Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


13. Crescent before Dawn

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo Reach Arc

Chapter 13: Crescent before Dawn


Year 2549

In the island of Hokkaido where Tomakomai is located lays a big mansion where a young girl around 12 years old waking up. An old man appeared with clothes on his hand as he comes near the bed. It was her servant whom served the family for many years, but born before the events of the Covenant invasion.

"Good Morning, Missy." The old man said as she gets up in bed to see the rays of sunlight hit her face.

"Good Morning, Gramps." The young girl said as she rubbed her eyes.

"The day is today. You're about to send off to military academy. And your clothes are based on the academy's uniform, but at top quality." The old man said as he shows the outfit for Virginia Military Institute or known as VMI. It was only he heard that UNSC has ordered all military collages to lower the age limit for great need of officers for the upcoming battles.

"Thank you. It's just my first time to be on military academy, I don't know what to expect." The young girl said whom is no other than Platinum, the daughter of Berlitz family whom her father works with Rowan as assistant along with her mother. They sent her to a military academy due of the children of high-ranking officials of the UNSC. It was her first time to experience the outside world even the planet to see the galaxy. She put on her uniform which it was a white cadet's uniform and put on two rings on her fingers, Diamond and Pearl.

But that wasn't all, her father has sent two bodyguards to assist her in the academy except her mother disapprove of this has offered alternative way. They both agreed not to send bodyguards; they let her to experience on her own. Soon, they took Platinum off into Virginia Military Institute, one of the best UNSC military schools.

Over the years, the VMI has lowered admission age due of the war as the UNSC has taken over all military academies since the formation of the UNSC. Due of the losses in other academies in the colonies, they make to do with the military academies in Earth. Her trips will not an easy one as the plane travel from her mansion to Virginia. It is in United Republic of North America and United States.

The plane soon landed on Virginia as the limo driving her to her VMI. There she sees young cadets being drilled and trained for war, but has uneasy feeling about this. The limo starts as they bring her to the dean of the university. The Dean was looking at the window until he turns around to face young Japanese girl. He sighs knowing this is going bad for UNSC to face such problems against the Covenant.

"So, what we have here? What brings you to our fine academy?" The dean asked in his southern accent.

"Hello, Dean James. My name is Platinum Berlitz. I'm from Japan. My father has…" Platinum said meekly until the Dean cut her off.

"You know my dear, this institute don't receive younglings like yourself in peace times except we are fighting a war forcing my cadets to graduate at earlier age. I have no choice to lower the admission age because of this. But I can't argue against the UNSC because of that. I do assure you, this military academy is no walk at the park. This fine Institute has produced fine officers of the UNSC even the Army and Navy as well. I hope you do well in this academy. You're sleeping in the room with the note I given you. You may leave, missy." Dean said as he told her while giving her the note.

She got up and left the room as the Dean watches the window. She walks down the hallways to see the cadets doing their free time like writing, painting, reading, playing video games, and other things. She reads her note where her room is until she reaches the door. She opened the door quietly until she found with minor shock. It was two boys practicing a comedy routine and surprising Japanese as well. The boys turned to face her.

"A girl?" the blond one said and the other one was surprised to see an angel. That he sees her that she was a princess from another country or planet of that regard, but smack in the head by his blond friend.

"Dia, snap out of it! Sorry, I think you got the wrong room." The blond one said which Platinum check the note again and it was the right one. He read it over and over, but he thought it was a joke.

"Well, I got this note from the dean that I was assign to this room." Platinum said as she put her cases next to them. It was all to be her stuff as which the boys were surprise how much stuff she carried.

"What? Give me that!" the blond one said as he took it from her. He read it until he realizes it was the right room.

"You can't be serious?!" He said with a deadbeat face.

"Oh, can you get my bags into the room?" Platinum asked as she points the bags.

"Ok." The dark hair one said with lovely dub look. He got her bags into the room. The blond mutters as he helps his friend along.

"My name's Pearl. My father is part of the UNSC navy as an officer." Pearl greets himself to Platinum. It wasn't like a friendly kind since he's not used to fancier folks such as her. He did

"What about your friend?" Platinum asked as the black hair one eating a crunch bar.

"Oh, he's Diamond. But I prefer to call him Dia." Pearl said as he introduces Diamond to her. Diamond is very shy towards her, but he could pick himself up to address who he is.

"Hi! I have a mother works with UEG under Colonial administration" Dia said as he finished his chocolate bar. Platinum lower her bags to make her way to introduce herself.

"My name is Berlitz, but do refer me as lady or missy if you may." Platinum greeted to the two boys. They have a female roommate. Soon, the following days that Platinum was doing exceptionally well on classes that has military strategy and tactics that earn her recognition among the teachers and students.

She also helps her roommates on the subjects they have trouble keeping their grades up. Soon a class that they are learning the history of military firearms, the lesson was the reloading of rifle musket which it has never seen before. They were given Springfield muskets model 1861.

"These rifle muskets were common in the American Civil war. They were the DMRs of the day which except it was much different in terms of reloading. Yes, Platinum?" the Teacher asked whom Platinum raises her hand.

"It appeared that it has no magazine. Then how did it work?" Platinum wondered to see an ancient weapon that could work. It looks useless for such weapons to work in the days where such infantry uses them in a great extent.

"Excellent question, Platinum. They are done in steps. Step 1: Check the rifle if has been fired. Step 2: reach for the bullet. Step 3: place bullet between teeth. Step 4: put in the barrel. Step 5: Get the ram rod after your pour powder in. Step 6: Ram it until it is placed in. Step 7: Return the ram rod. Step 8: place the percussion cap in. Step 9: You are ready to fire. I want each you to do. Each will shoot a target in range of 150 yards." The teacher said as his demonstration how to do it and hands out the musket to each student.

They did everything correct except for Platinum who's having a hard time doing it. Pearl and Diamond show her how to do it. In a matter of seconds, she does it much faster before Dia and Pearl whom were surprised by this. Next class is the naval battles class, they are learning about Admiral Nelson, Admiral Yi, and Admiral Rutyer.

"Class, we will learn of greatest Admirals ever fought. Admirals Yi, Ruyter, and Nelson. Regarding for their insight of naval warship and ability to win against all odds." Naval teacher said as the class looks at him especially Platinum takes a great interest on the naval commanders.

"Admiral Yi was known for having ability to never lose a single warship and single battle. Japanese were aware that during their invasion of Korea that Navy was important to maintain supply lines. Yi took strategic risk that with Korean navy has outclassed them in terms of cannon use, but Yi knew that Japanese are good at boarding. He keeps things in range and able to defeat larger Japanese fleets." Naval teacher continues as the students whom some of them are yawning despite Platinum kept listening.

"Admiral Ruyter was known for his insight and understanding of the tactical sailing ships that using communication as advantage against superior opponents. His daring dare against docked English fleet did humiliated England for many years to come that is considered one of the best raids ever conducted." Naval teacher gives out the holo-map as how Admiral Ruyter could do it. He switches the map of Trafalgar where Platinum looks at the map of the sail ships in different formations.

"Despite the combined French and the Spanish fleets, Nelson was able to use weather to his advantage and able to win a decisive victory against all odds. Now, we will go back to step one. Before battle, the weather has become nasty and it is not suitable for naval warfare. It was a daring for Nelson to make two columns that managed to defeat both Spanish and French fleets." The Naval teacher asks as the student rose which earn his attention.

"Sir, what this applies to today?" One of the students asking knowing that it was history and that they don't have the technology in the age of spaceships.

"Everything. We still use them today and often came with great success. Admiral Cole used tactics that Nelson, Ruyter, and Yi used. The Battle of Psi Serpentis was a clear example of it. Like Nelson, Ruyter, and Yi, Cole died believing for the survival of our species. They are great heroes. Class dismissed." The Teacher said as they left the room. The trio has made a connection with each other. They made though in many of the trials and classes.

Sigma Octanus IV

Year 2552

Three years later, they graduated with top honors. But they didn't return as expected, the UNSC has drafted them too quickly as they are both 15. Platinum was assigned to the navy branch as a Naval officer while Pearl and Diamond become pilots within the navy. But assigning on ships, they are all assigned together. They are joined by many officers in the ship named, UNSC Iroquois. They reach the bridge of the ship. Platinum with Pearl and Dia meets the captain of the ship. The captain turned around to see the trio whom is no other than the legendary captain of the UNSC.

"Why do ONI sent us young kids these days? My name is Keyes. You may call me, sir. What's your rank and names?" Keyes sighed while the trio stared at confusion with the papers. He didn't like how this is going with where the war is going with.

"Ensigns Pearl, and Diamond, sir. Lt. Platinum, reporting for duty." Platinum saluted to Keyes.

"No need of that. What military academy you graduated?" Keyes asking to know what military academy they been to.

"VMI." Dia answers as he and pearl hold their pilot helmets. For 15 years old, they are about five feet and six inches tall. Tall enough to fit inside of the Longsword fighter.

"VMI? What your assign positions?" Keyes asking again to know about their roles in the ship.

"Pilots, sir!" Pearl and Dia shout whom both Keyes knew what their roles are going to be.

"Ok, and yours?" Keyes asked as he looks at Platinum.

"I was told to give a special assignment." Platinum said sternly as Keyes looks at the report. It stated to be advisor for tactical and strategic command.

"Oh, you're the one who score high scores on naval tactics and strategy. Four-time Winner of VMI Go championships. That's very impressive." Keyes said proudly. After meeting with Keyes, Dia and Pearl are assigned to a Swordfighter which they gotten used due of the stimulations and video games.

Soon, Keyes tells the crew of the ship they are heading out of slipspace to confront the Covenant fleet. Sigma Octanus IV was their destination. The warning stated a covenant battlegroup is coming towards the ship. It seems they are outmatched, outgunned, and outnumbered. Reinforcements will arrive, but it will be too late to get there on time.

"We are dealing a hopeless situation. Due of the intel we have, we found one Carrier, one RPV-class light destroyer, and two Frigates. I was hoping to face two frigates." Keyes sighed at the sight of the Covenant battlegroup.

"Not necessary sir." Platinum spoke up as Keyes pays attention to her.

"What you mean, Lt.?" Keyes asking to know why Platinum has sort of plan that he can listen to.

"Sir, what if we use their weapons against them? I suggest we use their weapons to follow us and use emergency acceleration by launching the nuclear missile in the wrong way. If we pass by the frigates and hit the destroyer's shield." Platinum said as she draws up the map of the system.

"That will hit the destroyer and use the planet to slingshot and fire all our weapons at the frigates. I think it's risky, but bold. Lt., I hope your plan worked." Keyes finished. Platinum tells Pearl and Dia to hop on the swordfighter to help Keyes in battle. Then before the battle begins, Platinum was stopped by Dia.

"Um, missy. I was wondering that….." Dia shutters as she looks at him notices that he is blushing for some odd reason.

"Yes?" Platinum wide-eyed wondering what's in his mind.

"Um, be careful out there." Dia said with a hug. This surprises Platinum with a hint of blush. This was not allowed for lower rank to hug a higher-ranking officer, but she hug him back. Dia goes to the hanger bay, but he stops for a moment.

"Diamond!" Platinum said as Dia turns to face her. She was very beautiful in a white uniform and very graceful. But he knew that he's just a commoner and she's in most prestigious family in Japan.

"Huh?" Dia stopped to see Platinum who pauses for a moment.

"Just watch yourself. Take care of yourself!" Platinum shouted as Dia saluted to Platinum as she saluted to Dia. He heads out to the longsword where Pearl is waiting for him.

"What hold you?" Pearl wondering as he puts on his pilot helmet. They are joined by two other crew of the fighter to manned the weaponry.

"Nothing." Dia answering to his question while putting on his helmet. He takes the role of the pilot while Pearl takes the co-pilot role.

"Diamond, you know she's a noble and you're a commoner. Right?" Pearl said because he knew of his friend's crush on Platinum.

"I know. I always know." Diamond said as he starts the engine up. They got out of the hanger and started to escort the ship by its side. Dia looks at the window to see the ship's command deck noticing both Keyes and Platinum are looking out into the space.

Soon, the ship comes out to face the Covenant battlegroup. The Battle of Sigma Octanus IV begins as they follow the plan. Keyes has executed the plan as the covenant frigates fired their plasma torpedo each while the Iroquois bypass them to hit the destroyer as the torpedo destroyed them.

The LongSword fighters are busy taking care of the Covenant fighters and taking out boarding parties. Dia and Pearl has kept the pilots' morale boost due of their comedic antics. Dia looked worried as the ship slingshot around the solar star. He is worried that she is doing ok. He managed to avoid a Covenant space banshee fighter on their tail while taking hits along with an engineer fixing the problems on the fighter. Pearl fired the homing missile to destroy the banshee fighter.

Soon, the Iroquois appeared to open fire the archer missiles towards the Covenant frigates. Then the frigates were taken down quickly than it looks like. The remaining Covenant ship was a carrier retreated after it drop some ground forces. At the command deck, Platinum considered the window to see the dogfights taking place hoping her friends especially Diamond. The battle was raging on until it was won to take out the Covenant battlegroup.

After that, the trio become the most successfully with Keyes whom they were credit to achieve the impossible. Platinum smiled when Dia and Pearl came out of their fighter, then Dia looked for Platinum for which he smiled at her. Later, Platinum received a promotion along with Dia and Pearl, who they are space aces.

Dia and Pearl together shot down 10 covenant fighters which that was amazing feat considering how they were young compared to other pilots. Platinum was assigned along with Dia and Pearl to other ships of the UNSC before return to Earth because they were too important to lose after the battle. However, the ship they were in had a homing beacon will change the fate of the war forever.

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