Young Alpha

Part One in the Young Alpha Series: SUBMISSION!

��-Young Alpha-��

Darry Knight is a 30 years old man who teach history at East High. What most people knows about him, is that he is a single middle age man. Apart from what little people knows about him, he have a secret. He is a submissive wolf. He has never been kissed none caress. He is fear of being dominated, but he wants to meet his mate. He wants his mate to come and claim him as theirs, and for that, he would do anything.

This is where Justin Wilson comes in.

Justin Wilson is a 17 years old dominant wolf who doesn't have any knowledge of him being a werewolf. Apart from being a rich frat boy, Justin is the quarterback of the football team and is the captain of the basketball team. He is popular with the ladies and no one cares that he is a playboy.

What would happen when Justin figure out that he is a werewolf and that his 30 year old history teacher who he loves to bully is his mate?

Time. Will. Tell!.

*Wattpad story*


2. one

Darry Pov*


"I hate myself. I hate you" I murmured as I stared myself down in the mirror. This i going to be a long day, I sighed deeply as I remember my everyday, daily's routine.  

Every morning when I wake up, I make my way to the bathroom and shower up. When I'm done with my bathe, I would look in the mirror and throw hurtful comments at my  own reflection. 

 Why is that? it's because no one will ever love me. I'm in my thirties and I still haven't find my alpha. Am I that old for someone to love? 

"I hate y-" I was cut off by my alert clock ringing loudly in my lonely apartment. A bit irritated, I sighed out with annoyances and exited the bathroom to turn it off.  

 Geez. I haven't made it to school and I'm already grumpy because of my alert clock.   

Peachy. Just peachy!


🍃-Young Alpha-🍃 

It took me awhile to put on my clothes and eat some left over sandwich I had in my boring refrigerator, but I somehow made things work out in the end.  

When I pull up to the teacher's parking lot at the school and parked my old car, I sighed with relief. 

 Not getting any younger, sadly.

 Wanting to be on time for my first lesson today, I got out of my car —ignoring all the sounds it made— and walks towards the school entrance. Being the lazy old man that I am, I made sure to drag my feet with each steps I took.  

Finally I made it to the stairs of the school and just when I was about to open the doors to enter. Someone bumped into my right shoulder, pushing me side. 

"Get out of my way faggot! I don't want to get old just from looking at you". I look up to see the brown eyes of one of my student. When our eyes met I quickly lowered my head, too afraid to know the outcome of standing up for myself. 

Seeing this, the teen smirked evilly at me and disconnected his eyes from mine. Storming off into the school with his friends behind him, I hear them laughing about how old and gay I am. 

 I don't like that kid. No, I shouldn't be saying 'don't like' because I hate him. Since I started teaching at East High three years ago, he have made my life a living hell from what it usually is.  

I just don't understand that kid, in school, out of school, he would always bully me.  

Sometimes I just want to k- HOLY SHIT!   

The school bell rang causing me to jump out of my thoughts. Looking down at my left wrist I looked at my watch hoping it wasn't 8:00 am, but it was. This is not good. Really really REALLY not good. 

Quickly I picked up my steps, rushing to get to class —not so on time— as I prey I wouldn't come across the principal. I made my way over to the elevator and press on the up button. No use in taking the stairs when you have one of these baby to take you places quicker. 

When the door opens to the elevator, I was about to enter it when I come face to face with the principal. I should I taken the stairs because today was NOT MY DAY. 

"H-hi" I greeted her awkwardly and step in the elevator with her. Why isn't she getting out? 

"Mr. Knight" I hear her call my name in the scariest voice ever. When the door to the elevator closed, I turned to see a frown upon her face.   

"H-hi" I said more awkwardly then the first. She might be a woman, but she can be very and really scary at times. 


All times to be exact. 


"Mr. Knight. Why are you late... again?" she roars furiously. "Why is the elevator so slow today" I whispered. "What you say?" her voice sent a dreadful shivers up my spine and through out my body.  

"N-nothing... and I'm not late. I still have-" I look at my watch only to be betrayed by time itself.  

"Holy shi-", "watch the language Mr. Knight, we're in school" she growled.  

"Sorry sir" she sent me a deadly glare, "I mean ma'am". She huffs and exits the elevator with me when it came to stop. "Ok, you win. I'm late, but I really have to get to class" I said running away before she had time to get me one of her speeches. 

"Come back here Mr. Knight. I'm talking to you. Come back here..." I heard her yelling before my shoulders, but I was too focus on getting to class that I simply ignored her. 

 🍃-Young Alpha-🍃 

"Sorry. Sorry I'm late class. Will everyone please turn to-" I was cut off by that annoying brat again. "Oh look, Mr. Old finally made it to class a bit earlier today. Didn't had the time to let some random old fag to fuck you today, did you?". He starts to laugh and soon everyone else joined in. 


Justin Wilson!


 He makes me so MAD sometimes that I just want to rip his throat out. 


"Ha!" I laugh sarcastically. "When everyone is done having their fun, turn to page 157 in your textbook".


 Stupid brats.


 🍃-Young Alpha-🍃


 Apart from the laughter of my class this morning, I was surprised that everything was going well. I sat in my chair comfortably as I thought about how my today was going so far, all the while waiting for the lunch bell to ring.   

Now that I'm actually thinking about it, I hasn't been repeatedly bullied by Justin and his friends so far today. Although this sounded like a good news to my ears, it also gave me a bad feeling. Or maybe it was just my hunger talking? 

When the ball finally rang —signaling that my lessons for now was over— I slowly made my way to the school's rooftop. I like to think of myself as a loser and so instead of eating in the teacher's lounge, I go to the roof to eat.  

When I got closer to the door that leans to the roof, I hears moans coming from the other side of the door.  

When I look through the glass of the door to see who it was, I wasn't surprised to know that it was Justin. He and one of his play-thing were making out. 

 For some reason as I watched them kissing each other, I felt jealousy running through my veins. I wanted to be in the girl's place. I wanted to feel his lips kissing mine deeply —like how he was kissing her— I wanted that...  

What the! Now I think I'm going crazy. Why the fuck would I think like that?. 

I turned away from the door heart brokenly and started to walk back down the stair when the doors to the rooftop open up. "Oh look, if it isn't Mr. Old. Why are you up here anyway? Oh wait no, let me guess. You have never seen opposite gender kissing before snd so you decided to watch?" he smirked at me.  

"That's n-" I was cut off by Mr. Arrogant, "don't be in denial, fag. Have you ever kissed anyone? I bet you're a virgin" he said smugly.  

Damn this brat. 

The girl looked between us, confused and irritated —feeling the little hatred from us both— she left. I too turned my back to leave when I was stopped by Justin's hand grabbing my shoulder and pulling me back around. 

 "Oh no you don't. You're not going anywhere because I'm not done talking to you yet". He growls gripping my wrist tightly.  

"Let go Justin" I said pulling my hand from his, but that only made his hold tighten on mine. "Tell me Mr. Old, have anyone ever kissed you?" he asked and stupid me, I said no.  

"Well aren't you in luck. I was thinking of doing a little —what you called it— experiment?". And with that said he leans in and kissed me softly upon my lips. 

For the first time in my life my heart skipped a beat. I felt like I was on cloud nine as my wolf danced with joy inside my body. 

 More. I want more. 

 I wanted his touch and lips to be mine forever, but sadly he pulled away too soon and said. "This. Never. Happened! And if I hear anything about this from anyone, you'll regret it". He growled at me and left. I was left frozen in my spot for what felt like hours. 


 I hate my life.


I hate you Justin freaking Wilson.


 🍃-Young Alpha-🍃


 For the rest of the day I avoided Justin at all cause. When he and his friends made hurtful comments about me during the day, I just pretended I didn't heard them and walk off.

When school was done for the day I made my way back to my messed up car and drove off to my lonely apartment. When I got home I ordered some Chinese to eat. I couldn't cook  because I had no one to share it with me.

When I finished eating my food I made sure to take a quick shower before I go looking myself in the mirror.   

"I hate my life. I hate you".

And there you have it, my daily routine —which doe not include the kiss— because that came as a surprise.  

A surprise I will like to have again.


🍃-Young Alpha-🍃


"I hate him. I hate him so much" I murmured to my reflection in the mirror. My daily routine of hating myself has change and now I'm hating Justin Freaking Wilson more and more.  

 Because of that one stupid kiss I couldn't sleep at all last night and now I'm going to school looking like a hangover teen —who party too hard that my brain exploded— worst part. I'm now a walking zombie. 

 I stared at myself in the mirror for few more minutes. I thought of hurtful words to say to myself, but I couldn't think of any. Just that one silly kiss that... felt so right.  

I'm losing it all because of that damn stupid kid. "I hate him so much with burning passion, I swear" I screamed one last time at my reflection. After my little episode in the bathroom, I got dress and drove off to school in my shitty car. 

Parking my car in the teacher parking lot like always,  I got out of my car and made my way to my first lesson. When I got there, I took in a deep breath and breathe it out slowly. Making sure to relax my tense body. "Here goes nothing" I whispered to the empty space around me. 

"Ok class, turn to page 189 in your textbook and don't forget to leave the homework I gave out two days ago on my desk when class is over". I said smoothy when I entered the classroom and prepare myself for one of Justin hurtful remark, but to my surprise. It didn't come. I looked over to where he unusual sits, but he wasn't there. 

 Not seeing Justin at his usual spot made me want to loose control of who I really am. For some reason the world inside me feel like breaking through.  

My wolf wasn't listening to me when I tried calming it down. It almost felt like my inner wolf was going to rip out of my skins at an moment. 

"Where's-" I was about to ask the class where Justin was when my sentence was cut off half when Justin entered my class looking more worst then I did. That's new, I thought.  

Very new

"You're late, why?" I asked as he made his way over to his seat. My wolf was now calming down now, but I spoke too soon before hearing Justin replied.  

"I couldn't bear the thought of seeing your face, old man". 

My heart shattered right then and there and for the first time in ever, I thought of killing myself. Of all the things I have heard him said, this was the most hurtful one yet.  

'I see! I'm sorry for being so old and disgusting to look at' I replied inside my head. I could feel my heart as it started to cry out from the hurt and pain it was going  through.  

"Everyone please turn to page 189 like I said earlier" I pretended like his remarks didn't hurt me at all, but deep down inside.... 

 I was dying inside

 I sat in my chair —just waiting for the bell to ring— as I write in my book 'many ways to kill Justin Wilson'. Not long after the bell rang and I couldn't have been more happier for that. 

 Unusually it's the students who leave the class first before the teacher does, but I wanted to get to the rooftop so I could cry out my pain.  I have been holding it in for the pass forth five minutes and every second that ticked by made the pain to grow more and more.


 🍃-Young Alpha-🍃


 When I got to the rooftop I hide myself in the far away corner so if someone was to come up here, they wouldn't be able to see me.  Slowly I let my body slide down the wall as tears starts to poured down my face. I don't get it anymore.  

I almost lost control of my wolf when I thought Justin wasn't going to be in school today, but when he finally did showed up he reminded me that I hated him. Why does he make me feel so much pain, but yet at the same time so whole. 

'I hate myself. I hate you' replayed over and over into my head. I guess I will never stop hating myself. "Mr. Knight?" I heard Justin calling my name from the other side of the roof. This was the first time he ever called me by my real name instead of, old man. 

What does he want now. After breaking my heart painfully, it wasn't enough and so he wants to break it even more? 

"Find you" he said with a smug look playing at his lips, but that look was soon replaced by concerns one. 

 "What happened to you, Mr. Knight? Why are you crying? Who did this to you? Who? Tell me and I will make them pay". He growled out angrily.  

"Yeah sure. Like you don't know who. And why do you even care? You never cared about me so don't fake start now. You're just a teen so just go do what teenager boys do now a day" I spatted at him.  

"Please just leave my alone. Go! Go away!" I got up from my sitting place and whip my tears away, turning on my heel to leave.  

"You're not going anywhere until I say you can" he yell turning me around roughly by my left wrist, slamming my back into the wall. "You don't leave until I say so" he repeated more forceful. Growling again he trapped me with both of his hands on each side of my body. Caging me in and blocking any chance I had to escaping. I tried to break through, but i couldn't. He was too strong.

 The feeling of me loosing control of my wolf came back faster then ever. My wolf picked the wrong time to start acting up, putting me in a more worse situation.

 What have I gotten myself into. A teenager who is old enough to be my son —if I had one that is— is giving me commands that makes my wolf want to obey. What have I  gotten myself into no-...

 My mind got cut off guard by soft lips pressing on mine.

 N-no. Please, I won't be able to control myself any longer.


🍃-Young Alpha-🍃


 Hope you like the first chapter. Reviews and vote are deeply appreciated. 🍃








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