Pills //

An addiction's an addiction, 'cause it always hurts the same.


1. Chapter 1// Pills

A shot to kill the pain

“We are gathered here today to not mourn, but celebrate the life that had been horribly ripped from this young woman.

 A pill to drain the shame

“I am very sorrowful to the family of the victim of this horrendous crime, we will not stop working until we find out who killed her, I can promise you that.”

A purge to stop the gain

“I’m so sorry for you loss, son.”

A cut to break the vein

“We had no idea this was going on, I’m so sorry.”

A smoke to ease the crave

“Why didn’t you tell anyone this was happening? You could have saved her.”

A drink to win the game

Isn’t it funny how rude people are until you die.

It’s like once you’re gone, they can atone for their sins or some bullshit, but that’s not how this works.

You own up to all the shit you did to me and my family, and you suffer the punishments for it.


An addiction’s and addiction

Because it always hurts the same

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