Twin Missing

13 year olds Angi and Beth go through a horrifying experience-- a hurricane. But after the hurricane, someone goes missing. Angi's twin sister, Beth. Through days and months, Angie tries to find her sister before time runs out, and she may never see Beth again.


2. introduction

Names: Angi and Beth Harrison
​Date of birth: November 17, 2003
​                    (Angi on the right, Beth on the left)
Angi: My name is Angi Harrison. I have a twin sister. Beth. She is the best twin anyone could ever have. That's me, hugging her. I'm not doing that for attention (okay, well maybe a little). I love her to the side-by-side twin grave. That means I love her to death, in case you haven't noticed. We're inseparable! Nobody can ever break us apart. Well, Beth would trade me in for a supply of A+'s. She doesn't understand how valuable our identical twin relationship is. She has a bigger IQ than me, or at least that's what the teachers say on her report cards. 'Beth Harrison has a high amount of IQ compared to her identical and should maybe help Angi with a sheet or two with her math worksheets.' As so the teachers put it. We should have the same IQ! We are twins. Even better. Identical ​twins. All she gets is straight A+'s and I get straight D-'s. The teachers shower her with love and all I get is 'the look' when it's time to pass back the quizzes or tests. That's so not fair. My parents say it's fair, because I don't try as hard as she does. Also, she gets more presents than me on Christmas. And more eggs than me on Easter. And more candy on Halloween. And more presents and a bigger piece of cake than me on our birthday! And all I get is four eggs on Easter, some clothing and a Barbie doll on Christmas, a quarter of a bag full of candy (most of them are mints and toothbrushes), and a sliver of a piece of cake from Aunt Ruth (sometimes she dips it in my face, and when I ask mom for another one, she says 'you shouldn't have wasted your last one.' And then her and a few other of her ​brainwashing ​friends sit back down to hover over Angi and give her presents and feed her grapes. Okay maybe that last part was a lie), and the 'new age' clothes and old school shoes. Just once I would like to be in her shoes.

​Beth: My name is Bethanie Harrison. If you were in my school, you would know me as 'Girl Tutor'. Not bragging, like it is also not bragging when you say you had a chance to take a big leap and skip all the way to the ninth, but you didn't, because you wanted to spend your highly gifted and academic life in the same grade with your identical twin sister, and you can achieve life-achieving goals and get highly standard good grades with her by your side. Anyway, she thinks that she has a worse life than me. I love her to death, to the side-by-side twin grave, but I would trade her in just to go to the highly standard, academic-achieving, life-goaled, also, in terms, the best school ever, St. Thomas University! There is nothing that is out of place there. She thinks that I get more substances than her. Well, that's not true. Well, she doesn't earn substances by slugging around and hope that a prayer will come to her and she will be showered with everything she wants. No. That's not how life works. Well, life works by oil, trees, natural oxygen, and most importantly, neurochemicals. But, metaphorically, that is not how life works. She has to work hard in order to get what she wants. Getting straight A+'s isn't easy. I have to study every day and night even when it's not the night before tests. But no matter what, Angelina is always in the room painting her nails and dancing while watching ​Dance Moms. ​I want to get smart so much, I banned myself from watching TV until I'm 17. But Angelina thinks Middle school is a big joke. Well, let's see how funny it is when you see your permanent records while applying for a college.

​Favorite foods: Pizza (Angi) Freshly Blended Strawberry-Banana smoothie with a purple umbrella, the stick exactly 3 1/3 inches long, Blended for 7 minutes and 13 seconds (Beth) 
​Favorite game: Who's your Daddy (Angi) A double-wrapped board game of 3-squared Guess your right Astrology number of the right square root (Beth)
(You get the idea)

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