Twin Missing

13 year olds Angi and Beth go through a horrifying experience-- a hurricane. But after the hurricane, someone goes missing. Angi's twin sister, Beth. Through days and months, Angie tries to find her sister before time runs out, and she may never see Beth again.


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I work up to the sound of moms groans. It made me groan, too. I checked in both beds. Both were asleep. Mom looked pale and weak, and her hair was a mess. I felt bad for her. I went in the bathroom to check my looks, just to see if I was contagious.
​ I looked in the mirror. "Oh, look, It's Angi/Beth," I said meekly. "Bethanie, Why'd you have to go? Why couldn't have it just been me that got blown away? No, cause then I'd be missing. Well, why couldn't have I been blown away with you? Then we'd be missing together. Wherever we are, we are safe. Gosh, I should have like an identical twin feeling. You know, so I could see what you see and feel what you feel." I felt crazy talking to myself in the mirror, but it was the only close relationship that we have of each other. Our identical twin faces. I looked down at my green night shirt, which said, 'I'm more of a night owl', and then had to owls that looked exactly alike cuddling up next to each other. I stared at it, remembering the last time me and Beth wore it. Me and Beth have every single clothing and shoes alike, so every day and night we dress the same. One night we decided to sleep in each ohers rooms so we wouldn't be scared, because right before we went to bed, we watched a scary movie while our parents were on a date. "I bet that if we wore our lucky night shirts," Beth said. "Then we might get lucky and the werewolves might not get us." So we slept in our owl night shirts and cuddled up next to each other while sleeping with our owl and pig blankets. We have total differences, including our animal likes. I like pigs, and she likes owls. But, of course, like always, she adored my family and one member that knows she likes owls bought us these twin night shirts. She said it was so much of a miracle, we should make these our 'lucky' night shirts. I said I had rather wore my favorite pig night shirt 'I'm a pig​ during nights' with a pig wearing a sleeping mask rolling around in mud, but she refused, because there was only one shirt. We had ​different rooms, before the storm blew out. Mine had pig walls, a stack of pig blankets in the corner, my pig lamp on top of my pig-mania desk, pig clothings in my pig-mania dresser, some pig shoes in my pig wallpaper covered closet, a piggy-pink-paula-pig rug, and a pig-mania Big Jr. bed, with my pig-mania 100% cotton covers. Beth had a huge creepy picture of Einstein hanging of her blue Owl-Mania wallpaper, a science sign with a sleeping Owl in the middle, a huge Owl shaped rug with an owl sleeping (and when I say huge, I mean ​huge​) an Einstein head dresser with an Owl-mania one in a million lamp, Nikola Tesla's head as a dresser with owl clothes inside, and a million math-y and owl-y shoes inside of her math signs wallpaper closet. It drove me crazy just even stepping an inch of my shadow ​in there. So that's why when we voted to sleep in the same room together, we always chose my room, because she knows how much it scares me to go in there. It also scares me when Beth cries when her food is touching. I mean, a 13 year old!​ Crying because her food is touching. She said that there are some chemicals that are in some foods, and some of them can blow up or cause dioxide food poisoning if they mix or touch together, as so I remember it. But I do the exact opposite. I mix my foods together and then eat them without care while Bethanie watches my in awe and disgust. One time, we were playing truth or dare at the dinner table, and I dared Beth to mix ever single one of her foods together on her plate (carrots, peas, mashed potatoes, and steak with a side of a cookie). She didn't, and then she said she felt sick. I rolled my eyes, because Beth lets her mind trick her easily. Mom drove her to the hospital. Turns out that she had a mild bladder infection, and had to go through surgery. I said, "If she goes through surgery, I go through surgery!" but mom just shook her and told me to quiet down. The doctor gave me a checkup during Beth's surgery and told me that I had a mild kidney ​infection, which I didn't even know was a thing. So, lucky for me, we had to go through surgery together.
​ I realized that I was staring at myself in the mirror for teen-time some-seconds. I blinked. "Yeah, I miss her, too," mom's now croaky voice came from behind me. I whirled around. She leaned against the door and stared into me with gray eyes. "My mommy sense woke me up. Don't worry, Angelina, we'll find her." I bit my lip. "You know, I didn't mean what I said the other day, getting your name wrong, and stuff, she said. "I just want both of my babies, you know? I'm nothing without the two-pack." I ran up to her and gave her a hug. She leaned in my hair and sniffed it. "You know what's weird," Mom said. "Your hair smells like blueberries, and Beth's smells like strawberries."
​"Strawberries means geek, and blueberries means Dumb Blonde," I muffled into her shirt. She laughed softly and hugged me tighter. We hung like that for a while I mind-slept, until I felt her pull me into bed and pull covers to my neck. I thought about how she never went against me about the whole blonde thing.
Her mommy-senses must've kicked in, because she whispered before she stared snoring, "I didn't go against you because your too old to know that's true."

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