Foster brother

Tyler is an only child living in an abusive home. Soon he gets a new foster brother named Joshua.

Susan and Reginald (Reg) Joseph are only capable of drinking, beating and fucking. Somehow money makes it's way in this household but that information is unknown to the poor lonely child living along with the two adults.

verbal, physical and sexual abuse


3. Three

Third Person 

Tyler heard the door creak open with multiple footsteps following. 

"Well so far this looks like a lovely home, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph" An obnoxious voice roared through the house.

"Thank you so much" The deep voice from Tyler's father croaked out.

"You said you had another son, correct?" The same loud voice rang again.

"That is correct I will go get our sweet angel" his mother said with fake joy running through her words. Her ruby stiletto clicked on each stair. The boy's door opened to his unpleasant mother whispering in his ear.

"Listen here you little shit, you have to act like we are a perfect family or there will be hell to pay, understood?"

"Understood" Tyler's voice was weak. Pain rushed through his arm from his mother's fake acrylic nails dug into his skin.

His eyes adjusted to the bright light, their curtains were pulled back attempting to make the house look safe and welcoming. Tyler saw the woman's face who produced the obnoxious sounds from earlier.

"You must be Tyler Joseph."

Tyler nodded his head while applying a fake smile to his chapped lips. The woman stepped aside to broadcast a young boy that was standing behind. He had mocha eyes and brown curls that laid on his head. His body was lean like Tyler's but he seemed to obtain more muscle than him.

The woman left with Tyler's parents to sign some paperwork leaving the two small boys there. They equally stared at each other trying to understand what was happening fully. They both stayed silent until the woman called again.

"Joshua these are your new parents, Susan and Reginald Joseph."

Joshua wakes towards his new parents. He seemed stiff and uncomfortable. Tyler didn't blame him though he probably would do the same in his situation. 

"You can call me Reg" their new father stated in his deep toned voice. Joshua nodded, signaling that he caught the information.

"Tyler be a dear and show Joshua where your guy's room is" his mother's voice asked with the upmost of kindness.

Tyler glanced towards his new brother, he started walking up the stair hoping Joshua would get the memo and follow.

Tyler was sure that his parents must have done a new drug to get them to make this decision. He didn't mind the decision. Joshua seemed like a nice boy, or at least he hoped. Tyler was quite glad not to be alone anymore. Maybe having this new brother would be fun.

The two walked into Tyler's (and now Joshua's) new bedroom. There was two single bed each across from each other. The curled hair brunette sat on his new bed, looking in every direction, absorbing every new detail.

After further inspection, Tyler noticed Joshua has his ears pierced. They were simple, small and black studs.

"So umm... how old are you," Tyler asked breaking the silence.

"t-twelve" his voice shook with nerve.

"So am I, my birthday was yesterday to be exact." 

"Happy be-belated birthday" A whisper croaked out the new boy.

Tyler slowly tip-toed over to the other bed that held Joshua. He sat down on the soft mattress hoping he wasn't making his new brother uncomfortable. Unexpectedly Joshua turned towards Tyler. His mouth was gaping open, only silent fear passed through his lips. The look on his face showed that he was digging for confidence within him.

"Are there any rules I have to know?" 

"Well I have rules, but I'm unsure if you will" Tyler said as calmly as humanly possible. 

"I-I don't know what you're feeling right now because frankly, I haven't been through what you have been through. And as cliche as this sounds you can talk to me or do whatever you please because we are now brothers. I want you to feel comfortable around me because we will have to deal with each other for the next few years." Once these words flowed out of Tyler’s mouth, you could see the fear leave Joshua’s body.

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