Eye of the necromancer

Sequel to "The tree of magic"

Princess Talia has returner to her life in the castle and are engaged to a foreign Prince.. Zac and Gaia are married living a quiet life and expecting their first child. Ben is hustling his way trough life, filling the void with alcohol and loose women.
But then Tom starts calling out to Ben, he needs him. But Tom is dead or is he ? The old friends gathers and set out on new adventures with new friends.


1. But Tom is dead


 Ben arrived at the castle early in the morning. He had feared that Talia would have had him banned from entering the castle but the guards just nodded and smiled. Well that at least made it a lot easier, even though he wasn't expecting a warm welcome from the princess.

 He walked into the castle and told them he needed to see Talia. They knew who he was and a lot of them send him nervous glances, but he wasn't sure if they were nervous for what he was or for what the princess would do to him.

 As he waited for Talia he looked around. This could possibly have been his home, if he had been able to behave. And well if the king hadn't been so against Talia choosing him. The old man had really haded seeing him with his daugther. It wasn't that he hadn't been in love with Talia, he really had. He had just never been really good at just doing nothing and he had gotten bored in the castle and well started doing things the princess had been less than happy about.

 "The princess will receive you in her room". The chambermaid came back announcing and Ben flashed her a smile. "Well thank you darling, don't I know you ?" She blushed and curtsied. "Its Bianca, sir". He made a thoughtful face, then he smiled. "Oh Bianca. Now I remember the linen closet on the second floor". He arched one eyebrow and the girl blushed even worse.

 He gave her soft behind a clap as he walked past her hearing her squeal. He didn't know what had changed. Before most women feared him. Now they all found him fascinating and it was to easy, the temptations to big.

 Talia was pacing her room. What did Ben want with her ? It better be something really important for him to show his face here after what he did. But she had been stupid to think he could be cleaned up and live the life of a kept man in the castle doing nothing. He had started getting bored. Playing cards and dice with the guards, drinking with the stable boys and sleeping with the chambermaids. In the end it had gotten to much for her to ignore and she had thrown him out.

 There was a knock on the door and she took a deep breath preparing herself to see him and called out. "Come on in Ben". 

 The door opened and Ben came smiling through the door. "Don't you look absolutely ravishing my dear. It has been way to long since I last saw you".

 "Stop the crap Ben and tell me why I shouldn't slap you into next week. What do you want from me ?" She said glaring at him. Hating that he had to look so absolutely sexy and hating even more that he was way to aware of this.

 Ben rolled his eyes. "Yeah I think I got enough of the slapping the last time I saw you. I wouldn't have come if it wasn't important. It is very much importeant. Tom has contacted me".

 "Uh Ben you are aware that Tom is dead right ?" She said looking at him like he might have totally lost it and he sighed. "In my dreams, and no he isn't dead. I don't think he is awake yet but he isn't dead". 

 "Do you realise how crazy that sounds Ben ? You must have been drinking something hallucinatory. I checked him. He was dead". She shook her head slightly.

 Ben took a deep breath. He had know it wouldn't be easy convincing her. But he knew he was right an Tom needed their help. "Talia I know it is hard to believe. But there are several ways it is possible. I have been checking up on it. Even worse his father might be out there growing stronger too. Ready to return".

 "Are you it isn't just wishful thinking Ben. That you want him to be alive so you dream of him ? Believe me I want him to be alive too". She says softly.

 He grabbed her hand. She tried to pull it out of his grasp but he held on and looked into her eyes. "Talia believe me I wouldn't be here if I wasn't completely sure. You have to believe me baby Tom needs our help".

 "Ben don't call me that". She felt a well know pull in he stomach and she wouldn't let him get under her skin. "What is it that you want to do ?"

 He smiled. "I know were he is, kind of. Lets get the old gang together and go get him. A new fun adventure".

 "I really don't know why I am doing this. But I'll send word to Gaia and Zac to come here and see what they think". She shoke her head like she found her own decision rather foolish.

 Ben looked very excited as he leaned in to kiss her cheek. "Thank you darling. I am sure you won't regret this".

 "Well I am sure I will. Were can I find you when they show up ?" She asked him. Wondering what he was actually doing these days.

 He looked slightly uncomfortable, then he plastered on a smile. "No worries, I will check in. I'll find you that is a lot easier. Se you around then".

 "Okay. See you Ben". She looked after him as he left. She couldn't deny that he still made her heart beat slightly faster. But it was something she had to ignore. She knew they couldn't work they tried that and faild. And she was engaged to the prince of her fathers dreams.

 It hadn't all been Ben's fault. She should had know he wouldn't be able to cope with just sitting around the castle doing nothing. They didn't even get to spend much time together, she had all her duties and her father had forbade her to bring Ben to anything official. Actually he had constantly tried to make her break it of. And he had on several occasions told Ben he wasn't worthy of her and that he would never give his consent. 

 Ben had wanted her to stand up to her father, but she had been hesitant. Her father had threatened to disinherit her and honestly she had been unsure if Ben was worth it.

 She know she had neglected him and pushed him away. She had been so focused on being the princess that she had rejected him a lot. Being to tired and caught up in thing and he had ended up finding comfort with others. It just hadn't been meant to be. They were to different, their worlds to far apart.

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