A life of a Butterfly(HP fanfic)


2. The beginning of the sixth year

"Iellllooo!!!", screamed an overexeited Cordelia Butterfly and hugged Harry, Ron and Hermione. Or at least tried.

" Hello to you too, Cordelia!", said Hermione. " Now if you don't mind, could you stop killing us?"

"Oh, sorry Mione!" said her best friend and blushed. Cordelia was a very beautiful girl. She had wavy, black hair and bright, blue eyes. On her cheeks each she had baby-blue circles. Before the encounter with Voldemort in the Ministry, she was a metamorphogos, but something clicked into her mind, when she duelled with him, that making her to lose her powers. Oh, and by the way she almost won the duel.

" How was your summer?" asked Ron.

" Oh, well the usual... Eclipsa's ranting about how a true Butterfly should behave and how I should take care of my wand..." Solstice said changing from apologetic to the vivid face she had on just before. And how I lost the duel... Solstice said to her self. Hermione must have understood the bitterness behind her smile she wore, because she changed the subject immediately to a more cheerful one, babbling about the school program this year.

"Who do you think is the new DADA (Defence Against the Dark Arts) professor?"

"Honestly, I don't even know why they still have that class after all the professors we already lost. But if so, I have a hunch that it would be Horace Slughorn" Harry said thoughtfully.

"No he won't". Everybody turned to look curiously at Solstice, who spoke out. After rolling her eyes, Solstice continued to explain, "Slughorn knows nothing about the arts, how is he supposed to teach us defence?"

"Well then why did Dumbledore want me to convince him to come back to Hogwarts?" Harry responded to her protest.

"Well, if you were studying, Harry" Solstice gave a meaningful glance before continuing "you would know that Slughorn was a famous potion master. So most likely, he would teach his specialty"

"Well then what of Snape?" Hermione asked.

"Good riddance!" Ron said with humour.

"No" Solstice said with no humour at all, for she thought Snape was also skilful.

Changing a mood, Ron commented "Well then what do you think he-"

Just as he was about to finish the sentence, the train of platform 9 and 3/4 arrives.

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