Twin Missing

13 year olds Angi and Beth go through a horrifying experience-- a hurricane. But after the hurricane, someone goes missing. Angi's twin sister, Beth. Through days and months, Angie tries to find her sister before time runs out, and she may never see Beth again.


3. 2

 "Beth! Bethanie Harrison! I-If you can hear me, clap twice!" I walked around alone through huge piles and piles of destroyed wood. People kept appearing one by one, but no signs of Bethanie. After people stopped appearing, I decided to give up.
​"It's okay, Angi," Mom said. "We'll start to look for her if she doesn't appear in an hour."
​"How can you now want to look for her? She's your daughter. You should be bawling on your knees ​now." I crouched down to dig through the piled wood. Honestly, when I realized Angi was missing, I expected my parents to be crying a lot. But they are just telling me 'It's going to be alright'. It's not going to be alright! She's my twin. If she's missing, then I'm missing. So basically my parents should fill out a Missing Persons report for two people, not one.
​ My dad pulled me back. "Angi, she will eventually show up," he said, rubbing my back. "we just need to be patient, that's all."
​"Ooh, but Paul, what if she doesn't?" Mom said. "Paul, I don't feel so good. I need to sit for a while, please." Me and dad helped mom to sit against a bark. "I need my Bethanie. She's missing. F-file out a report."
​"Regina, calm down. We'll take the bus, and there's a place across the street for people with damaged homes. It's only open during Hurricane season. We'll go there, stay for awhile, and then we'll be okay." He tried to hug her, but she pulled back. "I don't care if we're homeless ​for the rest of out lives. I just want my special baby!" She hugged her knees and rocked back and fourth. I wanted to cry. "Mom, I'm here," I said softly. "You can just pretend I'm Beth."
​"So where's Angle?" She whispered, still hugging her knees. I was fumed inside that my own mother got my name wrong and that she didn't say 'my'. Neither of them seemed to notice because they were talking about "My Betty".
​"We don't have any clothes," I said to dad, trying to change the subject. "How do we get changed, or anything?"
​"Well, I kept thousands of dollars inside of a safe in my closet," dad sighed. "but--" he nodded his head towards the apartment. "The best we can do is gratefully accept the clothes the shelter gives us." dad looked away and sniffed. So did I. I didn't think that the Hurricane would cause so much damage. And how everything and everyone would go missing.

​Eventually, after a long ride and over 7 bus trips, we had made it to the shelter. It smelled like fish and old people.
​Tip: Hold your nose while passing people.
​"Um, do you have any hotel reservations?" Dad asked to an old woman behind the counter. She shrugged her shoulders. "Sir, this is a shelter, not a hotel. Now please take this key. You are room 58." she began to type on her keyboard. Once we got to the room, though, it smelled worse than outside. Mom didn't seem to care. She laid down on her belly on the floor.
​"Are you okay, mom?" I asked, feeling her forehead. "You look pale."
​"Beth?" she asked looking up at me with her sad, blue eyes. I rolled mine. "No, not Beth. It's Angelina. You know, the other one that looks like Bethanie?" Mom groaned and put her head back down.
​"Dad pulled me back by the shoulder. "Let your mommy rest, Be--Angi," dad said, laying a cover over mom. "She'll forget about it tomorrow."
​ I folded my arms and stared at him. "That's the problem, dad," I said. "And then when she remembers, she'll feel even worse. You know, dad, why don't you care? She's my twin. She's your ​daughter. Take care and risk finding her. That's what a father is supposed to do." Dad sighed and rubbed his head. "Angelina, I'm trying. It's just, there's nothing to do about this. It's all a big mess."
​"There's a ton of things to do!" I said, pacing the room. "Amber alert, Missing Persons report, fliers, po--" dad grabbed my arm as I passed him. "It's going to be alright, Angi," he said. "We just need to think this through, that's all."


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