sugar daddy || harry styles

"So you basically buy me anything I want as long as I give you pleasure?"
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• this story is about a girl named jenna. she meets the one and only harry styles and he becomes her sugar daddy. but when they gain feelings for each other what will happen?


4. 3

Jenna's Pov~

I. Fucking. Burned. The. Pizza.

I thought Harry would be really pissed but actually he wasn't. Turns out he already had some Chinese takeout for us because he had expected this to happen.

It was actually pretty good food, considering I HATE Chinese. (Sorry y'all I actually love Chinese bc who fucking doesn't??)

Harry turns to me.

"We are going out to my friends house. You will pleasure me and them or I'm not getting anything for you. Say ok or you will be locked in your room for a day."

"Ok" I said mostly because he was scaring me.


We arrived at a guy who Harry called Liam's house. When we walked inside we were greeted by some very sexy men.

One looked like a bad boy and he introduced himself to me first. "I'm Zayn but you can call me daddy." he said with a wink.

"Zaynnnnnnnnn stawpppppppo it!!!" A cute guy said to him.

"Hi I'm Liam and sorry bout Zayn, he thinks he's badass. Just nobody ever tells him he's not."

At that moment a cute blonde boy and a brunette walked in.

"I'm Niall and this is Louis." The blonde said, blushing.

"Hey boys I'm Jenna but I think Harry told you that already. And Louis I'm calling you Lou now please and thank you." I said.

"Well enough introductions! Jenna go upstairs with Louis and do what he says!" Harry said with anger.

I followed Lou into a bedroom and he locked the door.


Lou looked at me.

Then he slammed me into the wall with force and hunger yet gentleness. He kissed at my neck and hit my sweet spot. I moaned a bit and kissed his lips. They were amazing large, plump and juicy. He slid his tongue on my bottom lip as if asking for entrance. Which I gladly accepted. Our tongues moved back and forth perfectly. It was amazing. He reached up my shirt and took it off. Then I took off his. He layed me on the bed and took off his pants, then mine. Lou quickly undid my black lace bra and began to suck on my nipples. I'm not gonna lie. It was amazing.

Then he took off my underwear and saw how wet I was. He moved his hand over my clit and went inside with his fingers. He moved them around in there and then slipped off his boxers. His member was very large. I put it inside my mouth and licked it. His juices came out in my mouth, it was pure delight. Then he put on a condom and pit it inside of me. At first it hurt but then it was amazing. We both reached out climax and finished. We fell asleep and had the best dreams ever.

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