My Poor Poor Child


3. A Dream Or Reality

My eyes brighten at the sight of an old face, but tears fall at the same time. I'm no longer froze, I run up to her trying to hug her but I just end up falling down on the floor. Q comes through the door and shakes me "hey hey!" She says all worried. I don't understand can't she see what's going on? I Look back over to her leaving Q, as soon as my eyes meet hers she runs away. I'm all sweaty with tear stained eyes as I wake up seeing Q rush all over the place. "Hello?" I say sitting up on the bed.

"Oh, your awake!" She seemed really worried but It seemed to me like I'd only been out for a couple minutes. Plus if that was a dream, well not a dream but maybe just maybe she was trying to show me something. Send me a message? But those are just my theories, let's be honest nothing that exciting happens in my life.

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