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  • Published: 26 Jul 2017
  • Updated: 26 Jul 2017
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Drugs literary kill. Combined with impunity and malfunction of all official institutions, they can bring hell on Earth for many innocent people.


2. 2.

Driving his jeep, Stefan was heading to unknown direction, totally calm and undisturbed. More than five hours passed since the murder of the young Viola. . . . It was almost midnight and Stefan was still driving the jeep. Somewhere in a middle of a road, the long headlights of the car illuminated a hitch-hiker. Stefan stopped asked the boy where he is going to and tell him to jump in: -I am going there, too!-said the drug-addict-I'm Stefan, nice to meet you! -My name is Ivo. I am glad you stopped and took me. Few are willing to take a stranger in their cars these days-said the hitch-hiker who had no idea he found himself in the jeep of a killer and hardcore drug-addict. Stefan looked calm, even making jokes and driving not fast. No one could suspect there's something very wrong with him. Suddenly, Stefan asked the boy if he uses drugs: -No, sir, they're not my thing! I like sport instead! -Oh, c'mon, I know how popular they are popular among youngsters, you're telling me you never try 'em? -No, not even once!-confirmed Ivo. -Well, said Stefan, I do and they wake up the devil inside of me! I feel so good with my precious white dust! Then Stefan laughed. The hitch-hiker started worrying a bit. It was the last thing he wanted to hear from the unknown driver. Thankfully, the night was almost over and the first sun rays are appearing. It was about 5:34 a.m. Stefan stopped the jeep near some bushes and told Ivo he need to pee. The boy remained inside the car, on the back seat,seeing his mobile is out of charge. Then, began looking for something in his back-pack. In a second, without a warning, Stefan opened the back door of the jeep where Ivo was staying and started pummel him with his fist. The devil was really awaken in Stefan. The boy couldn't realize what and why is happening. Was Stefan realizing what he was doing? Was the tragic end for the hitch-hiker inevitable? Will someone will see what was going on? . . . After the hitch-hiker was released from the hospital and found out who was Stefan and what he did, promised himself to never go hitchhiking again. Viola could be alive today but she's not. The torment and threats of the ex-wife and her family could have also been limit. The law meant nothing in this country. Stefan was declared missing and the search for him from the institutions continues. Maybe they will find him and he will be punished by the court. Unless the emasculation of all didn't make them close their eyes....once again.
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