the bats daughter

batman has a daughter no one knows about. but what happens when theres a new vigalante in Gotham who is it.


1. the start of a New hero??

      Lauras pov


It  all sarted with me not whanting to live in my dads shadow or batman AKA brues wayne the only people who know about me is the robins, afred ,wally AKA falsh AKA my boyfriend and my dad so ya its hard i learnt how to fight at a young age for protection so i know how to fight and making weopons LOL batman is my dad i grow up with weopons it started with me siting on my bed texting my secret boyfriend wally west AKA flash  telling hem tecnequs on fighting

Laura:if you grab the persons wrist you are 2 times likely to deslokate the sholder then the forarm witch has more damege when fighting


wally:wow. you know you should become a hero I'll help and not tell nobody you don't even need to train


Laura:good idea.I'll be there in 10 minuets ok bye love u


wally:kk love u 2



10 muinits later


wallys pov

I have a bunch of fabrics dyes scketch pads pencils rubers collering pencils and a lighter then i here the door bell  ring ahh thats laura i speed her in and she speachs "lets start with a name. felix,dark sord,black widdow no" she ground in fustration  "what about shadow" i segest "brilleant" we go to costume



1 hour later



lauras pov

my costume is seveles black top  black jeens and a mask like robins exept you can see my blue eyes and ive got  a bow with

Acid Arrows Adamantium Arrows (often combined with Electrical arrowhead) Blast (Explosive) Arrow Blunt Arrows Bola Arrows Boomerang Arrowhead (allows an arrow to return to shooter) Cable Arrow (allowing him to swing through the air) Electrical Arrow Flare Arrow Freezing Arrow Glue Arrow Hacking Arrow Localized Nuclear Arrow Magnesium Flare Arrow Magnetic Arrowhead (adheres to metal surfaces; can be added to other arrows) Magno-volt Arrow Net Arrow Parachute Arrow Putty Arrow (adheres to rough surfaces, and can stop exposed machinery) size Arrow (increases or decreases the size of an object or opponent) Rocket Arrowhead (boosts range, can be added to other arrows) Shrapnel Arrow Smoke Arrow Sonic Arrow Suction Cup Arrowhead (adheres to smooth surfaces; can be added to other arrows) Tear Gas Arrow Thermal (Incendiary) Arrow Toxic Gas Arrow Vibranium Arrow (must have supplement Magnetic, Putty, or Suction Cup arrowhead to stick to target; deadens kinetic and vibratory energies) Kryptonite Arrow (contains an isotope of Kryptonite, to be used against Kryptonians such as Superman or Supergirl should they go rogue)

        super cooli knw right


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