Eye of the necromancer

Sequel to "The tree of magic"

Princess Talia has returner to her life in the castle and are engaged to a foreign Prince.. Zac and Gaia are married living a quiet life and expecting their first child. Ben is hustling his way trough life, filling the void with alcohol and loose women.
But then Tom starts calling out to Ben, he needs him. But Tom is dead or is he ? The old friends gathers and set out on new adventures with new friends.


2. Heated moments


 "I still thinks you should have stayed at home Gaia". Zac said softly as he got undressed to get to bed. They were spending the night in a inn on their way to the capital. Talia had sent a wagon for them. Apparently she needed them.

 Gaia glared up at him from the bed. They had actually almost had a fight about it. Something that didn't happen very often. Zac had wanted her to stay at home because she was pregnant. He had lost the discussion. "I know you do, but we are not going to discuss that again".

 "No reason to is there, as we are halfway there". He grumbled. Crawling down beside her under the covers. She was actually a bit annoyed with him. Her being pregnant had him being just a bit over protective. But she bit down a harsh remark and rolled to her side, sliding her arm around him. "I just want to be with my handsome husband".

 "Am I feeling that someone is trying to change the subject here ?" He chuckled and pulled her into him, kissing her neck and she giggled. "Am I feeling that someone like to be distracted ?"

 "You know I always do my love". He mumbled against her shoulder. His hands running over her skin and she sighed, she loved the feeling of his hands and lips on her skin. Now almost even more than when they first met.

 He was kissing and nippling down her neck and she was running her hands over his back. A smile tucking at the corner of her mouth. She loved how it still felt like they were newly wed and they actually hadn't been apart since they got home and she felt no need to.

 She hadn't been lying. She actually couldn't stand the thought of being without him. It was like they were one and without him she would only be half a person.

 They wondered what Talia wanted. If she just wanted to see them or if something was wrong. Zac almost looked excited and she thought he might miss a bit of adventure. His whole life had been fast paced, trying to survive first on the street, then as a thief and then their quest. Being a farmer in a small village was nothing like that. He almost never used his powers, he didn't really have reason to.

 He was almost humming as he kissed down over her body. Playing with her breast and nipples, being extra careful. He knew they were a bit sensitive now she was pregnant. Her hands was in his hair. She loved those soft fluffy curls.

 "I love you so much baby, both my babies". He whispered as he kissed her stomach. There was still almost 6 months till the baby would come. But Gaia had known the second that it happened. She had felt the change in her body. 

 Actually she had freaked Zac out a bit when she woke him up in the morning telling him that she had finally gotten pregnant the night before.

  When his mouth found her warm fold she whimpered and bucked her hips of the bed. He really knew exactly how to drive her crazy and apparently he enjoyed doing it too. She knew that by now he would have made a bubble of energy around them, effectively sealing in sounds.

 His tongue running over her, exploring her as if he didn't already know every inch of skin on her body. She has a death grib on the blanket. Whimpering and moaning as he starts gently running his teeth over her skin. Kissing, nipping and licking like she was made of the sweetest candy.

 "Oh God... oh oh Zaaaac". She lets out a small scream as he slid a finger inside her and lightly started tapping right at that special spot. Seconds later she called his name again as she was swept away by a glorious orgasm.

 "I love hearing you call my name like that". He whispered against her lips as he kissed her deeply and thrusted into her.

 Their love making was soft, slow and loving yet passsionated, and he pulls her over the edge twice before he reaches his own climax and they snuggle up in each others arms. Both wondering what this trip will bring.


 Talia was getting ready to go to bed. Sitting in front of her mirror a chambermaid combing her hair when she heard someone clear their throat behind her. She wipped around seeing Ben leaned comfortably against her bedpost, his arms crossed on his chest a sly smirk on his lips. "Good evening my princess".

 "Ben ! How did you.. no don't even tell me. Bethany you can leave". She got up as she told the chambermaid, who curtsied and cast a glance at Ben giggling, before she hurried out.

 Talia sendt him a glare arching one eyebrow. "Really Ben.. Bethany.. you've been there too ? Is there any woman in this castle you weren't fucking ?"

 "As a matter of fact.." He walked slowly towards were she was standing. She backed away, not wanting him to close. But he crowded her against the wall. One big hand resting on each side of her head. "You my lovely. You never seemed to have the time or energy".

 She couldn't deny that this closeness made her pulse quicken and her breathing catch in her throat. She hated that he still had that effect on her. "Well lucky there were plenty of other women here ready to keep your bed warm".

 His nose ghosted up er cheek. His hot breath fanning over her cheek. "Yeah but it was your bed I wanted to be in baby".

 "Ben ?" She said breathlessly. "Hmm ?" The deep vibration of his voice sent hot chills down her spine. "I know you are very fond of your balls, and if you want to keep them intact you better get out of reach of my knee".

 He trew up his hands in surrender and stepped away from her. He sighed. "Well you can't blame a man for trying. But I actually came to hear if there is any news about Zac and Gaia ? And to tell that the dreams get more intense".

 "They should be her tomorrow. So be her at dinner time and you can explain them yourself". She told him. Not knowing if she was happy that he had stepped away so she didn't have to hurt him. Some part of her kind of wanted to repay the pain.

 "Then I see you tomorrow darling". He winked at her and snapped his fingers disappearing in a cloud of silver sparkles. She shooke her head. Well that was definately a new trick.

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