How to care for your pet rock.

All the information you will need to care for your very own pet rock.


9. How to know when your pet rock is ill.

Having an ill pet is always worrying, however if you treat it quickly the illness can easily be fixed.

The signs of them being ill are:

-Off Colour


-Not drinking


Luckily it is very easy to tell what disease they have because there is very few sicknesses they can get.

I have found rock juice works the best, here is how you make it;

You mix the following ingredients:

-Orange/Pineapple Juice



Once you have mixed these, put it in a small container and put in your rocks house.

They should drink it and it will make them better, they take so small sips you will not notice. After one day

take the container out and your rock should feel a lot better.


If they are still sick after this either go to the local geologist or hope for the best.

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