Crystal mentions. Gold enters lower levels into the temple with assault rifle at his hand and needler in reserve, but got an eerie feeling that something is following them.

"Great, more freakily structures so far. I hope things would get interesting here." Gold said as he scans the area.

"What you expect? A Lost Civilization? Ok, we have to very careful or unless we get to trouble." Crystal remarked known he's worrying about that as she was. Gold takes a few steps inside. He looks around to see know there could be enemy units in the area unlike the last meet.

Unknown to them, someone was following them as they are continuing enter the temple's lower levels. It was a squad of Sangheili, invisible to the naked eye, are behind them. They were ordered by their commander, Sil Veree to capture the Spartan-II at all cost.

"Like what? I mean what kind of trouble I can run to?" Gold said until Elite punch him in the head with his plasma rifle. Gold collapsed into the floor.

"Gold? What happen? What's going on?" Crystal panicked while the Elites come near to Gold's body.

"Take him to the ship. I hope we can get information from him." One of them ordered the grunts to carry his body. They remove his helmet showing his true face as his messy hair as his unique bangs puffs up when the helmet removed. Moments later, Gold wakes up to find himself in a cell of the Covenant cruiser.

"Ow, what hit me in the head? What the? Where am I?" Gold woke up with a strong headache as he never felt before. He's trapped and captured by Covenant forces which he couldn't see it coming. He realizes that something was not right as he touches his hand on the floor and soon to his head.

"Shit! Where's my helmet?" Gold panicked to search for his helmet. He did recall that his helmet contain no other than Crystal. Keyes did order him to guard her with his life. He felt failure in his part and bangs on the door with no avail despite smashing so hard that the force field is not breaking.

"Crys!" Gold panick as he bangs the door until Sangheili guard comes to his cell.

"You are foolish demon I ever seen in my whole life." Sangheili speaking in his language

"What bigger demons scare you?" Gold grins at the alien warrior knowing that they are afraid of other Spartans like Master Chief. He can understand Sangheili due to his experience of their language for some time.

"At least I die in honor!" Sangheili threats him with his blade.

"What did you with my helmet?" Gold demands that his helmet to be return at once, but he's not buying it.

"Don't worry about that. We take good…care of it." Elite said as he walks away and laughs manically. Gold continues to bang the force field shields with no avail. He drops down to the floor.

"Damn it! Those motherfuckers! I can't believe this that I blew it. They have her and not able to get rid of my virginity before I die. This sucks balls even more. I hope Crystal is ok, I'm sure she can take care of this. I hope." Gold said as he tends to stay hopeful knowing that things will turn out well for him. Meanwhile, at another part of the the ship torture room, they are trying to unlock human's secret data on the AI unit. The same guard from before came into the room to know the progress.

"Um, sir?" Sangheili guard comes to Sangheili minor who is tasked to break her.

"What now?" Sangheili torturer wondering what to do with the AI who cross her arms with a puff in her face.

"The enemy A.I is proven a tough one to crack. Where's your human home world?" Sangheili guard violently asking the AI to reveal the information to them.

"How about no? I never let you to wipe out humanity." Crystal defiantly said until someone came in. It was the same Sangheili that commanded the battalion against Gold, day before.

"There are ways to force her to talk." The guest stated as he enters the room.

"Major Sil veree. What honor that bought you here?" as the torturer bows to him.

"Let me handle this." Sil veree suggested as the torturer left the room. He comes close to the AI unit. He takes a look at her, but he realizes that she looks very similar to someone he might know in someplace else.

"My dear lady, why do you refuse to give us the data about the humans?" Sil veree asking nicely to the AI unit.

"Try to torture me and I will never give you information." Crystal refusing to give them information about UNSC forces especially one information that could end them; Earth.

"I would like to have a conversation with you. My name is Sil veree." Sil veree greets Crystal.

"My name is Crystal. Why you being so…." Crystal is unsure of her captors that this one is different.

"Friendly. It is a principle of having manners. Tell me, why the humans don't give up? This war has been too long for both of us. Would it wise for them to surrender and accept their fate?" Sil Veree questions her to explain that the war has been dragged on that entire generation of Sangheili warriors have been forced to fight in a war that shouldn't been over long time ago.

"So, why is that?" Crystal wondering why Sil Veree is acting proper and serious about the conflict.

"To end this war once and for. Or else we will be forced to wipe them all out. Your friend is hold up in the cell in this ship. The same one who killed my troops under my command." Sil Veree said as Crystal looks away knowing that if she gives up the info to them, humanity is doomed. But Gold is locked up and will be in danger.

"I cannot." Crystal refused as Sil Veree is not shocked to hear.

"Why? Why not? " Sil Veree demanding to know.

"I will not let you to wipe out the human race because your religion demands it. It's wrong!" Crystal pointed out why the war was started in the first place.

"Then it seems we have to torture your protector to make you speak." Sil Veree said which there's another way to break her rather waste time to try break her. He turns his back on her to head at the door.

"Please, no!" Crystal shout as Sil Veree heard her yell. He turns back to her.

"It seems he's a threat to our operations. Allowing him free is not option for us. However, his freedom will happen if you allow yourself exchange information. But why would a human-built program like yourself slave around by humans. Yet, you care about them? A machine without emotions cared of one human?" Sil Veree wondering why this UNSC AI cares for a human scum like that demon locked up in the cell.

"I'm much different kind of AI." Crystal said as at the Ship command center been an alarm as a small squad of marines has entered the ship. Among them was no other than Master Chief who are in a mission to save Keyes from the Covenant forces.

"What's the problem?" Sil Veree wondering what's going in the command ship.

"We got something weird in levels 9 and 8." Sangheili minor explains of the alarms are going off.

"Patch it in the main screen!" one of the Elite officers ordered one of the crew member to display the screen.

"What the? Kill the vermin!" Sil Veree shouts at them.

"We lost contract with them." Sangheili minor tells him as the frustrations continue to mount on him.

"Damn it!" Sil Veree cursed until an explosion noise is heard.

"Sir, we lost contract from levels 7 to 3." Sangheili minor reports to him that they are getting closer and closer to the cell levels.

"Get Hekemee's squad from cell center and make sure no prisoner escaped from there." Sil Veree orders him that they have to make sure that none of them reaches to the prison levels.

"Yes, sir." One of the Elites responded while at the cell room as Gold is planning his escape.

"Great, I have figured a way out of this cell. I got to think here to get out of there." Gold complains as he is thinking a plot his escape from his captors.

"I got nothing to think about. Crap, what I do? Crystal helps me in this situation. Wait, they got my helmet. Fuck those blasted mark V helmets. I could…" Gold said when he sees the guard.

"Hey, you." Gold calls out to the Sangheili guard who comes to Gold's cell.

"What you want?" Sangheili wondering why he called him in the first place.

"I know the location of Earth." Gold tries his best to act serious to trick the guard. He hopes to lower his guard.

"Earth you say? But wait, what if you are not lying?" Sangheili guard looks at him with death glare.

"Would I lie about it?" Gold shugs as he tries to convince him to get him to take him to his commander.

"Well, ok. But this one time only so no monkey business thinking you can escape."

"Dude, trust me I am very sick now." Gold tells the sangheili Guard as he open the door hoping that he will reveal the location of their homeworld, but it was so quick that Gold punches so hard to his gut and knocks him out of his senses.

"Stupid! What a dumbass?" Gold smirks as he takes his plasma rifle which amuses him.

"So, how you work this thing?" Gold said that he figures out how to use it and fires which surprises him firing plasma bolts out of the plasma rifle.

"Figures. So, where I go to find Crys in this ship somehow." Gold muses when an explosion noises are heard throughout the ship hallways.

"What is that? Whatever it is? I cannot die here with getting score." Gold runs in the hallways while the firefight rages on.

"I got to go find her." Gold gets lost couple times meanwhile Master Chief recuse Captain Keyes which Gold literal pass by.

"I hope this right place." Gold hopefully as he opens the door.

"Super Serious Gal? Where are you?" Gold scans the room. He sees Crystal in the table.

"GOLD! WATCH OUT!" Crystal warned Gold when suddenly Gold turns around to see red, violet, and black colors armored Sangheili welding an energy sword.

"So, you're a Spartan she mentioned before? You?!" Sil veree remembers as he looks at Gold while blocking his way to Crystal.

"You!?" Gold points the plasma rifle at Sil veree as he points his energy sword at Gold. It was a short moment until Gold open fire while Sil Veree blocks the shots with his energy sword. Sil Veree goes for a stab, but Gold dodges it. Sil Veree quickly notices this as he makes a quick recover to kick him into the wall.

Gold recovers as he quickly moves out of the way avoiding the energy sword to make one shot kill on him. His golden amber eyes met Sil Veree's dreadful silver gray eyes in a hateful matter. It was a cold close encounter as combat intensifies in each second as it turns into a hour. Gold was very close to Sil Veree as he holds up the plasma rifle at Sil Veree's face.

"You bastards kill her on Reach!" Gold shouted as he aims the plasma rifle at Sil Veree, but Sil Veree avoids them while takes cover in the pillar. Sil Veree switches to his plasma rifle to open fire on Gold, but Gold takes cover in the pillar. Sil Veree notices the distance between Gold and the AI is close. He must continue fire on him while he takes cover while Crystal looking distress of the situation nothing she can do.

"Demon! It's hopeless even for you! She will be away and will end this war. So, don't you even think losing your life over a program? Just like how you lost your…" Sil veree remark as he continues to fire on the pillar, but Gold steps forward in a fit of rage rushing towards him. This shocks Sil Veree as he sees Gold drops his weapon and making a fist.

"I won't do that. I got orders." Gold said that he remembered that he has orders from Captain Keyes from before. He punches Sil Veree in the cheek until the ship rocked when an explosion throwing Gold and Sil veree off-balance. Gold sees the a chance to get his helmet while he gets Crystal and puts her inside the helmet and goes to the hanger to find a banshee to make his escape. Silver woke up to see the AI unit is gone and the Spartan as well.

"Damn it!" Sil veree cursed when other Sangheili came to him.

"Major! We have been attack by human squad and a demon." Sangehili minor explains to him.

"What?! How did they...Never mind? I need to report information to our commander." Sil Veree said as he got up.

"Yes, sir." Sangheili minor leaves before Sil veree went to the hanger to see a Banshee flies out. It was the no other than the Spartan who gotten away with the AI that could ended the war sooner. He was defeated by likes of him, but he swore that he will defeat him in the end.

"One day, golden eye demon. Your head will be mine." Sil Veree muses as he reports the situation commander of the Covenant fleet. He did remember that spartan on planet called Reach as he did recall on the day he did challenge on a one vs one duel. He will meet the spartan once again.

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