Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


22. End of the journey

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo 3 Arc

Chapter 22: End of the journey

The pelicans coming in with two elite phantoms to disable the barrier shields. Once they are disabled, they enter inside the Forerunner complex to activate the rings. Our heroes have fight their way to disable them to assist Master Chief. It will be the last battle for the dexholder squad as they about to face against the covenant before it is over.

"Hey, Chief?" Gold said as he comes up to Master Chief.

"Yeah?" Master Chief answers as he turns to Gold-721.

"Are you going to save Cortana?" Gold wondered as Chief looks out in the distance.

"Yes" Chief answers with determination in his voice which Gold understands of his mentor's tone.

"Well, I'm going to find Crystal even it kills me. There is something that I'm not done here." Gold said as he holds on the chip and inserts inside of his helmet.

"I completely understand my friend. Oh I forgot. I brought something for you." Chief said as he grabs something.

"What it is?" Gold wondered what Chief got there.

"Your body armor is still new, but this will help you." Master Chief said as he shows him his Mark V helmet which his old helmet before he received the upgrades. Although he would ask him where he got it from, but he decides not to ask about it.

"My Mark V helmet?" Gold said as he takes it and takes a lot at it with smile that he never gets to see his old helmet.

"You're going to need it." Master Chief suggested as Gold puts it on. It's fits with the new body system and software which it is backward compatibility with older armor.

"How long I haven't worn this thing?" Gold said as he noticed he remembered how he wore it.

"Since we have received new armor." Master Chief commented as they received new armor before.

"Yeah." Gold said as he put the chip inside of his helmet where he hopes that Crystal can understand where his new helmet was heavily damaged.

"The Three barriers will have to be destroyed in order to get that crazed alien who bent on our destruction." Red said as he speaks with the squad.

"That's our mission all right." Sapphire said as she looks at Ruby with a smile.

"That's correct so. We must succeed at all cost." Platinum said as she is coming with him while wearing a marine outfit armed with battle rifle.

"Here we go." Black said as they are feeling that they about to face covenant resistance.

"It going got hot!" Marine pilot said as they drop them off.

"Kill those humans!" One of the Brutes said as they get out of the pelican and while Diamond and Pearl are giving the squad with aerial support. They head out to fight their way through to disable the Barrier which they have finish their task, but something went wrong as High Charity appears as some of the parts hit an Elite ship.

"You got to be kidding me?" Gold said as the rock is coming towards them.

"NO." Master Chief Shout as a fragment crashes into the hallway along with few members of the squad. Nobody is harmed in the process, but something is about attack them.

"Not more of those things." Gold said as the flood appears as they attack our heroes. They begin to fight the Flood and have to fight their way out.

"Sergeant Johnson's team is missing and Johnson is captured by Covenant forces." Radio cracked to realize the problem. It was supposed to be over, but things can go wrong.

"Great, we have to get him." Gold stated as they fight their way out as they combat the Flood which they meet up with rest of the dexholder Squad and the Arbiter whom Sil Ver comes along.

"Spartan, what happen?" Sil ver asked to Gold.

"High Charity has crash landed. That's the whole Flood army numbered unknown has landed." Master Chief said.

"Unknown numbers?" White asked as they turn to face the army of flood coming after them.

"WE are facing an army about infinite numbers." Ruby stated the situation.

"Besides we have stop those aliens to activate the rings and worse we can all be dead." Gold said as they fight off against the flood horde.

"Now we to save Johnson from those blasted aliens, right?" Red asked as they face against vast numbers of the flood without losing single life.

They head out to the Ark main control building, but they faced many Covenant forces in their way, but they put much resistance despite they are losing ground. That when they deploy two scrabs to defend the entrance. They were destroyed by Master Chief and their allies, but they noticed something is not right. Diamond and Pearl on Hornets flying by got a something in the radar.

"I got a bad feeling about this." Ruby said as they heard something too.

"Ruby, will you stop saying that…." Sapphire said until they see an Ultra scrab appears before them.

"That thing is huge!" Black shouted as they see how big the Scrab is.

"Oh mon Dieu!" Xavier shouts as he comes to Yvonne who is in fear and shock to see what massive warmachine that Covenant made.

Inside the scrab, the pilot is no other than Cyrus along with his fellow minsters who are determined to wipe out the heretics and humans. They are determined to use it to wipe out the flood as well to repel and help them to conquer the galaxy. Cyrus will be rewarded for his godhood once the rings will be activated.

Soon, I will wipe out all those who stand in my way!" Cyrus screams as he fires the weapons as it took down a scorpion tank easily. He is targeting the warthogs. The Dexholder squad and the rest of the Allied forces battled the Ultra Scarab as they tried their best to take it down, but they noticed that it was an upgraded version from other scarabs.

"Shields are too strong for Missiles!" Pearl said as UNSC are losing armor units while the ultra scarab are shooting them down. However, Sil ver noticed something of the super weapons.

"Sir, it's ready to fire." Mars said cheerily as she is working on the Scarab while to buy Truth more time.

"We will show that allied scum what we are really are." Saturn said as they are preparing to fire upon them.

"Yes, soon we will be gods! There's nothing they can do about it!" Cyrus said as he pushes the button. It fire the main gun to take out a warthog with one clean shot.

"I got it! When it fires, take out the legs! The Shields is its power!" Silver said as Red nodded as he signals the Dexholder Squad to attack.

"Diamond, Pearl. When it fires, shoot the legs!" Red said over the radio. Both Diamond and Pearl followed the order while they wait. Both Pearl and Diamond are using Hornets to fire at the legs that disrupted the legs when Ultra Scrab fired.

"Damnit! Recover the legs!" Cyrus ordered them to fix it. But Platinum along with Gold get on scarab as Gold and Master Chief shot down the Brutes down. When they reach to the core, Platinum threw a plasma grenade at the core to destroy it.

"It's going to blow!" Gold said as he helps Platinum out of there and jumps to nearest Hornet. It was Dia's Hornet. Diamond was relief that Platinum was safe.

"Sir, the core is destroyed! We are doomed!" Mars shouted as the alarms are flaring around.

"NO! This can't be happening! I failed you! NOOO!" Cyrus screams as the scarab blown up into pieces.

Now, they can enter the building. The Dexholder squad with Gold and Silver enters while Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum return back to the ships. They are running to get to the Ark main control center as they in the hallway as Truth is talking about the "Great Journey" which he talk about for hours.

"Does he ever shut up?" Sapphire wondered as Truth keeps talking on and on as they walk by.

"Looks like it." Emerald said as knowing that Truth is just ranting on of his beliefs.

"Pretty evil and very old too." White stated to comment on his age.

"And thinks he's a big shot." Black joins with White.

"He looks pretty weak to me." Blue said as they look at his own images.

"We are running out of time. We have to get there before he activates the rings." Red said as they continue to run in the hallways. They followed Arbiter and Master Chief.

Meanwhile, Lady Truth sees the moments that she knew that they need a human to activate the rings. She sees this in joy while her husband knew that how Miranda Keyes tries to save Johnson, but they were attempting to kill each other. She gives Truth the spiker to kill Commander Keyes.

She smiles for the events to follow as to activate the rings. For the Dexholders with Gold, Arbiter, Silver, and Master Chief arrive to stop the rings to destroy life. They kept going until the Flood Pure forms appear. They don't appear hostile to them which Platinum is shocked on their intentions.

"Don't shoot. Just listen, we will lead you to the one has done." Flood Pure form said as they follow them as flood infection forms come out.

"I hope so." Gold said as they battle the Brutes while they were helped by the flood. When they reach there only to find Johnson with Miranda Keyes dead while Master Chief deactivated the rings and Arbiter goes to Truth as he's going to slay him. Before that, Sil ver spots Lady Truth cower in fear.

"You!" Sil ver said as he comes to her while drawing out the energy sword. It was the moment for him to kill her and average his father.

"Sil Veree. I….I…tried to stop him you see. I think that Great Journey was a lie too." Sird said as she is trying get out of the situation. Sil Ver didn't listen to her lies as he steps closer to her.

"You murder my father! I will have my revenge on a prophet! You told your husband to slay innocent for what?" Silver said enraged don't want to listen to a coward being who leaders of the Covenant was once.

"We did what we have to do. If we had finish the job, then we could all achieved this." Sird said as she sees the Arbiter grabs Truth as sword point.

"You lie! My fellow comrades died for nothing! For what? This lie." Silver said as he grabs ahold of her.

"We lie to save the Covenant." Sird said as Silver drew close the energy sword towards her.

"Bullshit. You whore. You are nothing, but a cunt!" Sil ver shouted as she stabbed her in the chest. He killed her as he shouts out of victory. Gold nodded after he shout whom honors and respects Sil Ver. Johnson takes Keyes to the Pelican until Gravemind appears much to the shock of the squad, Sil Ver, and Gold.

"Oh, great." Silver said as he takes out his energy sword.

"Who is that?" Red asking who is the massive tentacles are from.

"Gravemind! What did you do with Crystal, you monster!" Gold shouting whom Gravemind laughs knowing that he was going to betray them in the end.

"That thing took Crystal?" Blue asking Gold to know why it could take Crystal.

"As I fear, my worst nightmare has come to be." Gold said knowing that Gravemind was right in the end.

"Looks we have trade one villain for another." Sil Ver said as they attempt to leave in the Pelican, but the entire squad got knocked off. Brute flood forms appear along with more flood forms appeared. Sapphire fires her shotgun at the Flood combat forms. They fight their way with Arbiter and Master Chief until Master Chief opens the shutters showing the Halo that Chief destroyed.

"Is that another Halo?" White wondered as they watch.

"The one I been before I went back to Earth the one chief destroyed." Gold stated as he remembered.

"How did you know?" Green asked as he looks at Gold with doubt.

"It just I know which I have been there." Gold answered to Green's question. Everyone is about to go back on the ships. In the one of the frigates' hanger as Master Chief is going to a banshee.

"We are going back home and leave everything to Johnson, Chief, and the Arbiter take care of things here." Platinum said as she address to everyone.

"NO. I stay." Gold said as he turns away from the group.

"What?" Everyone shouting to wonder why he's not going with them.

"I'm not leaving until I get Crystal back." Gold said as he considers the ruins of High Charity where she is located.

"Why?" Red asked to know what Gold's reasons is.

"Because she's here. I just know it. I can feel it." Gold said as he can feel the images of Crystal in his mind.

"But those things in crash site. You never make it." Green said as he tries to stop Gold.

"Not if I die trying." Gold responds as they realize that Gold must do it or else risk everything.

"Do as you wish. Come on, let's go!" Red said as Gold walks away. Red stops for a moment as he turn to Gold.

"Gold?" Red shouts as he got his attention.

"Yeah?" Gold turns his attention to Red.

"Just come back safety with Crystal." Red said as he thumbs up.

"I know I have made a promise to her." Gold said as he walks up to Master Chief. Then Sil ver comes up to Gold as he gives him an energy sword.

"They were my fathers. Use them." Sil ver said as he hands him the energy sword.

"Thanks. By the way, on reach…I understand why. But I can forgive you which Lyra would." Gold said as he was relief that Sil Ver did the right thing. He realizes that Sil Ver was following orders, but Lyra would be proud of Gold for forgiving his enemies.

"I hope we can meet again. Soon." Sil ver said as he left Gold to be.

"Yo, chief." Gold said as he caught up with Master Chief.

"Gold? I thought you're going with them?" Master Chief said as Gold comes to a Banshee.

"No. Remember I said, I'm going to save Crystal no matter what." Gold said as he checks the banshee.

"Sorry, I forgot. Let's go." Master Chief said as they hop into two banshees. They fly towards the Flood Lair in the ruins of High Charity. It is no longer a space station planet, but hive of the worse things in the galaxy.

"I know that." Gold said as they land on the crash site.

"Alright, we got to stick together…" Master Chief said until he was cut off by Gold

"Chief, Crystal is somewhere else in there. I should look for her alone. " Gold said which Master Chief understands. They go on their separate ways. Gold fights his way against the flood in the hallways of the ruined High Charity. But something stops him like visons of Crystal ranging from agony to psycho laughter mixed with joy.

It stops as he resumes deeper into the ruins of High Charity and proceeds while more flood forms appear before him. He shoots his way out to get her. He hopes that Crystal is doing well. Or at least he thought he will be until something stops him. It wasn't long that he was stop by Gravemind enters his mind.

"So, come for her? Well, she will suffer as the other. The one you lost before" Gravemind said in his mind. It was a scorn voice as he enters in.

"Crystal?" Gold said as he mows down flood in his path. He encounters more corpses animated as they attack him, but Gold kills them. More keep coming towards him and as they are increasing in numbers. It was getting harder and hard for him to get though of the endless flood hordes.

"I'm not real. Gold's life is more real than mine. He loves Lyra than me. I am worthless to her. I am nothing but a computer to him. I will never be a real girl to him." Crystal said in his mind. It stops for a moment as he resumes while killing a Flood pure form with a shot gun.

"Crystal?" Gold wondered that how did she knows Lyra. Maybe on Reach he did noticed that drones he spotted, but it wasn't Halsey, it was Crystal all along. She fell in love with him during that time. How could it be? How can he be so blind? When he was in the Pillar of Autumn, all he can do is trying to forget Lyra while using his funny personality be his exterior.

He knew that falling in love was the one killed Lyra in Reach when the Covenant attack the planet. He was too weak to save her. He feared that could happen to Crystal as well and knew it too well. He knows that he lost the very one thing that could prevent from being lonely.

"I am just a lie. I am nothing, but my mother's shadow. A image only." Crystal said in his mind. He is stopped by a moment as each her image appears in his HUD. It's getting harder to focus.

"Crystal! I'm not going lose you again. Not the way I lost Lyra on Reach." Gold said as he runs towards the voice as he rushes and searches every room he seeks for her. He shot a Flood stalker down.

"So, you do have a hidden past. I knew on the face before. I will make her suffer like yours." Gravemind said in his mind. It was getting tougher and harder for him to get though the waves of Flood coming at him. Especially the mind invasions made by Gravemind to distract from achieving his objectives even using Crystal as well.

"I never have been afraid of my whole life. It's so dark in here." Crystal said in his mind while she screams in pain.

"CRYSTAL! LEAVE HER ALONE YOU BASTARD!" Gold shouted as he rushes to her voice as he fights the flood on his way to save her.

"You will never save her. She and I will be as one. Submit to me and I will be free!" Gravemind said to Gold's mind, but Gold is not buying it.

"I have made a promise to you, Crystal. And I am not going to break it!" Gold said as he pressed on as more Flood forms are coming at him. In another Room, Master Chief got Cortana and radioed Gold.

"Gold, I got Cortana. Have you found her?" Master Chief radioed as the Radio silence

"Come in?" Master Chief said to himself.

"He's looking for her? Since Gravemind knows Crystal sends the message. He took her to different room. He had been torturing her to death so we can't work together." Cortana asking to know if Gold was going after Crystal.

"Which room?" Master Chief asking knowing that Gold could be lost which he might not able to make it on time.

"Gravemind thought it would separated Crystal and me, we won't able take over the system. I don't know where she is. The only hope is Gold finds Crystal before it's too late. Now, we have found them before things gets ugly. But we got things first." Cortana said as they get out of the room.

"Yeah" Master Chief said as they see the reactors of High Charity. Meanwhile before the reactor was about to be exploded, Gold was stopped for last time only in Crystal to state herself.

"This is UNSC serial number 4307302001, I am your fears and doubts." Crystal's voice in his helmet as Gold walks to the damaged rooms of High Charity, Gold hears Crystal groan on the panel as she experience pain never before in her A.I unit life. He comes to the panel.

"Gold, I missed you so much." Crystal said as she lies down in pain.

"Crystal?" Gold said as he approaches to Crystal on the panel.

"Gold, It just….so dark and lonely without you. It just bears to hold it on due of my self-awareness has shortened my lifespan. I might not able to last this so long." Crystal said without looking at Gold.

"Crystal, I'm here. I will never leave you at my side." Gold said as he lowers to see her.

"Gold? You're here? You came back. Just for me?" Crystal wondered as she got up.

"I did. I risked my life to save you." Gold said as he grins inside.

"You did? Maybe the report was right, you are reckless." Crystal smiled which made Gold blushed as she smiles at him. To Gold, he is glad to meet Crystal who is worrying about him after all.

"I told you, I'm not leaving you behind ever." Gold said as he stood up.

"Gold?" Crystal wondered as Gold looks at her.

"I'm putting you back on my head. I already miss those moments together." Gold said as he pulls a chip to get Crystal as he inserts into his Mark V helmet.

"What happen to your new helmet that I may wonder?" Crystal noticed something was different.

"Got broken. I got wacked in the head." Gold said as he gets his weapon ready.

"Just as I thought, you are so reckless." Crystal pouted out knowing that his reckless behavior was the one got him to save her.

"I know. People always kept saying that to me" Gold stated until he heard the radio.

"Gold, let's go! I set the reactors to explosion. So, get out of here." Master chief said as he radioed to Gold.

"Got it Chief." Gold said as he moves out. More Flood coming towards him with more numbers as ever.

"What took you so long?" Crystal wondered that all the things she was gone.

"You know stuff. And stop the crazy prophet guy who was about to wipe us out in the face of galaxy. That I did most of the work." Gold bragged, but he was part of the solution to the situation he was in.

"Liar. OK, I haven't been inside your head for quite some time, eh?" Crystal said which made Gold panic.

"Don't you ever think about it?" Gold yell in a teasing matter.

"Just kidding" Crystal giggle knowing he has a funny personality despite of his tough exterior.

"You got me there. Let's get out of here." Gold said as he spots a slope and grabs a piece of metal. He seems that he wants to get out of the place quicker.

"Gold, what are you doing?" Crystal asking to know what Gold is up to.

"Taking a shortcut." Gold stated as he prepares to slide down.

"I don't think it's a good…IDEA!" Crystal screams as Gold goes to snowboarding-like style. They passed by so many flood forms even the stalkers had a hard time catching him up. Then a large ramp led to a big canyon where halfway.

"We are not going to make it!" Crystal shouted as they are about to drop into the ground. Gold spoke up to make Crystal to know what's he's doing.

"I got this!" Gold said as he took out a plasma grenade to stick in the middle of the board to gain a boost. He made it and then he proceeds on foot as he takes out an energy sword given by Sil ver. He cuts down Flood forms stand in his way before for Gold to finds the Pelican contains Arbiter and Master Chief. However, among the fighting the flood is Sil Ver alongside with the Arbiter.

"You? I thought?" Gold asked to Sil Ver as he stabs the Flood pure form.

"Well, I have to witness this to the bitter end!" Sil Ver said as they continue to fight alongside.

"So, you two are friends now?" Crystal wonders what really happened while she was away.

"Let's say…we need each other for the sake of the galaxy." Gold said to Crystal as they meet up with the Arbiter along as they got out of ruins of High Charity into the Halo Ring as they crash in. They heading to the Halo Replacement. It seems they getting while Johnson is driving a frigate to get close to the ring. Both Gold and Sil Ver see of the Halo ring is not yet finished.

"Wow! This place looks new and much better design than the old one." Crystal said as she sees it from Gold's HUD.

"You don't say." Gold wondering as he got a weapon from Master Chief which no other than battle rifle.

"Unless how they go here." Master Chief said as many Flood forms appear before them.

"What you mean?" Gold said as the flood appears which means it's not over and they are taking to stop them.

"Oh, right. Them. Heh." Gold sheepish said as they fought them off.

"We have fought them. The control room we must go." Arbiter said as they fight their way to the control room.

"Right!" Sil Ver said as they are heading to Control Room since they knew where to go. The design is similar to the one first ring.

"He's right. We must start the ring." Master Chief said as they no other chance for solution to defeat the flood.

"What? Are you crazy? We could be killed!" Gold said as he thought that firing an Halo ring will be a bad idea.

"Remember what the monitor said. It's in the works and not yet finished." Chief said as he knows that it will work against the Flood.

"If we fire the ring and then?" Gold asked that it will work.

"It will kill the Flood without the remaining Halo rings." Cortana stating her plan which will work.

"Sounds simple enough." Crystal said as Gold rolls his eyes knowing that both are right.

"What about the Ark?" Gold wondering will affect it.

"It will be destroyed too." Cortana said as they fight their way to the Control room as they meet up with Johnson, but suddenly they got separated which lead to a room with a control panel with a strange machine. Guilty Spark appears.

"What is that place?" Gold asking himself to see a big panel before them.

"Some room that looks like a research center or something." Crystal answered for him.

"No, it's the genetic room." Spark appeared to Gold.

"Genetic room?" Gold said as he sees the panels.

"Yes, in case of the Halo rings have fired, my makers have gathered all DNA of the species in the galaxy. You can create life with this." Spark explained that panels has every species was documented.

"Life, huh?" Gold wondering as he spots a human panel which he was curious to know why it is there to begin with.

"AS you wish, but there is one condition." Spark said as he gets Gold's attention.

"Which is?" Gold wondering what he wanted from him.

"You must give me your Construct to be as my Campanion. " Spark said with hint of lust in it.

"Crystal?" Gold said with shock to know why he wanted Crystal to begin with.

"Don't you dare do it." Crystal said as Gold pulls out the chip and looks at it. Gold has a idea, but he has to make it look he's doing it.

"Show me how it works?" Gold asking to Guilty Spark hoping he will buy into his plan.

"All you have to do is to activate the panel and create life in the screen as you desire." Spark explains as he shows Gold how to work with the machines. "What about fusing an A.I unit into the body?" Gold wondering if the plan was fail-proof on that part.

"Why? What you mean?" Spark asked because he noticed that question that has to do something with the AI subject.

"Is there is a way to fuse a shell body with A.I? I mean your makers are so advanced in techno stuff. I mean it is possible?" Gold tries to paraphrase the question.

"Yes, but this the only room that has the options and yet my makers has never test it." Spark said that Gold is fume about it.

"If they never test it? How it works, you idiot!" Gold yelled at Spark.

"It just did. Now, I must go to seek the others in the next room." Spark said as he flew away to the door.

"The others?" Gold asked to know why.

"You will take your time to think about this. I will tell them about the ring will be finish in a few days. So, I don't expect second thoughts and don't you ever think about fusing A.I unit into that machine. SO, ciao!" Spark said as he is about to leave the room.

"Wait! Why you some robot want a companion for?" Gold wondered as Spark turned to Gold.

"You see that long ago when my creators had placed a human mind in my metallic body." Spark answered to Gold.

"How so?" Gold wondering to ask why.

"Well, you see...I have been lonely for the past 100,000 years. You know how hard it is to be sane for that time?" Spark said to Gold. Now, Spark goes away which left Gold alone. Gold looks at the chip and puts in the panel.

"What are you doing?" Crystal asked to Gold who started to work on it.

"Granting a wish." Gold said as he taps the buttons in the panel while the machine for human model appears.

"You are not better not do as he says! I don't want to be with him. I want to be with you!" Crystal said as she wanted to know why he's doing it in the first place.

"NO, I don't. I have a better idea. Or else you wouldn't listen to me." Gold pushes the enter button as he selects what he wanted.

"What?" Crystal transfers into the machine. The machine stops until the door opens showing a graceful figure with two dark blue anti-gravity ponytail, wonderful body, and smooth skin wearing a pink t-shirt, skirt, and a lab-coat. She woke up and realizes that she has a physical body. Then she looks up to Gold.

"It does work!" Gold said until Crystal kicked him in the shin.

"YOU IDIOT!" Crystal yelled as she fumes to Gold.

"Why did you do that for? This for being an idiot!" Crystal kicks him in the shin again.

"This is for constant annoyance!" Crystal kicks in the balls.

"This is for flirting!" Crystal kicks him in the stomach.

"This is for…" Crystal picks up him to kiss him in the part of the helmet he's wearing where his lips might be located in.

"For falling in love with you." Crystal said as she felt real tears for the first time.

"Crys…" Gold said as he takes out his helmet to see her in his own eyes. Crystal was surprised to see Gold in his eyes. In Reach, the entire time she looks at Gold but never his eyes. She sees the deep Gold eyes as if it was a star.

"What?" Gold asked as she's getting a blush.

"Nothing" Crystal responds as she felt something inside of her reacting her attraction with Gold. Gold puts his helmet back on before they have to leave the room.

"You know you got pretty blue eyes for a super serious gal." Gold comment which made Crystal more blush than ever.

"Let's go find the others." Crystal said as she walks to the door.

"Coming. Wait a second! You want to hold hands?" Gold said as he catches up with her.

"Eh, ok." Crystal said as she looks away for a moment. When his hands touch her hands, she felt something that she never felt before and it was nice. Her skin was smooth as Gold thought and felt good.

"Just hold on with my hand and I will protect you." Gold said as he carries the pistol and holds Crystal's hand at the same time to get out the room to go into the Control Room to meet up with Arbiter, Master Chief, and Johnson.

"I can't believe I'm a real girl." Crystal exclaims as she can feel and touch.

"Crystal, I…" Gold said which looks at her though his HUD.

"What is it?" Crystal looks at Gold with curious look.

"You do…..look cute even when you were A.I." Gold said which Crystal blushes.

"Thank you. I knew you have a noble heart." Crystal said as she turns away from him.

"I do?" Gold wondering to know why, but he knows deep down that she knows about him.

"Sometimes, you can a jerk. But I just can't help it." Crystal said until they walk towards the Control room as Guilty Spark is gone insane.

"This ring is mine?" Spark said in fury only to find Gold and…another human? Gold had betrayed him and this time he's not going to let go this time.

"Chief? Arbiter? Silver!" Gold said as he sees Gold, Johnson, Arbiter, and Sil Ver are down. Guilty Spark sees Gold which he betray Guilty Spark

"YOU! You betray me behind my back? You made an organism on your Construct? This is…unacceptable! You must be terminated at all means stated in protocols!" Spark gets close to Gold. Crystal gets front of Gold in a defensive stance.

"Do what? I must follow my protocols! This ring belongs to me! Not you! I will return you to your state and make you my lover!" Spark said with red lights on his bulb.

"Like Hell I would." Crystal shouts as she gets front of gold and grabs Gold's pistol.

"You are insane! I won't let you do that!" Gold said as he raises his battle rifle against Spark.

"I will make you eat those words!" Spark said as they battle him along with Master Chief.

"Not for long!" Johnson said as a Spartan laser hits Guilty Spark and Master Chief grabs Johnson's weapon. Gold fires his battle rifle at Guilty Spark.

"Don't you understand? I am true owner of this ring!" Spark screams as he felt pain from the laser blast.

"I don't think so!" Crystal said as Gold reloads his battle rifle.

"What?" Spark said as he turn sot face Master Chief with Spartan laser.

"Hasta la vista, Baby!" Master Chief fires the Spartan Laser against Guilty Spark.

"NO! ARGH!" Spark said as he dies in an explosion.

"It's over. It's done. It's finished." Gold reliefs at the sight as the Halo begin firing sequence as Master Chief runs for the exit.

"Time to go!" Gold said as he grabs Crystal.

"Great Idea!" Crystal said as they flee the control room with Master Chief and Arbiter got in the Warthog to get the UNSC ship Breaking Dawn. He and Crystal sit together in the seat. Sil Ver got on the Warthog near the turret. Time was short as the Halo is about to fire. The warthog makes inside the Ship. They move to a secure location somewhere in the ship with the Arbiter.

"You think we are going to make it?" Crystal asked to Gold

"We will." Gold said as he has high hopes that they will make it on time.

"Then it was a real honor to serve with you." Crystal said as the explosion occurs as the Ship rips apart as the portal closes as Gold and Crystal embraced each other.

End of Halo 3 Arc

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