Never Forget

I thought that I could out run my past, I thought that I already had. Until my husband Tyler Chapman, Captain of the police force hauled in something I thought was nothing more than a bad memory, or the person that fueled my nightmares. Drew Teller. His look was enough to make me want to drop dead, I thought that I would never have to be upon his gaze ever again, It made me do things, brought out a part of me I killed and buried.


2. Chapter 1

I had just been evicted from my apartment, and had no where to go. It was cold, and I was sleeping on some park bench in the middle of a park. I could hear a scream let out, and the silence. I got up as quietly as I could, and started to sneak my way towards the sound of the scream.

Not before long I was hiding behind some bush, and there was these two muscular men, one bald, and the other one had long hair tied back. They were holding an older man down, and had a knife on his neck. I panicked, and jumped out of the bush, and onto one of the guys taking him down to the ground. Before I could do anything he was on top of me holding me down, and the other guy had lunged the knife into the old man's chest. I watched the life pour out of his eyes like the blood was pouring into the grass.

"What do we do with her?" The one man asked the other.

"I will take care of him, you take her back to Drew, he will decide. Just don't let her take you down again." He said chuckling a little bit.

He put a bag over my head, and before I knew it I was being shoved into a trunk. It was only a short time, but it felt like forever. I don't know for sure where he took me, but it smelled awful on the way there. He didn't take the bag off of my head until I was in a room full of people. None of them looked like the type of person I had ever been involved with.

He caught my eye right away, how could he not. A fair jag of him was covered in tattoos. His body was something of perfection, these big arms, and sturdy shoulders. These hazel eyes that were just mesmerizing to have even look at you. His gaze could send you into a trance. He had such a way of saying things, and this specific thing about his voice that just sent shivers all over my body, and when he talked to you, your heart raced.

"Who is this pretty little thing." He said smirking at me the smell of alcohol was noticable off of his breath. He rubbed my check with his hand, and looked down at me.

"Haylee Scott." I said.

"Who are you?" He said sounding intrigued.

"I am nobody, I was sleeping on  a park bench." I said looking him in the eye finally, with a sound of sternness.

"Why did you bring her to me, as a treat?" He asked the bald man who had brought me in.

"We were taking care of Carlos like you had asked boss, and she had came out of nowhere and tackled me to the ground, she seen the entire thing." He said sounding a little scared of Drew.

"Kill this nobody." A rather slutty looking girl said stumbling over to Drew wrapping her arms around him.

"Get off of me Veronica." Drew said and not in a very polite manner. She didn't hesitate, this guy seemed to be some what of a big deal.

"Yeah, kill me. I am a nobody, I have no use for you, I mean not if that what you like. I said looking over at Veronica.

"You ignorant little bitch." She said charging towards me.

"Enough!" Drew said chuckling a tad.

"Send her up to my room." He said looking me up and down.

 The bad was thrown back on my head, and I was taken into an elevator up about 17 floors. I had to walk a fiar amount before he finally took the bag off of my head.

He slammed a door and left me alone in a beautiful bedroom. I noticed that there was a bathroom, and wasted no time hopping into the shower. I hadn't had a shower in days. The drawer was full of women's clothing, I picked out a lace nighty, and slipped it on, and hopped into the bed. I had such a long day I was asleep in no time.

When I woke up in the morning, I was alone in the room still. I got out of bed, and the nighty was slightly small on me, the bottom of my ass hung out a little.

I walked up to the door, and cracked it open a little, and could see nobody. I walked out, and ran down the hallway until I was in the kitchen. I grabbed a huge knife from the stand on the counter.

"Your feisty." Drew said chuckling while he took a bite out of an apple. "Put that knife down before you hurt yourself, what are you going to do fight your way out of here with a knife?" He said moving over a chair motioning for me to sit down next to him.

"Who are you?" I asked. Drew Teller. The name clicked finally. I was in some deep shit. He was the richest criminal in all of the US. He had major business with 7 other  countries,  the cops have been trying to take him down for years, but he has so many people on his payroll, it's nearly impossible. He is also known for his violent appetite.

"If you are going to kill me, please just do it." I said turning my body towards him.

"I think that you might be of some use to me Haylee. I am willing to spare your life, if you join us." He said. By us he meant the Red Dragon's. I really had no other choice, and clearly the set up here was better than my own.

"Do you mind if I have a little time to think about it." I asked.

"Not at all, but I will need you to decide  by 6p.m." He said smiling at me.

Every time that I looked at him, I wanted to jump him. He was so incredibly great looking.

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