Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


19. Beginning of the end

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo 2 Arc

Chapter 19: beginning of the end

-Moments before returning to Earth-

The Dexholder squad are helping the Arbiter and Sil Ver fighting the Brute forces along with some allies they gain along the way. With help of the Rtas Vadum and Lan Ce who aid them with the Wraith, that they realize that they must reach inside before it's too late. They realize that the Scarab will break the Control's Room door will open.

Rtas Vadum and Lan Cee give them time to hold off any reinforcements. They join with Spec Ops Elite with two hunters who aid their fight as they take out Brutes out. One of the Marines spotted Johnson jump to the Scarab as they help Stack and Banks to take out the Brutes.

Then the Scarab started moving as to find that Johnson is helping the Arbiter which the Dexholder squad provide ground support. The two Banshees arrived as the Elites give Arbiter and Sil Ver something to fly to give Johnson support. They clear out of the Wraiths guarding the entrance.

They got a clear shot to blast the doors open. Both Arbiter and Sil Ver counter some Brutes as they slaughter them. They are followed by the Dexholder squad along with Sergeant Johnson. They stopped Tartarus at the right moment. Tartarus is not please that the Arbiter is alive.

"Sil Veree! But How!" Orm shouted as he prepares his weapon. He didn't expect Sil Ver to be alive since he was dropped into the pit.

"Put down the icon, Tartarus." Arbiter said as Tartarus was in disbelief that Arbiter is still alive.

"Put it down? And disobey the Hierarchs?" Tartarus in dumbfound what he has said,

"There are things about Halo even Hierarchs don't understand." Arbiter said as Orm and other Brutes step forward which Tartarus wave off.

"Take care, Arbiter. You say is heresy!" Tartarus shouted knowing that Arbiter is wrong on the great Journey.

"Is it what you believe? Oracle, what is Halo's real purpose?" Arbiter asked to Guilty Spark to know the truth about Halo rings.

"Well, a collectively of seven…" Spark said until he was cut off. Tartarus grab a hold of Guilty Spark.

"Will you shut up! NOT ANOTHER WORD!" Tartarus growl at Spark with a threat to end its existence.

"Please! Don't shake the light-bulb. If you want to keep your brain inside your head, I'd tell your boys to chill." Johnson said with accompany by Dexholder Squad aiming their weapons at him. Johnson as he nods to Red. Red understood as they aim at the Brutes while Johnson aims at Tartarus.

"Go ahead. Do your thing." Johnson said as he said to Arbiter.

"The Sacred rings. What are they?" Arbiter asking to Guilty Spark to know about the Halo Rings.

"Last resort weapons build by Forerunners to wipe out the Flood hosts to render the parasite harmless." Spark said as he gives the information which Arbiter takes heed of Spark's words.

"And those who made the rings? What happen to them?" Arbiter asked as Sil Ver stares at Orm with hatred.

"After wasted all strategic options, they activated the rings as they wipe out their selves and all sentient life within the range as planned. Will you see the relevant data?" Spark said as Arbiter lowered his head in sadness to realize what they nearly done to activate the Rings meant they did fought for nothing.

Sil Ver listens what Spark meant that everyone in the Covenant was lied and betrayed by the Prophets all for what? The whole war was a lie and they had killed so many innocent all for Prophet's greed and power? He killed innocent race that has no knowledge of the Forerunners' intentions of the sacred rings.

"Tartarus, the Prophets betrayed us. The Journey is a lie. We killed and our comrades died for nothing." Arbiter said which Tartarus throws Spark at Johnson as he grabs Keyes' hand to force the index into the console.

"NO, Arbiter! The Great Journey begins! The Brutes, not the Elites will be the Prophets escort! Get them!" Tartarus said as he looks at Orm. The fight for the galaxy is about to begin.

"Let's go! Help those guys out!" Red ordered as they charge towards the Brutes as Sil Ver and Arbiter drew out their energy swords. Johnson got up as he was helped by Red.

"Thanks, kid. Come on, let's go kick some ass!" Johnson said as he picks up the weapon.

"No, this one is mine! I will enjoy his death very good." Orm said as he faces Sil Ver with Brute shot. Sil Ver can faced Orm that he realizes that he was the same Brute on Reach.

"I noticed you didn't notice me for the first time where I killed that human girl in that filthy human city. It was with another Sangheili, right?" Orm said knew that he met the same sangheili on Reach.

"You scum! That human didn't have a weapon to begin with!" Sil Ver said as he blocks Orm's Brute shot bayonet. He noticed that Brute shots are deadly if hits his shields left him for Orm to kill him. Arbiter and Tartarus faced off as he uses his hammer against his energy sword. Other Marines are holding out.

Xavier fires his sniper rifle at the Brutes with great accuracy and Yvonne supports Xavier if any Brutes comes close to Xavier. Yvonne shooting at the Brutes with uncanny ability with a shotgun when one Brute was running towards her.

"Eh bien, les choses pourraient être pires!" Xavier said he kills a Brute at point blank range with his pistol.

"Cela pourrait être, mais nous avons eu le dos?" Yvonne said as fired a shotgun round at a Brute's head. Cheren and Bianca are helping Black and White as they continue to fight on. They are doing very well with some problems regarding of the Brutes coming at them, but several Sangheili warriors did came in to turn the tide of the battle.

"I wonder why they are brutes!" Bianca said as she fires his battle rifle into the Brute's chest area. While the rest of Omega team are holding very good as Sapphire knock out a Brute with her bare hands. This impressed Ruby on her strength which he thinks it's very barbaric in her nature.

"That's why they should let you join on their side." Ruby remarked which earn her glare.

"Will you stop flirt and more fighting?" Emerald as he tries to kill a brute with a shotgun. Green and Blue are shooting back to back and often give each other clips to reload as they avoid Brute's heavy fire. Red and Yellow are supporting each other against the Brutes until Elites came to help them out.

"Well, we will come out alive, don't we?" Red said as he comes to Yellow.

"I hope this will end." Yellow said as they look at each other.

"I wanted to say something." Red said as he fired a shotgun round.

"Is this the time?" Yellow said as she yelps when a plasma round nearly hit her.

"I…always love you ever since we met." Red said while he fires another shotgun round at incoming brute.

"What?" Yellow surprised what Red said.

"You mean…." Yellow was about to ask him about it.

"Yes, but I was afraid to say it. I am just too confused and often can't think right with around you." Red said while he reloads shotgun rounds.

"Oh, Red. I did love when…" Yellow said as they move closer as their lips are about to meet until a brute was coming at them, but taken down by several battle rifle rounds. The rounds came no other than Blue who save them on time.

"You do know there's a war going on and you can do the romance later!" Blue said as she fired her battle rifle as she kills another Brute. Red was very glad that Blue able to save them from being killed. Meanwhile Orm and Sil Ver are at their writs as they tried hitting or cutting each other. They are try not to hit each other knowing the danger of their weapons can do to them.

"You are good, Sil Veree. But you are same as your race! Weak and stupid as their honor goes by. It denies you to have flesh and blood." Orm said with a sinister grin as he tries to make Sil Ver upset.

"Will you stop talking about my race?" Sil Ver said as he parries at Orm.

"I was the one killed your father!" Orm said which triggers Sil Ver to increase his sheer aggressive attacks.

"I love it when I slash him when the order came. Oh, yes he did scream like a little scum he was." Orm said which snapped Sil Ver at last. That was the last straw for Sil Ver to listen to Orm no longer.

"Will you shut up!" Sil Ver shouted as he cuts the Brute shot into half and stabs Orm in the chest while Arbiter manages to land a blow on Tartarus. Then, they able to clear out the room of Brutes much to the relief of the Dexholder Squad. Miranda Keyes manages to get the index out to stop Halo to fire.

Then they noticed that Halo is communicating with other Installations which they found seven Halos waiting for standby. But they know that one location to activate them the last place they will find the Ark…Earth. Until they were met by Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl whom are in the Pelican waiting for them.

"What now?" Red wondering what's wrong as they are heading to Sangheili controlled warship.

"Road trip?" Blue suggested as she comes to Red and Yellow.

"Yes, road trip." Sil Ver said as he appears before them.

Halo 3 ODST Arc

This event takes place in October to November

A several months after fall of Reach, during the Prophet of Regret assault on Earth that an entire ODST division was sent to attack Regret's assault Carrier. They realize that the carrier was going to slip space that left an EMP blasted disrupted the drop pods to the ground. It is going to be one of the events will be following in the months will follow for battle of Earth.

There were many survivors who managed to found Covenant forces in the streets of Mombasa. One ODST named the Rookie was on his way to find the other members of his squad where he fought out many Covenant forces in the area. With the help of the Superintendent of the city where he was heading to underground which he heard a firefight occurring outside to find other ODST squad members.

There is another firefight that with support of other marines are finding that more Covenant forces are starting to appear as if more are coming to the planet. Dutch is with several platoons had to clear them as they led a warthog charge as they faced Banshees, Wraiths, and Phantoms.

Now, they have clear and defeated the covenant forces as they move on. Mickey, another ODST trooper found another firefight as they fought the Covenant forces in the area. They aided the other marines in the area which they are joined by another ODST squad led by Lt. Chuck of Johto Sqaud. They face covenant forces in the area where they have to fight their way in.

Mickey hops in the Scorpion tank along with Marines and Johto squad to fight their way in the Kizingo Boulevard. It was a hard fight for them as they mow down covenant infantry and destroy Wraiths. They managed to join up with Dutch along newly reinforcement of Unova squad to defend the area from waves of Covenant units which they managed to hold on as long they can.

One of the members of Unova named Burgh hopped in the scorpion to take out the wraiths. Soon, the last one wave was taken out to force the Covenant to retreat. That wasn't for Mickey to wait for backup when NMPD officer asked how to use explosives. The plan will hole up and wait for the backup to arrive.

They had to prevent the Covenant to take the complex which they had to blow up the bridge. After the destruction of the bridge, Covenant forces are attempting to breach the defenses. They hold the line as they retreat deeper into ONI building. They head up to the roof which three Pelicans pick them up as the ONI facility is blown up wiping the Covenant forces in the area.

Despite of that, Mickey's and Dutch's pelican are shot down by Banshees while Romeo found Buck only to go save their squad-mates. They defend the crashed Pelican from incoming covenant infantry as a certain Brute Chieftain wounds Romeo, but the squad managed to kill it. With no other transports, they head underground to head for Kikowani station.

They enter deep into the tunnels that led to Old Mombasa which to only to be flooded. They made a risky move to use bio foam on Romeo and to hijack a Phantom to get out of the city. They encounter Covenant resistance who defend a station platform. It was heavy fire for them to handle, but they manage to steal one.

They found more resistance from Banshees, shades, and Anti-air wraiths along their path and only a scarab in their way. They managed to defeat it along with Covenant forces during the firefight. After Buck boards the phantom after ditching the banshee, he finally realizes by Romeo that Dare is ordering Mickey to turn the Phantom around to find her.

After much find Veronica Dare's distress signal, Rookie encounters more covenant forces in the area where he fought and defeated them. He continues as he met a NMPD officer looking for his men until he was killed. But soon, Dare and Rookie are united only to find the real mission was all about.

They head to fight off the Drone Hive to secure the data of the Superintendent along with the asset to reveal Huragok. They arrive to help the Huragok who wishes to help the UNSC, but Covenant forces appeared to stop them as Dare and Rookie protect the Huragok from Covenant forces.

Buck arrived to save the two from incoming Covenant reinforcements. They head to the surface to find more resistance attempting to get rid of the Huragok and prevent the UNSC achieving its goals. Soon, they enter an elevator where Buck and Dare had an romantic moment before they had to fight their way out of the city of the highway where they get on a Olifant.

Buck and Rookie clear out the Covenant forces in the highway with Warthogs and Scorpion which they must reach to the shipyards. Everything was good at first until a Scarab appeared that crippled the Olifant forcing them to abandon it as they divert off the highway to nearby building.

They found more incoming Covenant forces which they spot a Phantom pilot by their fellow ODSTs which they managed to leave the war-torn. They see the city glassed by Covenant warships. They had achieved objectives as they retreated. They met with Sergeant Johnson who help with the Huragok to what's going on.

Brute-led Covenant warships and UNSC forces are fighting each other which they found a Forerunner Dreadnought coming out of Slip space. The ship containing two Spartans that Master Chief tells Hood to that he will finish this fight.

"We're home, Chief!" Gold said as they heard that they are about to re-entry.

"Come on! We have to get off the ship!" Master Chief said as they found an exit as they about to enter re-entry.

"Ready when you are, Chief!" Gold said as Chief signals to Gold. Then they exit the ship with a piece of material from the ship as they enter Re-entry then Gold notices the moment of life in his eyes…to see Lyra in her school uniform. He knows that he has to move on and now it changes from Lyra to Crystal who smiles at him.

"I will see you, again. Super Serious AI Gal." Gold said as he holds on to his material. They enter to Earth where they must to finish the fight and hopefully to end the world once and for all. Gold hopes he will meet Crystal again. They will face their last of the journey is coming at the end.

Meanwhile at the Superintendent's underground data center that many Huragok including poor Sabrina, Lorei, Agatha, and others who used work with the Elites before the massacre. Prophet of Truth oversees this which he sees the progress working at hand.

"It seems that the Great Journey is completing at hand?" Sird said as she comes near to Truth.

"Yes, we will achieve Godhood and meet our creators! No one will stand in our ways." Truth said as they see the work in progress at hand.

"Yes, my dear. We will achieve it. Without delay, not unless we have overseen some threats at hand." Sird said as the Phantoms moving towards the structure. It appears the structure was very important for them as they want something that they are start digging for events to happen.

The Covenant are getting there unless the UNSC arrives to stop them. It wasn't for Covenant's days is coming for their Great Journey arriving soon. What they didn't know that in Delta Halo where Tartarus will fire the ring. Despite unknown to them that they have bought Gold-721 and John-117 came back to Earth to finish the fight once and for all along with their allies.

End of Halo 2 and Halo 3 ODST arcs

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