Twin Missing

13 year olds Angi and Beth go through a horrifying experience-- a hurricane. But after the hurricane, someone goes missing. Angi's twin sister, Beth. Through days and months, Angie tries to find her sister before time runs out, and she may never see Beth again.


1. 1

"What's happening mom!" I yelled in dad's arms. She tried to fight the gravity and hold on for dear life.
"Nothing!" she yelled, clutching Beth close to her. "Go under the table! Everything will be alright." Me and my twin sister Beth struggled to hide under the table and hold down to the ground. I desperately reached out a hand and grabbed Beth's arm.
"Beth! It's going to be alright!"
"Angi, I'm scared!"
"Don't be! Its just a Hurricane! It'll be over before you know it." We both looked at eachother with worried eyes until Beth blinked.
"Aah! I have dirt in my eyes!" she rubbed them hard. "Angi, help me! I--I can't see!"
​"Beth, Don't let go! You'll wash away!"
"Angi, help--" She didn't get a chance to finish her sentence, because she was blown away. "Beth! Come back! Mom! Dad!" I peeked from behind the table. They weren't there. I was the only one trapped in that house. Then, the back wall blew off, and I was sent flying out.

​ I woke up with a flash of past memory. "Mom! Dad! Angi!" I yelled, cupping my hands over my mouth. There was no sound. Silence. I started to dig through the rubble, which was all piled all over the streets, lawn, and backyard. It would take hours to find them.
​After sitting down and taking a long cry, people were starting to wake up. I gasped and started to walk around asking, "Have you seen my family?" people kept shaking their heads or saying "I need to find my own family." I couldn't find them anywhere. Then I saw a hand reach out from other the rubble. Then two. "Mom! Dad!" I pulled them from under the rubble. "Where's Beth?" Dad asked. "Beth! Beth!" I started to shout. But I couldn't hear or see her anywhere.

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