Foster brother

Tyler is an only child living in an abusive home. Soon he gets a new foster brother named Joshua.

Susan and Reginald (Reg) Joseph are only capable of drinking, beating and fucking. Somehow money makes it's way in this household but that information is unknown to the poor lonely child living along with the two adults.

verbal, physical and sexual abuse


2. Two

Third Person



My father quickly slipped on his dress shoes that were buried deep underneath all the rubbish in the closet. The shoes looked untouched because they were. His outfit fitted quite nicely, this side of his father was unseen by the boy who sat silently watching the uneventful events play through. The man's wife swiftly came down the stairs mirroring my father's appearance except with a feminine flare. The fake rouge plastered on her cheeks was quite noticeable, but it seemed to fit with the rest of the outfit. Tyler continued eating his breakfast since they were no longer in his view. Their put together look brought many questions to the young brunette boy. Tyler had a feeling that their attire would have to do with something important and would take up most of their day, giving him enough time to walk to the music store and back. 


The change in his pocket clinked together as he stumbled down the pavement, the streets were lined with the same boring houses that endlessly filled this dump of a town. 


Tyler walked passed most of the shelves, not needing to look at the labels that were already memorized from when he used to come here after school. His coffee brown eyes met with the cd stand. He looked to find a few interesting albums covers, Neapolitan by Hot Flash Heat Wave, Nothing But Thieves by Nothing But Thieves and Salad Days by Mac DeMarco (could change). He approached the till pulling out the change that he found scattered around the house.


The brunette picked up his feet, skipping down the road hoping that the importance of whatever rushed his parents out would still keep them busy. 


When he entered the empty house, he crept up to his room to add his new CDs to his collection hidden in his closet.

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