Guns N Roses

Reasons why my sappy love story isn't that cliche.

1. I didn't walk and bump into him. HE bumped into ME

2. I'm not a nerd. I'm a bookwork and he isnt a bad boy, he's a bad "man"

3. I'm not afraid of motor bikes, so he never had the chance of me hugging him tightly.

4. I dont listen to pop music or kpop blabla, i listen to born of orisis, system of a down, avenged sevenfold, and so on

And last but not least...
Okay, thats all i can think of. I guess, it is kind of cliche.
But, There are reasons why my love story is cliche

1. We live in different worlds

2. Yes, i have an overprotective brother

3. He's a quarterback

4. The school's bitch hates me because apparently talking to tyler, you have to be alteast 5 foot away from him, and not 10 cm away. (His fault not mine)

I'm gonna stop here so i wont spoil too much.

Too say my life isnt perfect is an understaanment.

I'm Anna Whites

School's outcast (not the emo or hippy type,just a normal outcast)

Literally have no friends

Mom died.

Dad's 24/7 working

And so on...

Then there's him. He has everything you could ask for

Tyler Blake Woods

School's quarterback

Fame, check. Popularity, check. Fanclub, check.

A multibillionare dad

An adorable dog and sister

An expensive car and motorbike

Have his own house

You get the point.

People said he was rude. Rumors said that he's in a gang. Girls said he was rough. Guys said he was tough. But me? Oh no.... All i see in him was a bunch of roses hidden behind full loaded guns, and we all know guns are dangerous, so was he. Rules are to stay away from him, but i was never one to obey.

We met in a weird kind of way. HE bumped into me at the hallway. Little did i know he was the neighbor i jamed out with. I didnt expect his dog to attack me at the park. I also didnt expect to babysat his sister. I never expected to have more than 2 people on my instagram followers request. And last never in a million years I expect to fall in love.


1. cowboys aye

"Wake up!

Grab a brush and put a little make up!

Hide the scars t-"

The song chop suey by SOAD blasted through my ears as it was my alarm. I quickly dismissed it, I looked at the time. HOLY MOTHER OF COW. It was already 8:06. Oh no, this cant be happening, i can't be late for school, if i'm late then i will have detention, and if I have detention I will have a red mark. Oh god, what if i wont pass, what if I won't get in to a college. If i dont go to a college I cant get a decent job, then i will have 29 cats living with me in a dumpster with bearded guys, then i will die homeless, and no one will come to my fune-

okay stop! I told my conscience, everything's okay...

No it's not

Yes it is


It is

Nu uh

Stop it! Oh god. I've gone crazy

I took a deep breathe and count to three





I ran to the bathroom shower like a cowboy. I brush my teeth and my hair both at the same time, i then run to my closet, and picked out whatever shirt i have and put on black leggings and put on a hoodie. I check the time 6:10 i still have 5 more mins. Justin ( my brother) has already left i think, maybe he thought I went to school early to go to the library, like I always do, and maybe he doesn't think that I was still sleeping. I ran as fast as i can to reach the bus, but there's no sign of it, they probably already went by 10 mins ago. Oh God, what am i gonna do... It doesn't take me long to realize theres only one choice, so i did exactly that.

I ran.

My house and the school isn't that far away, probably like 1.5 km away, but usually dad, Justin and I ( sometimes Justin's friend would come join us) would go hiking and traveling, so 1.5 km is not a biggie for me. but running isn't that easy, i mean c'mon running isn't everyone's favorite sport.

I reach the gates of the school drenched in sweat, but it was closed. That's it, i'm gonna get busted. No way to sneak in, no excuses, no slip, just nothing.

"Good morning ma'am how may i help you?" A staff asked me

"No, i'm just late for 1st period" i told him

"Bu-" he was about to say something but i cut him off

"Wait, don't tell me, are the other kids planning on pranking me" i whispered in a panic tone. I started to freak out. A few years back, i was walking to school because the bus left me, but i still had time, so i walked. When i arrived it was dead silent, i walked in to the gym because it was near my class, when I opened the door, eggs, paints, flour, ketchup, tomato's was thrown at me. If you haven't figured it out, i was bullied back then, i was bullied by the one and only Veronica Anderson, she was the queen bee with 2 tails tailing her around. She was the center, in this school everything revolves around her and only her. But then she moved to Malibu and the bullying started to stop, but it didn't fully stopped, some students still push me, tripped my foot, saying it was an accident, then stole my homework to copy it, and a lot more. But when there's Justin and his friends they don't dare to touch me. I wouldn't tell Justin what the kids did to me, because i don't want things to get complicated. And to top it, my school has 2 buildings the only connection from the other building is the park and the cafeteria. Justin was in building 2 while i was in building 1

"umm excuse me miss..." The staff asked me

"Whites, Anna Whites" I said casually, dang i should've said that like James Bond did, it was once in a lifetime opportunity that i just declined. It may happen to other people, but not me since no one barely talk to me... Sad, i know.

"I'm sorry miss whites, but today is saturday" the staff said to me with pity in his eyes

I stood there.

I blink once, twice, then I took a deep breath and stood straight "thank you sir" i spun around, then walk away. I wondered why my alarm on my phone ringed. Then it hits me.

I unlock the front door and barge in to Justin's room. If i was in a cartoon, this would be the perfect time where i have steam coming out of my ears

Meet Justin. Justin here is my brother, apparently. He's exactly 1 year older than me. But i'm always the mature one. I have to be the mature one, especially when you're living with 2 boys. Deep down i love him with all my heart but we both act like we hate each other and that's our way of showing our love. We aren't those siblings where you can call goals. I'm actually a little against that. Justin and I both know we aren't those kinds of sibling goals, and we never tried to be. The thing is, a lot of sibling nowadays tried to be those things called goals, but if you're truly not, and you know that, then don't try to be. I mean if you try to be, that means you're acting in front of your own sibling. That's why i never cared about how me and Justin are. We are what we are. Besides, you should be thankful for what you have.

Anyways, Justin and I use to be the closest but after he started going through puberties, he barely spent time with me. He's either with his friends, in his room, practicing football, or at school.

"Ever heard of knocking?" He said in annoyance. Annoyance? How could he be annoyed right now, he had no rights to be annoyed. I should be the one who's annoyed.


He then furrows his eyebrows, after a few seconds he realizes what i meant and started to laugh. He was rolling in his carpet floor, while i was mad. I didn't bother stopping him because i know he wouldn't stop.

What a great day. Note the sarcasm.

12.00 PM

I was reading my book when i heard a moving truck beside my house. i took a glance and saw expensive looking furnitures being moved in. I didn't know we were going to have new neighbors, but i shrugged it off. A few hours later i got bored, so I picked up my electric guitar, yes, i play guitar. No one knows this besides dad, justin, and some family members. It was a hobby of mine, i started playing at the age of 13, around 4 years ago, but dad always said i was a fast learner. I also listen to metal and rock music because of dad and justin. I was never the one who listen to pop music or the songs on the radio nowadays. I feel like music now days need more melody. I was trying to find the perfect tone and pick-up, so i played the classic guns n roses sweet child o mine intro. I then got caught up by the song, so i decide to have a little throwback. So I played the song. I close my eyes and think that i was on a huge stage with crowded fans, first i was playing the intro alone, then, i hear the bass playing, but it sounded so real, wait... It is real, it's from the house next door, then i heard drums playing. Holy shoe, i've gone crazy, I never even once tried drugs and i'm hallucinating. But i can't stop playing, and so i didn't. Then the time comes for the solo, and i played it, well a few mistakes were made of course, but oh well. Then the song came to an ending. I quickly put my baby down on the stands and went to the window, i saw a music studio and a guy. Shirtless, with abs, on the drums, ooh lala. but from where i am i couldn't see his face, it was covered by the cymbals of the drum. Then he stood up. I quickly close my window and curtains, tho i never see his face clearly. But if we're neighbors then we have too meet again right? All i know was there's a hot guy living across my room. Holy shoot.

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