"Let me tell you something. Death is just the beginning. Beyond death, there's more pain and suffering than there is right now. A knife is nothing more than a tool. It can be used as simply as an assassination tool or any type of tool. It doesn't serve just one purpose. With the blood running down my arm, it serves more than just one job. Everything has more than one meaning. The only true goal we have is to find what we are and what we are supposed to do with our own lives. This wound on my arms means nothing. The pain may sting, but that pain also has another meaning. It gives me more than just a fair test. It gives me more curiosity to find what I want. You have a purpose. The pains that you have felt your whole life make you who you are. Life wasn't given to us just so we could take it from ourselves at anytime we wish. It was given to us with a purpose to find our own purposes."

Although he said that, Jaison soon found that life was just as he had described it. Though, he has to


1. Death Came But I Lived

P.O.V. -  Jaison

I stared at my wrists and then twitched. The vein pulsed and looked quite well maintained. It itched. I wanted to cut... To slice.. I see what the pain was like... my mouth watered as I stared at the pulsing vein. It was large and pumped with red blood. It was deep blue and could be seen through my pale skin. It itched so very much.. I took the pocket knife and sliced cleanly. It hurt. It felt nice. The blood that rushed out looked red and untainted. Though in reality, the blood that came out was as unclean as as it could get. Tainted blood. It was tainted to the point where it was unrecognized. Tainted by darkness, sin and all. It was impure.

The door knob to my room turned slowly and then a face poked in. I hid my arm behind my back feeling the blood drip behind me. My sister looked at me with wide eyes.

"Jay, What are you doing?" she asked. Her eyes traced down to my feet. Then her eyes grew wide again. This time, they filled with horror and fear. Her face grew pale and her eyes small. She then fainted. I took my arm from my back and stared at the blood. It was a lot of it. Why wasn't death taking me? Was I too tainted to be touched by it? I stared at the blood. Maybe the cut wasn't deep enough. I took the pocket knife and crossed the room over to the bathroom. I drew hot water in the bathtub and waited. Sitting on the toilet seat, I remembered. If this was going to be the end, then I'll take it in the bath. I drew my clothes off and stepped into the scorching hot water and sat. The pain was nothing. It steamed and was almost boiling. I took the pocket knife from the toilet seat and this time, I cut very deep. I then sliced my throat and then everything became light and hazy. I let my body sink into the water. My head went under and the water started filling into the wounds. My grip on the knife left and all my strength ran out as though they had never been there. Yep. This was death. My body felt heavy and my mind wandered. Everything became dark and distant. The sound of water became very deep. I felt a hand touch me. The warmth of that hand drew me from my sleepiness. My eyes opened a peek and  saw a shining face. It was a smile. Pure and innocent. The hair of the angel flowed around gently as though she was with me in the water. I felt myself being pulled out of the water.

"You won't escape so easily, Jaison," the girl said. She smiled and floated. I looked around and then I spotted my sister. She ran into the bathroom calling my name. I looked at her, but she wasn't looking at me. She looked into the bath and screamed. Her scream was loud and ear-piercing. Moments later, mom and dad and my little brother came running into the bathroom. Mom screamed as well and started crying. I looked in the bathtub and saw me. I was there laying there in the blood-filled water. My brother's face turned pale and my dad as well. He got down to his knees and pulled me out of the water.

"H-Honey," mom said to him. "I-Is he..." Her voice trailed off. Tears welling in her eyes, she put her hands together. Dad checked my pulse and solemnly shook his head. He bit his lips and I saw him crumble. I looked at my little brother whose face had lost all color and trace of life. He looked like a ghost. Well, the ghost here was me. I looked at my hands. They looked solid and lively. I felt for my pulse. Nothing there. All was still. No blood running, no heartbeat, and no pulse. I was dead indeed. Though I wasn't freaking out. I was oddly calm. Maybe it was because I had wished for death so badly. I stood up and faced the girl. She smiled and waved her hand at me. When she did, clothes appeared.

A black leather jacket over a white T-shirt, black denim jeans, and black and white sneakers appeared on my body. My black hair was spiked up a bit. Some bits of my bangs hung over my face. My black hair looked shinier for some reason. I didn't bother thanking the girl because once I looked up, she was already gone. Though the message was clear. I knew what I was supposed to do even without her telling me. And so, for the past months and years, I watched as everyone grew and died. I watched as my house was filled with people and they move away from fear. I was left to haunt this world in this cursed form. A tail and cat ears. I was cursed to be half cat half ghost. I was nothing that could be identified.

It's been a hundred years since the day of my death. I watched as my body was buried and I didn't think anything of it. After all, I was right here. Nowhere else. My body may have gone, but I was right here. Unseen, unheard and unnoticed. My family moved away after my death. They all probably died since its been so long. The house we lived in became very old. So old that no one will buy it anymore. Also the other reason why is because everyone who has ever lived here has stated that it was haunted.

Yep. That was my choice of life. A life of seclusion and loneliness. It's fine. I don't care whether I'm alone or not. Being alone doesn't matter to me. It's been a hundred years. I'm used to it.

It came with the form. I turned into a cat and went to the balcony and sat there gazing at the stars in the sky. The world has changed from how it was a hundred years ago. It has changed very much so. Nothing looks the same. And nothing will ever be the same.

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