Eye of the necromancer

Sequel to "The tree of magic"

Princess Talia has returner to her life in the castle and are engaged to a foreign Prince.. Zac and Gaia are married living a quiet life and expecting their first child. Ben is hustling his way trough life, filling the void with alcohol and loose women.
But then Tom starts calling out to Ben, he needs him. But Tom is dead or is he ? The old friends gathers and set out on new adventures with new friends.


4. Acting strange.. growing things


 Talia was standing in the big hall the next morning. No one else was up yet and she was contemplating how to tell her fiancee Prince Alaine. He probably wouldn't like her going on adventures and especially not with Ben.

 "Well don't you look absolutely tantalising this morning darling". She turned around expecting Ben and was shocked to see Zac standing leaned against the door frame. A glint in his eyes she hadn't seen before. He was biting his bottom lip.

 "Uhh morning Zac. Is Gaia still sleeping ?" She said smiling. Something was feeling of here. This wasn't Zac's normale behaviour. From Ben she would expect it, but not from him. And she wasn't really sure what to say.

 He pushed himself of the door frame and slowly walked closer. A smirk slowly spreading on his lips. "Yeah. Might have exhausted her a bit last night". He winked at her.

 "Please tell me Ben has possessed you in some way. What the hell has gotten into you Zac ?" She just stared at him with her mouth slightly open.

 He chuckled as he walked closer. And she saw his eyes had a weird silvery shine to them. "Nothing has gotten into me. But something could get into you".

 She slapped him so hard his head snapped sideways and right that moment Ben showed up. He just stood there staring at them. "Uhh why do I feel like I missed something really exciting here ? What the hell did you do Zac ?"

 "I just think we are closing the lid on this and forget it ever happened right Zac ?" Talia glared at him. Hoping it had been some type of seizure he couldn't control and that this was the end of it.

 Zac was blinking, he felt confused and scared by his own behaviour. It was like he had been suppressing those urges and feelings and they had suddenly erupted out of control. It felt kind of like when he had the orc essence in him except he didn't feel taken over, it felt like him. Just a new part of him he didn't knew. "Yeah. Shit sorry Talia. I don't know what happened. Please don't tell Gaia". 

 "I won't. But never ever do that again Zac". She said. He looked so upset and she didn't wan't to upset Gaia. But she decided she had to keep a close eye on him, something was definitely wrong.

 He was shaking his head. "I won't. I promise. I..". Gaia came walking into the hall and he stopped talking. He looked at her and felt almost overwhelmed by pain. No he needed to fight those demons inside him. He loved his wife and he couldn't bear if he hurt her.

 "Morning". Gaia looked confused. Like she could feel something had happened and Zac hurried over to her. Putting his arms around her. "Morning darling. You were sleeping so sweetly I wouldn't wake you".

 "Morning my love". She reached up on her toes to kiss him. But she couldn't help noticing that he had a handprint on his cheek and she wondered what had happened. She was really worried about him. Last night they had sex three times. Not that she complained, but his needs seemed to grow and grow and that paired with his increasingly weird behaviour scared her.

 They sat down starting on the breakfast. Ben ended up being the one breaking the tense silence. "So what are you saying ? Are you up for a little trip ?"

 "Yeah. But I have one condition". Zac said, his eyes was on Gaia even though he was talking to Ben. "Gaia is staying here. I won't have her running around on quests risking our baby's life or health".

 Ben and Talia both nodded but Gaia interrupted. "Sorry Zac. But you can't just make the decision, I have a say in it too. I am an adult after all".

 "Yes you are, but you are also my wife and the mother of my child. You are not going Gaia, I told you last night we weren't going to discuss it any more. You are staying and that is the final word on that matter". Zac said. His voice didn't leave room for any discussion.

 Gaia was about to say something, but Ben cut in. "I actually think Zac has a valid point, even if even I think he comes of a bit chauvinistic in the way he says it. I can get us another healer, a priestess actually that I know is in town".

 "That sounds like a good idea". Talia said. Then she looked at Gaia saying softly. "I agree with Ben. Zac might have lost his marble in the way he is saying it. But I would never forgive myself if something happened to your baby. You can stay here at the castle. I am sure Alaine will be happy to watch out for you".

 Ben chuckled and smirked at Talia. "Yeah when do we get to meet Mr. Lover prince ? Have you told him that you are going on an adventure with me ?"

 "Daaarling are you in here ?" A voice sounded from the door and Ben muttered something about when you talk of the devil.

 Talia rolled her eyes and took a deep breath before answering. "Yes Alaine I am in here with my friends. Come say hi".

 "Oh I would so love to meet your friends my love". He answered and a handsome but quite flashy dressed man came flaunting into the room. Ben choked on his food, coughing and spluttering. Talia hering words like. "Cheeseball". "Oh my God" and "Joke". Come out between his caughs.

 Talia ignored him. "Alaine, this is my friends Zac and Gaia, they are married and expecting their first baby. Zac, Gaia.. this is my fiancee Alaine". Zac and Alaine shook hands. Then he grabbed Gaia's hand. "A pleasure meeting you Gaia". He kissed her hand and Zac's eyes were flashing angrily.

 "And this is Ben.. you know the one I told you about". Talia continued and Ben righted himself to his full hight. He hated that the prince was just as tall as him. "And I certainly heard of you to Alaine. Congratulation on the engagement".

 The prince grabbed Ben's hand shaking it. The two men clearly measuring up each other, none of them letting go. "Well nice to meet you Ben and thank you. I can't wait to marry my beautiful Talia".

 Zac watched the two men. No doubt they had an instant dislike to each other. Admittedly he didn't really care for the prince either. He seemed to polished and well kind of sleek. And he had hated the way he looked at Gaia kissing her hand.

 He was sitting in a chair, his hand running up into his hair, scratching at his scalp. It had been quite itchy lately and Gaia had teased him that he had lice, but he hadn't. Suddenly his finger hit something. He stopped. No, it couldn't be. He run his fingers over his scalp again. Right there right above his right eye less than an inch from hos hairline was a hard tiny bump and he found a similar one on the other side.

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