sugar daddy || harry styles

"So you basically buy me anything I want as long as I give you pleasure?"
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• this story is about a girl named jenna. she meets the one and only harry styles and he becomes her sugar daddy. but when they gain feelings for each other what will happen?


1. 1

Jenna's Pov~

I arrive at the house. It's dark and shallow. Like it's owner. I had only met Harry less than 48 hours ago and I was already going to live with him? The only reason I agreed to this is because I can't afford to look after myself. After all with no parents and having just turned 18, my life wasn't exactly every teens dream. Well accept the part where Harry Styles is my sugar daddy.

36 hours ago~

I stepped into the large business building and walked to the front desk.

"Appointment with Harry Styles at 3?" I asked the desk woman. She muttered to herself about fan girls and fave me directions to the room. I knocked on the door but it was if he knew I was there because it flew open almost immediately.

"Please have a seat." He said, gesturing to the empty seat across from his.

As soon as I sat down the questions began.

Are you a virgin?

Where were you born?

How old are you?

Are you single?

What's your last name?

And I answered them. Every single one.

Harry leans in. "Now just let me explain the job a bit more. You pleasure me and have sex with me on my command, in trade I'll make sure you have food and I'll buy you whatever you'd like."

After thinking it over I finally decided.


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