Eye of the necromancer

Sequel to "The tree of magic"

Princess Talia has returner to her life in the castle and are engaged to a foreign Prince.. Zac and Gaia are married living a quiet life and expecting their first child. Ben is hustling his way trough life, filling the void with alcohol and loose women.
But then Tom starts calling out to Ben, he needs him. But Tom is dead or is he ? The old friends gathers and set out on new adventures with new friends.


5. Anger flairs


 "I don't really like this place Ben. Could we hurry up ?" Zac looks around in the murky inn. They have come to talk to the priestess that Ben knows. Zac don't like the place, to many shady types. And he was already feeling on edge.

 He hadn't told anyone, not even Gaia about the two bumps he fund on his head. It had to be some kind of bite from insects or something. Because it surely couldn't be what it felt like. He once again wondered what was happening to him.

 Some of the occupants of the inn stared at him. Or he felt they did and he kind of had an urge to get in their face. Ask what the hell they were looking at. But so far he had managed to hold back and push down the flaring anger.

 "Looking for company handsome". Some bar wench put a hand on his chest, making eyes at him. For a second his most base urges wanted him to say yes. But he pushed it away. "No thank you". Ben stepped in. "He is of limits Laura".

 She pouted at Ben. "Such a spoil sport Ben. What about you then ?" Ben grinned. "Not today love, not today. I need to speak to Claryssa. Do you know were she is ?"

 "She is reading peoples futures in the back room". Laura said, before slipping away to throw her attention on some other man.

 Ben looked at Zac. "Wait here I'll go talk to her. And don't get in trouble. Don't talk to any man in here or any woman for that fact. Just stay right here".

 He went into the back. He really hoped Zac would keep out of trouble. He found her just leading out some rich looking woman. Then she turned towards him. "Oh my eyes must be playing tricks on me. What brings you to my neck of the woods Ben".

 "Long time no see Claryssa, you look amazing as always". She was a beautiful long legged blonde and wore a dress slid up in both sides in the front, showing of her legs. The top only just covering her amble breasts. "I need a healer for a quest".

 She smiled at him, slowly letting her fingers trail down over his chest. "I normally don't do quests. But for you Benny boy I might do an exception".

 "Sounds good Claryssa. If you have time to come with me to the castle I can fill you in on the details and you can meet the others". He says seending her a big smile.

 She looks at him looking impressed. "The castle ? Sounds like Benny boy is keeping some fancy friends these days. Well lead the way handsome".

 Zac is shuffling his feet irritated. Ben better hurry up because he just want to get out of there. He can feel people casting him glances, like he is making them feel uneasy and that puts him on the edge.

 "What are you looking at ?" He sneered at some big ruffian giving him the stink eye, unable to keep the anger in any longer.

 The man got up and Zac wondered if he was a half ogre or something standing close to 7 ft tall and broad as an ox. "Are you talking to me whelp ?"

 "Yeah you dump animal. Could you please not stare at me like that ? You might have some freaky preferences but sorry not interested". He said with a sly smile.

 The big man looked like it took a couple of seconds for him to understand then his face started getting red. "What the hell did you just say ? I am going to kill you".

 Zac felt a smile spread across his face. Finally some action, finally someone to direct all this pent up anger and frustration on. He could feel his whole body almost hum in anticipation. "Oh you are ? I like to see that puny human".

 Ben and Claryssa walks out just in time to see a big worrior called Grimmnok attack Zac. Fuck he had told him not to get in trouble. But what scared him the most was the smile on Zac's face. He looked like he was enjoying himself.

 Zac easily deflected the blow and he was grinning as he planted a fist in the stomach of the larger man. Ben let out a frustrated breath and Claryssa looked at him with one eyebrow raised. "Friend of yours ?"

 "Yeah that is Zac. Our thief for the trip". He said looking in both awe and shock how Zac just ignored the fist that hit him in the face. 

 Claryssa bit her lips, her eyes scanning Zac. Her eyes blew wide for a second, then a sly smile crept over her face. "Not you usual thief that one".

 "No you can say that. I better stop this before we have a murder to clean up". He sighed. Zac had the worrior on his back but that didn't stop him from still hitting him hard and apparently Claryssa was impressed. Yeah this looked like it would be a fun trip.

 "Stop Zac. Killing him is to much of a mess". Ben grabbed his shoulder trying to pull him away. But Zac was quite a lot bigger than him. Luckily for Ben and for Grimmnok someone else grabbed Zac's other arm and they managed to pull him of the warrior.

 "Let me go Ben, I wasn't done with him". Zac is hissing at him. He is literally fuming, his face a weird reddish colour and his eyes glowing silver. "Move or I have to go through you".

 Ben took a deep breath, honestly Zac scared him. Especially since he knew personally what he was capable of it he let his powers loose. "Zac take a deep breath. You need to calm down. We don't want to have a murder on our hands. He won't bother you any longer. And we need to get back, back to Gaia".

 That seemed to calm Zac enough that he wouldn't attack anyone, and slowly his eyes and face returned to normal. Ben looked at Grimmnok, his face mostly looked like a lump of bloody minced meat and most of his teeth was missing, his left eye was hanging down on his cheek in a thin thread. He was unconscious and clearly needed healing. "Claryssa could you ?"

 "Sure Benny". She answered and kneeled down next to the man, slowly healing the worst of his wounds, making sure he was going to be okay.

 "Want me to heal you too handsome". She walked over to Zac, who was now sitting on a chair. He had a split lip and his right eye was swelling up. "Not needed".

 Ben stepped up. "Maybe you should say yes Zac. I am not sure you want Gaia to see you like this and have to explain what happened".

 "Okay then". Zac said rolling his eyes, Ben was right he didn't wanted Gaia to know. He looked up at Claryssa. "Come on then wench, get it over with".

 She straddled his lap, gently placing her hands on his face. His hands grabbed her hips, but she ignored it. "This won't take long. You got away from that fight the lucky one. You know you knocked out his teeth, gave him 14 fractures and popped out his eye. He would have died if I hadn't healed him".

 "He had it coming". He just answered, his eyes running over the woman in his lap. She smirked. "Oh and what did he do ?" Zac shrugged. "He looked at me funny".

 "Oh I see. Well then he definately deserved that. There you are all done and as handsome as before". Claryssa said taking her ha ds from his face. Zac smirked at her. "I understand you are going with us om our little trip. Well lucky me".

 Ben groaned running his hand over his face. Maybe he shouldn't bring Zac. He could turn out to be a liability. But they would be a little low on power if they didn't bring him. But he needed to have a talk with Claryssa, make sure she understood that Zac was of limits.

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