My Poor Poor Child


1. A Unforgettable Past

Zara woke up feeling the warm sun on her face coming from the window, she turned over trying to block the sun but it didn't work and she just got up. Her warm blue hair brightening in the sun light highlighting the dark blue colour. She made her bed, starting to get ready for the day. She put on a dark blue hoodie, a little too big but it's just more comfy that way, she threw on a pair of black leggings and straightened her hair.

"crap!" She shouted as she burned herself on the straightener. She finished her hair and put the straightener away, today was her 20th birthday and she was going to meet Q, a old friend of hers, very old.

Zara headed down the stairs at she heard a knock at the door, she thought it was Q so she headed down and opened it. It was Q just like she thought.

"Hey" she said inviting herself in, she brought pizza so it was okay.

"I didn't know you were coming so early Q" I say walking upstairs sitting on my bed with the pizza and turning on the TV, Q follows

"Well the pizza was on my way and there was no need to go back home and let it get cold" Q says as she grabs a piece of pizza. At that moment I hear a bang and I fade away from reality.

I wake up in a place I frequently visit in my dreams from years ago. I was in my old home, foster home with my foster sister Vivia. Vivia wakes up after me as I'm sitting in my bed reading a book I stole from my foster moms room, she wasn't very nice to us it's as if she doesn't even want us. Vivia got up yawning as I here our foster mom coming and I throw the book to Vivia to hide under the floor boards, but she was here too fast so Vivia quickly threw it under the bed.

"ALRIGHT GET UP!" Mrs. P yelled, that's what she wants us to call her.

"Okay Mrs. P" we say getting out of bed and making the bed, we get changed and head out to make breakfast. We make a five star meal eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausages and a drink of Mrs. P's choice. Yes, none of that was for us we microwaved leftover pizza and sat to the table as Mrs. P ate in the living room. We finished and washed all of the dishes and did the laundry, as we were doing that Mrs. P went to check that our room was in place. A rush of worry goes through my head as I remember we forgot to put the book back as I hear Mrs. P stomping out of the room holding the book. I feel so bad, I'm feeling the feelings from that day but worse because I'm re living it.

"VIVIA!" Mrs. P screams as she drags Vivia to the basement by her hair. Vivia had been beat by Mrs. P many times as she had lots of bruises, she's been here longer than me at this point. I remember them not coming up tell five hours later, up all night worried. Mrs. P came up with blood in her and bits of hair, she came up to me "you go to sleep and never speak of this!" She said harshly waving her finger

"Where's Vivia?" I ask

"We don't speak of HER" said Mrs. P As she walks to the washroom. After that night I left, ran away. Vivia was dead because of me, because I had to have a stupid book to read. I wake up in my bed half asleep, Q next to me asleep. We had fallen asleep watching an old cowboy movie, which explains the bangs. But this dream has haunted me all my life.

"Vivia died because of me" I say my eyes filling up "I killed Vivia" I start crying trying to keep it in and not wake Q up. It was such a vivid dream each time as if my 14 year old self who just had to read a book was trying to tell me something. My hair a mixture of dirty blonde with blue tips then, short hair too I love it like that but it reminded me too much of her.

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