Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


18. At the End

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo Reach Arc

Chapter 18: At the End

At Manassas city, where a local UNSC base is under attack by Covenant forces who surround them and laying siege to UNSC underground mountain base. UNSC forces tried to drive them back failed with high price. Many Covenant units are emplacing their Type-27 Anti-Aircraft Cannons.

Among the Covenant infantry battalion was commanded by Sil Veree who hated Nat Gloriaee who commands the siege forces. He should focus on more important matters. Their new orders are to hold the UNSC in place before their one of their warships to glass them. They are shooting any dropships and transports any attempt to flee the area.

"All units are emplaced." One of the Sangheili minor said while he ordered his unit to halt. It seems for the UNSC forces in the area could leave, but they will suffer heavy losses due of the Anti-Aircraft cannons. They tried to counter attack to get rid of the cannons with no avail. It appears that all hope is failing and they are about to die in the planet.

Each was repulsed and retreated to the mountain. It was getting desperate in each hour. All hope was failing for badly damaged 12th Marine Infantry along with damaged army units. Wally died right before they enter into the underground mountain base and now the squad was once 17 members to 13 members.

"Damn it! We have get out when we have the chance." Black shouted as he punches the wall.

'We can't. Covenant forces already place their anti-air cannons preventing us to leave until they will glass us." Cheren said. They are surprise that Cheren told of the squad of the enemy's plan.

"I don't want to die like this." Bianca said as she cries in tears.

"I know." White comforts her.

"We got to take out those cannons. We can't just stand around and I'm not going to die without a fight." Red said knowing it's only a way out of the situation they are in.

"Red! Even we do destroy them, then how we get out?" Green said. This lead for Red to understand their situation is going dimmer at each hour.

"Someone has to do it." Felix said as he loads his DMR.

"Sir, that's suicide. Not only that, the Covenant had already outmatched us in every way." Xavier said to Felix who is concern of their sergeant is considering.

"I know, but…If we wait, we will die during the glassing bombardment. If those anti-air cannons are destroyed, then maybe you can all leave and fight another day." Felix said as he will have to do it. This surprise the squad as Emerald chugs to Felix's kneel.

"Sir, are you suggest…?" Emerald asking what he's going to do.

"Yes, private Emerald. I'm going out." Felix said with grim tone.

"But sir, we can't lose you." Ruby said as he's experienced soldier who is needed to lead them.

"There's a time when staff Sergeant's life doesn't count, Private Ruby. This I have to do when I got to do." Felix said as he grabs a rocket launcher and gets the ammo for this DMR and rocket launcher. He grabs grenades too which he need for his one-man assault.

"What we do without you?" Yellow asked which halts Felix as he stares at the ground for a moment.

"Red!" Felix shouted which gets Red's attention.

"Yes, sir?" Red said as he comes to Felix.

"A word?" Felix said as they went to more private area.

"Red, you're a good kid. I know we known for least a few days, but I tried to save your lives much as possible. This is something I got to do in order to save your lives. You can't throw your lives away. My time is at end and you all are the future of humanity." Felix said to Red whom is worrying about the situation they are in, but there is no other way.

"Sir, you ask us to help you to clear out the Anti-Air batteries." Red suggests that either him or the entire squad to help, but Felix knew that he doesn't want their deaths to be in vain.

"There are times you can risk losing some of your friends for better good, but don't sacrifice in vain that will lead extinction and all hope is gone. When you all survive from this terrible war, tell your children, their children, and later generations that humanity fought for survival." Felix said as he pats Red's shoulders.

"Not for conquest, not for glory, not for economics, not for political agendas, that to fight for your fellow humankind even we fight each other. Funny, things can lead to here which I learn as a young private from Harvest to rank of sergeant in Reach. Here, it's my command stripe." Felix said as he rips off his rank insignia to give to Red. Red accepts it with confusion.

"Sir, we don't know what to do? I only led the squad once, but it was a test." Red said knowing that it was part of the simulation, but Felix begs to differ.

"Red, you are in command. I filed my report to command that I willing to go out and take out those cannons. I'm counting on you to save many you can. I'm not going with you. I found my place where I am going to die. But I will show the covenant a good fight they will never forget that they will lose taste in battle." Felix said as he pats Red in the shoulder. He leaves Red alone as he walks off to face the covenant forces outside.

"I hope my efforts will not go vain. My actions will reflect those…of my comrades. Do this last order for me: Get board on the ships!" Felix said as he disappears when he left the entrance.

"SIR!" Red shouted as he drops to his kneels while the others to come to him.

"Red, where's the sergeant?" Blue asked. He shows the insignia on his hand which for everyone knew that he could do.

"What we do?" Sapphire asks while the others don't know what next.

"We leave." Red said as this information surprises everyone.

"Get aboard one of those ships. Now!" Red ordered which startled everyone to start doing it. Yellow comes to Red with a distress look on her face.

"Red?" Yellow said while she comes close to Red.

"Yellow, ever wonder what happen to my dad? He died in a car crash, but he was not the honest person to my mother. I never had a father figure until Sgt. Felix came along. We barely known him for a few days, but how much has changed. I think of him as closest thing to a father. Good bye, sir." Red stands up and salutes.

He drags Yellow to the ships and pray for Felix to clear out the cannons. In the city, the Covenant infantry are making sweeps and patrol for any UNSC counter attacks which they found none so far. It is very quiet indeed while no human forces have come out of the base to get rid of their anti-air batteries.

"Ah, Human scum. What use for them if we did allow them in the covenant?" Nat Gloriaee said who revile the idea of humans in the covenant would been more trouble than useful for the prophets.

"They could replace the grunts as frontline units while making the grunts to do labor work." Sil Veree suggesting what humanity can do unlike grunts can do.

"Please, them? Frontline infantry? Their weapons are nothing new, just rocks and sticks." Nat Gloriaee sarcastic said to scoff the idea that their weapons are primitive.

"They manage to cripple our forces with much effort." Sil Veree said. His battalion was ordered to defend the cannons. Sil Veree felt uneasy as they place their Anti-Air batteries. They lay siege on humans near the mountain where that their anti-air batteries will get them if they escape.

He felt victory at hand. He looked over his soldiers with content. But he didn't want to risk losing them. After an incident with the Spartan he met, he felt that why the war is dragging so long and realize that why the prophets don't want them to join the covenant in the first place?

"Major, we have something coming to us." One of Sangheili said which Sil Veree hears what he sees in his HUD.

"Where?" Sil Veree asked as he kept his guard.

"It's much hidden, but it's there." One of Sangheilis said as he continued to scan. Meanwhile, a binocular is scanning three anti-air batteries. The binoculars are lowered as Felix checks his DMR and rocket launcher.

"Three anti-air batteries. One battalion protecting them. One of them is right front of me." Felix said as he loads his rocket launch as he aimed at the anti-air battery.

"He's at the bombed building!" One of the Sangheili said which Sil Veree looks at the bomb out building.

"What?!" Sil Veree said as he prepares himself for any contract might come to his battalion.

"I got him!" One of the Sangheilis armed with needle rife as he spotted Felix, but missed.

"What? They got needles at this range? I need to move if I'm going to take those batteries." Felix muses as he moves to the next window and did found an opening to take out the battery. He locks the rocket and the fire at it.

"That's one battery down!" Felix shouted as the rocket found an opening in the vent that got destroyed with effect as covenant soldiers nearby is wounded by blast.

"What? He took down the anti-air battery so easily!" One of the sangheilis armed with needle rife said with shock.

"Does this human have anyone with him?" Sil Veree said while the one the Elites scans the area.

"No, just him. And it's not a demon." One of the Sangheili said which made the others worried that single human managed to evade their weapon's efficiency.

"A normal human? This is no normal human, this is a demon unlike other demons." One of the Elites shouted in shocked for a non-spartan human to take on their battalion protecting the anti-air units.

"What?!" Nat Gloriaee said in panic to see Anti-Air Cannon being destroyed.

"What I told you about that human scum can do?" Sil Veree said as the rest of the battalion is on radio to wait for further orders.

"Kill him! Don't let him get one our cannons!" Nat Gloriaee barking orders to the entire battalion.

"As you wish. Battalion, kill the human no matter what even it's our soldiers." Sil Veree ordered the battalion. The Battalion was on guard for the human to make his move. Felix moves while he hides from Covenant patrols that Sil Veree ordered.

"I might need it." Felix said as he sees an overturn warthog with undamaged turret, he was able to tear it off and use it for his advantage. He heads off to the second anti-air cannon which it's being reinforce by the units of the first cannon.

"Where that human might go?" One of the Sangheilis asked himself while Felix uses the building as cover and pops a smoke grenade right of them.

"Smoke? What trickery is this?" One of the Sangheilis said as the smoke goes out.

"Wait! He's in the area!" One of the Sangheili operators said. This gave Sil Veree on alert to defend the second cannon.

"Where he did he go?" Sil Veree asked himself while he kept his focus. Then Felix positions himself to point the Gatling gun towards the infantry which killed a large group of grunts and some elites.

"THAT FILTH HUMAN! OPEN FIRE!" Nat Gloriaee shouted as they open fire at Felix who held the high ground advantage as he shot down lancers out with Gatling gun. It was getting hard for the lancers to hit him back while he was on the move form window to open holes he can find while control bust the mini gun.

"Send in the hunters!" Nat Gloriaee shouted as pair of Lekgolo open fire on him.

"For a human, it's useless to use that gun that he will force to waste those rockets then he will fail like the rest before him." Nat Gloriaee boast know that no human except demons managed to defeat it in combat.

"I don't think so." Sil Veree said while he sees the human retreat into the building. The hunters followed behind as they enter the building. They are on alert as they search for Felix while he hides one of the wreckage. They passed him by which he was taking out two grenades while he stuffed them into their unprotected back which in a split second they turn only to be blown up. They hear the explosion.

"What in the prophet's name?" Sil Veree said as the explosion reveal that Lekgolo are dead.

"What's happening?" Nat Gloriaee said as a rocket appeared hit the cannon as they see Felix with the Rocket launcher to fire again. The cannon gets destroyed completely.

"That's not possible. No human can survive from pair of hunters!" Nat Gloriaee shouted in fear.

"I warned you. Humans are more what meets the eye." Sil Veree said. Felix fled as they open fire at him.

"One Cannon left." Felix said as he runs away to get to his last target. But the battalion tries to hit him, but either nearly hit him or can't hit him at all.

"Order your battalion to search those damn buildings! I want that human dead!" Nat Gloriaee said as the battalion scatter around to search the buildings without issues. Sil Veree ordered his battalion to give a chase. They enter the buildings as order. They kept a sharp eye holding to their weapons.

But they didn't know dark despite the Elite's armor are equipped with night vision. One of the Sangheilis was walking by which Felix sneak up behind him with his DMR with socket bayonet which ambush him from the behind to stab him in the heart. He hides in the shadows and ambushed several elites along the way with the grunts unnoticed of their Sangheilis commanders are gone.

"I don't get it. How he can use the building to his advantage?" Sil Veree asked himself while he is flanked by two Sangheilis. Meanwhile on her rear flank, Felix moves outside which he was able get away. Back on the building, a couple of Sangheilis with their grunt soldiers found something like a Gatling gun in place.

They took cover, but something was not right when one of the elite followed by others comes close to it only to see a dummy strap with 5 pound C4. Felix denotes the C4 only killed 3 Sangheilis and 10 uggory. The building shakes which surprises the battalion as they go to the source of it.

"STOP! This doesn't make any sense. If a bomb was placed, then….no! GO outside now!" Sil Veree said as he tries to warn his fellow battalion members out of the building that he knew the human use the dummy as a distraction. Felix knows he has two last rockets left and he needed them to take down the last cannon which no one is defending it.

"Victory for HUMANITY!" Felix shouted as he fired two rockets at the last cannon which destroyed the last cannon.

"Well, Dexholder squad. You're on your own." Felix said as he drops the launcher on the ground as he fled to the next building. Meanwhile at the base, the UNSC are about to reconsider launching a counter attack until they spot three cannons is destroyed.

"Hey, somebody did it." One of the UNSC Officer said. The entire force cheered except for the Dexholder squad.

"Hey, what's wrong?" One of the marines asked to Red.

"That was our sergeant out there and he risked our life for us." Red said in a sad tone where he knew Felix will risk his life for humanity.

"Who was your sergeant?" One of the Marines asking who wishes to know the name of the segreatn.

"Felix." Red said which surprises the Marines.

"You mean the Gouf?" One of the Marines said as many mutters and whispering of the name.

"What do you mean?" Red wondering why they knew him.

"He took down an entire Covenant platoon by himself after they wipe out his squad." One of the Marines said to explain how he was only one managed to defeat entire Covenant platoon at Harvest.

"Command was about to retire him from service, but I'm so sorry." One of the Marines asked. They heard that they are needed to get out now. All Pelicans are ready to lift off while the Dexholders managed get on time. They are ready to go home as they had to head to one of the ships was going to go out course then Earth to avoid Covenant interception. The pelicans lift off while Felix sees the Pelicans left the area.

"I hope you will plant the seeds of the future." Felix said as he fled into the wildness. Meanwhile, Sil Veree's battalion is recovering from the aftermath.

"YOU failed me, son of Giovanni! You will suffer like a heretic!" Nat Gloria was about to slash Sil Veree.

"STOP!" a loud voice whom no other than Thel Vadamee, the commander of the Covenant forces of the Armanda.

"My lord! This officer failed to kill the human who managed to destroy our cannons and allowed the humans to flee." Nat Gloriaee said as he points at Sil Veree.

"I care for my battalion than let allow a pointless slaughter to happen. I could suggest a better plan and perform better if not this zealot was in overall command. But I feel no shame to up stand my honor to defend my battalion. Slay me if you wish." Sil Veree said as he goes to his knees. Then Thel Vadamee goes to Sil Veree.

"I am transferring you to the fleet while you, Nat Gloriaee. I am sending with Field Marshal. I hope he needs your help for now. I hope you can do for him as your pleasure of killing humans." Thel Vadamee said as Nat Gloriaee complied while he left them alone.

Sword base

Noble Team joins with ODST teams to destroy what remains of Sword Base to prevent the covenant grabs Intel even the location of Earth. They joined with a small strike force compose of ODSTs as Noble 6 with squad of ODST took out Covenant anti-air turrets for clear away for reinforcements to arrive. After much fighting against the Covenant forces in the area, a group of pelicans arrive which they are met by platoon of ODST. One of them goes to Carter.

"State your season?" Carter asked to the ODST.

"Commander Erika, commanding of Gymleader platoon. I have received orders to help Noble team to begin the operation." Erika said as they enter inside of Sword base which is under attack by Covenant forces.

"Well, Commander…we going to need all the help we can get. Come on!" Carter said as the rest of the group enters inside the building. They reach Sword Base only to find nothing until they found new revised coordinates from AI of unknown. They found a cart that led them to a tunnel which Halsey reveal her intentions.

They found the entrance of Halsey's lab, but they were asked to defend it form incoming Covenant units. They build their defenses until incoming Sangheili, Jiralhanae, Kig-Yar, Lekgolo, and Huragok units as they attempt to breach their defenses. "Hold the line!" Carter said as they open fire at the Covenant infantry with great determination and bravery. Hoenn squad able to fight off two hunters which Norman took them down with pistol shots while Winona killed a Sangheili with a knife.

Sinnoh Sqaud was holding off against Brute units which they managed to secure the line at all cost. They work together with Kanto Squad to deal with brute chieftains. Noble Team help the ODST troopers out while they used Wolf Spider Turrets to support them. They fought against all odds as wave after wave came in.

The Covenant brought armored wraiths to deal with them which it was unavailing due of the stubborn defense of the UNSC ODSTs and Noble Team. They continue to fight until Erika faced Sangheili General who challenge her to a fight which until Noble 6 came to kill the Sangheili general.

"Thank you." Erika said as she gets up.

"No problem, commander." Joey said until Halsey has opened the door which they enter inside Halsey's lab along with Juniper, Oak, Birch, Elm, and Rowan whom help her of her research. They look at wonder as they see something out of this world. While Halsey explains the situation, Crystal with Cortana is working on the Forerunner data.

Halsey explains why her work will help humanity to win the war as long they get to a ship where presumably Johto Team was after they finished a mission to drop off a Spartan-II soldier. Halsey gives Noble 6 the package contains Crystal and Cortana. Once they lead to a tunnel where 7 pelicans are waiting for them.

Each professor was taken away to get away from Covenant forces. Then, they were visited by Johto squad who finished their mission and came to pick up Elm, Oak was taken by Kanto Sqaud, Birch was picked by Hoenn squad, Rowan was escorted by Sinnoh Sqaud, and Juniper by Unova squad.

Soon, Halsey was taken by Jun-A266 to CASTLE base and the rest of Noble Team to head to Aszod to get the package to the Pillar of Autumn. They head their way while the 5 pelicans reach to space where they met up with one the surviving warships. They dock in which they had get out before the Covenant ships detect them which they appeared. The captain made a bold move to start the slipspace to save their lives.

While Noble Team are battling their way against Covenant forces that block their way which they faced many Covenant units along their way even they must drop off from the Pelican as Carter lure them away. Emile-A239 and Joey continue foot as they fight their way to the shipyards until after getting out of a cave system, they faced a Scarab.

It wasn't until Carter sacrifice his life to destroy the Scarab. They continue their mission as they meet with Captain Keyes. They realize more covenant units are coming to the area which Emile takes up the mass driver to take out covenant units while Joey handle the covenant units on ground. After clearing waves of Covenant units, Joey handles over the package to Keyes until they see a Covenant battlecruiser which Keyes ordered Emile take down the cruiser. But he was attacked by group of Sangheili while he kills two of them.

Keyes asked Joey to come in until he refused to come and get the mass driver. He rushed to get on it until he faced a group of Zealot Elites with several grunts and Engineer. He manages to kill them until he was stopped by Sangheili. It was no other than Nat Gloriaee who appears after Joey killed Grand Mashal.

"What you think you're doing, human scum!" Nat Gloriaee said as he tries to slash Joey with energy sword.

"I can't let you destroy the ship!" Joey said as he about to use Emile's combat knife. Nat Gloriaee charges at him as Joey sides step and nearly slashes at him.

"I won't allow you to delay the Great Journey! Your destruction is the will of the gods!" Nat Gloriaee said until he felt something which he sees a knife in his abdomen.

"No!" Nat Gloriaee dropped to the floor. He gets on the Mass driver despite being attacked by Phantoms and Banshees. He able to get the cannon ready until Keyes ordered to fire. After a moment, Keyes said the order as Joey fired the cannon as it hit the ship which result destroyed.

They take off to space without any damage as they fled from Reach. Joey gets out of the cannon as he walks into the wildness. After much walking in the wildness, he encounters a marine fighting against a Covenant units. He was alone fighting against waves of Covenant forces in the area.

"Fuck, I have to fight whatever I got." Felix said which plasma nearly hit him which he fired his DMR as he kills an Sangheili. Then Joey comes to help Felix out, he kills a group of uggory.

"I'm glad to see a Spartan right now. Name and rank?" Felix said as fire his DMR as he took down sangheili major.

"I'm Joey. I used to be an orphan. Member of Noble Team." Joey said as he takes out a group of Kig Yars.

"Sergeant Felix of Dexholder squad. But looks like this is the place we are going to die." Felix said as he reloads. "Then we make sure we can take down many of those bastards we can." Joey said as Felix nodded. They begin faced a Covenant infantry unit after dropped off by a Phantom which Felix helped Joey out.

He uses a sniper rifle to shoot down important sangheili soldiers while Joey uses whatever weapons he can kill many of them as possible. They enter Wraiths coming their way which Felix grabbed a rocket launcher to take them down many he can. Joey shoot down Banshees down with much luck he can get.

They faced more Sangheili units whom the Covenant found them tough to send and hold back the Grunts while the best Sangheili soldiers to come out and fight them. They continue to fight which they found ammo problem. It's becoming harder and harder for them to continue the fight.

"Reloading!" Felix said until he found out that he has run out of DMR ammo. He bayoneted Sangheili in the face. He takes out which another Sangheili with an energy swrod rips his DMR in half while Felix resorts to his bayonet knife to challenge the Sangheili. They go duke it while Joey holds out with Covenant weaponry along with remaining USNC weaponry he got.

Felix kills the Sangheili until another stab him in the back. It was a sharp stab in the back, but didn't hit his spinal cord. Felix able to make himself turn as the energy sword slip out of the Sangheili's hands. The Sangheili notices this and takes out his plasma rifle, but Felix has faster reaction.

"Felix!" Joey shouted as Felix takes out the knife to kill the Sangheili in the throat. Felix drops his bayonet knife as he fell.

"I have fulfilled my mission. I'm so sorry, Dexholder squad. I have saved your lives as I died for a cause." Felix said as he died from his wounds. Joey tries to reach Felix until plasma cracks his helmet which he pulls out. He spots an assault rifle to kill Sangheili which another tries to attack him from behind which he knocks it out.

He takes out his pistol to kill it until more plasma fire hit him more despite he still stands. He taken down a Sangheili minor and Zealot before an Ultra rank pushes Joey to the ground. Another appeared with a energy sword ready which he knocks him away and elbow the sangheili in the Jaw.

It wasn't until both Sangheilis stab him with their energy dragger until a SpecOps Sangheili steps in only to deliver the blow. Joey can see the sun covered by clouds and smoke as he recounts his life before the war that killed his parents. He remembered his life until ended as the energy sword stab him to end his life.

"I'm going home. I missed you, Mom and dad." Joey said as his life goes away and his spirit is gone from the body. Then, the Joey's helmet lying in the ground in the dust as the Planet is bombarded by Covenant ships as they glassed the planet. Reach has fallen and the Covenant won at a high price as Humanity is hanging on a thread.

End of Halo Reach Arc

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