Bad Bear

A collection of nightmarish stories for kids.


2. Ol' Rotten Pear


Ol' Rotten Pear

Ages: 10+


Once upon a time, there lived a Daddy and his little girl. They had lived alone for quite some time ever since the little girl's mother had passed away when she was just a wee baby. There was nothing that the Daddy loved more than his daughter. She was his pride and joy. They worked hard and had their own farm back under a giant mountain. They took care of cows, and goats, and chickens. Every stray cat or wild dog would wonder and flock to the little girl. She was the sweetest thing, and would take care of all of the animals.  She would sing songs, and she had a beautiful sweet little voice. Her hair was the curliest hair, and it always fell in brown little ringlets down her shoulders.

But the little girl started to get older. The women from the town would often plead to the daddy to look for a new wife because the girl needed a new mother at this point in her life. As much as he didn't want to, the daddy knew that the townsfolk were right and so he set out into the town to look for a women capable of matching his previous wife as close as possible. But no one seemed to resemble her. Finally, as if by some miracle, there was a knock at the door.

A young woman that resembled the little girl's mother almost perfectly, stood there holding a container of sweets. She explained that some women from town had told her there was a daddy and his little girl up on the hill, and that she thought they would want a home welcoming gift. The father thought it was strange since they'd been living there for years and the walk from town took at least a day, but he decided to invite her in anyway. After a few weeks of her bringing sweets to them, he admitted he wished to marry her and have her take care of his sweet little daughter. What he didn't know is that the step-mother was evil and had a cold heart.

After she moved in, the daddy had the opportunity to take up a job off the farm, seeing as he could trust his new wife to look after his daughter. As soon as he leaved for work, the step-mother would direct all her anger towards the little girl. At the height of her anger, she asked the little girl to go into town alone and bring back exactly thirteen pears, not one more and not one less. The step-mother told the little girl, "If you do not bring me back exactly thirteen pears, I will cut off your head and bury it by the front steps outside."

Scared half to death, the little girl set out into town to get her step-mother exactly thirteen pears. Everything went smoothly until she was making her way back to the mountain and was stopped by a little boy. He looked mangy and malnourished, as if he hadn't eaten for days. "Can I please have one of dem pears?" He pleaded. She tried to explain to him that her step-mother had demanded exactly thirteen pairs, and wouldn't be happy if she came back with only twelve, but there is no reasoning with someone who is starving.

The little boy point and the bottom of the bag, "What about that rotten one? It's all bruised and soft, no one would want to use that, trust me." The little girl debated herself but eventually gave the little boy the pear and continued home afraid. She walked up the front steps and laid the bag of pears on the kitchen table. The step-mother counted each of the pears and smiled as mean as she could would the number ended up being twelve.

"I told you to get thirteen pears, and you only brought back twelve," she shouted. The little girl pleaded about the young boy's hunger, but the step-mother wasn't hearing any of it. "Very well, it's all right. Next time you betta listen!" The little girl agreed, still afraid and the step-mother asked her to come with her to the backyard to help her pick some onions. While the little girl picked onions, the step-mother picked up a sharp axe and brought it down, severing the little girls neck from her body.

The step-mother buried the head by the front steps. The father cried for weeks, thinking his little girl had gone missing. Then one day the father came home from work and noticed the prettiest flowers growing by the front steps. Since it was Valentine's Day, he decided to pick a few to give to his wife. He plucked one of the flowers and heard a faint singing sound. He plucked another and it got a bit louder. After he picked the third flower he heard his daughter singing. 

"Daddy, Daddy, please don't you pull my hair. Cus' step-mommy dun killed me bout an ol' rotten pear..."

Frightened, the daddy confronted his wife, and she admitted to burying his daughter's head by the front steps, causing him to fly into a rage. He killed the evil woman who had come into his home and hurt his daughter and then buried her head by the back porch. To this day there's still poison ivy growing up the back steps and his daughter still greets him with her singing whenever he returns from work.

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