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  • Published: 26 Jul 2017
  • Updated: 26 Jul 2017
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Drugs literary kill. Combined with impunity and malfunction of all official institutions, they can bring hell on Earth for many innocent people.


1. 1.

 Stefan lived in a country in East Europe. He was about 30. The young man's best friends were drugs. Ever since his university days. Stefan was bright mind, all of his professors favored him and the ladies in his class liked him a lot. He married one of them but she didn't know he was a drug-addict. Stefan never showed any signs for that.

Not long ago, after their wedding, the baby girl appeared. The three of them looked like a happy young family-normal, with normal problems and cares, just like the other young married couples.

Meanwhile, Stefan continued his secret relationship with drugs. He continued taking them, no matter he became a father and has to be more responsible.


When the baby girl grew up a little, the family decided to go on a trip to Berlin. It would be their first family vacation. The little girl was also with them,most of the time sleeping and causing no stress to her mother.

When checking at the little hotel in the German capital, Stefan hastily locked himself in the bathroom for a while, sniffing the white dust he hid in his belt and then went out. It was his first dose in two days. Of course, Stefan's wife hasn't noticed anything. She felt quite secure with her strong and pretty husband.

The first three days were just perfect-sightseeing, lunches in different restaurants, taking photos, enjoying their baby, hugs, kisses and good quality time. The family was the embodiment of the perfect family holiday until the next evening.


Around 23 o'clock, drugs woke up the devil in Stefan. Far from his normal behavior, the husband started stabbing knives in the table, yelling at his wife and pissed off the world. The young woman got really scared from Stefan's erratic behavior, ran to the room where the baby was sleeping, took it and locked herself with the little girl in the bathroom. Stefan was throwing knives and other metal objects at the bathroom door. The woman was staying in total horror inside,holding tight her precious creature. In a second, she started sobbing, goose-pimpled all over the body and wondering what is happening with Stefan. Through tears and words of begging him to cease, the woman leaned her head down and saw a small trace of white dust by the sink. And then realized the bottom line of everything. That drugs are the fourth member of her family.

                                                                                       . . .


A divorce followed and Stefan went to cure his addiction in a mental institution. As long as he was there, his condition improved. At least he remained clean. Even once his ex-wife brought him their little daughter to see. Stefan looked like a normal guy and his ex-wife was finally at peace. Everything really went fine until the release of Stefan out of the institution. After that, all began repeating itself.

Without medical control, Stefan started taking mix of drugs again. His erratic behavior dictated him to torment his ex-wife and her mother again. The man showed his anger at night by thumping on their front door, yelling and swearing.

-I want my daughter! Give her to me! She's my daughter!-screamed he while bullying around.

His ex, her mother and the little daughter were living every day in pure horror, worse than it in the movies. Stefan's ex was afraid to go outside even for a second. Her mother wrote several complaints to the nearest police precinct and to the agency for child protection but all of them remained deaf to her cry for help. Institutions functioned abnormal in this country, which claimed to be a civilized one. But the hardcore truth was that normal people couldn't count much on the police or someone else to protect their rights. The impunity and lack of justice were kings in this European country.

-Lord, please don't let Stefan hurt us, please, protect us!-only was begging the woman, while remaining hostage at the apartment, almost on the verge of insanity.

The series of torment continued another couple of months and none of the neighbors found courage to intervene and help.


                                                                                      . . .


Stefan found himself a new girl. Her name was Viola and she studied to be a nurse. The younger girl was beautiful, with blond hair and clever. The man increased the dose of his drugs and was feeling the greatest invincible man on the planet and no one and nothing could stop him to do what he wants. The devil inside him controlled him to his last cell.

One day, as walking toward Viola's place, a car with a man in it passed by to him. Viola was on the balcony. A thought suddenly infuriated him:

-This bitch is cheating on me!

The truth was the man in the car was her cousin who came to visit her from another city. But Stefan didn't know.

Viola saw Stefan approaching her building and waved him with excitement but the drug-addict remained silent and gloomy, seething inside. Without knocking or ringing the bell, Stefan crashed the front door, saw Viola and grabbed her by the throat, squeezing hard. The woman was choking and gasping for air.

-Who is he? Tell me, Viola? You cheating little.....

Viola was trying to tell him but it was already too late. She dropped dead on the vestibule floor. Stefan felt almighty again and before leaving this place, next to Viola's corpse he sniffed the white dust one more time.

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