Eye of the necromancer

Sequel to "The tree of magic"

Princess Talia has returner to her life in the castle and are engaged to a foreign Prince.. Zac and Gaia are married living a quiet life and expecting their first child. Ben is hustling his way trough life, filling the void with alcohol and loose women.
But then Tom starts calling out to Ben, he needs him. But Tom is dead or is he ? The old friends gathers and set out on new adventures with new friends.


3. Old friends


 "Gaia welcome". Talia walked over to pull the other woman into her arms. They hugged each other. "Married life seems to work for you. You are positively glowing".

 "Thank you. Well it might have something to do with being pregnant". She said grinning and Talia hugged her again. "Oh congratulations you two".

 She went over to Zac and hugged him too. "Good to see you too Zac and congratulations on the baby. I am so happy for the both of you".

 "Thanks Talia. It is nice to see you and you look beautiful darling. But why did you summon us here ? I guess it isn't just to catch up". Zac said.

 She shook her head slowly. "I think we better wait on Ben to arrive. It is by his request I asked you to come, so I'll let him explain".

 "How is Ben doing ? I heard you got engaged so I take it that you two didn't work out". Gaia asked softly, she had hoped fot them it would work out.

 Talia let out a long sigh. "Well he looks fine. But I am not sure, I mean Ben has always been easily distracted and tend to get bored. But I have only seen him shortly two times so I couldn't relly say. And no we didn't work out, our differences our lives came between us, it just wasn't meant to be".

 "I am sorry to hear". Gaia said softly. Then trying to change the subject. "So Ben is coming ?" She asked. "No Ben is here". His voice sounded behind her, making Talia roll her eyes.

 "Ben it's so good to see you again". Gaia hurries over to give him a big hug. He smiles at her. "Well hallo there Gaia. Don't you look absolutely beautiful darling".

 "Thank you". She blushed and Zac cleared his throat, and went over to hug Ben. "Yeah good to see you Ben. Please stop flirting with my wife". 

 "Sorry Zac, it's in my nature. But good to see you too and I kind of need your help. Or Tom needs our help". Ben said.

 Gaia looked like her eyes would pop out as she stared at Ben. "But Tom.. Tom is dead. How can he need our help ?"

 "Let's sit down and eat while Ben explains it all". Talia said. They all sat down at the big table, and Ben explained what he had told Talia. That Tom was still alive out there and calling to him for help.

 After they had finished eating and Ben had told them everything. The table was cleared and Talia stood up. "I think you should spend the evening talking this through and decide what you want to do and we can talk tomorrow during breakfast". She said and the others nodded.

They said goodnight and a chambermaid showed Zac and Gaia to their room. Ben was suddenly right behind her his voice had that deep husky edge to it. "What about me, do I get to stay until breakfast too ?"

 Talia turned slowly, looking up at him through her lashes. "Sure Ben, you can sleep right here on the floor with the other dogs".

 "Ouch baby, that hurt you know". He said. Talia just shook her head and turned to walk down to her bedroom. That man was impossible.

 In their bedroom Zac turned to look at Gaia, feeling a surge of desire run through him. It was getting worse and worse lately. He had always been very attracted to her of course. But he had expected it to lessen with time not grow. And even worse he had stopped himself a couple of times were his eyes wondered to other women. He didn't want to look at other women or desire them. He loved Gaia with all he had. "So what do you say love ?"

 "I actually believe in Ben. And I have been having some dreams too. I think he is right, Tom is out there somewhat alive and needing help". Gaia said softly.

 Zac nodded. "I actually agree. Even though I haven't had any omnious dreams". Well not about that anyway. He was thinking. He didn't tell her about the dreams that he was having more and more often. He didn't want to scare her. It was just dreams after all.

 "So we are telling Talia tomorrow that we are in ? I am actually a bit excited for this". Gaia said looking at him as she giggled slightly.

 Zac slowly shook his head. "No, you my dear are staying here waiting for us to return. I am not risking my wife and my child".

 "Oh but you can risk yourself and maybe leave us alone if you die on your adventure ?" She asked glaring at him. It wasn't like him to try and command her.

 He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He needed to reel in the anger he was feeling. He knew it wouldn't help. "It is entirely different darling. I am a man ..".

 "Oh no, did you just pull the 'I am a man' card on me Zac ? What has gotten into you lately". It wasn't the first time the he had let remarks like that slip out. Until know she had let it slide, but this time she couldn't.

 His cheeks was getting a bit red. Another thing she had noticed lately. He seemed to blush quite a lot. But not like he was shy, it seemed to be liked to anger and annoyance. "Well I am darling. And I am telling you that you are not risking our baby's life to go on some quest. End of discussion".

 "Zac ! I might be your wife. But you can't just tell me what to do". She was starring at him. What the hell was going on with him. He took a steep closer, suddenly seeming even taller. "Believe me I can and I will, so please stop now Gaia".

 He turns to get ready to go to bed, but she can't stop herself. "Zac listen..". He whips around and for a second his eyes seems to shine silver. "I said stop it woman, this is the last warning".

 She was dump struck. What the hell was wrong with him ? But she didn't want to pressure him mored instead she went to get ready for bed. It might be easier to talk about it the next morning with Ben and Talia there.

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