sugar daddy || harry styles

"So you basically buy me anything I want as long as I give you pleasure?"
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• this story is about a girl named jenna. she meets the one and only harry styles and he becomes her sugar daddy. but when they gain feelings for each other what will happen?


3. 2

Jenna's Pov~

I knocked on the door of the house, well mansion. And I have to admit, it was intimidating. A older, homely looking woman answered the door. I figured she was the maid.

"Hello I'm Anna and you must be Jenna. Harry's said a lot about you." The woman said with a smile. "Please come in!"

I stepped inside the huge house. Most of the decorations were black, white, and gray with hints of red here and there. I looked into the kitchen. And the first thing that hit my mind was wow. Harry was only 21, but his kitchen was the size of my house.

Anna coughed and I turned around. "Can I show you to your room?"

"Sure," I said and followed her.

We stepped into a large room with light pink walls and a California King bed. Like the rest of the house the room was decorated in blacks,whites and grays but instead of red it was pink this time. I looked at the ceiling and the WHOLE ceiling was an aquarium. Tropical fish swam in the large tank as well as sharks. I was amazed at this because I had never seen something so unique before.

I stepped into the closet and it was the like the size of my old bedroom at home. Kinda like my own personal store but better because I didn't have to pay for the clothes and shoes. The bathroom was just as big and was like a SPA. I was speechless.

"This is all mine?" I said out loud but meaning to say it inside my head.

"Yes, well with a price." Said a deep voice behind me. The voice filled with lust and passion and only belonging to one person I know. Harry.

"Did Anna show you around?" He asked.

"Yeah your house is huge." I said admiringly.

"You hungry? I hope so because your cooking tonight!"

"What's Anna for then?"

"Oh she cooks most nights but I wanted you to cook tonight so I have her the night off."

We walk downstairs and into the massive kitchen. He sits at the bar and watches me. I'm not really a cook so I have no clue what to do. I open a cookbook and something catches my eye. Pizza. I began to cook and finished the pizza with little mess. I popped it into the oven and walked to my room to freshen up.

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