Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


16. Battle of Viery

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo Reach Arc

Chapter 16: Battle of Viery

Joey, or he is known as SPARTAN-B312 now Noble 6 heads out for the next mission where Covenant units attacked Sword Base. He joins along with Kat to clear out Covenant units in the area which with much effort aid the UNSC forces in the area. Later, they head out in the warthog as to reactivate a COM array to establish command and restore anti-air units to clear the skies and return to Sword Base.

They fight their way to handle Covenant forces in the area. During the firefight, he spots someone more likely a civilian was about to be killed by Sangheili warrior until he took him out. He helps the civilian up whom happens to be a UNSC scientist and it was no other than Professor Elm.

"Sir, are you ok?" Joey asked to the civilian whom is glad to be alive.

"I'm fine, thank you." Elm answering with a pant that he was near death from hands of the sangheili.

"Six, get to the top floor and assist Emile" Carter said over the radio which Joey complied. He and Jorge met up and help Emile to deal with covenant units. Joey grabs the rocket launcher to take out the Banshees. After taking down the Banshees, they were called by Halsey to the Science Wing. She notices Jorge which she known her Spartan-IIs well until Birch and Elm came to her side.

"Birch, it is true that what you witness?" Halsey asking to Birch to know about Noble Team.

"Yes, Halsey. There were the same team that save my…" Birch said until he was cut off.

"Professor, what you learn about the information you undercover could be critical." Halsey said as she put in the module into the system.

"Ma'am, what information are you looking for?" Elm wondering about why she needs the information after Kat has given the data chip to her.

"There is something that turns the balance of the war which it will save humanity from extinct." Halsey said as she types her information in the computer.

"So, what can we do?" Birch wondering on what they can do to aid her for the upcoming events.

"You could help me to prepare." Halsey said to Birch's question.

"Like what?" Elm asked because Halsey was never clear what she meant.

"Data I need your information on their religion. Birch, do you know the access to Laszlo's database?" Halsey requesting on the information what they know about contents that Birch research on.

"Yes, but it will take time to gather data you need." Birch said with concern tone.

"What about the Covenant are coming here?" Elm panicked because what he heard that the Covenant forces are here which they might not enough time to hold them off.

"Then we have to work fast as we can. How's Professor Oak, Elm?" Halsey said as she faced Elm.

"He's working on his project." Elm said until someone came in.

"What happen?" Professor Oak asked as he barges in.

"Covenant forces are in the area." Elm breaks the news which surprises Oak. This concerns Oak that if the Covenant found Reach, it's over for Humanity knowing that they will find Earth in a matter of time.

"What about the Spartans you recalled?" Oak asked to Halsey who is very busy as she types in the keyboard.

"They have to join the fight." Halsey said. As soon, they talk and work as they gather much data as they can which it will take time.

"What about the AI?" Oak wondered that he worried about Crystal's safety.

"Give her to me." Halsey stretches out her hand.

"What do you mean?" Oak wondering why she needs Crystal in the first place.

"She could help us to finish faster. I already know that AI and work together with another." Halsey said as Oak took out a chip to give her the chip. Halsey plugs her into the computer which wakens her up. Crystal wakes up in the system and greets Cortana.

"What happen?" Crystal wondering why she's in a different system. This one was far vastly different from Oak's computers and the codes are different.

"Covenant is here." Cortana answering as she appears before her.

"You mean…." Crystal said as she puzzles the situation at hand.

"Yes, we have time to gather much information as possible." Cortana said which they start working to help the professors.

"Cortana." Crystal said to Cortana as she's aware what she's about to ask her.

"What is it?" Cortana asking what she had to say about the matter at hand.

"Is…he back?" Crystal wondering as she thought of Gold-721 was recalled for the attack on Covenant Capital. It was supposed to happen sooner or later that Spartan-II were meant for the mission to bring end to the war.

"What do you refer to?" Cortana asked wondering why Crystal is asking her that.

"Spartan-721." Crystal answered with a sigh which somehow amazed and surprises Cortana.

"Yes, he was able to join with other Spartan-IIs for special mission until this happen." Cortana said to bring bad news which Crystal was surprise what she said. Gold came back, but mission to end the war is something else.

"He's back?" Crystal thought as the feeling that Lyra will be happy that Gold has return, but not for long.

"Crystal focus! We need to get them on the double." Cortana said as Crystal nodded as they continue their work. Crystal is relief that Gold has return, but she hopes he will make it and maybe meet Lyra again one last time before this war drags on.

Later, nearby New Alexandria University, she takes out a holopicture of Gold wearing his Spartan-II armor with grief in her eyes implied that she missed him so much. She turned down so many guys who proclaimed their love to her. Nevertheless, she has heard reports of Spartans missing in action that one day that Gold will be among the missing.

But not the one she knew is not missing in action, she clutches on the picture to her chest as a tear came out of her eye. Nothing was the same when Gold was gone to fight against the Covenant. It was his duty to protect humanity from the onslaught of a genocide alien alliance.

"I wish I can see you again, Gold." Lyra said as she stepped inside of her home.

"Mom, I'm home." Lyra said as she put her things away. Her mother was busy now which Lyra saw that the New reports of Covenant presences in Reach. This upsets Lyra that hoping that the day has come. She enters to her bedroom as she lays down only to recount the good days. Then seeing the sun is setting, she can do now is sleep for the next day to come.

"Gold." Lyra said as she closes her eye to dream nothing except for Gold. The night sets in which outside skirts of New Alexandria, Noble Team is an on Recon mission to know the area near Viery region. Noble 6 joins Jun to patrol and scans the area which they encounter Covenant forces in the area without much alerting them.

After much scouting the area until they witness an army of Covenant, it was invasion army to stage their attack on Reach; they knew that they must attack hard and quick before they can gain a foothold of the Planet. They have the home field advantage which it can even the odds.

In the Orbital stations near Reach, there is a platoon of ODSTs known as Gymleaders are best ODST unit who had best combat record in the UNSC besides of other ODSTs units. Platoon was composing of 46 members which compose of 11 each. Except one squad with 12 members called the Hoenn squad was led no other than Winona.

"Our objective to take Covenant units in this region where we gotten reports from Noble team. We have to take out their anti-air units to give them our taste of airpower." Winona said as she looks at the holo-map to know the positions of the Covenant forces in the area.

"Norman, what you expect if we met heavy resistance from the covenant forces in the area?" Roxanne asking what support they will receive once they make contract.

"That's why they are sending us along with UNSC army units along with 12th Marine Regiment being sent to distract many covenant units as possible." Winona said to give a relief on the plan would be like.

"What happen if we failed?" Flannery wondering that what if something goes wrong..

"Then there will be hell to pay then. But if we pull this off quick and fast, we might have a chance to avoid mistake like in the outer colonies." Winona said as he recounted the days when she was there along with her comrades.

"Norman, what you think of this?" Winona asked to Norman was more focused on the military battleplan.

"I think we have to go quick and decisive, but we have to plan this out. I won't expect to risk the Covenant to gain a foothold on this planet. It will be a mistake if we didn't take out the anti-air units in time. I would expect for Covenant who is unaware what we are going to do with them." Norman said as it was a serious tone.

"Thank you, Norman to share this detail. By 0800 hours, we drop down to join the 12th Marine Regiment on the attack. You are dismissed." Winona said as they went back to their bunks. It is going to be a day for Gymleader Platoon to face the Covenant again. At the night near the Viery base where the 12th Marine Regiment is debriefed by their commanders ranging to squads to battalions.

"I have confirmed that Covenant forces are near the Viery region." Felix said as he points out the map.

"It seems that they managed to conceal their forces very good." Cheren said as he points out the invisibility seen on the map and the current report of the Noble Team's discovery.

"Sir, what's our objective?" Red asking on the objectives should be.

"Our mission is to take out anti-air units that we can give our flyboys the green light to bomb those bastards out. It will not easy to blitz them, but they are not invincible. We have the home advantage. With support of the Army units and Noble Team, once we knock out their heavy corps we can even the odds." Felix said as he points the objectives.

"What if they have a backup plan?" Green asking on the positon that the attack can go on the first moment they get there.

"That one thing we have to be worry is never underestimate them. I faced them for 20 years and they are very adept in combat. Jackals and Grunts are your least worry because they are cannon fodder while you got to be careful of elites and hunters. Elites are equal to Spartans, but never the less they have ranks as for us to snipe." Felix said as he looks at Xavier who has sniper rifle at his hand.

"Mission starts at 0600 hours. You should get plenty of sleep before then. Squad dismissed." Felix said as they went back to their bunks to begin what awaits them. The battle might change fate of Reach. It wasn't long reveille bugle has woken up the marines of 12th regiment as the Dexholders woke up fast with complaining and moaning.

"Rise and shine, sweethearts!" Felix shouts as he sees them getting ready for combat. Soon, they head to the armory to get their weapons which they are good at. Dexholder Sqaud is getting their equipment ready. There is much activity at the base where the Marines are hearing the song over the speakers called Faith No More sung by Falling To Pieces.

"Ok, we got to do this. We got no fear. I got to drive the enemy back where they came from." Felix said as he goes by them each minute. He looks at yellow coming to Red.

"Um…Red." Yellow said as she comes to Red.

"Yeah?" Red responds as he loads a magazine to the battle rifle.

"Will you…um…protect me when we get out of there?" Yellow meekly said while Red shows concern when she said that. Felix looks at Blue who was watching them, but she and Felix knew that it is a for best to let them be.

"Sure, I got your back." Red patted her in the shoulders which made Yellow blushed. Blue smiled knowing that Red is a nice guy. She did break the news to the squad before that that Blue and Green break up and decided to just be friends. Meanwhile Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald are getting their equipment ready for battle.

"Can't wait to kill some alien bastards! I waited so long for this." Sapphire shouted as she loads up the light machine gun.

"Like a barbarian with no manners have delusions of grandeur." Ruby remarked which earned Sapphire's glare.

"Will you stop flirting already? I rather died than you two flirt with each all-day long." Emerald complained as he gets his assault rifle. Both Xavier and Yvonne laughed as they both argue over how to have manners.

"Shaddup, we should get prep and go!" Felix said as he loads up his DMR. They are already done as soon the sun rises and heard that Army forces are ready to go. They see the pelicans ready and armor forces ready as they move. Then they called up for Dexholder squad.

"Dexholder Squad! You're up! You will be in the falcons due storage with Pelicans at the moment." Officer shouts which Felix could catch that.

"That's us! Let's go!" Felix shouted as they enter the group of four falcons with their equipment. They see other marines waited for their turn. They are nervous for their first time and they felt the falcons lift. It was a first time they are going to combat zone, but it was a strange thought as the Falcon flies up and heading to their drop zones.

Ruby sees Sapphire with pleased grin as she holds tight with her rocket launcher and Emerald scared as he holds tight with his assault rifle. Red looks at Yellow whom getting scared by each minute that felt hours for her. Blue looks at them with a concern look on her face while Green maintains a cool posture.

Felix sees the members with mixed nervous, fear, and anxiety. He is sitting next with kanto fire team while the rest of the squad is in other three falcons. He sees the vast formation of the UNSC army heading to the Szurdok Ridge where Noble team will be heading to. He knew that ODSTS will be dropping at any moment.

He knows that they will see and witness war for the first hand and youth will be scarred like him. Then he sees the other pelicans are in a formation. However, one the with Xavier and Yvonne with Blake and Whitey was a pilot was no other than Yvonne's mother, Grace. She's unaware that her daughter is in the Marines now.

Meanwhile at the Orbital stations, the ODSTs are away in their pods as they reach to the Viery Region. Each member is prepared for combat, but they have this feeling will put up a fight for their lives. The Pods moving reentry very fast, but for the ODST troopers felt the pod slow as if they were snails, but only to them can feel it. Norman looks over the picture of his family showing 5-year-old Ruby until he put it away in his armor.

He looks over the atmosphere for the other pods only to see them heading down to the surface. ODST pods are coming down very hard where they can feel the slowness as if time has slow down. On the falcons where the young marines are heading to the combat zone where Felix knew where it will be their first time to experience reality of war.

He has received news that Noble Team and Army units begun their attack while the Marines are heading out to support them. At the Marine force heading out, pelicans are followed by Warthogs which they are first wave assault force. Felix can understand his fellow squad mates are getting nervous for combat at any minute.

They hear radio transmissions that the Army is engaging Covenant forces which it is 0800 hours. Felix turns off the safety of his DMR. He witnesses the ODST pods heading down. The pods are getting close to the ground while the members are getting pumped up and ready. Then, the pods hit the ground revealing the Gymleader ODST's Hoenn squad getting out and start engaging Covenant units.

Norman killed 8 grunts with his assault rifle and joins with the others as they move out. They faced more covenant infantry along the way. It was very dusty as they battle them. Winnona appears with rest of the members alongside with Norman who are facing against Covenant units ahead of them. Meanwhile near the Covenant lines, an Elite Major with silver eyes with armor modifications oversees this.

"Report?" Sil Veree asking to one of the Sangheili as Skirmishers are appearing to the battlefield where the human forces will appear.

"Humans are started attacking us with amazing speed. They are taking out our anti-air batteries and we don't know how many they have brought them." One of the Sangheili said which it didn't faze Sil Veree at all.

"Then we got them where we want them." Sil Veree said as couple grunts come to sangheili minor.

"Sir?" Sangheili minor asking to Sil Veree whom he grabs a plasma rifle.

"Our Commander was aware that they might turn up until they see what's coming." Sil Veree as he signals his battalion to move forward. They join the battle with the rest of their comrades. He knew that it will be a day that humanity will face the full might of the Covenant.

The 12th Marines regiment have begun their assault against the Covenant forces in Viery region as first wave is consisting of four falcons. Dexholder squad is the first ones to enter the battlefield. They are hovering over the ground at about 30 feet in the air where they have to let go of the ropes to drop them in.

"ROPES! Let's go!" Felix said as the ropes appear in the sides of the falcon. The Dexholder member climb down the ropes as they slide down to the ground. Then, they follow the infantry as they landed near a large covenant force in open ground. They didn't open fire at first which Felix ordered the command.

"Damn, I hope what the Army is doing. We need air support!" Felix said as he fires his DMR while the warthog is being destroyed. Yellow is scared as she holds on with her SMG tight, not even firing her weapon. Red was close to her not to get her hit in the firefight. They see many marines are being hit by plasma rounds especially needles they never seen before.

"Xavier, can you take that sniper positions and take out the Elites at range and give us cover fire!" Felix said as they keep drop down. Only Xaiver and Yvonne are about to slide down, but Felix sees a bunch of grunts armed with plasma launcher. It is aiming at their falcon.

"PLASMA LAUNCHER!" Felix shouted to the falcon pilot which she takes a notice as the Grunt opens fire on the Falcon.

"HOLD ON!" Grace warns as both Xaiver and Yvonne hold on which the Falcon dodges the Plasma launcher. Yvonne instantly realize who is that voice is.

"mère?' Yvonne said winch Grace realizes the voice, but she has a job to do. It was her mother and she knew that she was here the whole. Xavier urge to take the rope which they both did to drop down softly without incident. She sees her mother flying away where to give air support for the ground support. Xavier takes sniper position.

They spot Sangheili leading Uggory which they able to take one of them. Which much of their confusion that the Uggory run when the Sangheili is dead. It's not long until reinforced by more Sangheili, Uggory, and Kig yar.

"There's the anti-air units right front of us. Sapphire, load up and take those wraiths out!" Felix ordered as Sapphire gets the rocket launcher up and ready.

"Where to, sir?" Sapphire asked as she aims the rocket launchers.

"On your right!" Felix said as Sapphire aims carefully and fires the rocket which hit the Wraith as it exploded. Then she is ready for another rocket as she hit them again which manages to destroy them. Then they see LongSwords along with heavy frigates are destroying forward covenant units. They cheer as some of them retreated.

"Push forward! Black and White, move for another firing position." Felix said as they move out.

"Got it, sir." White said as they get out seeing another air unit gone.

"That's our target!" Felix said as he points out a large anti-air unit not where the area where the Covenant units were bombed to bits. As Yellow was near a Marine until he was hit by plasma explosion which Yellow scream at the sight where marines are getting killed. They knew it's their first time to combat.

Suddenly Yellow screamed as marine blown up. It wasn't bad which a marine was torn in half screaming in pain. She was screaming for her parents and how she regretted that how she treated them badly when she younger. It was too much for her as the firefight was getting intense as plasma fire hits every Marine.

"Come on!" Felix shouted as they run across Viery region. Red was scared, but didn't show it as he remained close with Yellow. They see Marines getting hit by covenant fire in the head, chest, arm, and legs. Yellow is getting scared by each minute passed by, but what she felt hours passed by.

It wasn't the same for Bianca who witnesses many marines getting killed or wounded. She didn't fire at all which she was afraid and won't able to take a life. Cheren saved Bianca from incoming fire which Cheren was surprised as how he sees real combat. Whitey and Hugh are getting frightening as they fire their weapons killed uggory and kig jar in their path.

Blake gotten serious which Whitey never seen before as he killed several uggory with accuracy and taken down an Sangheili. They fire their weapons like in training and war games, but this was real while death is around them. They never expect war to be so gruesome.

"Xavier, change sniper positions! Sapphire, lay down suppression fire!" Felix shouted. Sapphire comply the order, but felt strange for her to follow an order that would risk her life. Ruby was close to Sapphire who didn't fire his weapon. During the suppression fire, a zealot with energy sword appears to Sapphire who frozen until it was taken down by Felix.

"Watch your flank! Let's go!" Felix warned as he led the squad into battle. They reach a covenant unit defending a position near the spires. One anti-air unit was defended by that battalion. Sil Veree see the dexholder squad with other marines coming to them.

"More humans to die? Don't they know what lies before them?" One of the Sangheili said as they kept firing their weapons.

"Just keep firing! We need to hold them off until the trap is sprung!" Sil Veree shouted in order as they continue to open fire. They lay heavy fire at the marines. It was getting harder for the marines to get though. Never the less, the Marines are killing his battalion left and right.

"Come on! Keep it steady!" Felix said as they took cover. They open fire at the covenant battalion with pin point accuracy, but the Covenant firepower was too much for them even the Marines reinforces the squad was hopeless. They took cover as they take time to hit the covenant infantry mostly grunts and jackals. Lack-two came to Whi-two as he fires his battle rifle.

"Whitey, I need to tell you something." Blake said as plasma hits the rock.

"Blake, I don't think it's the right time to do this." Whitey said while she yelps which nearly hit her.

"I liked you ever since you appeared in my life. I know you didn't like my flirtations and trying to seduce you, but you are only woman caught my heart." Blake fires his battle rifle which hit a grunt.

"Blake…" Whitey surprised by Blake's confession.

"If we do make..." Blake said as Whitey looks at him since he's very serious this time.

"Will you stop flirting and shoot back!" Hugh said as he fired his assault rifle. They hold their ground which they able to put up a good fight. Until something hit Blake in the arm, Whitey drops her weapon to get Blake.

"MEDIC!" Felix said as he spotted Blake wounded. He goes to Blake while Yellow followed him as she pulls out the medical supplies.

"It's just a plasma wound. No big deal." Felix said as Yellow puts on the bandage on Blake. Felix fires his DMR at the Covenant infantry unit which managed to land to kill Sangheili. Red came to Felix as they open fire at the Covenant battalion until radio gets Felix's attention. It's not good news what Red overheard.

"Pull back! The Covenant has a super carrier. Repeat, Pull back! Our forces will be caught glassed if not..." Radio said as Felix groans as he ordered to pull back.

"FUCK! Fall back! Fall back!" Felix shouts as they take his order to the core. They knew it was getting hotter and hotter as more Covenant forces are coming. The carrier poses a threat to them knowing that they will be glassed. The Squad begins their retreat until Whitey was hit.

"Whitey!" Blake shouted when he gets to her despite of the heavy plasma fire since he has a wound.

"Blake! Get out of here. Leave me!" Whitey said as Blake tries to get her up.

"I'm getting you out of there. I'm not leaving you to die!" Blake said until he was shot in the chest by needle rifle. Hugh saw this as Blake and Whitey are hit while he runs to them.

"Whitey! Blake! I got you. Argh!" Hugh said until he was hit by plasma round.

"Sir! Marines down!" Cheren shouted which gotten Felix's attention to see Whitey, Blake, and Hugh are hit by plasma fire.

"No. Give me covering fire!" Felix said as Red and Green comes along. Felix comes to them while he signals to Ruby and Sapphire to help him.

"Xavier! Give us sniper cover!" Felix shouted in order while Xavier followed that order. Yvonne protects Xavier since she's his spotter. Ruby was able to get Blake while Sapphire picked up Whitey up while Felix picks up Hugh.

"Fall back!" Felix said as they run with their lives. Green, Red, and Blue gave them covering fire. They are trying their best to get them out of there. Whitey can only look to see Blake's wound while his eyes are open. She sees this out of sadness and can felt of the plasma wound in her chest where her heart is.

They see the pelican to get the marines out as They got in the pelican. This surprises Sil Veree who never seen Humans save their comrades and signals his battalion to crease fire. Then, he never thought humans are unworthy creatures like uggory and Kig Jar, but more like honorable just as Sangheili. He knew they are weaker, but they are willing to risk fighting another day and willing to die for their species.

"It's only the beginning." Sil Veree said as he left the area with his battalion. He looks at the Supercarrier. He knows the battle is won, but he already knew that the humans will do something amazing to defeat the supercarrier. The battle won by Covenant, but for what? They got new orders to renew their attack on the Marines' base.

They return to base where the 12th marine regiment is trying to restore and tending care of the wounded. For Dexholder squad, it was their first time to witness so many wounded and dead marines whom taken part of the battle. Out of 17, only 3 were hit and at a critical state.

They heard that they are only among units to survive the glassing bombardment from the Covenant Supercarrier. They waited for news of Blake, Whitey, and Hugh of their status until the doctor came to them. During the medical treatment, they bag the dead ones and taken them away.

"Sir, I have grave news." UNSC doctor said as he didn't look very well.

"Yes?" Felix asked while the squad looks at them with distressed concern.

"They didn't make it. The girl's plasma wound hit major artery that led a blood loss before you able to bring her back. The young male private's heart didn't make it when it was hit by needler. And the last boy…I'm sorry that the plasma hit his vital spinal cord." Doctor sadly said. This shocks Felix to hear the bad news which the members of dexholder squad overheard it which Yellow broke down in tears.

"Why is this has to happen?" Yellow said as tears flow out of her eyes and Red tries to comfort her. Most everyone was hurt that their friends that they met at bootcamp died on Reach. Black, used to love war movies as a kid sees a different take what he has witness. He thought he was a good guy will win the day, but he noticed this is real life and in fact people are dying.

He goes outside which the night sky fill of moaning and agony from the Marines. How he was lucky enough to survive? He didn't expect this to happen and falls to his knees. He recounted how he spends time with them at boot camp as they spent the good days. Then White comes to Black as she hugs him to comfort him.

Cheren and Bianca watches this as sad moment for Black never experience as it is so dreadful and loss that he felt like the rest of the squad. Felix realize as he faced so many deaths of the marines he known in his life. He knew this was going to happen and it was already done.

He knows they must face reality why they were drafted in the first place. He knows this so well that he had conscripts under his command. He looks up at the moon only a sad face he can express for the loss of his 3 squad members whose life could just have. Then, they sleep for several hours until the alarms woken up with their weapons ready.

"Come on, it's not over. We got a base to defend." Felix said as he cocks the DMR. They join him to fight the incoming covenant wave. Then we see a Spartan-II walking by as multiple YSS-1000 "Sabre" fighters going to space. He realizes that he sees the Covenant Supercarrier. He turns to see other UNSC units near New Alexandria where he comes to help them.

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