My Poor Poor Child


2. What's In The Past Should Stay In The Past

I remember that night clearly, but it's still my birthday so I've got to make the best of it. I wipe my tears and wake Quabriel up "hey, hey get up! We slept threw the movie" I shake her a little trying to wake her

"Yeah I'm awake... uhhhh" she says as the sun is hitting her face and she doesn't want to open her eyes "were you crying?" She asked, I nodded knowing I can't get anything past her

"It's ok, lets go shopping" Q says getting up and stretching, although I didn't like shopping as much as her I knew she was trying to cheer me up.

We walk through the mall doors and see a gallery of stores "I haven't been to this mall before" I say confused

"Well yes it's hidden from the human race, I store for everything supernatural. Plus you hardly even shop Zara" she takes my hand and we run off to the first store

"Well that is true, but wouldn't this be hunter paradise?" I ask confused

"Well only certain hunters know about it, you know friendly ones" she says picking out a bunch of clothes for me. All my thinking is get me out of here! I'm wearing long clothes to cover my tattoos, being a djinn is hard. People don't think I can change the ways of my people, but everybody can do something to change. I pick out a shoulder less too with two arm prices not connected, it's white and had beautiful lace at the ends. I put it on and pay for it, might as well keep it on since it's really humid run here. We walk around some more and go into a tattoo shop, then there's something that come son the speakers.

"Welcome alll, thank you for coming to the supernatural mall hidden away from the human race. Djinn, angel, demon, werewolf or vampire and more! Thank you for shopping with us" the voice was high pitched and hurt my ears.

We walk into he store and a emo looking girl starts with some old thing they probably have to say to all customers "Hello and welcome to the hidden tattoo, where we can make tattoos go temporarily bye-bye. I'm Amelia and consider me your assistant in all your djinn needs, a djinn is a genie that can grant wishes by putting you in a deep sleep with its poison and make you feel as if your wish has come true. While your poisoned it drains your blood and lives off it, they can live off of animal blood too though." She lets out a big breath as she never stopped that whole time.

"Dude, I'm a djinn" I say with a blank look on my face while Q just glares

"We have to say that, anyway what are you here for? More tattoos, tattoo erasing or covers?" She then says, me not knowing what we're here for stays silent

"Were here for the appointment under Z, for the special covers to turn on and off the tattoos" Q says leaning on the desk

"Aright, here lets go then" she turns around opening the gate to go behind the desk. After an hour or so it's done and I amuse myself turning them on and off sharing as they disappear and reappear.

"We should go home now, or go grab some supper sense we spent about almost all day here" she says opening the door out of the mall, I nod agreeing.

We arrive at east side marios, pizza and pasta. I love this place, free garlic bread for days and oh there salads! I got a chicken alfredo bow tie pasta and Q got the same put with the thinnest noodles because she's part lactose and minus the chicken because she's vegetarian. They bring the bread and salad out and we have a feast! Our meal finally gets here and we're stuffed so we eat what we can and take the rest to go.

We arrive at the house and open the doors we're talking and I have my head turned behind me talking to Q, I can't see what lies ahead of me but at the time I thought it was just a living room. I eventually just walk completely backwards looking at Quabriel " I'm gonna go out this in the fridge " Q says turning around and going to the kitchen. I still not looking where I'm going, open the glass doors to the living room and turn around still with a smile on my face from such a wonderful day. My smile then turns to a frown which turns to my mouth dropping and my eye brows rising. My eyes expand as I realize who it is, she looks different but I can make her out. she's wearing crap clothes, holes everywhere and her hair is all over the place. Her eyes tear as I hear the glass door slam behind me swinging in and out. I'm froze in shock.

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