Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


20. Battle of Earth

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo 3 Arc

Chapter 20: Battle of Earth

As Master Chief and Gold heading down to Earth, Gold remembering the moments with Crystal on the first Halo ring. He closes his eyes they about to reach the ground. He and Master Chief grabbed a metal part of the ship and falling down to Earth. There is a strong heat as to come upon reentry.

"I never experience as a girl, but ever when I saw your face. Full of Life, hopes, and dreams. There was a time that you have a noble soul as you help others in your training. You have that no other Spartan has….Love. Was I wrong? You're so reckless, rude, and pervert except you have a heart of gold. My true love." Crystal over voiced remembered of his training days.

In the sky, that comes down two objects from the main ship that crash into the ground. It was nighttime when they landed on east Africa. Next following morning, the Dexholders came to Gold from their mission from Delta Halo whom had to arrive by Sangheili controlled ship from few days ago.

"Man, that's bad." Black worried while he is patted in the back by White.

"What you mean, that's bad?" White asked to Black.

"He must be far from space. Reentry isn't that easy." Blue said as she checks on him along with Yellow.

"Marines, stay sharp!" Red told his squad. They get around Gold to make a perimeter. Yellow checks Gold as she scans his body.

"His armor is lock up." Yellow told Red as he is surprise on the information she gave out.

"So, he didn't make it." Ruby worrying that possibility that losing Spartan would bring lower morale to the troops.

"Could be." Sapphire saddens to a fact that she liked the guy as an older brother. But she didn't had a chance to get to know him better.

"Without a Spartan, we never win this war at all." Red sighed to check on Gold.

"Don't get in despair. There is chance he could be alive again." Yellow rebuked to Red flinches and takes the chip from Gold's helmet and turns to his squad.

"Call for pickup, heavy lift gear to pick him up. We are not leaving him here to die." Red ordered until his hand was stopped by Gold. It is reveal that Gold was still alive and kicking which everyone is surprise by his reaction.

"What you think I am? An object that is heavy?" Gold yelled which surprises everyone in the squad.

"Stubborn fool. You got us worry for nothing." Green wondered that he is still the same spartan they were back at the Cairo station.

"Gold! Welcome back!" Blue greets Gold, but this time more friendly.

"We miss you." Emerald hugs Gold whom he hugs back.

"Gold, Where's Crystal?" Red asked as Gold looks at the chip with sadness.

"Where is she?" Green asked to know what happen to Crystal which Gold continues to look at the chip.

"Good Bye, Gold." Crystal said as Gold remembers when they were at High Charity.

"She stayed behind." Gold sadly said to the group.

"You…..incompetent Spartan! You couldn't save Crystal, but instead you left her." Green shouted to Gold.

"Hey, I didn't leave her! She made her choice to save me! SO back off!" Gold yelled at Green which made the Squad back off. Red gets Green back away from Gold who shrugs something off his helmet.

"She just wanted to help Cortana on something in case something happens." Gold explains to the group.

"I understand, Gold. Blue, make it quick." Red ordered as Blue came to Gold.

"Your armor is still locked up, I have to do series of tests. I hope you're in one piece and you manage to survive a re-entry." Blue tells Gold. They begin to test Gold as he does well. But Gold notices something not right when he sees an Sangheili, it was Sil Veree he recalled. He rushes himself to grab Sil Ver and put a pistol on his mouth.

"YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" Gold shout as he threatens to Sil Ver until he was stopped by Red.

"WAIT! The Elite is with us!" Red shouted as Gold stops himself.

"Now now, we have enough for both you to kill each." Blue said as she tries to ease the conflict between the two.

"He decided to join our side." Green sighs as the other Marines join with Green and Blue.

"We decided to call him Silver. He's a good person. There's more important things than you two tried to kill other." Yellow tells Gold as he holds on Silver. Gold let go of Silver who Silver glares at Gold.

"It seems that you have reasonable friends. We must go; the brutes are looking for us." Silver tells the marines as he left to set up a rally point.

"I sense we have an adventure coming up." Sapphire cheer as they knew they will face more Brutes along their way.

"At this jungle? There's bugs and mud everywhere." Ruby whine as a insect is flying around him.

"Shaddup, you sissy!" Sapphire snapped as she hit Ruby in the head.

"Oh, Gold I got you something." Red said as he gives Gold an assault rifle. Gold grabs the rifle from Red.

"Let's go." Gold tells the squad. He goes up front of the group as they move out. Silver carries a carbine.

"This rare for you to act all tough." Yvonne said in english to Gold as they move out.

"Well, I can't Earth cannot be destroyed by those aliens." Gold said as they spotted Covenant forces in the jungle.

"Now we're talking!" Sapphire said as she aims her assault rifle at them.

"Let's go!" Red said as he order the squad to attack. God and Silver follow them into battle as they kill brutes along the way.

"He is more motivated than before. What happen to you I wonder?" Silver thought as he shot a brute at the head while Gold killed a group of grunts. He felt something was holding him back.

"Will you sacrifice me to help Cortana? Could you watch me die?" Crystal imagine said to his eyes.

"Crystal, I will get you back and find a way to get you be real. I Promise you that!" Gold thought as he dodged a Brute's melee attack. They have battle the covenant which it is only Brutes now wearing battle armor unlike the Brutes under Tartarus in Halo ring they were on and High Charity.

"Got myself a jackal. Watch out for those snipers!" Xavier said as he aims his sniper rifle at Jackals who got the squad pin down.

"We have to push forward, squad!" Red said as they clear out Covenant forces in the area which they join with Johnson's squad. They continue to press on as they found with Master Chief and the Arbiter to save Johnson from Covenant forces. Soon, they head to Crow's Nest.

"Welcome to crow's nest." One of the Marines said as they greet Dexholder squad entering the complex.

"Thank you, private." Red said as they pass by. Soon, they were meet by Commander Platinum along with Diamond and Pearl.

"Sergeant Red, we are lucky to have you." Platinum said as she salutes to both Red and Gold.

"Yes, ma'am. We have recover Gold-721." Red said as Gold stands in attention, but he eases him very quickly.

"Indeed you have. Gold, are you feeling fine?" Platinum asked as she comes up to Gold.

"I'm fine, Ma'am." Gold said as he gave handshake her.

"It looks we are going to need all the help we can get. Follow me." Platinum said as they follow her. They see many marines wounded which Platinum tells the squad that the Covenant loyal to Truth could break though the UNSC defense force, but it was vastly reduced to 40 ships.

Then the Power cuts out as it surprises everyone. The power comes back on to realize what is going on. They overheard of Prophet of Truth's message that they are doom and they will become Gods in the end. Gold hearing along with Sil Ver knew Truth is a bastard and for Sil Ver, Sird was the one behind the scenes.

"All units prepare for combat! All rally points is… War!" Radio called out of the speakers. They get hyped up for upcoming battle as Covenant forces are coming.

"Man, I can get some action before I can get home." Black said as White was able to calm him down.

"I'm getting sick of tired of those ugly things." Ruby said as the marines going to their way to defeat the covenant assault force.

"Do you ever shut up, Ruby?" Sapphire growled at Ruby whom she startled him.

"Here they come." Red said as Covenant forces are coming. They appeared as many units are coming. Brutes come in as the battle occur across Crow's Nest until a massive explosion as our heroes came out of the ruins as it take out the entire covenant attack force and they manage to escape from the explosion.

"Some explosion that was." Cheren said as they get out of the rubble.

"You think so." Green said as the others able to get up. They able to link up with UNSC forces to make their assault on the Covenant Anti-Air batteries in order to bomb Truth's warship. They grab some warthogs to make their way to their objectives.

"This Norman of Hoenn squad ODST, we need help in ruins of New Mombasa in the Outskirts. We need some assistance." Norman said as the radio cracks which Ruby grabs the radio.

"Dad?" Ruby asked to know if that was his dad.

"Ruby? Son?" Norman surprise to hear of his son's voice in the radio.

"Dad, where are you?" Ruby asked to wonder why his dad is here in the first place.

"Outskirts of New Mombasa. I think we are order to take down the anti-air craft that the covenant has installed. IF we take them out, we have a chance to win this battle and this war." Norman finished as firefight is heard.

"Understood!" Ruby said as he puts the radio away in his belt and grabs his weapon.

"I heard they need our help." Ruby said as they follow him which Sapphire finally relief that Ruby is getting his act together.

"Now, we are talking about." Sapphire shouted as it hurt Ruby's ears. They go to the Outskirts of New Mombasa to battle covenant forces to destroy the anti-air units along with Master Chief and the Arbiter. Heavy plasma fire overhead as Jackals defending the anti-air units along with the Brutes and grunts, they are fighting hard to defending it.

"Damn those Jackals!" Gold said as heavy fire from Brutes, Jackals, and Grunts are pinning them down. One of the Jackals with a sniper rifle is aiming at the squad, but spots Sil ver.

"That's not possible!" Carr said as he didn't know that Sil ver survived the fall. Then he looks over one of the marines that trying to aid one of the marines wounded.

"Yellow! Let's go!" Red said as plasma hit the rock.

"Hold on, I need to help this one out." Yellow said as she gives a wounded marine bandage. Then she was done, she comes to the squad in hopes to continue the fight. But she was spotted by Carr who fires his plasma rifle. That was until Gold spotted him as he sees Yellow running to Red.

"NO!" Gold shouted as the plasma beam hit Yellow in the head. Red witness Yellow falls to the ground. The squad sees Yellow lifeless body as hit the ground. Red comes over to Yellow in shock and finds it was too late. Yellow was hit in the head and now dead. This enrages Red to charge into the hill in a fit of rage.

First, Blue follows Red until the rest of the Dexholder squad to follow while Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl on the pelican supporting them. This surprise the Covenant unit defending the anti-air cannon are being overrunning by human sqaud. Then Bianca was hit in the leg by brute spike while Cheren tries to get Bianca who was arm in the shoulder blade by a needler.

Bianca cried in pain as she is scared and screaming in pain while Chern tries to comfort her in the mist of the firefight as he covers her ears. They pushed forward with stubborness despite of the Covanent held the high ground. Then Carr in panic tries to flee until he encounters Sil ver standing right front of him with an energy sword ready. He cowers in fear knowing he's going to die.

"You…but how!" Carr said as he aims, but the sword stabs his body.

"This time….you will not kill no more." Silver coldly said as he lets go of the blade. Then Sapphire uses rocket launcher manages to destroy the Anti-Air units. Black and White helps Cheren and Bianca up until the Longswords appear out of nowhere to bomb Truth's ship.

"That is last of those anti-air units." Radio said as UNSC ships appeared. They see longswords coming out to attack Truth's ship. The UNSC frigates arrived in time to attack the Truth's ship.

"All ships, attack at Will!" Admiral Hood ordered as the UNSC ships fire at Truth's ship until something happens.

"Did we win?" Green asked to Blue. A pulse from the structure where it sent a shockwave to the squad. Gold felt something in his head.

"This how the world ends." Crystal's voice said to his mind. Gold woke up to find what happen to the Truth's ship.

"I don't know." Blue said until a portal appears that upsets the squad. The Covenant retreats into the portal. This made Silver angry that he wanted to kill Lady Truth for his revenge for his father. While Red holds Yellow in a bridal style, the squad witness they fit won, but uncompleted.

"Oh, no. Don't talk me something is going wrong like some ship is going to crash on the surface." Gold said until a covenant ship appears that crash landed on the surface.

"You have opened your big mouth." Green said as they see the ship appear out slip-space.

"Aw, crap." Gold cursed as they stared what could be.

"Like what?" Xavier asks to Gold as Gold reloads his assault rifle.

"The Flood. Things got worse." Gold said which they understood they have arrived at Earth. They reach the crash site which they counter the flood as which they fight against them until they were drag by Phantom.

"Unhand us, fiends." Sapphire shouts with Ruby tries to calm her down.

"Relax; we are not here to kill you. Only help." One of the Sangheilis said to the Dexholder as they greet Sil Ver with respect.

"He's right. So, what are we going?" Sil ver asked one of the Sangheilis.

"We are heading to our command ship." One of the Sangheilis said as they head to the Command ship as they enter the room with Lord Hood, Commander Keyes, Master Chief, Arbiter, and along with other Sangheili plus 343 Guilty Spark.

"Thank you, Reclaimer. This is basically a storage unit which I hope it will contain your A.I." Spark said as he fixes the storage unit. Then Cortana appears what happens to be a message until it has another which it was reserved after the first message ends. Now they are discussing what to about the situation to stop Truth from activating all the Halo rings and to stop the Flood.

As they left the room leaving Gold behind as he wonders about the second message on the storage unit that he noticed that Cortana's feet that Crystal was waiting for her message. He knew that he should know more about the message and comes to Rtas Vadum to collect the device.

"Can I have the storage unit?" Gold asked to Rtas Vadum.

"Why you ask?" Rtas Vadum wondered why he wants the storage unit for.

"I want to hear the rest of the message. I think there was a second one." Gold said as he grabs the storage unit.

"Well, you may. But it will require reporting to your superiors?" Rtas Vadum wondered that why he need the storage unit. Then Gold bows to him.

"Thank you. I will show it to the others." Gold said as he takes the storage unit and plays the message alone. He skips Cortana's message until Crystal appears.

"Crystal?" Gold said as he knew that Crystal has something to do with the message.

"Gold, I have to help Cortana to get the message, but Gravemind has known that we are in the system, but…. argh!" Crystal winces in pain as she holds her head until she falls into the floor. Then she looks up as Gold sees this with worried face.

"Crystal!" Gold shouted as he holds the storage.

"Gold, you have to save us and we will help to Cortana's solution. We don't have enough time which we about to become one of them. Gold, you must to get to the portal as where it leads to. Please, we don't have enough time. Please, Gold. Save us. There is not enough time. Please…" Crystal said as the message ends.

"CRYSTAL!" Gold shouted as he weeps. He holds on the storage unit and he realize that they must go to the portal. It will be only way for Gold to help and save humanity. He hopes that Gravemind will go to the Ark. He and Dexholders are volunteering to head into the Portal where they must end the war once and for all.

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