Bad Bear

A collection of nightmarish stories for kids.


3. The Small Man


The Small Man

Ages: 12+


There was once a boy that had a problem with leaving his bed at night. He'd constantly come up with excuses like: he was thirsty or he had to use the restroom, when really he just liked being anywhere but in his room. For his mother who had a sensitive ear, she would always wake up to the sound of his running and scold his brother for not teaching him proper discipline. The brother spoke with the boy, and he vowed never to leave his room again after dark. The brother trusted him and left it at that.

Two weeks later, my mother woke up again to the sound of the boy's footsteps running through the halls. She turned to her son and scolded him for a second time. Disappointed and restless, the brother got out of bed and followed the sound all the way to the garage out in the backyard. He found the boy shaking in the freezing cold, hiding himself behind a rusted old car as if he was afraid of something. Shocked, the brother lifted the boy to his feet and asked him why'd he come to hide in the garage. The little boy replied:

"The Small Man can't find me here."

Confused, the brother walked the boy back to his room and tucked him into bed. To ease the boy of his worries, he ensured him that there was no such thing as the Small Man, and that he'd probably just had a nightmare. He warned him that if he left in the middle of the night again, mother would give him a hundred lashings on his bottom. The boy complied and went back to bed.

For several months there had been no more talk of the Small Man, and the family found peace and quiet in all of the night. But one night, whilst the brother slept in his bed, he had a hard time getting to sleep. He knew that if he gotten up to get a glass of milk he'd probably wake up his mother, but he just knew that a glass of milk would get him right to sleep.

He walked out of his room and looked down into the vertical hallway, straight into the kitchen. He began walking but stopped in his tracks. In the very entry way of the kitchen, he saw a small shadow-like figure with both his hands pressed against each side of the wall, as if he was trying to block entry. The brother stood there like a statue, waiting for it to move. Slowly, the figure moved his hands to his side and assumed a running position. Then, with no warning at all, it began sprinting down the hallway towards the brother. 

Panicked, the brother turned around and ran into his mother's bedroom, jumping in her bed and pulling the sheets over his head. Surprisingly, his mother did not wake up. He laid there for hours with the covers over his head, too frightened to lift them. Finally he did, slowly pulling them under his eyes so he could get a glimpse of the hallway. 

The Small Man was there, waiting for him. When he finally could see, the brother and the shadow were inches away from each other. The Small Man's smile went from ear to ear, and his teeth were so rotten you could see maggots living in it's cavities.

The brother's eyes grew wider, and he ducked back into his sheets before being dragged onto the floor. He kicked and begged to helped but somehow there was no sound coming from his mouth or his relentless kicking. The Small Man met the brother's eyes and said to him, "Don't you fight, it'll all be done in just six bites." Then, the mans mouth opened neck wide, and bit off the boys arm. Then the other, then his legs, body and finally his head. He let out a loud burp and patted his over-sized belly, picking his teeth with the brother's finger bones.

The next morning, the mother woke up and could not find the brother, and so she searched all around town looking for him. When she had no luck, she returned home and begged the boy to confess if he knew anything. The boy replied as he played with human bones,

"The Small Man came...! But not for me, he came for my brother, because he didn't believe."

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