Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


8. Betrayal

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo 2 Arc

Chapter 8: Betrayal

In High Charity near Delta Halo, scientific section of the Ministry, there is a certain San 'Shyuum named, Cyrus, or better known as Minster of Emotion. He is working on valuable military asserts that could turn the tide of the war, but someone comes to the room unknowing to him. It was one of his assistant whom no than Mars whom she has been helping him with his projects. However, that's not the case as someone comes in.

"Busy, ain't we?" a female voice said in a monotone. It reveals to be another San' Shyuum whom more well-known among members of the Prophets.

"Lady of Truth, what brings you here?" Cyrus wondered why Sird, Mistress of Prophet of Truth is here. She has come to tell or explain about the events about the war. They had heard of the events what has transpire to them the Sacred ring. It was a sign from the Gods to provide the key to enter the Great Journey.

"I have news to tell." Sird tells Cyrus which gotten his attention.

"What news?" Cryus said as he looks at the blue prints of his upcoming project will help turn the tide of the war.

"The prophet of Regret has been murdered by the demon." Sird said as shes overlooks the blue prints of his project.

"What? Have they killed the demon?" Mars said as she hopes that the demon who cause Prophet of Truth massive headache and often prevented them to reach the human home world.

"No, they glassed him along with another demon." Sird said as she mentions another demon in the reports.

"Another Demon? I thought that demon was the last of his kind?" Cryus wondering why there's more than one demon in existence.

"No, it seems. There are few left to say. I have also bad news as well. My husband has decided to change the guards under my advice." Sird said as she hopes the beam will kill the demons on sight as nothing can stop them. The changing of the guard is not well-known throughout the Covenant. This stir among the Sangeheili whom were the protectors and original founders of the Covenant.

"The Guards? Won't…." Mars said with a concern look, but Sird looks at Mars with a cold look that made Mars backed down.

"NO, I have plan something else. They won't see it coming. Their time is at its end. Long time I have waited for this moment. Has your project is completed?" Sird smirk knowing their time is at an end.

"Not yet, all I can do is finished it by transporting to the main ship in case of the Flood and continue it there. This machine will help us to conquer the humans on Earth. To seek what we are looking for." Cyrus said as he looks at the blueprints of the plan. It was a scarab, but larger and threatening than before.

Meanwhile at the Sangheili quarters, Gio Vanniee is working on his project along with an Huragok. It was an outrage among the Sangheili that the Prophets' sudden change of the guard was not way over demon's murder of a prophet. Each high ranking Sangheili has his own Huragok whom helps out the daily tasks, but they are used for computers in the Covenant.

"Sir, I have gather much data for next meeting." The Huragok said in a female voice.

"Thank you, Sab-rina." Gio Vanniee thanked as he gets the data from her works.

"My lord?" Sabrina asks Gio Vanniee whom looks at her for a moment.

"Yes?" Gio Vanniee said as he takes his time to put on his outfit to say of his rank.

"I have news to tell. He prophet of Regret has been murdered by the Demon." Sab-Rina said as

"What?" Gio Vanniee surprised that a Hierarch has been murdered by a demon. Another room is Pry Cee is working another two Huragok with names of "Will" and "Karen".

"Here's the data you need for the council." Karen said as she hands over the data to Pry Cee.

"Thank you. Any news?" Pry Cee wondered because he heard Regret went to Earth without support. It was a hasty invasion without the full support of the entire Covenant fleet. Hopefully, they will resume what they started it and end the war once and for all.

"Well, Prophet of Regret has been murdered by the demon." Will said it first which shocked Pry Cee.

"What?! How?!" Pry Cee panicked as he heard the news that demon is killed and hoping the war will be over. Another room as Lan Cee resides in with another 2 Huragok named "Lorelei" and "Agatha" whom told him about the same news, but he was already there in the Phantoms. He knew Truth ordered them to turn back.

"Damnit! If Truth didn't stop us to stop the demon then none of this will happen." Lan Cee shout in anger that there was going to special task force to kill the demon which Truth ordered them to turn back. They had him in their sights, but the choice to turn back was a bad choice in the Prophets' part.

"Not only that, Truth has issued a new changing of the guards." Lorelei pointed out which giving Lan Cee attention. Lan Cee knew that Truth is changing of the guards with the Brutes.

"Oh, I gotten a message that you have to meet up with Rita Vaduamee has ordered all special force members in 0800 hours" Agatha said as Lan Cee perks up as he goes out of the door. He walks in the hallways of High Charity in terms how huge of the place is. Lan Cee meets Pry Cee and Gio Vanniee on an elevator.

"It seems you heard the news?" Lan Cee asked which they gotten the news.

"Yes, I wonder why Truth hasn't consented with the council." Pry Cee said as how Truth is gathering power which the Council is getting aware of it.

"Truth has no right to make this decision. Yes, he didn't consent the council which I don't know. I don't like it." Giovanni said as they both head down to the walk ways in High Charity.

"That will nothing change as long the sacred ring has been found at last. The great Journey has come at last." Pry Cee said knowing that they are upon a Sacred Ring which it has brought joy to Covenant. They continue to talk with each other until Lan Cee left for his meeting. He encountered Sil Veree near the landing zone.

"Lan Cee? "Have you heard?" Sil Veree said as he greets Lan Cee. Lan Cee looks upset by the recent news. Sil Veree knew on his mentor's face and understood it why, but he takes a risk to ask him a question.

"I have heard of it. We have been their protectors. Why the suddenly they want to change the guards to the Brutes?" Lan Cee said in anger. They had been protectors for the Prophets for countless generations.

"But let's keep that in hand as we have to achieve the great Journey." Lan Cee comfort Sil Veree as they gotten on the Phantom. They are heading to the Halo Ring.

"All it seems that it won't be an exciting one." Lan-cee said as they overheard that the Arbiter is there for a special task to retrieve an icon. They are shocked to hear that. The Arbiter was taken there by the Brutes led by Tartarus to shut down the shields of the installation.

"My former commander is there?" Sil Veree asked to know why the Arbiter is there. He did admire him for his command style and more pragmatic ways to fight rather than using brute force.

"It seems you are very fond of your commander?" Lan Cee asked to know why Sil Veree still regards Thel Vadamee is his hero.

"He is fame commander that led many victories. And He saved my life on Reach." Sil Veree answered to Lan Cee's question. They landed on the surface to find themselves on a four-way battle composes of Human, Covenant, Sentential, and Flood. Soon, they are about to meet the Arbiter up.

They join the Arbiter and Ria Vaduamee to head for the Library. They fight against the Flood which they have to encounter along their way to get there. They found themselves in a platform only to know more humans are there to get the library. But they are not alone as the Flood are right behind. Rita Vaduamee left, but Lan Cee wanted to follow him against the Flood.

"It seems you are friends with him?" Arbiter wondering of the relations of the Sangheili to Sil Veree.

"Mentor, since I join the Covenant." Sil Veree answering to the question. Thel Vadamee takes a look at Sil Veree, but he did notice the young Sangheili from before.

"So, it seems. Your name happens to be…" Arbiter wondering as Sil Veree turn to face Thel Vadamee.

"Sil Veree. I was part of your fleet before the mark of the shame." Sil Veree answers him before his question was made. He did recall as how he met him in Reach from a long time ago.

"I see you in action. You fight well as your father." Arbiter commented on his martial prowess as his reports on first sacred ring was remarkable and his capture on demon was excellent leadership.

"Seems you know me?" Sil Veree said as his comment did bought him honor based on his leadership skills.

"I know my commanders. Let's focus on hand." Arbiter said as they face the flood which they drew out energy swords. They tore the flood to pieces while the Brutes on their phantom gave cover support to handle the flood. When they got there, they encountered a few marines which it was no problem for them to handle, but the flood still managed to get them.

"Arbiter, look!" Sil Veree points to Miranda Keyes and Johnson who got the sacred icon from the middle of the giant hole.

"The icon. We must go! Now!" Arbiter said as they come towards Sargent Johnson, who open fire at the Arbiter. Arbiter took care of Johnson which Miranda fires her SMG at Sil Veree and the Arbiter. They dodge the bullets from Miranda as soon she stopped firing. Then the Arbiter took out her weapons as Sil Veree gets his energy sword towards her. But they stop when Tartartus and Orm are here as Tartarus got Miranda with his gravity hammer.

"Good work, Arbiter." Tartarus commented on their jobs to complete the mission. He continues to ramble on to the Arbiter as Orm comes to Sil Veree whom doesn't seem very happy for the Brutes to arrive on their moment of triumph.

"Well, ain't the son of Gio Vanniee. I'm glad to meet him. Wait, I do know you since on that planet what the humans called Reach." Orm said as Sil Veree glared along with the Arbiter at the Brutes. Something is not right why the Brutes are here for.

"The icon is our mission." Arbiter point out that the Prophets gave the order for him to get the icon from the Ring.

"Was your mission. Now it's mine. Soon, your race will be gone while the Brutes will take your place." Tartarus boastful said which the Brutes started to surround the Arbiter while Orm comes to Sil Veree.

"We have other plans for you." Orm said with grim tone. The Brutes took Miranda and Johnson away as Tartarus takes the Icon from Miranda.

"Why you so armed?" Sil Veree said to wonder why the brutes are not friendly it seems. He looks at Orm as if he wanted to kill him.

"The Hierarches has made a wise choice." Orm said as Sird comes out of the shadows.

"Lady of Truth?" Arbiter said only to his surprise. He did recall her in the trial where he was branded mark for his failure.

"Arbiter, how pity that your services are no more required while Sil Veree, son of Gio Vanniee, will join the Arbiter to death?" Sird said as she taps Sil Veree on his armor while she walks away.

"What's wrong on?" Sil Veree demanded to know why.

"Oh, the Great Journey demands it. Orm?" Sird said as Orm came to her, but not only Orm is there, many brutes and Kig yar are around while one comes to Sird's side.

"Yeah." A nasal Kig yar appears as Sil Veree knows the Kig Jar.

"Carr, do I enjoy this?" Sird asking the Kig yar whome he smiles with a monsterous grin at Sil Veree..

"Yeah, you do. I waited for this day to come." Carr asked as he aims his plasma rifle at Sil Veree.

"What's going on?" Sil Veree demanding to know what's going on as they raise their weapons against Sil Veree and Arbiter.

"When they learn of this, they will take your head! Lady of Truth, stop this!" Arbiter pleads which it falls to deaf ears.

"Tartarus, you know must to deal." Sird ordered Tartarus whom chuckled as the Arbiter shocked to hear from his chuckle.

"Yes, my lady." Tartarus obeyed as he prepares his hammer.

"When they learn? Fools. They ordered to do it." Tartarus pointed his hammer at Sil Veree and Arbiter. He sent to the pit what it seems to own their deaths. At the darkness, they are grabbed by tentacles which much to their surprise. Meanwhile in the Halo Ring, a group of grunts are fighting against something. It seems hopeless for them as they are about to retreat as their leader was killed by sniper round.

"Oh, no! I'm going died?" Grunt said when he gets killed by Emerald with his SMG. Emerald reloads his weapon as he counts how much ammo he has left.

"Hey, look I killed him." Emerald said as the others came out. Xavier appear before the group and takes up sniper position as they reveal in the open.

"Man, those aliens are everywhere." Blue worried because they knew how outnumbered they are. Nevertheless, they did managed to survive wave after wave with a grave concern of amount of ammo they had left.

"I only kill 5 Elites and 20 grunts." Sapphire said with pride.

"Wow, that's impressive record of kills." Black said checks his battle rifle's magazines.

"What you think? I'm the heavy specialist unlike Sissy boy here." Sapphire said as she glares at Ruby.

"Oh. I was trying to…..not get a stain." Ruby argued that he hopes the alien blood doesn't stain his uniform, but it wasn't meant for fashion shows.

"T'as pas de couilles." Yvonne mutters knowing that Ruby is a big pussy not able to fight as a man. She knows Xavier is not afraid to use his pistol if they get close to him even she's afraid of him when he gets angry.

"Let's cut the chit chat. We have bigger worries for now." Red said as reloads his battle rifle.

"Like what?" White said as she reloads her weapon.

"Remember about the flood?" Cheren pointed out which they to fight against the Flood.

"Oh, that? What about it?" Red recalls as how they appear out of nowhere and kept coming at them.

"I mean they can appear at any place at any time. Do you forget when we first encounter them as we face them in a valley?" Green said remembering that the squad battling the flood with fear and desperate to stay alive with everything they got.

"Humph! I haven't seen them yet, but I would suspect that Spartan would be the first one to be infected." Blue said as she assumed what happen to him no matter.

"Blue! You shouldn't say mean things; I mean he did save us from the enemies in Cairo Station." Yellow mentions that Gold did save their lives from Covenant forces day before.

"True to that." Emerald agreed with Yellow. They overheard the radio regarding about the situation.

"The library's barrier is down. Dexholder squad, we have new mission for you." Radio said as Red grabs it.

"Come in, what's our mission?" Red asked to know what new mission.

"There is a large Elite force coming to the Library to witness about the Halo thing. We overheard in their communications. But looks like the leaders of the Covenant called Councilors and if we kill them, we end this war right now." Radio said which to Red's surprise.

"I see, understood. Everyone listen up." Red shouted after he turns off the radio which everyone goes to Red.

"The Covenant has sent their leaders to witness firing of the Halo. But this last chance to save humanity from danger. Let's go!" Red said as they go to the area to counter the Elite Councilors. Meanwhile, after the Arbiter was betray by Tartarus, Chief of the Brutes, where Sil Veree and the Aribiter are being dragged and being held by tentacles. At the same time both Master Chief and Gold wakes up and see something taking them.

"Gold, what is that ugly thing?" Crystal asking to know what it is. A flashback of his nightmare appears to Gold for a second. It was the same monster that appeared in his nightmares. He doesn't like where this going with.

"Something terrible, that I know." Gold said in fear what he didn't like. The creature is the one from Gold's dreams.

"So, this one made of machine, this one is flesh and faith, this one is somehow in doubt, and this one is in fear." Gravemind, the name of the giant monster whom happens to be the leader of the Flood.

"What you mean in fear?" Gold wondering why Gravemind said that he is afraid of something.

"Demon!" Sil Veree yelled to see Gold again. Gold turns to see that sangheili is at a same situation as him.

"Oh, it's ain't the jaws himself. Did I meet you before?" Gold said as he couldn't point where he met before.

"We have met at the one of the Sacred Rings you destroy." Sil Veree shouts at him where Gold can hear, but Gravemind has bigger plans for them.

"There is something we must do." Gravemind tells them to know what to be heard.

"Just kill me or release. I have no time for talk." Arbiter demanding to die already from the madness he is witnessing.

"What we want you to tell to talk to us? We are already dead." Sil Veree argued to know why it is keeping them alive.

"There is much time for talk." Gravemind said as soon he explains about Halo which it is a WMD and to show two different points of view of monitor of Delta Halo and Prophet of Regret. The argument between the Prophet and the monitor showing the contrast how it is the same thing how the Halo ring is a weapon to destroy all life.

"This thing is right. Halo is weapon. Your prophets are making a big mistake." Master Chief said as they didn't listen at all what he said.

"Your ignorance already destroyed one of the sacred rings, Demon. It shall not harm another!" Arbiter said to Master Chief because his failure that lead him here.

"If you will not listen, I will show you. There is enough time to stop it. You must do what you do on one likely spot and you must stop it with enough time. You will help him to stop the ring. And you." Gravemind said as he looks at Gold after he looks at Sil Veree.

"Who me?" Gold said as he looks at the creature he describes it to be very monstrous and nightmarish.

"You have feelings that you are surpassing. I have sense denial in you." Gravemind points out which Gold is not telling anyone what he has been.

"Hey, at least I don't look ugly as you, Aubrey." Gold mocking Gravemind as it doesn't take kind of his words on Gravemind.

"Stubborn mind, you are. It seems you are in some kind of curse which there is one way to break it." Gravemind said sensing Gold is hard to read. There's something else he tries to enter his mind.

"Spare me with that. Just let us go and go with our merry ways!" Gold shouting at Gravemind who takes a amuse out of him, but it's getting annoying with his rants.

"Gold, I wouldn't do that if I were you." Master Chief warned Gold, but it didn't stop him to continue.

"There is one thing you will not. I don't want you take away Crystal ever!" Gold yelled at Gravemind whom didn't flinch, but the others are shocked to hear of his words.

"What?" Master Chief, Arbiter and Sil Veree, and Cortana said as they are shocked to hear Gold to say the words out of his mouth.

"Wait, What?" Crystal said in a major shock to hear what Gold said. She never expects what Gold said as she seems never to understand why he had to speak out of his mind.

"I won't let you!" Gold shouted that hoping he won't allowed it. Gravemind laughs at Gold as he grips on him very tight.

"It seems I would send you with him. In the meantime, you know what I mean. While you two will stop the ring from destroying all life. This ring will make us brothers." Gravemind said as he sends the four somewhere. He sends Gold and Master Chief to High Charity where a civil war began while the Arbiter and Sil Veree to Halo ring.

"The Great Journey will begin when Tartarus will start the Halo to begin." Truth said with Mercy and Sird whom she smiles during Truth's speech until Gold and Master Chief appear. The Grunt nearby was surprised to see Gold and Master Chief.

"Boo!" Master Chief said to scare the Grunt.

"Yep! Run away!" Grunt said in panic as he throws up the needler which Master Chief was about to get it.

"Thank you!" Master Chief as he aims at Truth.

"Demons! Kill them!" Truth said as he escapes from Master Chief.

"What's this demon thing? Oni is a better term and much better to add." Gold wondering why they are being called Demons unless they don't know anything about the Japanese language at all.

"I don't think so. Maybe they just afraid of you, which could be it." Crystal answered to his question. Gold picks up plasma rifle where Chief manages to kill one of the Brutes coming to him.

"There is no time for that. Chief, put me in the Covenant battle net." Cortana said as Master Chief was about to put Cortana in the High Charity networks.

"Me too!" Crystal said as Gold and Master Chief Put the A.I units in the terminal which they have control of the entire system.

"What now?" Gold asking what Crystal wants, but he has no time to argue with that. They are in the heart of the enemy capital. It will be tough for them to fight their way to reach with the prophets to get the icon key.

"We fight our way through." Master Chief said as he grabs a Carbine from a brute he killed while Gold gets a duel plasma rifles along the way.

"Well, I hope it's not big." Gold hoped as they fight through the halls to see the entire city which they must fight the entire city's defenses. However, they overhear the firefight across the city as it turned into a war zone.

"Oh, crap this city is huge. Bigger than Tokyo!" Gold remarked as he never a place that huge.

"Gold, what is Tokyo?" Crystal asked to know what Tokyo looked like. She seen pictures of it, but she wishes to know what Tokyo looks like on Earth.

"Oh, that's where I been there before I was…." Gold said as he takes down group of Kig Yar front of him.

"Before what?" Crystal asking to know what he meant by that.

"That's where…." Gold said he stops to kill some grunts.

"Well?" Crystal asking again as if Gold was avoiding the question from her.

"I thought you were a smart A.I unit?" Gold asked why she is asking him questions if she is super smart due of her serious nature.

"I am! Aren't you going to fight or what?" Crystal demanding that whether to talk or continue fighting along the way.

"What you think?" Gold said as he sees more grunts with Brutes are coming against him while Master Chief handles the Brutes.

"Kill!" One of the grunts said as they gotten killed by Gold as he uses the duel plasma rifles. He follows Master Chief along the way as they fought more covenant until they see In Amber Clad is heading for the High Charity which the Flood appeared.

"Not those again." Gold whined which Master Chief and Gold fight their way to get the Prophets. They are everywhere which they should find every weapon left to defeat the Flood. There was one question still lingers in Crystal's mind that before they landed in Covenant capital.

"Well, I did hear about you saying to Gravemind." Crystal said to wonder why he said that. Was it a lie or it was the truth to the monstrous creature they faced.

"Oh, that. I just need a short exit. That's all" Gold answered because he knew she will asked him that.

"What you mean that he can't take me away? But you do know you're rude and perverted." Crystal points out.

"Well, I got my reasons." Gold said as he takes down Flood combat form front of it.

"Like what?" Crystal wanted to know why he meant his reasons are.

"For starters, Blue is very busty, Yellow is nice, and Sapphire despite of her nature is nice in her own way. Yvonne is a hottie French girl. White has her own sexual appeal. To you, you're always serious and strict. Why I would say that to Gravemind." Gold lies to Crystal hoping she can drop the subject.

"So, you lie to him?" Crystal questions the validity of his words.

"Yea. What you want to me to do?" Gold said which Crystal didn't think Gold is capable to tell the truth to Gravemind. Gold takes on against group of infection forms and combat forms. He manages to kill them before they were coming at him. Master Chief and Gold enters the Mausoleum of the Arbiter. They witness fight between the Brutes and Sangheili.

"Gold?" Crystal quietly asks Gold whom wondering she wants this time.

"Yeah, Super Serious Gal?" Gold said as he wants to know what she is asking him this time.

"What you think about me?" Cyrstal asking the same question in a different way as Gold recognizes the tone in her voice. Gold froze for a moment, but Master Chief looks at Gold with a grave concern that time is the great importance.

"Gold, let's go!" Master Chief said to get Gold to be focus on the mission to get Truth and stop Halo from activating to wipe all life of the galaxy.

"There are more important things right now." Gold said as they both press on to fight along their way in the hallways and streets of High Charity. Only Crystal sighs to know that she has her questions to wonder why she did found truth in Gold's voice when he said to Gravemind. Normally, Gold is a liar which to her surprise what he only lies when he brags about it. Then what he said, he is telling the truth only about her.

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