Midnight Encounters

Born a Muslim, superstitious beliefs are something I have grown up to believe. Considering the constant fear of 'another entity' being around us, I was always a scared child. It had taken me a while to believe such things, yet
still kept me scared. Overtime, my beliefs turned to reality, with me personally countering unknown entities. This story mentions one of real-life experiences I have had, in my house in Saudi Arabia.


2. The First Night

After a tiring day of moving things around and adjusting to the new setting, my Mom, proud of the changes made to the room,had the biggest smile on her face and asked, "Are you ready to sleep in your new room?" She was more excited than I could ever be, considering I had constant fear in my head. I looked around the room, and stared at the corner that my bed was in before, and missed the lack of unnecessary fear that was eating me up inside. Yet, with the biggest smile I could possibly fake, I loudly said, "So excited!! I love this feeling of change, it was soo necessary! Thanks Mom!" I had never felt so anchored to say such lies, but simultaneously knew that telling her I was scared was the last thing I wanted to do after all the effort she had put into this. Looking at the time, she saw it was past 10:30, and tucked me in, kissed me goodnight, and closed the door. 

I had never been so suffocated to watch my mother walk away, without having the slightest idea that her daughter was terrified of this new change. I had been lying there for 10 minutes just staring at my old corner, looking around the walls, and kept getting up to look behind me and see what was going on in the window. The constant tossing and turning and fear of something happening went on for the next 2 hours, until 12:03A.M. 

I had just been falling asleep, when I heard whispers. At first I thought it could be my parents, but realized that my Dad wasn't home, and my mother had went to sleep hours ago. A billion thoughts ran through my mind. Could they be ghosts? Could it be jinn? Am I just hearing things? What if Mom has no idea? I had a constant ache in my head, curious of what I was supposed to do. The first thing that came to my mind was to read any duaa that I could think of. However, that only calmed me down for 5 minutes. The whispers continued constantly outside my door, as if someone was having a conversation and just kept building my curiosity of what was happening. But me being a scared little sixteen year old girl, decided to power through and go to sleep. For the first time in my life, I fell asleep to the sound of unknown whispers, with the constant fear of it getting closer. 


It took me a good 20 minutes until I could properly go to sleep, but woke up an hour later, at 3:12 A.M, sweaty and thirsty from all the fear going through my mind. I had tossed over, looked at my phone for any notifications, and got up to have a glass of water. I slowly opened my door, to the upstairs hallway. My parent's room to the right, and my brother's room to the left, but it was only my mother and I at home. I had walked straight to the bathroom deciding to wash my face a little from all the sweat from the shaking distress. After I had done that, I came out to walk across my room, and saw my mom praying in the hallway. I remembered that because it was the summer, dawn prayer wasn't until 4:10A.M. and checked my little Juicy Couture birthday watch that I had on, to confirm the time: 3:17A.M. There was still an hour left until dawn prayer, but I ignored it thinking that maybe my mom just decided to pray extra. I then walked down past her to get my glass of water, came back upstairs, and saw that she was gone. Instead of going in that state of panic all over again, I simply ignored it, and went back to sleep. 


About three hours later, I had heard my mom waking me up to go to school. I was exhausted and couldn't move, but knew my mom wasn't gonna fall for the excuses. So I got up, checked my phone for any notifications, and went to get ready. I then met my mother downstairs, making me breakfast, as I asked, "Mom, why were you praying Fajr (Dawn prayer) at 3:17A.M.?" My mom laughed, leading me to be confused as to what was soo funny. She saw the blank look on my face, and said "Oh, I was soo exhausted from all the moving around, that I couldn't even wake up! I'm soo lazy today!" As my mother laughed, my heart rate started getting faster and faster, and all those thoughts came back: Was it a jinn? Was I hallucinating? What was it? I was shaking with fear and started to sweat. My mom asked, "Are you okay? Are you sure everything's okay?" I knew that if I told my mom, it would worry her more than me. "I'm getting late!" I quickly responded, avoiding any further conversation about the topic, but allowed it to bother me the whole day at school. 


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