Guns N Roses

Reasons why my sappy love story isn't that cliche.

1. I didn't walk and bump into him. HE bumped into ME

2. I'm not a nerd. I'm a bookwork and he isnt a bad boy, he's a bad "man"

3. I'm not afraid of motor bikes, so he never had the chance of me hugging him tightly.

4. I dont listen to pop music or kpop blabla, i listen to born of orisis, system of a down, avenged sevenfold, and so on

And last but not least...
Okay, thats all i can think of. I guess, it is kind of cliche.
But, There are reasons why my love story is cliche

1. We live in different worlds

2. Yes, i have an overprotective brother

3. He's a quarterback

4. The school's bitch hates me because apparently talking to tyler, you have to be alteast 5 foot away from him, and not 10 cm away. (His fault not mine)

I'm gonna stop here so i wont spoil too much.

Too say my life isnt perfect is an understaanment.

I'm Anna Whites

School's outcast (not the emo or hippy type,just a normal outcast)

Literally have no friends

Mom died.

Dad's 24/7 working

And so on...

Then there's him. He has everything you could ask for

Tyler Blake Woods

School's quarterback

Fame, check. Popularity, check. Fanclub, check.

A multibillionare dad

An adorable dog and sister

An expensive car and motorbike

Have his own house

You get the point.

People said he was rude. Rumors said that he's in a gang. Girls said he was rough. Guys said he was tough. But me? Oh no.... All i see in him was a bunch of roses hidden behind full loaded guns, and we all know guns are dangerous, so was he. Rules are to stay away from him, but i was never one to obey.

We met in a weird kind of way. HE bumped into me at the hallway. Little did i know he was the neighbor i jamed out with. I didnt expect his dog to attack me at the park. I also didnt expect to babysat his sister. I never expected to have more than 2 people on my instagram followers request. And last never in a million years I expect to fall in love.


2. Phineas And Ferb


*alarm clock* doo bee doo bee doo ba doo bee doo bee doo ba AGENT -P

"UGHHH!!! Curse you perry the platipus" the song kept repeating, and i can't find my phone. I check under my bed, my drawer, the desk, but i can't find it. Then i close my eyes and follow the sound.

"There you are perry" i picked up my phone at the nightstand. I'm so stupid. It was there all the time.

"Hello there Phineas. Watcha doin" said a guy across my room. He looks around 15 or 16. Definitely younger than me. He has black hair, brown eyes. His body is well built. He's around 6'0 or something, he's so tall compared to me , i'm only 5'7. But i knew he wasn't the one who played the drums.

"Umm... Who are you?" I said bluntly

"I'm Vanessa" said the guy grinning "nahh, it's Gabriel" he said grinning " and you are..."

"Anna" I said rolling my eyes. Then i realize something. He's the guy i jammed out with! Holy... My eyes widen in shock

"It's youuuu" i said in shock "you're the one that played the song with me"

"Yuppp, cool guitar by the way" he looks to my right too see my guitar "it's an ibanez jemjr right?"

I wasn't shocked that he knew my guitar, it was very common. "Yeaa" i said to him "i assume you play the bass?" I asked him

"Yep. Actually i play the guitar more, but you know." He said. I nod understanding  . (A/N guitar players will automatically know how to play the bass because the strings of the bass is the same as the top 4 strings of the guitar)

"So, if you play the bass then who played the drums yesterday?" I asked him

"That is doofinshmert. My brother. He is pure evil" he said while shaking his head. "Anyways not in a rude way but how old are you? No offense, you look a little older than me, but you're so short"

"Non taken. And for a girl 5'7 is not short, you just have a lot of gigantism cell in your body. And btw, i'm 17" i said rolling my eyes

"Dang, i like older women" he said winking "you're the same age as my brother" he said

"Ew, you nasty bastard" i said rolling my eyes

"You know you roll your eyes too much? It may fall out one day" to answer that i rolled my eyes again

"I would love- wait no i wouldn't love talking to you but i have to go to school" i said and close my curtains.

I did my morning routine, put on a a7x band shirt and again black leggings. I put on my black vans and took out a jacket because it's a little cold outside. I don't put make up on or anything because i hate it. Wearing make up makes me wanna scratch my face because it's sticky and i feel really itchy wearing it.

I walked out of the house and saw a motorcycle. A big one to be exact. I didn't bother about it since i knew it was probably gabriel's. Whtvr.

I went to the bus stop, and pull out my iPhone 5c. I know there's already iPhone 7 and other expensive phones but i don't think it's necessary. I mean as long as I can text/ call (Justin and dad). I can listen to music, read books on my phone, it's all good for me. I have social medias but i rarely use them. I only use them to at least stay updated about things going on at school, not about the dramas or anything, but who knows that the 3 douchebags (i call them that) it includes, Justin (yes, as in Justin the pig poop), Blake, and Ryder decide to paint the teacher's hair, or glue all the doors and windows so that no one can go in, and a lot more. To be honest it's kind of cool, not because there's no school, but it's just funny.

Blake DeCaprio is the school's prankster all ideas came from him Justin said. He was a playboy (of course) even though he was a troublemaker he was never caught. That's what I like about guys like him, but other than that he's your typical everyday pervert. Blake is like a brother to me. He spends after school at my house, he's not the type that just come into my home just to play video games, but he actually spend time with us Whites family.  I don't consider him a friend. I consider him as a brother.

Ryder Duke he's also a brother from another mother. He's the school's charm boy. He has all A's at school, school's quarterback, swimming captain, soccer striker, and anything involve's sport. He's the only guy from the 3 douchebags that respect girls.

I put on my earphone and play the music i was listening to dream theater's songs when the bus came in view. I took my backpack from the floor and went inside the bus. I took the one farthest from the front and look to the window seeing the trees that passes by whilst listening to music.

I arrived 5 minutes later, the students quickly race to get out of the bus which was very brutal, but i waited until everyone was out. After i went out i saw people whispering about this new guy name 'Tyler Woods' but i never give a fudge about what they're talking about. I walk to my locker and grab my books for the first few periods.

Then someone called me

"Anna!" It was Celine. I don't have friends here, but Celine is a science partner project. She was the type of girl that will always like your post on instagram. She never bullied me like others did, but we weren't close too. She was in the popular group, but she's the nicest of them all. She was popular because she is the star of a movie that i forgot the title. But the point is she's nice. "I've done the first 2 pages of the essay. You just need to write 1 and a half more, and can you please type it for me? I'm sorry i can't do it. I have to visit a family member" see what i mean when i said she's nice?

"Of course. No problem, thanks for writing it though" she gave me a nod while smiling and walking away. I was about to turn around only to be greeted my a wall. Wait it's not a wall it's a chest. A guy's chest. A beautiful chest.

"Watch where you're going bitch. Walk withe your eyes" that handsome jerk said. Even though he was very handsome i still hate jerks

"You don't walk with your eyes dumbbutt, you walk with your legs. And YOU watch where you're going. I was just standing here." By now all eyes were on us the other were 'ooh'ing that guy

He send me a glare "too bad but it's not my fault that you're too short that i can't see you"

The 'ooh's was now thrown at me

"I'm not short. YOU just have too much gigantism cells in you. I mean have you look at Martha?" I said annoyed

"where's Martha?" He said searching for a girl name Martha


Tyler was about too say something when he was disterupted by a guy that's apparently my neighbor.

"Yo broo, check thi-" he was about to say something when he saw me

"Well hey phineas" he said wiggling his eyebrows like a mom who's son is about to ask a girl out.

I stay silent and just raise my eyebrows and pursed my lips. Then 'Vanessa' driftef his eyes to mine than to Tyler than to me again

"Well Phineas, i've seen that you've met doofinshmert"

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