Young Alpha

Part One in the Young Alpha Series: SUBMISSION!

��-Young Alpha-��

Darry Knight is a 30 years old man who teach history at East High. What most people knows about him, is that he is a single middle age man. Apart from what little people knows about him, he have a secret. He is a submissive wolf. He has never been kissed none caress. He is fear of being dominated, but he wants to meet his mate. He wants his mate to come and claim him as theirs, and for that, he would do anything.

This is where Justin Wilson comes in.

Justin Wilson is a 17 years old dominant wolf who doesn't have any knowledge of him being a werewolf. Apart from being a rich frat boy, Justin is the quarterback of the football team and is the captain of the basketball team. He is popular with the ladies and no one cares that he is a playboy.

What would happen when Justin figure out that he is a werewolf and that his 30 year old history teacher who he loves to bully is his mate?

Time. Will. Tell!.

*Wattpad story*


3. two

N-no. Please, I won't be able to control myself any longer.

My back was being pressed hard against the wall and all I could do was try to keep the moans that were threatening to escape from my lips at bay.

I felt like I was being split into half. One part of me was trying so hard to keep my thoughts together as the other part of me was trying to consume and bring the wolf that hide within me, above the surface.

"P-please. No more" I tried to push Justin body away from mine, but failed. His lips, his caressing touches, his body heat, his everything, was driving me crazy.

"Mhm ah- please" I opened my mouth to beg him to stop —even though deep down I didn't want to— my wolf was rising with every lick of his tongue onto my lips. I can't remember how it happened, but his tongue was in my mouth. Licking every each of my inner walls and tongue. Making my knees to go weak when he started to nips on my tongue with his teeth. Slowly bringing me undone under him.

His lips was intoxicating and electrifying at the same time that it sent thrills down my spine.

Finally getting a hold of myself, I pushed him away from my trembling body. Panting hard with every breath I took, I look up to see Justin looking back at me with wide eyes.

I was about to say something when his face turned hard with angry. His eyes darkening from his usual brown eyes making me to question myself a little.

"YOU! You dirty old man, you took advantage of me" he roared furiously.

"I-" I try to speak, but his right hand grabbed my neck. I couldn't breathe, his hold was too strong for me to break through. He pushed me hard against the wall like before, but with more force causing tears to cloud my vision.

"P-please s-stop" I chocked out.

If it was even possible his hold on my neck got even tighter. I was freaking out inside. Air. I needed air in my lung before I past out.

"I- I- I'm s-s" Justin free his hold on my neck and pushed me down hard on the cold floor of the school rooftop and stormed off. His foot steps echoing loudly as he exited the rooftop door, down the stairs and into the main hall of the school.

But you kissed me. Twice. How is it I'm the one taking advantage of you?

With trembling legs I pulled myself from the floor and lay on the wall, trying to gain back my normal breathing pattern. When I wasn't panting harshly to get air into my system any more, I too exited the rooftop as I weakly made my way to my last class for the day.

🍃-Young Alpha-🍃

Justin pov*

I can't believe that he would take advantage of me like that. Was making himself look weak with tears rolling down his soft cheeks part of his plan to seducing me? Wait, did I just called his cheeks soft? I-

"Yo Justin" my best friend, Alex, came walking towards me with a goofy smile on his face. What is he up to now, I thought to myself. I have known Alex since kindergarten and he is always planning things. 'Special surprises, he likes to call him.

"What is it Alex?" I asked as we both starts to walk towards our last class for the day. While walking, he looks up at me with his usual silly smile. "I know we have a basketball game tonight, but I was wondering if you could like to go clubbing? maybe have countless sex with hot girls partying?" he suggested.

"Maybe" said and he turned into the dramatic Alex that I have come to love.

"MAYBE? FREE SEX WIH HOT CHICKS AND YOU ARE GOING TO TURN IT DOWN?" he yells playfully. "Alex, you are being melodramatic" I chuckle lightly when he starts to pouts. "I'm just saying man, you have been acting weird lately and I just want my best friend back". "And you think having sex is going to help get me back?" I ask.


Rubbing the back of his head in an awkward gesture he smile up at me, "y-yeah?".

Sex with hot girls doesn't sounds bad, but I needed some time alone to think about what I have been feeling lately. I feel like someone is part of me, but I couldn't put bits and bits together to figure out what.

I was just about to tell Alex I couldn't go out after the game tonight when I saw the old fag coming in the direction of us.

"You know what, Alex?" I turn him around to face me, making sure only I could see the fag face.

"I would LOVE to go clubbing with you after the game because I want to hear the moans of some hot girl whimpering under me as I penetrate her. Not only that, but I want to get a disgusting face out of my head" I said loudly for the Mr. Old to hear me as well.

I knew right away that he indeed heard me because he lift up his head and look up to meet my eyes. He looked like a mess with his legs shaking under him and his eyes seems to be tearing up. Good!

I'm talking about you! You disgust me!

I made sure he read my lips before I break my stare off him and smile down at Alex. "Sweet" said Alex as he enter the classroom. I look back in the direction of the old man, but he wasn't there.

I hate what he is doing to my body. I couldn't stop thinking about him last night and so I am going to hate him forever. I will continuing hating him even after I graduate.

I hate you so much Darry Knight because I think I'm falling for you.


The chapter is a little short, but I couldn't go any further because of what I have plan for next chapter. Reviews are really appreciated. Thank you all.



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